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  2. Good point. Dodgers and Giants were never associated with pinstripes. Mets' pinstripes always came across as the poor man's Yankees uniforms, even after those WS wins. 1986 Mets had them, but they also had racing stripes so who cares. They are perfectly fine for occasional throwbacks.
  3. NBA Kings - The Castle Lakers & Clippers - Buss Fieldhouse Suns - Colangelo Coliseum Dubs - Mission District Arena T-Wolves - Flip Saunders Arena Blazers - Rose Garden Jazz - Larry H Miller Arena Nuggets - McNichols Arena II Thunder - Oklahoma City Coliseum Pelicans - Benson Fieldhouse Mavericks - Reunion Arena II Rockets - The Summit II Spurs - Alamo Arena Grizzlies - Memphis Events Center Bucks - Bradley Center II Bulls - Reinsdorf Arena Pistons - Joe Louis Arena II Pacers - Hoosier Fieldhouse Cavs - Gund Arena Celtics - Boston Garden II Knicks - Madison Square Garden Sixers - Spectrum II Raptors - Maple Leaf Gardens II Nets - Brooklyn Civic Center Hornets - The Hive Heat - Miami Arena II Magic - O-Rena II Wizards - Cap Centre II Hawks - Omni Coliseum II
  4. I was honestly shocked to learn the logo in its current form has only been around since 1999. Obviously 20 years is a long time, but this logo looks like it was designed in the damn 70s. Fun fact, it's somehow not nearly as bad as the original version of the logo. (This appears to be a somewhat sloppy recreation of the actual logo, but I haven't found any actual image of that more than 100 x 100 pixels. It was still a sloppy mess.)
  5. Am I the only one who can't stand the snow whites? The Mets established themselves as a pinstripe team from the beginning and the snow whites were only around from 1997 to 2014. Also I can't see them without remembering that stupid black drop shadow...
  6. Quick update for you guys, I made the ears smaller, and a bit higher. I've also included two versions, one with the original 80% black fur, and one with what I'm calling 75% black. I dunno, I still like the original color better, but let me know why I'm wrong about that. I figured I'd also address each of these suggestions, because I did attempt each behind the scenes originally and decided against them for various reasons. 1) Removing the mouth connection on the left side ultimately returned me to the problem of the dreaded mustache that plagued my earlier versions of the logo. I've been trying for literally half a decade, and the attachment is the only way I know how to avoid it. 2) The mouth connection on the right side completely interferes with the established shading and lighting of the rest of the logo. That was extremely important to me, because I wanted to create a natural update to the actual Maine logo, which features that light/dark split. I did also try the right side connector, but a darker grey, and I just didn't like it. There's something I just love about the negative space there. 3) The white spot on the nose is there to add a subtle layer of depth and follows the lighting scheme. I did originally go without, but the nose just felt like a flat shape. Also, the top of bears' noses tend to look lighter than the front due to sunlight, so this was a subtle way to add that as well.
  7. But what’s wrong with tributing the 1969 and 1986 Mets? They’ve got the same right to pinstripes as a primary uniform. Still, if the snow whites were the main home look, I wouldn’t mind. It’s a sharp-looking uniform, but it doesn’t have the historical clout of the royal blue pinstripes.
  8. I can get behind that. Blue from the Dodgers, orange from the Giants. They don’t need a tribute to the Yankees.
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  10. If teams want to wear multiple uniforms during the season - then fine. I wish they would restrict it in the playoffs. Just white at home and what is closest to the primary dark uniform on the road in the playoffs. Casual fans may be tuning in more during this time. Watching the Detroit Pistons in black and grey would be confusing to fans who do not follow regularly. Honestly, some of the multiple uniforms are bad and compromise the identity of the team. Starting to dip the NBA into uniform concepts that look minor league. Teams should have classy looking pro basketball uniforms. Home, away and a third that fit with their colour scheme and identity. As people who follow sport uniforms, we should be able to tell someone easily what a team's colour scheme is. It is getting to the point that I do not even know what the actual Houston Rockets' colour scheme is anymore.
  11. IT's interesting that the game vs Cleveland is not getting any hype in Week 8 outside of being a late afternoon game and most likely CBS's game of the week. I think they wanted to make sure that if Cleveland is a 2-5 team they can bury it in the weeds that week.
  12. Sometimes i feel like that, other times it just looks like there are giant carrots everywhere. I think it depends on the combo.
  13. So they keep releasing series after series of new special alternates. But the logo always remains the same horrible clipart with Thunder slapped across. They got it all wrong!
  14. I could see a good argument either way. I remember some grumbling when they first switched (1997?) but looking back it was a pretty strong identity they adopted. If anything I'd maybe split the difference and do royal blue and metallic gold, with the helmet having the panther at home and the script on the road.
  15. Like home ice would matter, Capitals have dominated The Bruins for years. Yeah, I know regular season, but still.
  16. I disagree. These remind me of why I hate the Giants away jerseys. The Giants have blue everywhere except on that jersey and it looks like they just borrowed the Mississippi Rebels jerseys that were there when Eli played, minus the blue trim. The sleeves still need white, similar to how it's set on the orange jerseys. IT looks even more jarring on the white jerseys which need some orange on the sleeves.
  17. White numbers, sure, but everything else is fine. The uniform on the left here is perfect:
  18. Caps returned the favor, drubbing Carolina 6-0, a few days after losing 5-0. Ball's in Washington's court to end it.
  19. Show the brown jerseys that complimented these and you'll see how important white is to this color scheme. Orange numbers on brown jerseys are near impossible to see from distance when players are standing still, let alone once play starts. Even with the white up shadow of the primaries it's still difficult.
  20. Bolded 1: Hardly. It's different because it's on a white background and because the orange isn't the current orange. I'm game for any facemask color and I don't want the helmet stripe to change at all (remember, white stripe in between two brown ones). Bolded 2: This looks dingy and ugly. It needs white: Also, a smaller stripe design (three thin white stripes with two big orange stripes in between them) would benefit it. Neutrals wouldn't take away from the design, but would add something to it. This "clean" fad is exceptionally annoying, even more so than the over-designed fad.
  21. The Browns’ Color Rush is beloved because it’s the least worst jersey they have right now. That doesn’t mean Cleveland fans actually prefer it to any other Browns uniform in history.
  22. Uses a white jersey as an example But in all seriousness, the white is very crucial as @SFGiants58 said, if you look at the current home uniforms not the one without the white, the orange radiates off the brown violently, even on the current one without the white, the orange clashes so much with the brown. The white calms it all down. A whole set without white would be the worst mistake the browns could make. This isn’t a team like Los Angeles where blue and yellow compliment each other and contrast well enough to pull off a no white look. The orange and brown don’t mesh like that. They can look good in certain stripes yes. But orange numbers on a brown jersey? It’s ugly and it doesn’t work at all.
  23. So what you're saying is all these stripes here are a "blurry, nasty mess"? I don't buy that. I don't look at those stripes and say "Man, they really need to throw some white stripes in there." I don't look at the brown mask and say it needs to be white. Even the brown and orange are together on the helmet. Do you want to change that too? The Browns' Color Rush is beloved because it's simple and smooth. The way the orange pops off the brown is gorgeous. Throwing white in there where it's not needed just takes away from it. Like I said, I would only go with white numbers.
  24. Yep. Penguins, Lightning, Blackhawks, all eliminated. Crosby, McDavid, Kane, Toews, Stamkos, Kucherov, none will be in Round 2.
  25. Regarding UMaine. Those first couple of bear head concepts scared me to death, but the evolution is incredible. Your final product is awesome and we really, really need to rebrand. I hate the current bear head and we've had it for a long time. Go Blue.
  26. It is starting to open up for them, isn't it? If the Bruins don't come back, then I believe that gives Washington home ice the rest of the way. Frankly, the chances of a Las Vegas-Washington rematch are higher than we probably care to admit.
  27. I think Washington's gonna get back-to-back Cups.
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