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  2. “The suit will evolve for mars” makes me even more excited
  3. The post by don't care that I was responding to claimed: "Buccaneers were privateers, and privateers were pirates. It’s literally 2 words talking about the same thing just ones backed by the Spanish and French were known as buccaneers, and ones backed by the English were known as pirates." I explained to him -in detail - that this was not the case. Technically speaking, privateers/buccaneers/corsairs were not the same as pirates. The former engaged in the attack and seizure of ocean-going vessels under the protection of letters of marque issued by royal personages and/or governmental entities. By contrast, pirates attacked and captured such vessels under their own volition. Further, I pointed out that "privateers" - not "pirates", as don't care claimed - was the term that the English used to describe privately-owned ships licensed to attack and seize ocean-going vessels from nations at war with the British crown, as well as the personnel that manned said ships. "Buccaneers" was a term that came to be applied to the personnel - initially French, but later also Dutch and English - manning similarly-licensed ships and operating specifically in the Caribbean.
  4. Air Force Academy Game, sponsored by the Navy!
  5. One day the Pats will stop getting every 50/50 call and I expect their fans to handle that with the grace and humility they handle every piece of information that isn't 100 percent positive for that franchise. I'm so old I remember when Bob Kraft was getting illegal handjobs from people likely sex trafficked and then everyone shrugged because we are Onto Football.
  6. Especially if Mark Davis was the other choice.
  7. This comes across as written by a rather scared Lakers fan.
  8. Because the Spani are such team players and so likeable amongst the the ownership club.
  9. Clippers Unveil New City Uniform for 2019-20 October 16, 2019 - 18:58 PM The Los Angeles Clippers (or LA Clippers, as they prefer to be called) unveiled their new “City Edition” uniform yesterday via their appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2019-20 NBA Preview magazine. With an overall black-and-white appearance designed in […] Read More...
  10. How do you know so much about Marina del Rey???
  11. Out of curiosity, is there a reason as to why the Chargers were given the first right of refusal to negotiate with the Rams to move to LA, with the Raiders having to await that decision?
  12. Pink numbers!!!! That's the real deal.
  13. Today
  14. Maybe it's more correct to say the Rangers have benefitted from the Astros switch. But it's not as if the Astros weren't on an island in the NL Central. Frankly, the point you raised still supports my own.... that baseball is better off with teams playing closer together.
  15. "The second suit is for exploring the lunar surface." Ooh, that makes me excited.
  16. The nerve? He was desperate, grasping at straws. Spanos had so poisoned his own market that he had to either move or sell the team. I think it was more about the Chargers needing to be in Los Angeles and pathetically latching on to someone, anyone, who could actually build a stadium. If that was the Raiders, it would be the Raiders. If the Jets had tried to move, Spanos would have pulled his puppy-dog routine on them as well. As it turns out, only Kroenke could put a plan together. So Spanos gets to humiliate himself in Stan's shadow now. All because he botched San Diego.
  17. No good reason? He thought he was down by contract. Which is easy to believe when you first look at it. And refs blowing plays like that dead have been a problem not limited to the patriots. And then the Patriots end up scoring 20, what’s your excuse then? Again, Jacksonville had more than enough chances to win that game despite the call. Blaming it all on 1 blown call is just petty. The fact that in the Lions-Packers game, The Lions never got a chance to respond after that last flag. Meanwhile Jags had 10 minutes to stop Brady from score 10 points, in game their defense was dominate. But it’s the Refs fault they couldn’t stop the Patriots when they were still leading after that? I take it it’s also 100% the Refs fault KC lost last year too? No, blaming their Defence would make far too much sense. Sounds like you’re just being petty and would rather use the refs as an excuse for the Jags losing a game they had plenty of opportunities to win. If You’re going to blame the loss on 1 bad call, you didn’t deserve to win anyway.
  18. Kansas City vs. Denver San Francisco vs. Washington Houston vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Cincinnati Miami vs. Buffalo Oakland vs. Green Bay Arizona vs. NY Giants Minnesota vs. Detroit LA Rams vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. Chicago Baltimore vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Dallas New England vs. NY Jets
  19. That's non-equivalent. This would make sense if the Cardinals had been leading 7-4 and in the middle of a home run ball's flight path that would've put the game out of reach, the umpire called the play dead for no good reason and then the trailing team used the unfairly delivered opportunity to comeback and win. Yeah it is. The fumble happened when the Jags were up 10. Jack returns it for a touchdown like he would've and it's a 17 point lead. Patriots won by 4. It was the difference between the Jags winning and losing. Why's this hard? They didn't blow a 17 point lead. They lost a 10 point lead that should've been 17 after the refs gifted the Pats those 7 points. They did what they had to do and the officials forced them to make extra plays, which when playing the Patriots is an unfair ask. It's like asking a major league baseball team to get 4 outs, WHICH IS WHY I USED THAT EXAMPLE. THAT THEY WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED TO GET ANOTHER STOP IF THE OFFICIALS HAD DONE THEIR JOB. It's on the officials. It's always on the officials. The Patriots won because instead of facing a 3 possession lead with 10 minutes left they only had to deal with a two possession lead. The next time the Patriots lose on some similar nonsense I'll expect you to be quiet about it. Myles Jack picks up a fumble, isn't touched, falls down, ref incorrectly blows the whistle dead. In what context am I not understanding this? Yes it is because that play should've never happened. It's on the refs. The Jags were hosed. Sorry that rocks your world. The good news is justice was served in the Super Bowl that time.
  20. There are two instances where the Chargers really botched their move. The first was not getting to Los Angeles when the getting was good. I don’t think that many people—San Diegans included— would think that a Chargers LA move in 2007 would’ve been anywhere near as boneheaded as it was in 2017. In 2007, the then-St. Louis Rams hadn’t even started flirting with the idea of returning to LA, as Georgia Frontiere was still alive and owned the team. That would have left the Chargers as Southern California’s sole NFL team, effectively minimizing the alienation in San Diego while staking a claim in Los Angeles. Even if the Rams or Raiders had returned about a decade later, the Chargers would have had either team beat by a decade. (Of course, we may have ended up with the San Diego Rams or Raiders, but the point still stands.) The second is waiting a whole year after the Rams returned. The Chargers may have been able to have a better footing had they decided to move in right on the heels of the Rams, but waiting until the last second—a whole year after the Rams had settled in—only exacerbated the Chargers’ irrelevancy.
  21. And from my experience in the past, I used PrismaColor pencil, especially for the Metallic colors. Always cool to make helmets with metallic silver and gold. You have to press a little harder to get the sheen, but worth the price.
  22. He is a Tennessee fan so it's par for their course.
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