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  2. Rest In Piece Hondo. One of the greats.
  3. She's one of my absolute favorite people in media today. It seems like everything LeBatard touches turns to gold, but she's really something special.
  4. "Havlicek stole the ball" You don't even have to be much for a sports fans to know that as one of the more memorable play-by-play calls in professional sports history. Sad day indeed.
  5. Mina Kimes wins Day 1 of the NFL Draft broadcast again. The ESPN "On the Clock" on YouTube and Twitter with Mina, GoJo, and Foxworth is the most entertaining, but this year she didn't drop profanities.
  6. I'll be shocked if Pats don't end up taking Drew Lock now. Then again, it is Belichick.
  7. Yep my bad thought their 1 was all jacked up as well.
  8. Most likely, but it would have taken longer if not for the Continental League. How much longer is tough to say, but my guess is a another team would have likely tried to move to NYC first before an expansion team would come about. You won’t read any articles about the Yankees pleading for a return of NL baseball to the city. The Pirates or Reds could very well have bolted or at least tried to. Even the Braves could have made a move to come back East. Even the Phillies could have found a way to position themselves into contention. You already had a bunch of teams in both leagues change cities before the Continental League came about. The issue was getting MLB to crack that 16-team threshold. That took some forcing.
  9. Weird. I feel like I’ve heard very little about it leading up to the draft. I thought it was still a few weeks away, actually.
  10. With the exception of bringing on Luke Bryant and Lee Corso wearing a giant Dwayne Haskins head, I enjoyed the ESPN on ABC coverage.
  11. I'm already done with the designs for SWAC teams. Numbers, NOBs, and logos are the only ones missing. However, I'm not sure with some designs that I made. Any design suggestions?
  12. Round one finally ends with the caps being degraded to lowercase. The final edition of the bracket until moving on to semifinals:
  13. This is year 2 of the first round on network TV. FOX last year with Buck and Troy, ABC this year with the GameDay fellas. It's as big as ever.
  14. I was just thinking, “hey Rask has been pretty good so far- 2 goals in 13 seconds? The 2nd one was awful. I can’t believe they let that up. But Coyle was pretty good. That OT goal was set up really good. Winning game 1 is pretty huge. Jackets are pretty tough though, I’ll give them that. Should be a pretty tight series. 6-7 games.
  15. You've been lucky enough to not watch FS1 or ESPN. They've been beating that horse for a couple weeks.
  16. Nice Draft Maneuvering by Seahawks. They now have back to back picks #29 & #30. Shocked we're at #23 a WR hasn't been taken yet.
  17. Today
  18. Not seeing a difference
  19. Elway needs to be canned but the ownership is a mess.
  20. Wait, what? The NFL draft is TONIGHT?! I seriously saw @McCarthy post something on Twitter about sports tonight and he added a quip about “nothing happening in the NFL tonight” and thought absolutely nothing of it other than thinking it was a bit strange for mid April. Has coverage dropped off that much or am I just living under a rock?
  21. Welp... Danver trades down and takes another tight end after taking Jeff Huerman and Jake Butt within the past 4 years when they could’ve taken Haskins at 10. Super
  22. Looks the same to me.
  23. This also found its way on the internet.
  24. BJ's started out pretty flat, but lucky for them Bobrovsky didn't. Things really started to click for them the further on the game went, unfortunate (for them) B's we able to force OT. Really close game, looks to be a really fun series.
  25. I've always believed that the NL would've found it's way back to New York (Mets) no matter what. Continental League or not.
  26. I just got the go ahead from my editor to write an article on the topic of the lack of MLB expansion prior to the early 60’s, so stayed tuned to the Hardball Times in the coming weeks. There are answers to the questions of why the MLB didn’t expand, but also how forced it really was when it came about. Gene Audrey purchased the Angels on December 6th, 1960. The team had its expansion draft December 14th. Eight days to prepare to sign Major League players and you don’t even have tickets to sell. You can imagine how the American League owners were chomping at the bit for expansion to come about if that’s the amount of preparation that went into getting the team ready. For lack of better phrasing, these were some stubborn old bastards who weren’t changing they way they did business for anyone or anything. The process of expansion was kickstarted and sustained by lawyers. You had to all but sue to get a Major League team. Kansas City was about to before they got the Royals. These owners killed the potential development of the league for decades to come. People talk about 30 teams being enough. There was enough talent and interest to justify an English Premier League type system in the mid-50’s. That’s how much these owners held back. It’s been mentioned about how the owners were going to vote to allow the Browns to move to Los Angeles in 1941, but was cancelled because of Pearl Harbor. That could explain why Los Angels didn’t get a team until 1945, but it doesn’t account for 1946-1957, and we’re talking about a city with around 2 million people. Only when faced with the prospect of dealing with a competitive league did the MLB decide to get serious about expansion and westward movement. Even then they went kicking and screaming afraid of any alternations or additions being made to their exclusive 16-member club. I won’t get into much if any of that, because it take a lot more than the 2,000 or so words I have to cover all of it. But it speaks a lot to the mentality of why baseball fell behind in the 60’s, while every other league was pushing the pedal to the metal when it came to expanding.
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