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    The Washington Redskins have to change their name – and no one should ask why. This very word has always been utterly racist, therefore degrading, and historically absolutely unambiguous. Welcome the new Washington Warriors, a team with a name that owner Dan Snyder has suggested in the mid 2000's. Colors remain unchanged – except for black, a supporting color – was dropped. UPDATE: DC Football logo now has a consistent yellow-gold outline.
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    I like to think affirming humanity is not a political statement.
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    Apologies for Saints-jacking this thread again, but I’d love to see the Saints adopt the darker, brassier gold of the Color Rush to their helmets. If I may: Even better, with gold pants: This would be a perfect Saints uniform, in my opinion.
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    This story was posted by a robot for s sake. You get that @SportsLogos.Net News is an automated account, right? It posts front page CCSLC news regardless of content. It literally doesn't know whether that story is "political" or not. It's a program running a script. Now as to why the CCSLC ran a story on this? It's a news story in the realm of sports uniform news. Which, as you know, is the site's primary purpose. So Chris wrote a news story for his news site that was relevant to that site's specialization and the forum NewsBot posted a thread about it like it would any other front page story. The idea that we went out of our way to promote a story specifically designed to promote a specific political viewpoint is absurd. You might suggest that maybe we take time to close these threads but here's the thing- moderation talked about it. We considered a number of options for dealing with NewsBot posts for threads that some could see as political and truth be told? We decided censorship- of our own mothership none the less- wasn't cool. Do you want to know a secret though? We mods and Chris? We'd LOVE it if we could talk politics here, or have discussions on the Native team name/logo issue. The reason we ban them is because some people can't help themselves. Some people can't see topics of a political nature without turning into the ugliest sorts of people. That's why we tend to bend our own rules on these matters though, and allow leeway from time to time. The HOPE is that *this* time the discussion will be civil. That *this* time we'll see proof that we can open these topics back up. And every time, every G-ddamn time, we're wrong. This has been a post born out of sheer frustration from a moderator angry that we can't have nice things.
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    Hey guys! I'm back with another Rochester one-color rebrand and wanted to share. This time I took on the Red Wings, one of the oldest professional sports teams in America. I drew inspiration from the team's look of the mid-century, and completely abandoned all other colors - they're the RED Wings after all, and I'll never forgive them for joining the BFBS crowd. Wanted to keep a retro feel for everything, while also keeping it tied to my Royals concept for city-consistency (like a similar wordmark). The primary logo is my version of the ball and wing they used to often use, while also taking notes from the 80s art-deco style logo they had. Some alternate logos stemmed out from that! The uniforms take a lot from some of my favorite Wings unis of the past, like that beautiful sleeve monostripe home jersey. I binged Ken Burns' Baseball quickly and love Ebbetts Field Flannels, so I wanted to go for that mid-century look. Kept it pretty simple and old school, wish more teams would even now! Here's some of the moodboard of Red Wings past that I took inspiration from (featuring Bartolo Colon in a terrible black jersey, because it deserves to be seen) Finally, a different kind of uniform template than what may usually be posted here - but I also do a lot of kids illustration stuff, so here are some models for the new team look! Thanks y'all, hope you like!
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    Ooh, a hot take where a grizzled salt moans in comic defeat over the weakness and fragility of the modern softies who have ruined his once magical world. The world was a better place when minorities just shut up and stayed in their lanes. The world was a better place when there were only two genders, and anyone who thought differently could be ridiculed and ostracized without repercussion. The world was a better place when products just stayed the same forever and never changed, because brands should always realize that I am the center of the universe, and consistency isn't merely a comfort, but something I require. The world was a better place when I could call somebody a slur and not have a phone in my face documenting my bigotry. The world was a better place when a man could be a man and do things in an irrationally difficult, laborious way, because anyone who does anything in an easy, convenient, or automated fashion is a weak, spineless blobfish. Parents are bad. But children and young people - also bad. Everything is bad, and I am in no way responsible. Life is a color-less, embarrassing waste, and I can't believe the faceless and pathetic generations of the last century or two have striven so hard to ruin it all just at my expense. Thanks for letting me down, young people from the last 200 years. All I wanted was to chug tree blood from a hollow black woman when I entered my later years, and you couldn't even let me have that.
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    BALTIMORE TERRAPINS Reality: The Terrapins played in 1914 and 1915, and folded with the league. Baltimore eventually made the Majors in 1954 when the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954. What if?: The Terrapins survive and become as well known as other clubs that have existed for over 100 years. The O's monicker never comes to fruition, but a nickname at least as unique as Orioles lends to a similarly fun and classic look.
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    Remember this? Seems to me this Confederacy connotation theme could have been (and probably still can be) averted simply by leaning more into local ties and imagery, such as this. I still don't know why so many rejected that... that has got to be one of the most awesomest marks, with one of the most genius users of negative space, that I've ever seen.
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    Sup? I've gotten into playing Out of the Park Baseball again recently. If you don't know, it's like GM mode on a baseball video game that's on steroids, and you don't do the fun parts like actually playing. With KBO coming back before MLB, I decided to start a save in Korea. I've had issues with a thin player pool, compounded by the fact that if a player isn't on a roster, they shrivel up and retire. i wanted to give the players a chance and set up a few teams that hopefully could turn up some diamonds in the rough from good play on an independent team. Being a psychopath, i found every decently sized stadium not being used by a KBO team full time and used that to place my teams. My ultimate goal is to make a brand that could blend in with the current crop of teams. Originally an independent league, I made a split league with the KBO minor league teams since they're at a comparable level. I've expanded real leagues like crazy before, but I love the pure identity of 10 teams playing eachother over and over and over. There's also an 8th team that is a team that folded in 1999, and not worth posting the graphics for. Seoul Owls Mokdong Baseball Stadium 10,500 Pohang Hammers Pohang Baseball Stadium 12,000 Jeju Colts Jeju Ora Baseball Stadium 11,650 Ulsan Arrows Ulsan Munsu Baseball Stadium 12,088 Chuncheon Cranes Chuncheon Baseball Stadium 10,000 Cheongju FlamesCheongju Baseball Stadium 10,500 Gunsan WingsWolmyeong Stadium 12,000
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    Gary Anderson on the Titans is the funniest example He looks like somebody's uncle won a sweepstakes where you get to sit on the sidelines in full uniform. I guess they couldn't find him a navy blue bar for his "facemask".
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    shut up shut up shut up shut uuuuuuuup about the participation trophies, who do you think handed them out?
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    The Cavs won the championship in ugly sleeved jerseys and nobody's clamoring for that look to come back.
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    Do I realllllly wanna say something here? Yeah, I guess. This is not a political issue. The news is being reported here, nothing more. Our commentary here is what would make it “political”, but the statement that the EPL is making is an apolitical one, as the organization BLM isn’t a big deal in the UK. In America, however, saying that black people matter is somehow political because an organization has the same name as a common slogan? I just don’t understand why so many people continue to only look at the movement against racism through the lens of a single organization? How brain dead do you have to be to deny people the right to fight against injustice just because the movement they support (the movement being anti-racism) is also supported by a group completely separate from them that sometimes makes questionable choices? Are people trying to be purposefully dense so they don’t have to engage with the situation or acknowledge their privilege, or are they just naturally that dumb? As for what they’ll do? Since it’s the same nameplate for everybody who decides to switch, my guess is they’ll use a condensed version of their current NOB font and make sure it sizes appropriately to a standard jersey. There’s no reason for it to look stupid or curl around the numbers if it’s a preset NOB (which is what it looks like it'll be). EDIT: I read the EPL statement, but essentially it's optional. Both points still stand.
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    Don't worry history buffs, I am fairly certain that changing the name of an annual football game between two schools in Oregon will not remove all traces of the American Civil War from our history books, museums, and collective consciousness.
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    All this Dodgers talk led to something real weird. Enjoy this sacrilege. OAKLAND GIANTS Reality: The NY Giants were convinced to head to San Francisco by SF Mayor George Christopher. Their 1958 move was allegedly contingent on a second club moving to California. The Brooklyn Dodgers would be this second club. What if?: The Giants are lured by Oakland Mayor Frank Mott with the promise of the construction of the baseball-specific Oakland Coliseum. The Giants still need to convince an East Coast club to move West with them, a more difficult task with the wildly successful Browns already occupying LA. This Bay-crossing abomination was the perfect opportunity to move away from the Golden Gate imagery and into the Giant redwood imagery that I've always wanted to try out for the Giants. The home and away have sublimated wood grain pinstripes. A new logo features an ancient, giant tree. I modified the under-used California Redwoods (UFL) helmet stripe for this because I've always loved it and it's a travesty that it only lasted a year. SAN FRANCISCO DODGERS Reality: The Dodgers join the Giants in Westward expansion in 1958, heading to Southern California instead of The Bay. The Dodgers take over LA and are still one of the most storied franchises in the MLB. What if?: The Dodgers avoid LA, already occupied by the Browns. Sick of playing second fiddle in their home town but still eager to keep their rivalry with the Giants they head to San Francisco. San Franciscans are unsure of the MLB club replacing the Pacific League Seals but warm to the Trolley Dodgers quickly. Yet another California abomination, but yet another nickname that makes perfect sense in the new city.
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    It was especially bad when they were playing "Town" in the State Championship.
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    Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing. I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 1. Simplified compass, retro color palette 2. Simplified compass, teal color palette 3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow 3. S + Anchor, retro colors 4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow 5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal 6. Seattle flag, retro palette 7. Seattle flag, outlined 8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow
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    Ahead of his time,
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    Is this another one of those intrastate rivalries where the University of ____ denigrates _____ State as a humble agricultural college for hopeless rubes who were too stupid for the real flagship, and then jangles their keys at them to signify that all they'll ever amount to is parking other people's cars, even though all these Division I universities are well-funded, highly sophisticated, and heavily administrated institutions that have abandoned their public missions and turned aside their own residents in order to get fat on retail-price tuition from the children of Chinese bureaucrats and Gulf State oil barons? If so, cool, I hope the farmers get one back on those stuffed shirts, I hate that lousy dean.
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    SAN DIEGO WHALES Reality: The Chicago Whales fold with the Federal League in 1915, despite being the original tenants of what is now known as Wrigley Field. The San Diego Padres are a 1969 expansion club, adopting the name of the Pacific Coast League Padres. What if?: The Chicago Whales join the Giants and Dodgers in the 1957 move West, leaving Chicago to the White Sox and the Cubs. There are more Whales in the Pacific than in Lake Michigan anyways. The home and away aren't too far off from the current set. I originally used blue, light blue, and yellow but they ended up looking far too much like the Brewers. The all tangerine tradition uniform harkens back to the experiments of the late 70s and early 80s. The wavy, horizontal pinstripes of the Home Plate compliment the Gaslamp monogram.
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    Please not Kraken. Please please please please not Kraken.
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    The states people most associate with members of the Society of Friends (the denomination called "Quakers") are Ohio and Pennsylvania (both of which were free states). As such, the Quakers were among the most ardent abolitionists (because of their belief in all mankind being equals and their friends).
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    BUFFALO BLUES Reality: The Buffeds, or Buffalo Blues played in 1913 as a minor league club and 1914 and 1915 in the FL, and folded with the league. Buffalo remains without a top tier club to this day. What if?: The Blues join the Reds as historically boring named teams playing to this day. The Buffalo script is a favorite of mine. I loved the nesting of the F's in the original script and did my best to modernize that while still making it feel like it could have been on a jersey 100 years ago.
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    Yeah, it's crappy design, but if you're reading it as PA OD WE ER, you're just trying to be snarky about it.
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    Vice is a cool alternate, but there’s nothing so wrong with thier current identity that it requires a full rebranding to Vice. I’ve always felt like a rebrand to Vice would be a change for change’s sake that would wear off in due time. IF they ever were to do a more extensive rebrand, I’d sooner they rebrand to Floridians colors because they’re a bolder look without being as stark a departure. In fact, I think it’d be a great difference splitter between all thier identities: the inaugural sets used orange trim, pink is a Vice color, and pairing the two with predominant black would still give off the same vibe as the current identity with a bolder twist.
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    normally he doesn’t but he’s nervous about visiting a barbershop during these times.
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    Seems like some revisionist history here. It felt like a massive segment of hockey fans were rooting for Vegas to fail before they started playing. People saw a Canadian city passed over in favour of another Sun Belt franchise. Even the fans who weren't rooting against them weren't expecting the kind of immediate success they had. Seattle does feel different, but just because it seems like a safer bet by the league.
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    LOS ANGELES STARS Reality: The Angels begin play in LA in 1961 as an expansion club. Their name is derived from the city they play in and the Pacific Coast League club that they replace. They play as the California Angels, Anaheim Angels, Anaheim Angels of California, and Los Angeles Angels. What if?: The Stars make their way to LA after the Federal League Newark Peppers move back to Indianapolis and name themselves the stars, based on the flag of Indianapolis. The club exists in Indy for nearly 40 years before succumbing to Westward expansion. Fittingly, the Stars take the name of the Pacific Coast League Hollywood Stars, and eventually make the change to LA Stars after a few decades of trying to decide if they represent Hollywood, California, or LA. I enjoyed updating the PCL look for the modern MLB with elements of the Angels. The name and logo will preclude Houston from using the Astros monicker.
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    Not to mention the players weekend uniforms, the ball being tinkered with to create more offense, and the treatment/salary of minor league players. It's becoming a cesspool.
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    The MLB has become one of the worst run leagues in America. No wonder ratings are going down and popularity is decreasing, everything has been a joke lately. They can't figure out when to play and turn it into some CBA crap, Owners want ads, the Commissioner called the World Series Trophy a piece of metal, the Astros Scandal, etc.
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    CLEVELAND GUARDIANS Reality: The Cleveland Indians, for over 100 years, have called Cleveland home, forming when the AL proclaimed themselves a competing major league. Their predecessors, the Blues and Naps, lending history and color to the club. The team still struggles to distance itself from their famous, and infamous Chief Wahoo logo. What if?: Art Deco sweeps The Land in the 1920s, the Hope Memorial Bridge and its Guardians of Traffic is completed in 1932. The Naps take this chance to rename their club, a decade and a half after Napoleon 'Nap' Lajoie took his talents to S̶o̶u̶t̶h̶ ̶B̶e̶a̶c̶h̶ Philly. A newspaper contest results in the Guardians. Changing Indians to Guardians seems like an easy win for everyone. The Guardians of Traffic are criminally underrated art deco statues from a time when Cleveland was the fifth largest city in the US. The Home and Away are pretty straight forward, the Tradition uses elements of the Naps and early Indians and a new Ohio logo. The Home Plate uses Cleveland's nickname, an art deco font, and has six-string sleeve piping.
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    I :censored:ing hate billionaires.
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    ATLANTA HAWKS After careful consideration of the replies, I have decided to go for option C, since it's more visually pleasing in my opinion. I took hints from the Calgary Flames, with red as the primary accent color for the association uniform, and black for the icon. I retained the triangular pattern the Hawks have been using since 2015, as well as the fonts used for the wordmark and the numbers. And like what I mentioned before, volt is now being replaced with gold, which is much better looking. The statement uniform's overall design was taken from their uniforms during the mid to late 90's, as well as from @72freebie's extra bold 90's series version. During the design stages, I was comtemplating on whether to use a gradient or not. Eventually, I settled on solid black, since the overall design is already aggressive in its own. In place of the full-body hawk are hawk wings on the side panels, both on the jersey and the shorts. Nostalgia is the name of the game for my city uniform concept, taking a page from the blue-and-green era. I initially went with a navy blue jersey, as a tribute to the era before the blue-and-green and the team's playoff stretch during the late 2000's and the majority of the 2010's. However, when I switched to white, it became much cleaner, so I went to it. If there was a mashup between the blue-and-green uniforms and the ones from the Dominique Wilkins era, you're looking at it. One interesting element in the overall look is the script at the front, which is a straightened version of the "ATLANTA" frame on the exterior of State Farm Arena. The vertical script on the shorts follows the same motif.
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    (Just to get this in on the record before the lock so people can see) For a pretty basic answer to @walkerws’s comment, Canada has three different indigenous populations. There’s the First Nations (akin to Native Americans), the Metis (who are the decendents of early French settlers and First Nations) and the Inuit (the northern population who “Eskimos” refers to). The naming of the team refers to the Inuit population. This part is coming from my own fuzzy memory and internet comments, so take it with a grain of salt, but "Eskimo" is accepted as a collective name for the three different northern indigenous populations/groups in Alaska, one of which is the Inuit, but Canada only has the Inuit and "Eskimo" is not considered the proper term for anyone in Canada. As the article says, the Eskimos did relatively recent consultations with Inuit communities about the name. The Eskimos said the findings showed there was considerable support for the name and no real consensus on it being offensive or not, which is partially why the calls to change the name haven't previously had the same staying power like the calls for Washington or Chief Wahoo. The context of this article is in response to the Eskimos announcing yesterday they are going to be increasing engagement with the Inuit community about the name in the wake of Washington and Cleveland’s announcements. After the Eskimos announcement, an Nunavut MP tweeted out saying that the fact there was no consensus means the team should change the name. Another Inuit lady who was part of the consultations tweeted out that she told the Eskimos the name was offensive and that the consultations were “BS” because they were invite only and not open to the general public. This is an ongoing story right now, so just because they said here they are going to be keeping the name now, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay for much longer. (The apparent clubhouse leader for a potential new name is absolutely terrible, but that discussion is for another time).
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    Thanks, guys! Sorry I couldn't get back to the thread sooner. I got distracted with another video project, this one on Social "I'm a careerist" Repose! Link in spoiler: Anyway, I'll be updating the Twisters soon. The black in the tornado made it look weird, as it was a leftover of my original plan for the design - meet Twisty the Tornado! I held onto it for too long. Now it's my sleep paralysis demon. Thanks! Oh, I firmly agree with you there with the Sonics nastiness. I picked those colors because they look so close to the Marlins' eventual color scheme and I wanted to prove that they could look pretty good in a baseball context. I'd like to think they do. Preferably, the Sonics don't move in this timeline, leaving OKC with the Hornets (who change their name to the Thunder and let the Bobcats take the name - whereupon they screw up the design because Michael Jaundice) and the Marlins. New Orleans would be like hockey Atlanta, except without the weirdos trying to argue how it could work. I know there are plenty of people who defend the NBA's presence in NOLA, but I'm not one of them. It's basically when all the settlers came rolling into Oklahoma, so it's got a massive local significance. It's also why I included the Survivor Tree, the most notable landmark that could work on the dreamcatcher logo. SAN ANTONIO MISSIONS - The Tan Directive (Pictured: Judge Nelson Wolff, the deadline man) Out of all of the possible destinations for the Marlins, this one had the most clout and activity behind it. This story starts on Opening Day (April 4) 2006 when a San Antonio contingent (lead by Mayor Phil Hardberger, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, and District Attorney Susan Reed) joined Loria and Samson in the owner’s box at Minute Maid Park.1 Statements from both Loria and Samson supported their interest in the market, such as these: Bexar County even had a plan in mind for a $310 million venue, with the city paying $200 million of it by extending the hotel and car rental taxes used to fund the AT&T Center. The county also demanded that local ownership, such as investors like former Vikings owner Red McCombs, be part of the deal. It seemed that this initial interest could carry over into a serious relationship. A follow-up visit by DA Reed also gave credence to a San Antonio move.5 San Antonio made their deadlines for interest clear. Bexar County had an August 15th deadline to get the tax extension measures on the November ballot. Judge Wolff demanded that the team commit to a relocation plan by May 15th.6 This deadline would put pressure on the Marlins and MLB to either make a serious commitment to San Antonio or attempt to get something done in South Florida. Ultimately, the San Antonio talk and the additional visits to cities forced the hand of Miami-Dade County, leading to the first stages in Marlins Park’s conception. The Marlins missed their May 15th deadline, firmly illustrating that San Antonio was, like OKC, Portland, Las Vegas, and Charlotte, a mere ploy to get things done in South Florida.7 San Antonio missed out on hosting an MLB club, which put an end to much of their Big Four ambitions outside of the Spurs. Since the construction of the Alamodome in 1992, the city had played host to preseason and regular-season games. However, San Antonio missed on the ‘95 expansion and on possible relocations (the most notable being the Saints pre-Katrina). The Marlins playing the city was just a repeat of that same scenario. Local skepticism had set in during the Marlins’ ploy, with county officials interpreting the club’s silence as a sign of disinterest in the market. There was ultimately no way that the Marlins would sacrifice the No. 17 media market for the No. 37 market.8 In the end, San Antonio forced the Marlins to back up their interests with a legitimate plan, and the Marlins failed to do it. It demonstrated that the Marlins never had any real interest in moving away from South Florida while representing San Antonio’s frustration at being “dicked around” by the Big Four. Instead of pursuing teams, the city could focus on itself.9 However, what if the Marlins? What if San Antonio became the third Texas MLB team? I picked the Missions sobriquet, as it was the longest-lasting minor league identity in the city. It only made sense to promote the name to MLB with the Marlins’ arrival. The design revolves around two colors, black and tan. The tan is the flat version of the “metallic gold” used by several teams (see my Knights concept). I based the primary logo around this photograph of the Alamo. The font is Stengkol, condensed to work on a jersey front. Their cap logo is the secondary, while the tertiary is a combination of a home plate, the Alamo facade, and the San Antonio flag (a somewhat underappreciated design, IMO). The uniforms follow a pretty basic template, with black/tan/black sleeve and trouser trim. Tan letters with black outlines emphasize how the team can “own” that color (like the current Missions should) The socks have two tan stripes, tying into the cap logo. The numerals are from the Wyoming font, as Stengkol’s numbers look terrible. The alternates include a black jersey with the “SA” insignia on the chest, a tan-brimmed cap, and the tertiary on the sleeve. The heritage design emulates the Missions circa 1991, when Pedro Martinez played for the team. I opted not to use that version of the interlocking “SA,” as it reminded me too much of the ASU baseball logo. The jackets are simple designs derived from their respective identity packages. I didn’t want to use white outlines on the retro outerwear, but since the originals had them, I opted to insert them. Much like the Spurs, San Antonio baseball can have a minimalist design that doesn’t try to do anything that crazy. C+C is much appreciated, as always! Up next, what if San Antonio had a more… radical design? 1 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 2 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS. 3 McTaggart. 4 Barry Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says,” Miami Herald, The, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports. 5 Jaime Castillo, “D.A.’s Trip to the Ball Game Revives Talk of Reed Relieving Wolff,” San Antonio Express-News, April 8, 2006, sec. Metro and State News; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Get a Serious Suitor,” Miami Herald, The, March 9, 2006, sec. Front; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 6 Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Ponders Setting Deadline for the Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 5, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Plans to Give Marlins a Deadline,” San Antonio Express-News, April 16, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Told to ‘Fish or Cut Bait,’” San Antonio Express-News, April 18, 2006, sec. A Section; Tom Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 19, 2006, sec. Sports. 7 Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says”; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Tout S.A. at Home,” San Antonio Express-News, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Sarah Talalay, “Still Looking for Commitment - Visits to Other Cities on Hold, for Now.,” Sun Sentinel, April 11, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Sarah Talalay, “`Reenergized’ Loria Strikes Positive Note - Owner: San Antonio `serious,’ but MLB Prefers South Florida,” Sun Sentinel, April 12, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Steven Wine, “Another Setback in Marlins’ Ballpark Bid,” Associated Press Archive, May 6, 2006. 8 Ray Buck, “Skeptics Ask Why, Not When,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 21, 2006, sec. Sports; Richard Oliver, “City Carries Weight in Franchise Dealin,” San Antonio Express-News, May 7, 2006, sec. Sports; Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins.” 9 Richard Oliver, “It’s Time for S.A. to Focus on Itself,” San Antonio Express-News, March 18, 2007, sec. Sports.
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    And the first NAPL team is: Golden Gate FC Stadium: Kezar Stadium (Upgraded to 18,500 in 2007) Sponsor: Lyft Colors: Golden Orange, Tawny Orange, Black EPL Affiliate: Hull City (Former), Working on affiliation with Tottenham but not yet official.
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    One day the Reds will realize red and white are the only two colors they need. The black accents look worse as time goes on.
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    I’m in the midst of simulating through May 2019, where the New York Emperors are currently in 2nd place in the Federal League’s East Division. One of the league’s original teams and largest markets, the Emperors have been around since 1921, though they only have 4 championships (1951, 1984, 1998, and 2000) to show for it. Their best period of success in the past few decades came from 1995 to 2002, when the Emperors made the playoffs five times and won two titles. However, since then, New York has only made one playoff appearance, which came in all the way back in 2007. In 2019, New York is an offensive powerhouse measuring in the top 3 of all major team batting stats except stolen bases so far. The Emperors are led by switch-hitting 2B Sam Wiley, New York’s third round draft pick out of high school back in 2011. At just 26-years-old, Wiley led the FL with 7.7 WAR last season, his first full season in the UBA, and continues to lead the team in 2019. New York has struggled to form a decent pitching staff in recent seasons and this season is no different as the team is 12th in the FL in runs allowed this season. One of many big pickups that New York signed from the free agent market this past offseason is 31-year-old SP Jim Thompson, a big right-hander out of California. With a career 3.28 ERA, he’s tasked with leading New York’s starting rotation. New York is named after the state’s nickname as the Empire State. Once the Empire State Building was completed in 1931, the ball club began to take on imagery attached to the building, but a common misconception amongst fans is that the team was named after the building. The maroon is a staple of the Emperors’ identity, as New York have played their entire history with maroon as their primary color. The Emperors are one of only a few UBA teams to sport their numbers on their sleeves, but they manage to pull it off well. The first alternate, the powder blue set, is a recent addition to the lineup and is worn primarily on Sunday day games at home. The second alternate, worn only on the road, sees more game action, though the gray set is their primary road uniform. The NY monogram is their primary logo, with the roundel used more in merchandise and around the stadium than in actual gameplay. UPDATE: I removed the numbers from the sleeves of the Home, Away, and Alt 1, and replaced them with the roundel logo. Hopefully the team now stands out from its Phillies' inspiration now. My inspirations for this set were the maroon and powder blue Phillies, from which I also nabbed the numbers-on-sleeves idea. As for the monogram, I wanted a vastly different logo than the Yankees or Mets’ NY logos, so I went scrolling through a google image search of “ny monogram” and sketched out various ideas from what I saw. The NY you see here came from adapting ideas I found there. Let me know what you think! C&C is appreciated.
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    Absolutely does not read like that at all. Very obviously says Powerade. Not a great design, but not the worst that’s come out of their revolving door of designs in the last 15 years.
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    Nike also removed the team from their website. You can't even search the team name.
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    I don’t love the black-heavy away jerseys like I did when I was a kid (they’re more a relic of the era), but the jersey the Diamondbacks won the World Series in was a modern classic, a great fusion of “things appropriate for a 90s expansion team” and “things consistent with traditional baseball design”. It’s one of my favorite baseball jerseys ever — just look how good it looks against the Yankees. It’s still a shame they ditched it to play Astros dress-up.
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    Diamond Backs is still better than D-Backs.
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    “Political correctness” is the greatest strawman of all time. I have never met someone in my life who has said “Boy, I love political correctness! Everything should be that way!” Instead it’s now the number one complaint of people online who want everyone to be bothered but themselves.
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    Here are the Miami Marlins: Logos I kept the main base of the newest logo-set, but recolored it to be more "Marlin blue" heavy in the overall color scheme. A warm pink shade also replaces "caliente red." Uniforms The wormarks are now blue-heavy, with a black outline and a pink dropshadow, so the blue & pink don't clash. I tried to separate the blue & pink everywhere I could throughout the set, with the black helping them both "pop." A Marlin blue alt enters the rotation full-time (as it should be), and the black alternate has Marlin blue letters for improved readability. Here are some alternate cap options, such as a white front-panel option to add to the 80's "Miami Vice" vibe, and a Marlin blue crown cap to mimic the original road uniform. The Cooperstown Collection is based on the original home uniform with the classic teal, and the Spring Training embraces the pink a little bit more. That's the Marlins, the Milwaukee Brewers will be up next.
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    If they are going the chevron route, I wouldn't mind incorporating purple back into the scheme sort of like this quick mock-up I did in Paint. Makes them a little more unique than all the other red and black teams. Drop the silver from their colour scheme and replace it with purple.
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    Why are we talking about politics? No politics are allowed! Because when POLITICS are discussed I start to compulsively caps the word, and since BLACK people are involved, Harry POTTER libs and kneeling snowflakes emerge. It’s my DUTY to show them that not only is this discussion NOT ALLOWED, but that Gryffindor shouldn't have had BLM stitched onto their quidditch robes
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    I'm pretty sure the original post was just a news item reporting that the decision was made. As far as I can read, the report doesn't make a value judgement on the news, just states it. Is that political?
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    They probably didn't get enough steps in.
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