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  2. Aw, crap... Well, thanks to that, I'd have to pick another team for St. Paul to replace. Maybe Nashville???
  3. And I think they got their number too. Holy crap what a turnover this score is rn.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! I have some colored pencils that I will try out for my next one which I am currently in the process of making. Again thank you for this!
  5. I don't mind, if you want I can give you the illustrator file. This looks good, I tried something simular but I think I need to take the angle out of the sash because otherwise it does'nt quite line up. Do you mind if I use your monogram?
  6. They don't? Good. Those were exceptionally stupid. I think the only good uniform initiative over the past several years in American sports was the City NBA uniforms. Everything else seems to be more annoying and forced than anything else. For decades, we happily lived with some variation of light vs. dark, with light at home or the road depending on the sport (and with some exceptions for teams like Dallas, Washington and Cleveland). Anyway, the leaps of logic that take you from this: To this: Make me mad.
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  8. I normally view it as a red sock with two separate white/navy/white stripes, but I could also see it as navy/red/navy in a white field. As is often the case with stripes, you can view it whichever way you want to, I’d say. Oddly enough, for the Rays I think I like it better as a white field with columbia/navy/columbia stripes. For the Cardinals I could go either way.
  9. Georgia Tech beats Miami in overtime with a spot review plus measurement because football is dumb.
  10. @Xibalba I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't resist experimenting with your Santos badge. I think you might be best off putting a SD monogram in the "bell tower," then moving the sash up and letting the stripes run longer.
  11. Fascinating idea...I live between two stations, which do I pick?! Anyway, I won't be pedantic about the linguistic elements of this and instead point out Atwater is also the station the Forum, which obviously in '67 would have been THE place to be.
  12. Just saw a tweet from Reviewing The Brew that the Brewers might be getting new primary uniforms... so it looks like yall are getting your wish.
  13. BTW, I'm pretty sure that hasn't been mentioned or posted, since I haven't done either, but earlier in October before this thread was made, the city of Oakland filed suit against Alameda County to prevent the county from selling their 50% of the Coliseum Complex to the Athletics. Note/Warning: I'm posting you a link to an independent, Oakland blog (not anything from Zennie Abraham, for those Bay Area folks), which heavily leans to the Left, but the links within the blog are to major papers and websites which will produce the actual court filings in PDF. LINK From the blog:
  14. I'm a bit let down by oSu's homecoming uniforms. Nothing can beat last year's. Helmet is a nice throwback, but it just doesn't fit with the current uni.
  15. Raiders moving back didn't help and then-mayor Lionel Wilson saw then leave under his watch only to lure them back and still only get cold feet at the last minute to no avail after he received 40K signatures in a petition for a ballot measure. @Wings has it right. Hofmann and Schott bought the team from the Haas family, but were underfunded and out of their element. They were real estate guys, specifically homebuilders. They decided it was better to cut payroll and use young players at about the same time the new CBA gave them a revenue sharing check from the likes of the Yankees, Braves, Red Sox... Schott claims they tried to get a new stadium at in the Coliseum complex parking lot. From 2005: And them selling to Lew Wolff and John Fischer was backed with Fisher's money, not Wolff's. Fisher had 80% when the bought it in 2005 and got Lew's 10% in 2016. Sadly, Fisher, like Wolff is looking towards more soccer investments with Celtic and he'll have more cash to spend when Gap officially spins off Old Navy and it goes public.
  16. When I said "fun ideas," I meant... This. Exactly this. This might be the first one to work out perfectly compared to what I thought of. Nice! Zichron Yaakov Introduction: Zichron Yaakov was founded in 1882, so it's a very, very, very old kind of place. It's also very important to pre-State Israeli history: before and during World War I, it was home to the NILI spy ring, which was actually just three siblings and a friend of theirs spying on the Ottomans to help the British efforts in the Land of Israel and in Europe. The spy ring was broken, and all four members died (two were hanged, one committed suicide while being tortured, one was shot escaping to British lines). The town still exists, having grown a bit since then, and is 20% Anglo, so it's a good candidate for a team, and there's a lot to play with in terms of history. Logo and colors: We start with a simple, bold, serifed Z for Zichron (Zichron Yaakov means the Memory of Jacob, but most people just call it Zichron, so I ignored the Y). The circles are multifaceted in meaning, representing spyglasses, baseballs, and the two famous families whose children gave their lives to support their People way back at the very beginning (NILI still being a point of pride up there). The brown comes from the town's Coat of Arms, and between that and my plans for the logo seen above, I started getting very Mystery, Alaska vibes, so I... Rolled with them. Brown and white with black, big letter, very fitting for a team from way up in the north. Cap: White crown (because I love white crowns), brown Z and brim with a black outline on the logo. Jersey: I told you Mystery, Alaska, didn't I? Brown jersey, logo in black with a thick white outline (as thick as I could without it looking smudged). Number on the other side in the same colors. Nothing crazy, flying under the radar, pay no attention to the spy behind the curtain. Pants: Brown belt, because I didn't want to shove more colors in there. The stripe is brown-white-brown and represents walking a dangerous path between two potential enemies and also wearing pants with cool stripes. Socks: Brown stirrups, white socks, and the reversed stripe from the pants. Next up... Shiloh. No ideas for that one yet.
  17. Illinois looks like West Virginia out there. Orange everywhere and you go dark grey, Navy, and a chrome logo. Pathetic.
  18. Because the City of Wichita has recently spent $75 million in public money to construct a brand new ballpark with the promise that a Triple A franchise would be setting up shop in the municipality, that's why. It's wonderful that the powers-that-be at Major League Baseball headquarters and amongst the individual owners of the big league franchises have come up with this visionary plan for how they see affiliated minor league baseball being structured moving forward. That said, they'd better hope that they have all of their minor league affiliates ensconced in newly-built and/or significantly-renovated ballparks from the get-go of implementing said plan. Why? Because, after they've unceremoniously shifted the teams in some markets to lower classifications of competition - or, abandoned said cities altogether - they're going to have an awfully tough time convincing government entities to fork over significant amounts of public funding for new ballparks in the future. The optics surrounding the public subsidization of privately-held sports franchises through the construction of arenas, ballparks, and stadiums for said teams is bad enough as it is. Leave it to the suits at MLB to come up with a way to make it look even worse. "Listen, we know you rubes just forked over $75 million for a ballpark thinkin' that you'd land a Triple A team, but the owners of our Minnesota franchise are fixated on havin' their top farmhands just a 20-minute, 12 1/2-mile drive away. Plus, the wacky bastards runnin' the independent team in the market we were eyeballin' outdrew 23 of the 30 affiliated Triple A teams last season! I mean, if you can't beat 'em, have 'em join ya!!! No hard feelings, right? Anyway... we're gonna try to set you folks up with somethin' else. Double A, Single A... it's a little up in the air right now. We'll get back to ya... maybe. In the meantime, I hear the American Association is looking for a market."
  19. This is an actual bit Brady took part in. FYI: From Episode 1 of “living with yourself” on Netflix.
  20. Pretty big score today, all authentics: -white Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals, 2004 style he only wore his rookie season -black Mike Williams Lions -red Antrel Rolle Cardinals -orange Earl Little Browns -red Derrick Johnson Chiefs -gray Kenyon Martin Nets
  21. It's his high energy and his attitude which making the difference, especially when compared to a Todd Graham. The high energy NFL guys going to college seem to have edge in getting players to buy-in at a greater rate. See Pete Carroll compared to Lovie Smith and Bill Callahan. The notable high energy guy who didn't do so well is Jim Mora at UCLA, but he won the Pac-12 South a couple of times. Then there's the mixed bag of success from Lane Kiffin out there too. EDIT: Lovie beats #6 Wisconsin. Slight apology necessary
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