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  2. The Orioles' pitching staff is already allowing a record number of HRs. Can we make it two straight 100-loss seasons?!
  3. Syracuse is clever with the S chopped into rugby stripes. I like that. Also Rochester looks a lot better with the changes.
  4. When I lived in Louisville I would say "Loooey-ville," because that's how several locals I liked and respected would say it. And I still say it now and people like to correct me to "Luh-ville," and I tell them to piss off.
  5. Congrats to the St. Louis Blues, the city has waited a long, long time for their Blues to return to the SCF, and it's finally happened. As I said on Sunday, didn't expect the Sharks to make it this far this season the way Game 7 vs Vegas was going. Glad they got to the WCF, even if they needed a few breaks to do it. I know it's too early to really know, but with the Sharks being eliminated is now the Sharks off-season. I wish had inside information on who is coming back and who isn't, but it really is up in the air. Erik Karlsson is the likeliest to leave, however there's rumors that Pavelski might be too expensive to keep. Even if he wants to stay in SJ, there's a price point that he probably has as the lowest he'll take. If DW can pull a rabbit or two out of his hat, great, just don't overpay for EK65. We'll see what happens. Might try a Franchise on NHL 19 and see where the game has Sharks players signing, oh how I wish I could set it up to mirror the season to get the best results.
  6. If anyone has skills, this would look great in a mlb/nba styled logo.
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  8. I see why the Bruins changed. The yellow socks added some color balance to the large yellow shoulder yokes. But the arm/waist & socks striping patterns were badly mismatched and inconsistent. The new socks do fix that issue, although it messes up the color balance. Designers had to decide which was the lesser of the two evils. The 70s jerseys got both color balance and striping consistency down.
  9. Looking forward to seeing Bobby Orr's goal multiple times a day for the next few weeks
  10. Did you just Sanchez that thing? I really want to see one of AARP member Nolan Ryan rearranging Robin Ventura's face now.
  11. Not bad, but maybe keep the light blue but lighten it to more of a powder blue shade?
  12. This will be the best looking final since 2013 in spite of Boston's socks. The white numbers look great.
  13. I’d still like the light blue...gotta find that mock-up and compare ‘em again.
  14. Ahh, your bitterness in this thread fuels me. It's a shame Carolina couldn't make it as well.
  15. Reminds me of the Leafs-Senators matchup:
  16. Joel Quenneville got unceremoniously fired a month into the season while Craig Berube, who can't chew his food without a graphic instruction manual from IKEA, is in the Final. man whatever
  17. They had a story no mater the outcome in the West. -Jumbo Joe facing his original team -A rematch of one of the most iconic Stanley Cup moments of all time. Of course the latter they can milk almost endless.
  18. Best of luck to the Blues fans on here. Great team with great players. We'll see what happens!
  19. Next is Syracuse: Syracuse was actually one of the first ideas I had. They currently wear hoops (which are green for some reason and fade off into these twirly plant things, but that's beside the point), and I thought three hoops could look a lot like an S, so I carved those three stripes out of the block S logo and stuck 'em on the front. The actual logo gets tucked up in the corner there, and a front number rounds things off. The clash is a pretty simple white jersey with the hoops sublimated on the front and the Syracuse wordmark replacing the logo. Plain white shorts are the primary option for both jerseys, but they also get a pair of navy shorts as a sort of alternate look if they want to go that route. C&C appreciated as always!
  20. The Blues have probably my favorite logo in the NHL, and the Bruins' whole look is gorgeous itself. What a matchup, from an aesthetic standpoint!
  21. Not a series until a home team loses. That said, until tonight, Milwaukee was 22-1 after a loss.
  22. So we have a seties after all. Can the Raptors steal a game in MKE now?
  23. I say new-ORlinz, never n'awlins.
  24. Ah, I forgot to mention that, thanks! The number font is Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed, I chose it because it had even line weights, similar to the Mets' "NY" logo, and fit well with the tall, cursive wordmarks. I also forgot to mention that I fixed the error of the little notch in the middle of the Mets' "M" that has been brought up by @Gothamite in the past. Thank you for the analysis and suggestions! I'll go through them team by team: For Atlanta, I totally get where you're coming from with the inverted sock stripes. The reason why I went with a white-heavy design is because it matches the color distribution of the feather on the sleeve, as you can see here: Do you think I should still go red-heavy with the socks, despite the mismatch it would create? As for the alternate take, I almost transferred the gold over to that set too. I actually considered replacing the gold with kelly green too, not for any specific reason other than it would be a cool, otherwise unused scheme. Which of these is better? I can update the original post after getting some feedback. With the Marlins, your suggestions do bring about a cleaner set for sure. I decided to leave the marlin on the cap though, because the M or the marlin on their own were just a little too plain for my tastes. Should I update the set to be like this? For the Mets, I'll admit I really like the racing stripes, to me it's a nice way to bring a conventionally 80's look into the modern day. I did remove the pinstripes on the home to try not to go too overboard with it. I can see where you're coming from though. Personally, I've grown to not really like placket piping anymore (as evidenced by my lack of use of it throughout this series), but the blue alternate provided some inspiration on a different direction I could've taken with the Mets: I'm probably going to stick with the racing stripes for the set (as this would be too similar to the A's, in my opinion), but this wouldn't be a bad direction to take. Don't worry about not being too much of a fan of this set though, trust me the criticism is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  25. My Dad's a Bruins fan, and his favorite player was Number 4, Bobby Orr. And the first thing we talked about when I read the score was the 1970 SCF and the Flying Goal, and my Dad remarked how they're going to show that highlight like it's going out of style.
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