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    NHL 2018-19

    Not to mention how much extra work it would be for the equipment crew to lug around an extra set of uniforms that might be worn 1 game on a 4/5 road trip. Doesn't make sense. And really, once the game starts, how much does what the teams wear really matter any ways? How many people are watching games for the uniforms?
  3. It wasn't a hand pass. It was a clean goal.
  4. You’re way too angry about this. Maybe I want to leave. Thats my decision. But why tell others that “if they are only here for the story they can go”? There are plenty of others things to explore here. It wasn’t a threat, I haven’t made threats.
  5. I, personally, haven’t asked the same damn questions like some people here. I can can control myself and I can come to respect the decision. I can take a hint. Maybe others can’t. That’s not my issue. But I find it interesting to see you complaining about OTHERS asking questions and begging when you have the power to shut it down. Why not just shut it down? Why keep it up?
  6. It was so refreshing to see the Bucks and Raptors wear their traditional road color and home whites last night.
  7. We locked the announcement in the announcement subforum. We kept this thread open because people respond better when they have a place to vent their frustrations. Could you imagine the headache we'd have on our hands as mods if we didn't leave this thread open? You'd have people asking these questions, complaining, or just making s out of themselves across the boards. Which brings me to something @Veras brought up. That it's natural for SFF fans to ask questions. Yes, it is. That's why this thread is open, to provide that outlet. Thing is? We've long past the point where we've adequately explained ourselves. If you're unhappy with the fact that we've gotten short or engaged in some good humour at this entire ordeal? It's because some people couldn't live with the answers we gave them in good faith and attempted to needle and push us. We didn't start the "SFF people should leave" talk. That crap started when you, and others, made a huge stink about leaving if the SFF section got shut down. Sorry, how do you expect us to respond? By begging you all to stay? Look. We'd prefer it if you all stuck around and enjoyed the rest of what this great community has to offer. If you're going to throw hissy fits and threaten to leave though? Why should we try and stop you?
  8. Found a bunch of game cut-style football jerseys in Play It Again Sports for $10 a pop. There were 2 Oregon, 2 Ole Miss, a Penn State, Texas Tech football; plus a Maryland basketball and Oregon practice-style basketball jersey. I thought I had hit a gold mine, but then noticed the Ole Miss font on one of the jerseys looked off. I Googled them and found similar examples of every jersey I saw for sale on Ebay or somewhere else. Example: So... someone is out there counterfeiting game-cut NCAA football jerseys. The materials were high quality and there were believable tags on both the inside and outside. I'm more familiar with NFL tagging, but this stuff looked good. Had it not been for the font, I probably would've been fooled.
  9. I heard something about the Blues playing "Gloria" after wins. I thought that was really cool. Then I found out it was the Laura Branigan one and not the Patti Smith one. Withdrawn.
  10. My favorite Thanksgiving uni matchup of the 2000s. Love the orange socks with the striping.
  11. We started off explaining our reasoning, revising our policies so people had ample time to move their work, and answered every legit question that came our way. If we've gotten short it's because people like you don't know when to take the hint and have continued to ask the same questions long after they've been definitively answered. And now you want the thread shut down? Why? Because you can't control yourself? No, sorry. That's your problem. Not ours.
  12. You shouldn’t. Why not shut it down.
  13. I appreciate the fact you took the time out of your day to criticize something you know absolutely nothing about. Also - why should I bother to care what you think, especially when:
  14. Then you start matching the neighbor to the south. If they go teal, it should be bright and more to the blue side like the Charlotte Hornets. More turquoise than teal. I'm down with the gun metal Seahawks colors too. Add a little sheen to it.
  15. I can respect the decision, but the way the mods are going about this is pretty bad. You’re complaining about answering questions and people begging. Shut this thread down. What’s the point of it now? To make jokes? To tell people who came for the AFA/PHL/SFF section to get out? What’s the point? Just let us have the SFF part of the CCSLC until its gone. May 30th. I know you guys have no control here, heck you’re shutting down a whole part of the board because you don’t have control! It makes no sense to keep this going. All you’re doing is complaining about SFF people! What good does that do? The fact that the mods can’t control a small section of this board baffles me.
  16. That's some good 1940s radio stuff right there. I listen to a lot of Jack Benny; and many of the recordings have a local station identification after the end of the episode in which the announcer says "This is KFI Los Angeleez." A more bizarre radio quirk of the day was to pronounce "Los Angeleez" with a hard G sound! That was relatively rare; but it did sometimes occur. David Letterman used to enjoy employing this archaic pronunciation. Or San Pedro as "San Peedro". You must have dug episode of The Office in which Dunder Mifflin was acquired by the company Sabre. Before any of the characters had heard the new parent company's name pronounced, they all assumed it was "Sa-bray". Michael even wrote a song in which he extolled the virtues of "Sa-bray".
  17. That's just a racy headline. Sure the 20 year old fan got to meet Brian Burke and showed him a sketch of his concept but theres no indication that the team took it seriously. They made prototypes for several other jerseys at that time - not for this one.
  18. Finally got to my team. Here's RPI: So RPI's current jerseys are kind of a mess. Don't get me wrong, mine is one of the coolest things I own, but design wise, it's a mess. You're probably looking at that picture going "which one of those three teams is RPI?" and if you are, I don't blame you at all. Without going into too much of a rant, our colors are cherry and white, but our uniforms are 2/3 black, 1/3 white, with maroon and gray accents in the form of these weird scratchy swirly things, and they've got these absurdly low numbers on the front which you probably didn't even notice the first time you looked at that picture. Anyway, a complete redesign was in order. The striping on the primary jersey and shorts matches these old hockey alternates, and is angled to imitate the RPI logo as well as these old quid jerseys. The clash is black, since apart from that one I just showed you, RPI has always worn black jerseys, and has Rensselaer on it because everyone thinks we're from Rochester it's different? Okay it's actually super because everyone thinks we're from Rochester, which is also why the RPI logo shows up on the sleeves, so hopefully people will make that connection. The red jersey pairs primarily with the white shorts and the black jersey with black shorts, but mixing and matching is allowed as always. Red socks complete the look. Sorry that was so long but I get rambly sometimes. C&C appreciated!
  19. The Jays look pretty good, although I miss the split-style scripts. I also feel if you're going to have white outlines on the road script then there should be a white outline on the numbers, too. I assume you mean lack of blue?
  20. Love the Marlins except for the lack of black on the home, add a touch of it and it’s golden
  21. This looks better than their main logo. They've used the cleaned up version of the bison (from the Winter Classic) and brought out some significantly improved swords with some actual definition. If they were smart, they'd create a new logo around these improvements. Preferably with royal blue.
  22. Found this beauty on an LSU website (that's Y.A. Tittle, no 14, upside down). 1956 game, I'm assuming at Kezar; interesting for several things: 49ers in scarlet helmets: no one had a center helmet stripe except the player right behind the referee. Browns all have a center stripe, but htis was before they added the brown stripes flanking the center white one on the helmet. First action pic I've seen of the "shadow-drop" 49er jerseys that were later used as the throwbacks. EVERYBODY'S SOCK AND SLEEVE STRIPES MATCH!
  23. Steal blue, navy, and splash of lime green would look sharp and unique. Just like the previous Seahawks look.
  24. Today
  25. I like the right one better. Yellow with purple outline is much better than Purple with yellow outline.
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