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  2. That is actually good, because I don't want the XFL to be the next league to add the quartet of Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando and San Antonio like every other league since the WFL has. Why do non-NFL leagues keep adding those 4 cities?
  3. Wait, what? I’ve never seen these before.
  4. I'll share once allowed but the official release will probably come first...cant risk it unfortunately.
  5. I like Virginia's college basketball unis and as a result started to be a fan. And yeah because of their national championship run too.
  6. Thank you! Appreciate it. As for the names, I just struggle to do anything with emeralds. I have some ideas for Rainiers and might make a logo for that name, probably my next one after I finish working on the name Pilots. Renegades has been done by multiple teams in the past and doesn't fit well with Seattle, personally not a fan.
  7. My first impression is Bob Marley and the Wailers. Not a bad palette but maybe not for Seattle.
  8. Yep, just physical assets currently sitting in a San Antonio storage unit. No indication that the XFL has any interest in the intellectual property of the league.
  9. I am usually a huge fan of teams wearing orange and blue (navy or royal) as their colors (Yes, call me crazy). But I love Virginia's basketball uniforms. Their numeric and NOB lettering font is unique and one of a kind. It also helps that they now won the national championship wearing them. I wish they would use the same numeric/lettering on other sports like most schools do. Still they look fantastic and have done so since 2009 (with a small minor tweaks here and there).
  10. That would have been very foolish of them considering there was no guarantee that lebron was gonna be a laker for 99% of the design process.
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  12. Home looks nice. That away, oof. I like the idea to make a new design on half and half, but it just doesn't work.
  13. That Raiders look above is beautiful. I wouldn’t mind them keeping it full-time.
  14. I've thought of that too... It does make the blue jersey seem even more plain than it is. But the idea that the home jersey would have sleeve numbers and the road jersey would have shoulder numbers just pokes at my OCD. I'm not sure why that specifically bugs me when other similar issues aren't a problem for me, but there you go.
  15. With the 40th anniversary of ESPN coming up on September 7, I thought I'd throw this together: C&C Welcome.
  16. Personally, I would move the TV Numbers on the Blue Jersey down to the Sleeves, rather than the shoulders. It’s a thing that has bugged me with how it compares to the original pre-70s version. Also, on players like Eli Manning and (soon) Daniel Jones, since they have long sleeves, it seems very empty, and since they are the current and soon-to-be faces if the Giants, all their pictures will she empty sleeves.
  17. Tone down the brown to a deep espresso shade like this and limit the yellow to a tertiary like Vegas uses red and you might have something.
  18. Just saw a new one-off ASU uni (all white) that deviates from "newest" sets...likely to be worn against MSU "STATE" on Sept. 14. Helmet stripe, shoulder design (state flag) and different number/name font.
  19. Seattle could absolutely own Brown & Green as a color scheme. Add in some yellow and you have a very Seattle, very unique color scheme. Brown jerseys & pants, with Green as secondary and yellow only on piping. Think woodsy, forest theme. You could have a green alternate and maybe even a yellow "white" jersey.
  20. It's safe to say this team would have had a different name. National Lacrosse League -- 2002-04
  21. I wouldn't call having the Raiders being at the big boy's table.
  22. Yeah, I meant teams that participated in the GDR leagues prior to 1991. It's also interesting that most of the top teams from the GDR never partizipated in the Bundesliga. The only one was Dynamo Dresden, and that only for one year in the 90s.
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