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  2. If by "current Dolphins set," you mean the aqua throwback, then, yes, I agree. It even makes Ryan Tannehill look good.
  3. I like Rochester except for the stinger thingy looks like a big pencil, especially on the shorts. I like the simplified yellow version.
  4. I'm not arguing with you because you know far more about any of this than I do. However, see Garland, Wayne. Wayne Garland Recalls His Historic Contract
  5. @Punchy_Gungus - we announced this back on page 4. Probably got lost in all the derailment.
  6. Amir Garrett somehow wound up grabbing the 1902 hats they wore on May 4 It's close would've been the better move. that's what they did for the 1902 throwbacks the half sock they wore with the 1911 uniforms would've been more period accurate I'm pretty sure the actual 1911 uniforms didn't have numbers on the back.
  7. Also resembles Portland in a couple of ways
  8. I am waiting and seeing, every day, multiple times a day. It's part of being an actual die-hard Marlins fan. This is my team for 27 seasons now, for better or worse. At the same time, yes I'm more optimistic than most, I admit that. But please don't assume I agree with everything Jeter and the new ownership has done either. I trust in what he's doing (or is trying to do) but that doesn't mean I blindly agree with everything he's done either. I don't consider my way of looking at things as a problem.
  9. Question for @LMU or any other mod, how would I be able to get my concept moved? I have no desire to post history for my fictional league, just logos and uniforms. Would I have to make a new topic?
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  11. I agree with you. I think if this was a Lions, or NFL specific field, the inner hash marks would be sewn in also.
  12. They usually give players full socks when throwing back to this era. That would have been a much better choice.
  13. Yeah i realized that after a quick search... Maybe the Jets are self-conscious about their new uniforms?
  14. New England Patriots: 1928 Throwback: The First Championship To Come To New England Before Tom Brady happened, the only New England championship didn't come from Massachusetts, but rather Rhode Island. The Providence Steam Roller only existed for 18 years, and only 9 of them were in the APFA and NFL, but they brought home a championship in 1928. Logo comes from this shirt due to the modernization of the logo having a rather terrible font to it. 1944 Throwback: The Boston Oxymorons There were a couple football teams in Boston, but only the Boston Yanks lasted more than a year and didn't move to Washington. I personally think it's sacrilegious to have a team called the Yanks call Fenway Park its home, but the 40s were a weird time. Logo comes from their 1946 Media Guide. 1960: Back When They Were Irrelevant Back when the Patriots thought that red should be the ideal color to represent a team named after the revolutionists that fought against the Redcoats, these Patriots didn't have the nation rooting against them because they've done nothing and would do nothing for 4 decades. Logo comes from a higher resolution logo than the mothership.
  15. I’d argue the white numbers look better than the yellow ones. Those blue jerseys are absolutely gorgeous.
  16. I'd much rather be in a Sabre fan's shoes by having the right crest in the wrong shade of blue than have the wrong crest in the right shade of blue - Canucks.
  17. I guess this thread is really the epitome of the SFF honestly. No one is being mature. No one gets the point. Hell even the mods have twisted it into a joke amongst the people who have been dedicated to it because of the desperation. The people who have made it come to this continue to give their input and honestly it is all a mess. I love this site and what it has given conceptually before all of the SFF. I guess this was just a nice addition for a little bit. Thinking back, people in this section have just ruined it... absolutely torched it for me. Whether it is the sun devil who double posted because he lacked the ability to progress or crazy rider commenting every three post on the PHL thread or even going as far as thread jacking (this made me go crazy as a member who rarely speaks up). It was all just the high point of a build up. I started this journey excited for the progression of the users and their supporters but now it’s about anything else. Although my best memories were built from it the era has ended and it is time to get back to the concepts that made me attracted to this forum. Thank you mods for the work given. Having to watch this in the past year has been difficult
  18. I was a North Stars fan because I thought that was the coolest name for a team that I'd ever heard, and their colors were pretty close to the Packers. Then they moved to Dallas and were no longer "North." So I became a Nordiques fan because I loved that shade of blue and thought the fleur de lis looked cool. Suffice to say, I haven't been able to have a solid NHL allegiance since the mid-90s.
  19. Ottawa interested in Roy?
  20. Ever since I was a dumb little kid, I’ve always pronounced the Sabres As Sabres (Saw-brays, not Say-Burs) I know I pronounce it wrong, but 10 yr old me didn’t make the connection that a team with a buffalo mascot was named after a sword/sabre. I proudly pronounce it wrong even though the people around me groan when they hear it
  21. God, I wish I had a way to continue this.
  22. Thornton, Karlsson, and Pavelski, but they might be able to hang on to Karlsson and Pavelski.
  23. Can't imagine Joe staying on another year, win or lose this does seem like his final year. What their contract situation anyway? Any big names expiring?
  24. So, are watching Draymond Green start to grow up a little bit? He had this to say after the game last night, which is about as self aware as I’ve ever seen from him: He’s been kind of noticeably more level headed this round, and it’s reflecting in his game. It’s almost like something finally clicked with him. I LOVE Draymond (I get why others don’t, though), but there are simply points where he’s just been so self destructive that it hurts everything else the Warriors are trying to do. You could say that a big part of why they fell apart in 2016 is because of the suspension he took in the Finals. He’s amazing, but has always been a head case. If he’s truly realized this, which I think he has (or at least, is starting to), the rest of the league should be absolutely TERRIFIED. His talent and value to the Warriors is absolutely underrated.
  25. ♫ when I was a young boy my father took me into a forum to see a board get banned ♫
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