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  2. That's the one! I see they changed their name, that explains why I couldn't find it. Thank you!
  3. There are several out there, but only one you can trust:
  4. Driving down the road in Dallas yesterday and saw this logo on a work truck. Funnily enough, the company's current website shows a different 100th year logo. I imagine they received a C&D from the folks in Toronto... This webpage shows the current 100 year logo, which is way better given their market space, as well as their 95 year logo which reminds me of a hybrid TBL/NJD anniversary logo. Cornwell Tools- History
  5. Years ago I used to visit a website that would list every team's colors throughout their history... for the life of me I can't remember the website and haven't had luck searching for it. Anyone here remember it and can point me in the right direction? While I'm here I'll ask what I was curious about to begin with that led me on this hunt... does anyone know more info about the shade of blue that the Blue Jays used in their 04-12 "Black Jays" era? I feel like it was a lighter shade than a regular royal blue and possibly a completely unique color ever to MLB but I wanted to go back and check this out myself.
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  7. Yup, per my earlier post in this thread I can thank the Mighty Ducks for that. In the UK we have the Elite Ice Hockey League as the top level, but there's neither a team local to me or one with a logo that I like, so I don't follow it closely. Doesn't help that several of them share their names with NHL teams, and one of them blatantly stole the Calgary Flames logo. Fortunately there are two teams in lower levels that are local to me, so I can at least get my fix. But I've never felt any real attachment to either as I'm stuck between one that used a recoloured blue and gold Bucco Bruce for several years (the Romford London Raiders) and another with a clichéd Native American themed identity and an ugly mess of a clipart logo (the Chelmsford Chieftains).
  8. Sabotaged... by whom? I’m not sure that I do that that for granted.
  9. Part of me thinks this teal jersey is alright on its own (despite being inferior to all its predecessors). The white version is worse because the removal of several elements means the team's primary colour is overpowered by black accents. Also the teal laces are a bit weird. In a bubble I don't mind the missing hem stripes, but when I remember the reason for their removal, that really drags this set down. I've said this before, but the removal of one of the orange stripes feels like a poorly thought out compromise between a desire to keep or remove it from the colour scheme. It felt like a natural fit in the 2007-15 set, but now it's just awkwardly shoehorned in.
  10. I like Montreal for purely nostalgic reasons. And the fact that they have a MLB-capable venue has to make them the front-runner as of this moment. But all the reasons they left in the first place still exist. Especially if you take for granted that the market was indeed sabotaged.
  12. Tampa Bay Maple Lightning vs Carolina Red Leafs
  13. Look on the bright side. The Astros lost 100+ games in three consecutive years and win the World Series only four years later.
  14. On the season Gleyber Torres has 12 home runs. TEN have come against the Orioles. The Baltimore broadcast team calling them was absolutely hilarious
  15. Loved the Minnesota North Stars because they were one of two teams that embraced green and it looked nice with athletic gold and black. Even when they downplayed the green in favor of black I thought they still looked sharp. Aside from a brief period where they used a collegiate-script they continued to look good after the move to Dallas and I still cheer for them today.
  16. Draymond’s defense is probably a notch or two higher than Mason (but don’t get me wrong, Mason was definitely very good. Draymond is just better). I’d also argue he’s a better distributor than Mason ever was, but having teammates as lethal as Steph, Klay, and KD definitely help. Mason was also probably a better pure scorer than Draymond has ever been. But, again to be fair, Draymond is surprisingly efficient for the type of player he is and the warriors don’t really need him to be that efficient. That’s actually a pretty solid comparison.
  17. Black socks and white numbers are nothing compared to the sins of this uniform: The tiny orange stripe, the lack of hem stripes, and the ugly rendering of the shark (and no, the original isn't much better) are way worse than any little messes made by the Blues and Bruins. Add the mismatched sleeve patch and too dark teal, and you've got a particularly nasty uniform.
  18. No to the skew. I get it because that’s how you’re paying homage to the Gretzky era logo. Doesn’t work for the shield all by itself though. Love the logo otherwise and the color choices. Is the yoke white or silver though? I might even get rid of the yoke altogether as the kings never had one until the staples center rebrand. Maybe attach the drop shadow to the numbers.
  19. Yep, I also applaud the unique take on the Mets. Nice idea!
  20. This is amazing, just some minor tweaks for me: The whole logo looks italicized and comes off as crooked. I’d straighten it out. Either thicken the white and grey outlines around the logo to closer match the size of the arm and waist stripes, or vice/versa (make the arm and waist stripes thinner to match the logo)
  21. I actually like how the Triceratops looks right now; it has a vibe of "Those rocks look like a dinosaur if you look at just the right angle!". I think a few perspective fixes could be made, but the overall aestethic should definitely stay.
  22. I would recommend going with the "Colorado" colors over purple/black/silver. Concerning the perspective, I would maybe shorten up the left side so that the triceratops' eye line is a bit more obvious. Something like this concept would work: See how the antlers appear in the image? This is the approach I would recommend for the triceratops' horn/back of head. I'd lower the head/"camera" angle to match what you want from the image.
  23. Whoa, I forgot about this one. I picked this exact team for this exact reason.
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