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  2. Yeah, I noticed that too and made a comment about it in my earlier post. Really not sure how they missed that little detail, especially when the swooshes on the white and orange sets match like you said. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed by the time the uniforms make their on-field debut.
  3. It doesn't need any white. White numbers at the most, but all that white in the sleeve stripes is just ugly and pointless. The orange and brown together itself is gorgeous, just like the sleeves on the white version of this. The brown face mask is solid too The white face mask is plain and boring, and the gray masks only need to appear in throwbacks.
  4. San Antonio FC has released a Fiesta jersey to be worn at home during pregame warmups. If you buy at the shop you can add the name and numbers.
  5. Overall, I like that Oregon State set a lot, but the few things — Beavs, inconsistent stripe weight, inconsistent Nike logo treatment — that bug me are really gonna bother me.
  6. If Miami football can have these made in team colors, adidas should treat these as true third kits next year, even if they only get worn once. A Crew jersey that looks like their original jetsey would be great. And if they're auctioned off . . . you'll see numbers go up if DC United is wearing a copy of their 1996 home kits.
  7. Come on Évêques! Keep up the form and win the Urquhart Cup! My prediction is a Minnesota vs. Montreal Urquhart Cup, with the Walleye going back-to-back.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Every uni set OKC wears has looked much better since they started wearing the orange accessories.
  10. Sheesh we really wet the bed this game, demars ejection is exactly how I feel right about now. Disappointed and frustrated
  11. Another year Michigan doesn’t make it, are they... no they can’t be... are they actually falling off?
  12. I’m not necessarily disagreeing. I’m saying one way or another. Either have the shootout and go to straight W-L or have ties and keep the points system. The NHL, as usual, picks the worst of both.
  13. I think the Thunder are the only team who's alternates are better than their primary uniforms...
  14. At least you’re finally learning to use some restraint, I guess.
  15. How about stop making OT W/L it's own thing, and just leave it as a regular win/loss if it goes to OT. Like most sports do. I always found it weird about hockey to begin with.
  16. I think it needs to go to continuous overtime. If baseball can pull it off with a 162 game season. Surely, the NHL can.
  17. Oh c'mon: It's Fiesta Baby!
  18. I really hope that this opens the door for Michigan State to have “SPARTY” across the chest.
  19. Ur right about the court and the crowd. But other then that it’s a simple color vs color red vs teal matchup. Looks good to me imo
  20. Please make this topic more active I need someone to talk to
  21. I tend to agree here. This or it's immediate predecessor were the only ones that had a consistent bolt color treatment. Also did anyone else notice the dude on the left has his shoulder bolts backward? That was a fairly common occurrence back then where I'm guessing whomever was doing the screening on the shoulder inserts was not paying attention or could not tell the difference between left/right.
  22. XFL 2001 had four weeks with two minicamps in November and the coaches actually wanted more time.
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