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  2. You can't really tell from the video, but the new TCU uniforms are a dark grey. Would have looked better if it was primarily black, and the red numbers don't really work.
  3. The most infuriating thing about the whole solid-colored socks debacle is that if teams had the decency to wear different-colored pants with them, they probably wouldn't look half bad. Like, any look is better with contrasting socks, and you're telling me that the Jaguars can't wear their solid black socks with their white pants and the solid white socks with their black pants? Or the Saints? Although gold/black/black/white probably wouldn't look great, it's still better than solid black from neck to toe.
  4. Interesting, I would see colored pants as something especially softball-y. I think it’s super unprofessional for MLB, but it does look nice for softball however, I don’t really know the reason behind that though.
  5. Beautiful! Curious to know where the Canadian team will be based - Montreal or Toronto? Btw. I love the smaller, simple logos you put next to the bar with team names.
  6. More like Roller Hockey International.
  7. I would prefer monochrome dark baseball uniforms (which we never see anymore) to the awlful monochrome dark football uniforms (which we have to look at all the time now). Orioles or Pirates in all black... Astros in all navy? Works for me. Infinitely better than another dopey dark-over-white softball look IMO.
  8. Haven't commented in a while because I hasn't had anything to say. All of these seem better than the last, loving this series thus far!
  9. I absolutely hated those end zones in '96 and was happy they turned out to be one-and-done. The new ones in '97 were an improvelent.
  10. Ah yes, the same Hurricanes fanbase who couldn’t fill up their stadium to save their lives until they all had a collective “wait a second, we’re actually good?” moment.
  11. IIRC, the Astros did throwbacks just for Biggio during his final season in each set in played in.
  12. Nope. We like it here, thanks. And at this point, we've been in the NL almost as long as we were in the AL.
  13. Back in 2009, the Hitmen went 59-9-4. They were top in the WHL by three points, they won the conference by 19 and their division by 43(!) points. They swept the first three rounds of the playoffs before laying an egg in the finals and losing the first three games. They forced a game six but ended up losing in overtime and 13 year old me was devastated. They ended up winning the WHL the next year though. The Ducks losing the Conference Finals in 2015 and 2017 was tough too, especially after the game five comeback and finally winning a game seven during the Oilers series in 2017. There was a period of time when I was younger where I also liked the Flames in addition to the Ducks. In 2004, the Flames losing the Stanley Cup ruined 8 year old me. Being so young I got caught up in just how much the Flames took over Calgary during those playoffs. That run was a crazy time in the city.
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  15. The Vikings logo update is really good. I'm not sure about the number outline. I like keeping yellow and white separate, and leaving off an outline accomplishes that. Though you have also updated the pants to have a yellow stripe on white, so that's not necessarily inconsistent anymore. Overall, I'm more impressed with the logo update. The uniform update feels like more of a sidestep than a step forward. Maybe a design overhaul is needed to actually significantly upgrade the uniform. Good work though.
  16. I would take the Astros back in the NL Central over the Brewers any day. Milwaukee needs to go back to the AL where they belong.
  17. Seattle Kraken does sound like a new MiLB team in the PCL.
  18. Seattle Snot Otters would still be better than Seattle Kraken.
  19. I think you mean St. Louis Bread Co.
  20. I honestly really like that TCU set, it looks good, they used red pretty proportionally, and it’s a good shade that compliments the purple and black. They also made it know. It’s the tertiary color, black and purple still dominate the uniform so you know it’s just accents that are red
  21. Now we head a little further north up the coast for the New England Conference. Our first school is the University of Dover. Up until 1996, the team was known as the Indians. They re-branded to the Flyers inspired by the major Air Force base in Dover. They were originally a member of the ECC, but switched over to the New England Conference in 2003. Although they use the silver helmet and pants for most games, sometimes they will wear all white as well, even at home. University of Dover Location: Dover, Delaware Type: Private University Founded: 1914 Major Rivals: Norfolk, Raleigh
  22. I love just about everything New Mexico United is doing. They have a great fan base, share an awesome park with their baseball team, and are run extremely well out of the gate. That being said, they make Sac Republic look like the Yankees. Unless, like, Mark Zuckerberg decides to purchase a pro soccer team in the bidding Albuquerque market, it’s not ever going to happen.
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