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  2. I think the best use for Camping World Stadium in Orlando would be to have it as a permanent location for the Super Bowl. That way, it's truly a neutral location (unless one of the Florida teams is playing, and seeing as things are, it's gonna be awhile till that happens). The city is already a major tourist destination, with flights from just about everywhere in the United States, and enough hotel rooms to accommodate an event the size of the Super Bowl.
  3. So Las Vegas will go from 0 major league teams in 2015 to potential 4 (NHL, NFL, MLS and MLB) ten years later.......ridiculous.
  4. The source of the rumor comes from Taylor Twellman, who is a soccer guy, so I doubt the validity of said rumor. If it was Rapoport or Schefter, there may have been something to the rumor.
  5. It also has to do with the high amount of turnover in the front office. When Tom Anselmi was brought in as the President & CEO he seemed to be pushing them towards the =O=, putting it at centre ice, on the decal along the front plaza of the arena, and having it at the forefront of the website & other marketing material. This was seemingly dropped once he left the organization, and Aimee Deziel was brought in as the Chief Marketing Officer. She said they were assessing the current brand, and that we could expect a new look for the '20-'21 or '21-'22 season. She also left the front office this summer, so who knows if or when there will be any changes.
  6. One other thing to mention about the San Diego concept is that I decided to go with San Diego over Orlando for the AFC South team. After doing some research, it just doesn't seem feasible for Orlando to support an NFL team. The other 3 NFL teams in Florida don't have that strong of a following (as is the same with most Florida teams, except maybe the Miami Heat and the TB Lightning). I feel that adding a fourth team to the state would oversaturate the market. It's different with California (The Aviators would be California's 4th team) or even Texas (if the team would be located in Austin, which was the other option I was considering. Austin Aviators sounds pretty cool, I'll probably do a concept for that later, but I digress), since each of the cities has its own identity, whereas most Florida cities are very similar. I think that San Diego was a stronger football market than Los Angeles is (both the Chargers and Rams's home games are full of away team fans). I'm still going to do a concept for an Orlando team later, as well as an Austin team.
  7. I have absolutely no basis for this, just want to throw a prediction out there. I think the Broncos will debut orange pants out of nowhere similar to the Ravens debuting purple pants and the Saints debuting white pants similarly out of nowhere.
  8. Packers going all white on Monday Night. Not clear if Lions are going all blue (I hope not.)
  9. SAN DIEGO AVIATORS San Diego, CA Division: AFC South Stadium: SDCCU Stadium Logos: Wordmarks: Uniforms: I know that the poll that I put in here the other day said that "San Diego Aces" was the preferred choice, but when I thought about it more, the name "Aces" seems like more of a name for a baseball team. "Aviators" placed second, and it just seemed like a better fit. The team's colors take after the San Diego Fleet AAF team, except the Away Alternate uniforms, which is inspired by the former San Diego Chargers, and it is also sort of a sky blue. The logo is a stylized version of the F-14 Tomcat (a.k.a. the planes from Top Gun), which were stationed in San Diego. C&C Welcome.
  10. Seen the uniform with my own eyes, and it looks really good, I think most on here will like the small details that were added to the Uniform
  11. I feel like the addition of a third league in both AAA and Low A might help in scheduling. Im curious if that could be a condition, especially for travel situations.
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  13. As a kid I really wanted a reversed version of the Broncos' old D logo, and then when I saw a concept of it on the internet I realized that I've never known what I actually wanted.
  14. Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
  15. I'd like to see the Chargers in St. Louis. Would be nice to have an in-state rival in anything for once. If only David Glass had decided to move the Royals to the NL when they had the chance. I'd like to see the source for this "strong rumor", though.
  16. Wichita Baseball 2020 unveiled another of its potential team identities back on October 2nd. Rather than revealing a possible team name alongside an illustration, this time just a logo was shared, along with the following message: "Alright, we've taken your feedback and most of you have said it's time to get serious. We're switchin' it up a bit. What do you think the name of this logo should be?" This logo would work for a number of team names - Wichita Windwagons... Wichita Wagonmasters... Wichita Prairie Schooners... Wichita Prairie Clippers. Walt Disney Presents "The Saga of Windwagon Smith" Wichita Riverfest - Admiral Windwagon Smith Wichita Wagonmasters - "The History of the Wichita Wagonmasters" So, to date, Wichita Baseball 2020 has unveiled Wichita River Riders, Wichita 29ers, Wichita Doo Dahs, Wichita Linemen, and this Wichita Windwagon-inspired design.
  17. Apparently there have been 'rumors' floating around that the NFL "offered" St. Louis the Chargers. What a joke. Ridiculous. They screwed over both St. Louis and San Diego and are offering the Chargers to get out of the terrible situation they put themselves in? I hope the Chargers go bankrupt in LA.
  18. First half of the game, the Ducks got Halak'd. Second half of the game, the Ducks got Pasta'd. What can you do? :shrug: Overall, the Ducks split their road trip, which is always the goal, and if they keep playing like they did today (except the power play, which is 0-13 to start the year (why can the Ducks *never* have power play success... three different coaches, and the same crap, ugh.)), they'll be just fine going forward.
  19. Or, change nothing. Timbers already use green and gold as do the A's. No reason to change.
  20. The penultimate team, the Calgary Stampeders. With the Stamps, I went with a design inspired by their 1948 design. For their signature jersey, I went with a western shirt style jersey as it is home to the most prestigious rodeo in North America. C & C as always.
  21. Randy Moss Champion Vikings jersey, $12.
  22. [1] The problem is that Montréal's heights were in the 1960s and '70s, while the Olympics and World's Fair were being held. As has been stated Bill 101 killed all momentum Montréal had. The Québecois were so determined to make sure that French culture remained dominate in Québec that they crippled Montréal and ruined any chance of baseball taking permanent root. Why do you think that BMO (Bank of Montréal) is headquartered in Toronto? Bill 101 is the answer. Montréal just does not have the local business support that a baseball team requires. While exhibition games sell out, how well do you think that will translate over an 81-home game schedule with a team that may or may not be good? The nostalgia will fade and the neo-Expos will be stuck in the same situation the old ones were. [2] I agree that is sounds like a negotiating tactic, but I think this one will play out. Has Tampa really shown willingness to build a new stadium for the Rays? Plus, attendance will probably decline as the split-season Montréal move takes place, leading ownership to claim "There just isn't enough support in Tampa to make the team long-term viable". When the Rays went to the World Series in 2008, they had to give away tickets. That's pathetic. I will maintain that placing an expansion team in Tampa Bay was a mistake in the first place (if they wanted another Southeast team, Charlotte or Nashville would've pick up the slack), and not just because of their stadium situation. [3] No it won't. [4] How many Orlando fans will make the drive, even without the extra hour from St. Pete? An 1:30 drive is not something a ton of people will do to support a baseball team. I agree that a stadium in Tampa proper will help, but it wouldn't be enough. [5] How'd that work for Miami? [6] So maybe Tampa Bay shouldn't have been the expansion city. [7] I may not be intimate with the Tampa Bay area, but I know smart sports marketing and I like to think that I have an extensive knowledge of circumstances surrounding each team's expansion/relocation to say that the Rays were a mistake. Poor stadium in a terrible location, fans that won't even support the team when they're winning, and a transplant market that's filled with people that will just support their old teams. [8] Again, cause a downtown stadium helped out Miami so much. [9] I think that's not a problem. The problem is that the city just dumped a ton of money into a non-expandable MiLB stadium (that's beautiful, by the way). So we'll wait for 20 years until the MLB expands again and build another stadium as long as Tepper doesn't steal public funds for a domed football stadium. In my mind, Charlotte would be an excellent relocation spot for the Rays (no realignment required), and is far and away the best spot for the next MLB relocation/expansion.
  23. The more I see it, the more it looks like a "Baylor-ized" version of our last Nike set; the number font is different, the collar has been minimized a little and the shoulder cap trend of the last couple years is removed; pants are completely different
  24. My two hypotheses are that the CR uses old gold and the shade caused too much of a clash with the regular jersey and once they decided they wanted white pants it was on short notice so they took stock white pants and slapped logos on them.
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