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  2. I guess this thread is really the epitome of the SFF honestly. No one is being mature. No one gets the point. Hell even the mods have twisted it into a joke amongst the people who have been dedicated to it because of the desperation. The people who have made it come to this continue to give their input and honestly it is all a mess. I love this site and what it has given conceptually before all of the SFF. I guess this was just a nice addition for a little bit. Thinking back, people in this section have just ruined it... absolutely torched it for me. Whether it is the sun devil who double posted because he lacked the ability to progress or crazy rider commenting every three post on the PHL thread or even going as far as thread jacking (this made me go crazy as a member who rarely speaks up). It was all just the high point of a build up. I started this journey excited for the progression of the users and their supporters but now it’s about anything else. Although my best memories were built from it the era has ended and it is time to get back to the concepts that made me attracted to this forum. Thank you mods for the work given. Having to watch this in the past year has been difficult
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  4. I was a North Stars fan because I thought that was the coolest name for a team that I'd ever heard, and their colors were pretty close to the Packers. Then they moved to Dallas and were no longer "North." So I became a Nordiques fan because I loved that shade of blue and thought the fleur de lis looked cool. Suffice to say, I haven't been able to have a solid NHL allegiance since the mid-90s.
  5. Ottawa interested in Roy?
  6. Ever since I was a dumb little kid, I’ve always pronounced the Sabres As Sabres (Saw-brays, not Say-Burs) I know I pronounce it wrong, but 10 yr old me didn’t make the connection that a team with a buffalo mascot was named after a sword/sabre. I proudly pronounce it wrong even though the people around me groan when they hear it
  7. God, I wish I had a way to continue this.
  8. Thornton, Karlsson, and Pavelski, but they might be able to hang on to Karlsson and Pavelski.
  9. Can't imagine Joe staying on another year, win or lose this does seem like his final year. What their contract situation anyway? Any big names expiring?
  10. So, are watching Draymond Green start to grow up a little bit? He had this to say after the game last night, which is about as self aware as I’ve ever seen from him: He’s been kind of noticeably more level headed this round, and it’s reflecting in his game. It’s almost like something finally clicked with him. I LOVE Draymond (I get why others don’t, though), but there are simply points where he’s just been so self destructive that it hurts everything else the Warriors are trying to do. You could say that a big part of why they fell apart in 2016 is because of the suspension he took in the Finals. He’s amazing, but has always been a head case. If he’s truly realized this, which I think he has (or at least, is starting to), the rest of the league should be absolutely TERRIFIED. His talent and value to the Warriors is absolutely underrated.
  11. ♫ when I was a young boy my father took me into a forum to see a board get banned ♫
  12. I love the new Otters logo. I didn't mind the most recent one even though it was just a word mark. As for the new one I like how they went back to the original look, but cleaned it up and made it look not as dated. It looks great in yellow, and the Erie helmet thing was a great touch. The line in the top left corner of each letter doesn't work either. Looks like it says Er1e. I loved it at first, but every time I look at it, it seems to get worse. It's too bad because it has so much potential, but the wording choices ruined it.
  13. If the SFF section was the only reason they were here then they should leave. Sorry, could you repeat that? I was choking on a chicken wing and I couldn't hear you.
  14. They don't and they wont. Why have only one identity to market when you can have two? Classic gear for us old farts, and the modern look for those too young to know who Don Shula even is....
  15. The Dolphins are going Full Brewers now. I'm going to enjoy what I see and hate it at the same time. They need to just pick a look already.
  16. Until the Blue Jackets came to the NHL, I barely followed hockey at all. Now at least I generally know who's in the playoffs. My favorite teams as a kid were the Islanders and the Penguins, just because of their names.
  17. I developed a sudden and intense interest in football near the end of the 1993 NFL season. I started collecting the gumball-machine helmets that you put together yourself (this was right before the ones that came preassembled became a thing), and one night close to Christmas my dad brought home the new silver Patriots helmet from a machine at the grocery store, and I remember thinking how awesome it looked (even though we were ignorant enough to put the plain white stripe down the middle, which I'd come to regret soon). We even glued it back together after one of us stepped on it, and it's somewhere around my parents' place to this day. That also coincided with the Pats, in the first year under Bill Parcells, the first year of the new logo, and the first year of #1 overall pick Drew Bledsoe, going on a four-game winning streak to end the season. So, they had a famous coach, cool new threads, an awesome helmet, and a promising young QB, and they'd built momentum going into the offseason, leading to the perception of being a young team on the rise, and a trendy 1994 playoff pick. I rooted for the Pats throughout the '94 season and was irritated when they lost to their future head coach in the first round of the playoffs, but having ADD I quickly moved on. It took me a long time to consider the Bengals my favorite team, even though my dad has always liked them and they're the closest to my hometown.
  18. Here's the last time these were worn, Thanksgiving Day 2003 at Dallas...
  19. ...said no one
  20. It was pointed out to me earlier today that the Sharks are showing their age.
  21. No royal blue is a fail. (Maybe there will be a royal blue version if there’s a royal blue third.) With the Rams, Dolphins, and Chargers in various stages of embracing their best colors, the Sabres in midnight navy is one of the biggest color abominations in sports today.
  22. Pretty good. Shield shape seems a bit arbitrary but aside from that no complaints.
  23. Mardi Gras night jerseys kinda resembles some black panther vibes
  24. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave, sir.
  25. The current Dolphins set is better...
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