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  2. You're high as balls; Montreal would have crumbled to the ground in an "independent," emphasis on the scare quotes, Quebec. Turns out governments that intentionally destabilize themselves out of petty grievances and then opt out of having their own monetary policies are not growth markets. Not only would the Expos not have survived, it may have even put a bullet in the Canadiens, or, at absolute best, left them in an even more enfeebled state than they're already in now.
  3. I really loathe these trends towards compulsory "consistency." Some uniforms have been helped with a bit of clean up, but baseball did just fine without such expectations for decades and it gave us such quirks like the Dodgers red numbers or the Tigers orange road trim. Now it just seems to lead to changes that add absolutely nothing to the overall identity.
  4. I have “The Football Book” which is a book of amazing Sports Illustrated NFL photos through history. I spent countless hours looking at it. The pictures are breathe taking
  5. This isn’t hockey. Rust doesn’t affect basketball players as much because as the saying goes “shooters shoot”
  6. Seahawks have two alts, the wolf greys and the.glow in the dark greens. No throwback to most fans frustration.
  7. I think the Mets cap with the white outline is to match the blue alternate jerseys, which have an orange script outlined in white. The same goes for the Pirates and their outlined cap logo. I would argue that the white helps the orange pop out on the Mets jersey. That being said, I don't think it is needed for Pittsburgh... but it's there.
  8. I'd like to see Kawhi up against the Warriors. Kind of a revenge series but Zaza ain't there.
  9. The Bucks haven't really looked right as of late, which is really changing my perception on them after they looked so dominant throughout the playoffs. Maybe the Raptors had us fooled?
  10. I believe the Sharks have the most regular season wins since 2003 and that has gotten them absolutely nothing.
  11. Oh my, that is gorgeous. Either color scheme works, but embracing the triceratops is a great idea. The execution is slick and powerful, and just well done.
  12. Gorgeous! An incredible update! Just curious, what does this look like in purple?
  13. Ticats helmet stripe is (finally) back!
  14. I honestly wonder who it was that came up with the idea for the black side panels on the Lakers purple jersey. That organization is run by people who very clearly understand the history of the Lakers, so I'm not sure what happened. I was especially frustrated because I was ready to buy a Lebron Lakers jersey and I wanted it to be the purple one since I don't have that yet and it's my favorite color. The moment I saw the black side panel I didn't even bother buying it.
  15. For the legs, I kinda went longer than correct because I feel like at least from a visual perspective, it's weird to see fat ol' stubby legged dinosaur as a professional sports mascot, hence the longer legs and a more straightened back compared to a "slouching" triceratops. I will end up going back probably to see what I can do to make the triceratops more anatomically correct, but right now I made this quick fix to make him have more of a shoulder. Thoughts?
  16. I did a modern version of the Steamroller uni a few years ago. I never found out why they use the dogman logo. I thought maybe it was an old military logo from WWI but never saw anything like it.
  17. Triceratops head is gooooood! Glad you went profile instead of 3/4 view. Honestly I’m not sure about the legs though... I kinda think that they had bigger bodies/shorter legs than that. Showing a lot of hip in the hind legs, and no shoulder in the front legs. A little awkward still, especially when cut off by the wordmark. As for the rainbow idea... I think I’d leave that to the Nuggets. That’s their thing, not the Rockies’.
  18. This has been the most successful post-season in Toronto Raptors history. That being said? They need to go over Milwaukee. I'm not sure if they can beat the Warriors (though they are 2-0 against them in the regular season), but a Finals berth would be huge for this team regardless.
  19. @SFGiants58@CaptainKirkMNThanks for the feedback! I ended up scrapping the face and just going a completely different route. I'm still not completely sold on the concept yet, but I'm feeling more confident as time goes on. I also have another question for y'all. Should I go on the right or left? Ultimately, I think that's going to help me decide what the striping is going to be, so cast your vote wisely. Also, @appleclock, I originally had a wack foot setup, but I think that it looks a lot better now. Thanks for mentioning it, or i wouldn't have given it a second thought
  20. Yeah, that worked out well for the Islanders.
  21. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the Totems concept is the best one here. I think you’re right that it won’t happen because it’s just too controversial anymore to evoke Native American imagery for the sake of sports branding. Even though there’s that historical connection. I like that you went with bright colors for that though. The ‘Squatch is my favorite logo of the four... I think that makes a great minor league or junior team concept; not an NHL team.
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