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    It makes no sense to keep black numbers.
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    It's probably been posted here before, but this is the best Bengals concept I have seen:
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    The head is good enough, and a big improvement from the B (which would be a C if I had any say in the matter).
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    I kind of like the colour balance on the Avs’ roads, they just need blue stripes added to the jerseys
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    Needs white pants.
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    Give me that blue Avs gear every time. They no longer look like they could be Arizona on the road. A nice color palette of steel blue and burgundy. Avsolutely loved the look tonight.
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    I think the blue pants on the Avs away uniforms definitely balance out the colours much better, but what were they thinking keeping the black numbers!? The goal was to remove the black everywhere else but you leave the numbers black? I’m guessing they’ll be changing them maybe next year? Feels like they made a lot of little mistakes with these new uniforms. Mismatching blue helmets, too much blue on home uniforms, keeping black on road jerseys. Honestly they probably should have just kept the black pants and helmet.
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    Kinda think the Avs should have gone with burgandy pants for everything. These blue pants with white jerseys and black numbers just looks meh.
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    So when someone says the red streak gets lost on a red helmet, you're interpreting that literally? Because @SFGiants58's point which, in addition to being fairly obvious in meaning, was also a really valid point and one I hadn't really considered before. On this '90s era helmet, the streak is just one more red element in a sea of red. On the white helmet, it becomes a much more prominent feature, giving balance to the whole look. I don't feel that strongly about which helmet I prefer, but the suggestion that the logo displays much better on a white background is 100% true. I mean, of course a red buffalo on a red helmet would get lost. Who's even suggesting that?
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    This is a sports brand, not a photorealistic illustration, it doesn't need to be literal. This is like saying "the Leafs should ditch blue and be a green team because maple leaves are green and not blue"; like yeah, it's not literally true, but it's not supposed to be a literal thing. Besides, I see nothing objectively wrong about this look, and certainly nothing that says "BFBS" (a term which has become so overused it's beginning to lose meaning beyond "uniform set that I don't like what has black in it"); UniWatch's definition of BFBS is "Stands for “black for black’s sake,” a reference to teams that gratuitously add black to their uniform design even though black was never one of their team colors.", and explicitly uses the black Mets jersey as an example. Personally, I think this is far more egregious a case of BFBS than any black-inclusive Flames jersey has ever been; Like, who looks at the A's uniforms and thinks "You know what this team needs? A black alternate which uses basically no green at all!"? That's what I qualify as BFBS; black being added for no other reason but to have black. The Flames changed their entire uniform design when they added black to the scheme, so I'd count it as more of a normal uniform overhaul as opposed to true-blue BFBS, since black was designed around rather than lazily slapped in to try and make it look cooler. Even in hockey, I'd say the Isles are exponentially more guilty of BFBS than the Flames;
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    I'd like to see the Bengals use this guy on the unis or field again:
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    Absolutely not. The red streak gets lost on the old red helmet. Heck, the blue-heavy logo makes the whole thing look too busy. It's an awful helmet that gets too much undue praise. The logo really pops and looks amazing on a white helmet. Heck, it was designed for a white helmet!
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    Yes. This. We never "need" new BP caps but if there was ever a year that we "need" new BP caps 2021 is it. Please correct the hideous abomination of 2020 BP caps. Please.
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    There's no way the current Rams set is worse than the Bucs alarm-clocks. "worst of all time" is hyperbole. That being said, having a leg cut off is probably worse than having an arm cut off, but they both really hurt and would really impact your life, and I don't want either to happen to me. Rams = severed arm, Bucs = severed leg. Another analogy - Rams = being punched in the face, Bucs = being kicked in the balls (twice). Browns = being punched in the face and kicked in the balls and then run over by a car.
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    I believe it’s looks to be variant from this concept from one of our own @OhioSportsMan61 with some slight changes
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    I'm starting to wonder if Colorado missed a deadline to change the numbers to blue, similarly to how LeBron couldn't switch to 6 last year so AD could have 23 because it was too late and Nike had already too much gear with LeBron 23. Maybe eventually I'll get use to the blue pants with the white jersey (eh, not my team, anyways), but right now, I don't really like it. The black was a better match for the burgundy.
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    I think the Flames finally look like the Flames again, for the first time since the early ‘90s.
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    It’s a fun quirk, one that was endemic to the vintage look.
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    The Bengals' "B" logo has flown under the radar as one of the worst logos in the big four. How bad must an NFL logo be if people clamor for another angry animal face to replace it?
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    Outside the bubble of this thread, there isn't some massive outrage over the uniforms to be certain they will make a change in 4 years time.
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    Ah yes, the goomba tiger. The head design was a separate piece from the body, pasted onto the larger logo. That head was also not resized to be proportional. The Jags and Panthers’ similar designs had these difficulties. The Jags’ logo is the best, but they’re all sub-optimal.
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    It's championship week, so here's the two teams playing this weekend I have not done yet. No massive changes for either team. The emphasis was on creating consistency with the striping. Kansas City gets a slightly redone logo that features red and yellow instead of red and black. The Packers get the throwback with the yellow yoke back, but swap out blue for green.
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    For the Utah Jazz, I decided to go bold and play into the elements of Utah. The Association edition honors the salt flats in Utah. The Icon edition represents the snowy mountains that Utah is famous for. The statement edition plays into the evergreen forests of Utah, while the showtime edition represents desert nights. The Community edition is inspired by the design of the redrock.
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    Alright, that last one was not well received, so let's try again. I made some changes. Block font like the current color rush. Better pattern on the sleeve. Inclusion of white on the black jersey. Gold pants at home.
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    These soccer rebrands whether in Europe or in the MLS suck bad. They are just boring rebrands.
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    Numbers are still black.
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    The sad part is that I think there’s a good uniform buried deep in there. LA got caught up in the bumper sticker love and just threw everything at the wall. Unfortunately, it all stuck. Get rid of the bone. Your colors are way too bright and fun to be dragged down by such a lifeless shade. It just looks dirty and dingy. A total clash against the bright LA blue and yellow. Speaking of the yellow, it looks so incredibly bright. Too much so. It needs a hint of orange mixed in to warm it a few shades. Drop any and all gradients. Remove the shiny trim around the numbers. I actually like the new font. Get rid of the segmentations in the horn. Drop the name badge on the upper chest. Find a sleeve design that works on both home and road sets. Do the same for the pants. Unifying these designs will also help with the mix and match aspect.
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    While I work on some tweaks to the Elevation's uniform, here's the last Midwest team ready to share: The Minnesota Miners! This identity is inspired by the mining industry which is prominent throughout Minnesota, which is why two of the colors are copper, and shade of gray I sampled from a nickel. The pickaxes, which I did my best to make them different from those in the Golden City logo, are obviously making an M shape above a copper/nickel ingot. This is another logo which I designed to be able to separate into multiple secondary logos: the ingot on its own, the pickaxe M on its own, and the outlining around the M (seen in the wordmark). The ingot logo are seen on opposing short/jersey sleeves with the pickaxe logo on the opposing jersey sleeve. The pickaxe M logo is integrated into the piping to separate the shoulders from the chest/back of the jersey. There is also a nickel colored side panel running down one side of the uniform with the HITTINPAYDIRT slogan written vertically along the panels. Aside from some possible revisions and touch-ups, next will be the expansion into the Southern division. I have that division pretty well locked down now, so here's a graphic showing what to expect for the last 4 teams: Thanks for the C & C on the concepts I've shared this far, it's always appreciated! I hope you all like what I came up with for Minnesota and where we're going next.
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    It's been like that ever since their first season. At this point it was more to be true to the original design
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    Small sample size -- my son (19) and I (53) live near Baltimore and always call them the Football Team. That said, there may be a little tongue-in-cheekness involved.
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    The point of the triangle is for it to be interchangeable, with any line color being able to replace the red, and also being able to flip the triangle for a station that's above ground. If there are any other shapes you'd like me to try with it, please suggest some. Anyways, onto the next line, the blue line.
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    It should at least be a change from the boring white kits we have been seeing. Although, I don't think anything will ever beat the few years they went with a yellow clash kit. Honestly, I wish they would return to the burgundy w/ white sleeves as the primary and a yellow clash full time. It may be too similar to Arsenal (who is owned by the same family/group), but it gave them a distinct identity. I was always fond of this particular kit:
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    Thanks for spending your fictional money on so many jerseys! A double-orange kit would've been a bit of a difficult clash with the iconic orange/brown split Modesto home kits, but maybe those will trickle in a few more seasons with the new logo! It's really fun experimenting with different combinations of a team's colors with these kits, and I'm glad that a lot of them come off as really strong looks for the teams! Working on a digital platform now also allows me to be even more outlandish with these designs (one of the reasons why I really enjoy making soccer concepts even though I don't really follow the sport IRL), and the clash kits let me go even crazier with these. Thanks again for the awesome comments! Thanks for following along, and I'm glad that you really like that Rogue Valley clash! --- To close off the Mojave Division, we have the final SoCal team in the league! Mojave Division Coachella Valley United Palm Springs, California Founded: 1988 Championships: 0 ORIGINAL POST: I vacationed in Palm Springs in January last year, and my old Coachella Valley United concept did not do it justice at all. I decided to modernize the team's look and distill the old clunky crest into fewer simple elements so that we represent windmills, sunshine (without looking like an Orange County clone), and Palm Springs' famous mid-century modern architecture. The crest is stylized like the breeze blocks that are seen in front of Palm Springs houses, and those are also sublimated onto the yellow hooped home kit. As requested by CaliforniaGlowin, the clash kit changes annually to coincide with that year's Coachella festival poster: considering that this is the 2019-20 season, we are basing this kit off of the 2019 Coachella poster. I have also changed the sponsorship to the Agua Caliente Casinos, which I noticed last year was the most dominant casino in the Coachella Valley. Five more teams left!
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    Buffalo vs Philadelphia looked great. Can you believe there was a time where it looked like this?
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    Just turned it on and, yep, to the casual viewer it would make no sense. Not only that, but the scorebugs show light blue for the Knicks -- who are in black and dark blue for the Magic -- who are in orange and white. This is dumb.
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    Miami Dolphins rebrand that puts an emphasis on grey/silver while mixing old with new Thats the best description I can give. EDIT: added pictures from link
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    The idea of just sticking with Washington Football Team full time has grown on me as well. I was listening to Tony Kornheiser’s show recently and I thought he had a good point in saying that no matter what name the team lands on, Redtails, Redwolves, whatever, it’ll never satisfy the fan base. The new name will always be compared to the old name, so just stick with WFT.
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    I'm not a fan. Not at all. They should've completely concentrate on the fleur de lis rather than creating a completely new identificational symbol. (And the snowflake doesn't even look good in my opinion)
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    I'm glad you like it! I went ahead and implemented your suggestion (as seen below) about the cactus stripe, which actually improved the "slope" nature of the stripes. Thanks for the feedback as always! --- Redwood Division AFC Humboldt Eureka, California Founded: 1980 Championships: 1 ORIGINAL POST: Making a tie-dye pattern on Illustrator was NOT easy at all, but I managed to achieve a look similar to tie-dye by the Spiral tool and breaking up a ton of lines. Otherwise, there are very minimal changes to our hippie/forest inspired team
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    We're down to our final 10 teams! --- Mojave Division Sol de Yuma Yuma, Arizona Founded: 1986 Championships: 2 ORIGINAL POST: The Yuma crest is honestly one of my most favorite digitized crests in the league, as I was able to give an already-strong crest some more depth. I switched the home and clash kits since the yellow kit was a stronger home kit than the purple clash. As the only Arizona team left in the CSL after Kingman's relocation, the team added the Arizona state flag pattern to its clash kits.
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    True! I'll consider trying out a Tequila Sunrise-style kit in the future, and thanks for the suggestion! The orange "V" inside the shell is indeed for the "V-O" monogram for the two cities the team represents. I kinda like the subtlety of the "V-O" monogram on the crest, so I decided to draw more attention to the "O" part of it by adding a golden stroke around it, as seen below: Thanks for the feedback! --- Gold Country Division Stockton United Stockton, California Founded: 1986 Championships: 1 ORIGINAL POST: Aside from the redrawing of the crest icons (which represent the five San Joaquin County cities represented by this team), Stockton's very simple identity remains unchanged and very non-Modesto (which remains Stockton's very bitter enemy to the southeast).
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    They sound terrible on the basepaths
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    We've finally made it to the first of the San Diego teams! I don't know why I've neglected San Diego for so long --- Freeway Division Real San Diego San Diego, California Founded: 1970 Championships: 4 ORIGINAL POST: This powerhouse SoCal team has seen a lot of changes, as I was frankly never quite satisfied with how my original Real San Diego concept looked (specifically the monogram and clash kit). I redesigned the monogram to something more similar to San Diego State, thus making the crest significantly shorter and wider than the original. The new home kit has a two-toned red hoop pattern, and the new golden clash kit has a Navy camouflage pattern to reflect San Diego's military heritage (just like what the Padres do). The Ballast Point Brewing Company takes over as a more exciting shirt sponsor for the team.
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    Seems like those Nets throwbacks were a hit, rare to hear so many people talk about alternate unis on social media and even on the broadcast. Weirdly speaks to the value of being a team that regularly makes significant brand changes rather than goes "timeless" ... the nostalgia hits stronger when it's something like this.
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    I would say that the Charlotte gradient floor, both the original and the throwback revival of it, were closer to the Miami thing than the mockup, e.g. not reeeeally all that much transition space for the gradient. But it still does look nicer than the weird layered yogurt effect Miami's got.
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    The Detroit Pistons currently have a bland identity, so I decided to take it back to one of their more under appreciated looks. The "Motown" community edition represents the blue collar identity that Detroit represents while incorporating a retro car side panel design.
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    Let's hear it for the fallen soldier of the corn, struck down before he could bleat again about the fundamental unfairness of Nebraska's schedule and how the rest of the conference owes Nebraska a debt of gratitude.
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    San Diego Clippers The centerpiece circle for the home and away uniforms are supposed to be a subliminal ship... probably should lighten the home jersey's ship a lot more. Power Blue fauxbacks Decided to go with a dark wood court to offset the bright powder blue and bright orange in the "Sony Arena"
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