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  2. New AP Top Ten is... 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. Oklahoma 6. Wisconsin 7. Penn State 8. Notre Dame 9. Florida 10. Georgia I think Georgia should've fallen to 13, behind Auburn, Oregon, and Utah. They not only loss a game in which they were 24.5 point favorites, they got bailed out on a blown call and missed FGs and still lost. I'd say Florida should be above Notre Dame since Notre Dame's resume consists of a "good loss" to a Georgia team that may not actually be all that good and not a whole lot else, but it doesn't matter much.
  3. Should have been the plane logo. Color is great tho. Woodmark stinks but other than that great uniform.
  4. I'm under the impression that McVay is trying to throw this game becuse it's the 3rd quarter and the Rams have thrown the ball 10 :censored:ing times, I get the O-line is a mess and the 49ers D-line is great but its impossible to win a game that way. The Defense is also dog :censored:. If this team makes the playoffs I'll eat a pound of wasabi.
  5. Tony Romo watching the Cowboys lose to the winless Jets from the broadcast booth:
  6. Next we have the Hartford Wolves. Feedback Welcomed!
  7. To add to that... ...Remember back in the "good ol' days" (when teams and by and large society as a whole was more patient) when the NFL had a nice little stockpile of backup plans? I'm talking the likes of Scott Zolak, Wade Wilson, Eric Zeier, Billy Joe Tolliver, Kent Graham (who at one point actually was a starter), Dave Brown, Stoney Case, the ultimate backup Mark Rypien, Scott Mitchell pre-Detroit Lions, Steve DeBerg, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell (both of whom played behind Favre in Green Bay before becoming starters in their own right), Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Rich Gannon, & just about every other castoff former 49er starter post-Joe Montana? (Okay that last part was just a joke--but all three of those guys somehow ended up starters in KC right after Montana Joe.) You know, semi-crusty older guys who certainly wouldn't wow you with raw athleticism, but whom guys knew they could count on to get in the game and get the job done when they needed them? Wellp....we don't have that no more. And what we see playing out in the NFL today is a byproduct of that. Teams don't keep quarterbacks long enough for them to even be halfway-decent backups, let alone have the the resources to let younger guys sit long enough to learn how to be starters. Welcome to the microwave age, guys.
  8. The Saints-Jags game looked more like a intrasquad high school scrimmage.
  9. 2 passes were tipped by Browns receivers into Seahawk hands. Can't blame the QB on those. Unfortunately, they're still committing stupid penalties and the refs calling a blindside tackle on Landry when he hit him straight up was ridiculous. The Landry score that wasn't was a pretty bad review call as well.
  10. The Jets' look is growing on me. The only game of theirs I've been able to watch this year was when they wore the terrible black uniforms, so maybe that's why. I do find the helmet logo aggressively bland.
  11. Oakland/SF to Portland is 600+ miles Seattle to Portland is 175 miles St. Louis to Nashville is 300 miles Atlanta to Nashville is 250 miles Cincinnati to Nashville is 275 mile Very different scenarios
  12. Charlotte has less territorial issues to deal with as well. Atlanta and DC are the for Charlotte. Where Nashville would have territorial issues with Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati.
  13. Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cincinnati would never let this happen
  14. Rod Carew as the Angels hitting coach in the late 1990s. The guy has no business in the "Disney style" periwinkle-and-blue era uniforms.
  15. Andy Reid should be Chiefs coach for life.
  16. Before I show the last two teams, I thought I’d share with you my idea for HPL All-Star kits... An all-star game in the HPL would work similar to MLS. One single team of the best players the Aloha State has to offer vs. a random team from MLS, just to see how the HPLers stack up against a mainland team. The main kit is patterned after the Hawaiian state flag, and the change kit is based on the Kanaka Maoli flag, which represents Native Hawaiians.
  17. So the MLB and MiLB Professional Baseball Agreement (PBA) is set to expire after the 2020 season. This is the agreement that outlines the single affiliation model and states the 160 MiLB clubs from AAA to Advanced Rookie will have an MLB affiliate. MiLB hopes to have a new agreement in place by the end of the winter meetings, as to not have it hanging over their head the entire season (link). As analytics continue to become more and more prevalent in all aspects of the games, MLB appears to be positioning for a more streamlined and efficient minor league system that allows them to better train, develop, and evaluate prospects. Commissioner Manfred has even publicly said that MLB would like to see fewer affiliates and better facilities (link). It seems from current stadium issues (see Beloit), that MiLB has already succumbed to MLB demands to increase stadium facility requirements. Apparently, last time this occurred was in 1992 and subsequently MiLB was met with multiple teams relocating and other restructuring. Regardless, if there are stricter facility rules, we could see some current MiLB stadiums deemed ineligible and could thus force teams to seek new stadiums or relocate. Has anyone heard any rumors as to developments of the PBA for 2020? What stadiums do you think would be most at risk? And if MLB gets their way, even though MiLB is opposed to reducing the 160 required affiliation number, what do you think are some likely scenarios that MLB and MiLB agree to restructuring? How would this affect the current league set up in the minors?
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  19. You know, I enjoy finding the most esoteric things at thrift stores, and today I got a 1980s/90s Milwaukee Admirals jersey for $5.
  20. And this is an issue why? It's the NFL's 100th season let them be
  21. Winston needs to be benched, cut or whatever and Evans needs to play with a little more effort
  22. I kinda like the Saints white pants. Its nice to see a change now and then. But yes, black socks should have been worn.
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