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  2. So, with the cup & title graphics done, I put them together with a couple of vintage crossed lacrosse sticks and a "Brampton" banner. I gave the lettering a white drop shadow to suggest that the words are engraved into the cup... This is a national championship, so I placed a classic, red maple leaf in behind... Voila!!!
  3. Actually, I think it's the bagginess of the throwback stuff that makes it look so bad. I think in a modern cut uniform colored pants could look decent.
  4. That was, from my memory, the reason behind the design on PNC Park. Owners wanted an intimate ballpark that emphasised the view of the city over adding additional seats. One of the best ballparks for those reasons.
  5. What about Vancouver? It's has been mention many times, can it support a MLB franchise? I've heard the MiLB Canadians team has a good turnout; but again, no.stadium. Or is it too close to.Seattle or within the Mariners market? Omit last post, couldn't get rid of quote..
  6. I can't even begin to describe last night and I couldn't be prouder of this city. The energy in the crowd was just palpable. Best moment of the night (sorry @Bucfan56) was getting major stink eye from Ron Burkle because of my choice of headwear, yes, I was wearing and Islanders hat. I'll say this, and I said the same when I met @Bucfan56 is that no one should underestimate Sacramento and the will here to get things done. Starting with the Kings eight or so years back, things looked hopeless and the team was pretty much gone. Instead the bootstraps got tightened, a little luck came our way, the G1 came to fruition and the Kings stayed. Burkle in the video posted from The Bee (which I actually had a physical copy of yesterday for was free though) said something similar. Folks should have taken notice with what went down with basketball here. I saw that energy again last night. This city don't quit...and man, did it make me smile. I'd like to give @Bucfan56 a shout out as well. Enjoyed talking to him (we have a very similar sense of humor,) and I'm thrilled for him, the rest of the staff of Republic FC, and the fans of Sacramento! Y'all did it!
  7. Yeah, definitely an upgrade. Kept the good details but dropped the unnecessarily outlines. I hope they decide to keep that moving forward.
  8. I’m not sad at all in fact I’m quite ecstatic!!! LAKERGANG!!!!
  9. First off, congrats to @Bucfan56 and all those involved in Sac republic. Honestly though, as a riverhounds fan and proud steel army member? I have no desire for them to even consider moving up to MLS. I like what the USL is doing, and the amount of control Tuffy has as the owner and just the connections with the players.
  10. I'm definitely on board for Phoenix Rising FC for #30. Their fan support is great and I love the name. Plus the league can split into 3 conferences of 10. Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose, LAFC, LA Galaxy, Phoenix, Salt Lake & Colorado round out a perfect 10 team West.
  11. @QueenCitySwarm, if what your father is saying is true, then Tepper is requesting levels and uses of money and other resources that are not only wasteful, but flat-out impractical, even by the standards of funding for sports venues by governments. I cannot help but suspect that Tepper wants a new stadium in the Charlotte area for the Panthers -- especially one with a retractable roof -- and a separate stadium for a Charlotte MLS club (be it a renovated and reconfigured Bank of America Stadium or an entirely new facility) first and foremost as a way to one-up Atlanta in general and Arthur Blank in particular: "See that, Artie? My NFL team and my MLS team can play home games at the exact same time! Can you say that about the Falcan'ts and Atlanta Divided? I did not think so!" It is as if Tepper is the kind of billionaire who would go on a shopping spree and bring home a new top-of-the-line Rolls-Royce, a new top-of-the-line Ferrari, and a new top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen right after he sees one of this next-door neighbors buy a Bentley, sees his other next-door neighbor buy a Lamborghini, and sees the person living across the street from him buy a Range Rover. However, this is not to say that the idea of Charlotte as the home of the thirtieth club in MLS is without any merit. In addition to Tepper's deep pockets, concerns about the long-term environmental sustainability of the Las Vegas area and even the Phoenix area could help Charlotte beat out such dry locales for a place in MLS.
  12. The brown doesn't look bad per se, but the Bucks look so devoid of life here. The extra color has to be something bold and bright to balance everything out. Hunter orange or the 1980s lime green would be better.
  13. Lakers, Dodgers, USC football, Raiders, Rams, UCLA Basketball, Clippers, Angels, Kings, Chargers in order of importance in LA
  14. I don't have photoshop or anything at the moment, so I'm just gonna throw these suggestions out if anyone wants to jump on it: - Make the jersey black. - Make the facemask ALL black - Make the helmet logo white with red outline - Make the numbers white with red and purple outlines
  15. Tepper wants to dismantle the upper bowl of BoA Stadium, however the CRVA, the visitors bureau which is funded by a 1% tax to support capital improvements to the stadium, arenas, and convention center is not in the loop regarding any MLS bid. Tepper is trying to work directly with the city council. No just on stadiums, but also a site for team HQ on a 70 acre site of a closed mall in East Charlotte.
  16. This has already been said, but not is worth stating again. This year’s post season logo package is fantastic.
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  18. Baron's who made the Cavs NBA Rings claims these rings are the Largest NBA rings ever. Now the 2006 Heat Players rings set the standard for size so it would be nice to see a side by side comparison of those 2 rings.
  19. They're um... they're not going over well. We've done the Bloodline uniforms before in the past, but they were WAY more subtle than this...
  20. That’s why I’ve never really looked at Charlotte as all that much of “sure thing”. Something about the bid, despite the money, seems a bit off to me. And yeah it’s cool just having a bunch of money coming out of your ears to pay for this kinda stuff, but just plopping down a wad of cash without really building anything leading up to it seems not just soulless, but risky, too. And that plan sounds absolutely nuts. If North Carolina goes for it, they’re a dumb state. Considering Tepper’s net worth, city/state government should feel insulted he’s even asking considering he’ll keep all of the revenue. When it comes to club #30, I’m all aboard the Phoenix Rising train. That’s how MLS should be developing the league. You grow a fan base organically in the lower levels and pretty much guarantee yourself a strong base when you get up to MLS even in the lean years. I have a VERY strong feeling clubs like Nashville are going to be a burden on MLS if they aren’t successful on the pitch because they didn’t put in the work leading up to it. And Nashville hasn’t even particularly done it wrong, either. It’s just been really rushed. That’s sort of been Cincinnati’s issue this year, and I wonder how that’ll influence attendance if they don’t get this straightened out rather soon. Charlotte has NOTHING established at this point. Independence has MLS II teams that outdraw them.
  21. its sad that this is that important to you that you decide to bring up a week old topic to shamelessly beat a dead horse. like legit sad.
  22. Good point because they wanted Cleveland’s area code to stand out on the ring.
  23. They atleast changed the “0” To the nba logo rather than the 1
  24. That has been used before; the Cavs ring comes to mind. I’m with you, it looks bad.
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