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  2. Boy do I have a uniform for you....
  3. Of course they wont, and for good reason. They just helped build a AAA baseball stadium a few years back and a new MLS stadium is right around the corner too.
  4. Is that Steam Roller logo real? Or is this some joke?
  5. LA’s weird like that. People are ready to cut your head of for pronouncing is Los Angeleez, but have zero problem pronouncing Los Feliz as “las feelis.”
  6. These concepts are very creative and look great. A blue and green version of the whl throwback with the 64 logo is sorely needed however. Please indulge us. Thanks
  7. You’d have a point if all they had was the buffalo as a logo. But they don’t they incorporate the sabers and use the buffalo to reference back to the city that doesn’t have a lot going for it. It’s better than putting a generic “B” monogram or being just crossed sabers by themselves
  8. I could go either way on the Tigers options. I suppose the first one is more consistent with the road design, so maybe go with that one.
  9. Nil desperandum, BellaSpurs. I still try to get away with saying "Los Angeleez."
  10. Need, no, but it does fill some empty space well and it's sort of clever. Besides, Buffalo isn't exactly a city on the aesthetic vanguard. There's not much wrong with them sticking to an old logo; it's a shame they ever got away from it in the first place.
  11. Made changes to the Nordiques.. move the flds up so it's below the number.
  12. OK, of course I know about the two Darrens. What I was referring to is what I took as a claim that the Brigadier General has been "played by two different people." I'd never heard anyone say the Sub-Commander is two different people. I either missed the joke (hardly a first for me) or that little piece of the TCR/Admiral saga slipped past me. Or you were referring to the fact that Admiral used to be TCR - which makes perfect sense. Duh. Yes folks, on occasion, I am this dense.
  13. Hmmm.... a conference with 18 teams each divided into 3 divisions. A bit too many teams in a conference for my 5 cents thought. I always thought 6 conferences are plenty enough to keep competition up to higher standards for every fan to watch. Rivalries and traditions are the things that college football is all about. Do you think you could try and do bring back that Southwest Conference along with Big East Conference? I missed these competitions when these 2 were in the existence before Big 12 show up and the moves by 3 former Big East teams to ACC. Maybe 12-14 teams into 6 of 2-divisions conferences?? I mean you guys still be getting the conference championship games before the 16-teams playoffs. Just my opinion
  14. The two newest clubs to be granted membership in Australia's Hyundai A-League soccer competition have unveiled their respective team logos. Western United FC, representing the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and set to begin play next season, revealed the following mark on May 7th... In an accompanying statement, the club stated: "Without a shield or mascot, our bold design celebrates the growth of Victoria's Western Corridor. From the birds-eye view, we've highlighted the pitch of the rooftops of Australia's fastest growing community, and borrowed architectural forms influenced by the famous West Gate Bridge - the gateway to the West. Our signature green color represents growth, harmony and freshness. United as a team with one shared vision, a vision to stand out." Macarthur FC, representing South Western Sydney and launching in time for the 2020-21 season, presented the following logo on March 14th... The club's branding statement declared: "Our brand represents our football heritage, our vision, our communities and our history. We are loyal, tribal, proud, hard working, and inclusive. Our bull demonstrates our physical power and our club name is strong, stable and synonymous to our region. The three stars of the Southern Cross represent our connection as Australians and symbolise our links through Football - Community, National Premier League and A-League, each equally important. Our club name, bull and three stars are enclosed, embodying our association partners, our community and our vision - with strength and endurance. The black and white represents people from every culture and the touches of ochre pay homage to the Dharawal heritage." A number of sources have indicated that the bull also references a runaway herd of cattle that was eventually discovered in the region in 1795.
  15. But they don’t need a buffalo. They’re not the Bisons or the Bills, where they kind of need the animal rendering. Simplifying the identity down to the crosses swords and the B-sword would be fine.
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  17. Buffalo + Sabres, it all fits in a nice circle, it's good.
  18. I understand why you say that about the Royals, it is a big change. But I do want to make drastic changes to pretty much every team, an the Royals were a great candidate to do so because of how similar they are to the Dodgers. If you have any suggestions about what way you'd want me to take the Royals let me know and I can try and adjust them. I did take your suggestion on the tigers and here's what I was playing around with. Let me know which one you guys like best. Thanks for the kind words. I changed the gold away to blue, as you requested. I'm not sure if I really think this is an upgrade, but it is up to you guys. Like I said before, there's already two teams with powder blue roads (the Dodgers being one of them) so I'm hesitant to add a third. I also made the alt. gold just to see how it looks, wasn't sure on how to color the crown.
  19. @chcarlson23(idk why I can’t quote you) I do it still because Buffalo Say-Burs sounds weird and Saw-Brays sounds much better
  20. Firstly, I want to say that I love this idea, and although I could argue your thesis of this piece and the phases concept, it’s an intriguing idea nonetheless, and fantastic . The Phase 1 Solons logo seems more like a product of its time for the sake of being a product of its time than really fitting the mold of the Phase 1 teams. Something important to keep in mind for why phase 1 is so special is that in those cases, especially the Jays off the bat and the Astros after the sunrise uniforms, as well as the all lowercase padres looks, is that they were products of their time that tried to anticipate the future. Nothing about the Solons look indicates to me, at least, that this design was meant to be looking towards the future. Also, I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s the stroke caps on every single line being squared off, but I have a hard time thinking that is deserves to be a major league logo. Maybe mess with those, if you’re willing, to see how much of a difference it might make. For the 1994 Solons look, the only thing I really have a problem with is the font. I don’t know why, but a more angular font might make it feel more “90s for 90s sake”. Also on the away uniforms, a white outline would probably make the numbers pop more. I’m really excited to see this series fleshed out, however. You’ve been an inspiration to me for all my years on here, and I’m always excited when you start a new series. Super hyped for this, as always, but a little more willing to give suggestions now
  21. Before or after or Gila Bend Arena or whatever the kids are calling it these days?
  22. I've gotten used to the white numbers, but they still don't look right to me.
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