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    The Washington Redskins have to change their name – and no one should ask why. This very word has always been utterly racist, therefore degrading, and historically absolutely unambiguous. Welcome the new Washington Warriors, a team with a name that owner Dan Snyder has suggested in the mid 2000's. Colors remain unchanged – except for black, a supporting color – was dropped. UPDATE: DC Football logo now has a consistent yellow-gold outline.
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    Toronto Maple Leafs I have returned! This one went through a few different versions. The versions immediately preceding these two incorporated gray quite a bit. The home alternate was gray with blue stripes. I settled on the design that you see here, but I realized that it'd be tough to make the same style work for the road version with both blue and gray on a white base. Then I realized that it could work just fine with no gray. This one incorporates cues from multiple eras. The sleeve-length yoke and matching collar calls to mind the Ballard-era jerseys, which despite their association with a guy who is probably the worst owner in league history, weren't all that bad. The sleeve stripes are reminiscent of the 1967 Cup-winning team, while the chest stripes are slightly derivative of some of the St. Pats' jerseys. I've got something rough done for both Tampa Bay and Vegas' alternates, so it's entirely possible that I might have 124/124 current team jerseys done before this topic hits 2 years old. Then I'm going to get something going for Hartford and Quebec, along with some World Cup jerseys and some teams' vintage jerseys.
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    Imagine if we had the "San Jose Rubber Puckies".
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    I had no idea "ATL" had "appeal"?
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    That's enough, kids. Stick to critiquing the concept. Leave the big issues for greater minds than yours. Thank you.
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    Thanks SFGiants, I love your work, and I’m glad you liked my quick logo. I think I’m going to stop here though. I don’t want something originally just wanted to share (as it is topical), to spiral downwards with the opinions in here. The use of pigskins as a slur seems pretty niche and uncommon. My, and most other definitions, for “pigskin” are football related, and I could only find it being classified as a slur as the 3rd result on Wikipedia, and Urban Dictionary, (my years of paper writing tells me not to trust these as a source). I still think that it is a good name, it’s humorous, and most importantly, keeps the general structure from the original name. Anyways, this is all I’m going to do for this concept. By the way pepis21, it’s spelled hypocrisy.
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    Maybe because it is! It's a throwback hat for the Baby Cakes https://news.sportslogos.net/2017/07/19/baby-cakes-to-wear-throwback-new-orleans-pelicans-unis/
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    Ok, so it’s once again, financial improprieties (that got Rangers punted down to the third division in the first place) and shady back room deals, should’ve known with Rangers. It’d be a stretch to call then an up and coming Under Armour yet, though; Andy Murray is a name, though fallen off the tennis map all the same.
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    They should park a camper outside the stadium too. ”Are you crazy? A guy in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!”
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    Chelsea away: Sponsor logo aside, I’m a big fan of this kit. The pattern on the shirt is quite nice, and the pale blue/navy color combo is both reminiscent of the 05/06 away kit and a nice change of pace from Nike’s previous away kits for the Blues.
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    Charlie Hough, the knuckleballer whose career lasted almost a quarter-century, played the last two seasons of his career for the young Florida Marlins (and kudos to him wearing the uniform and stirrups the RIGHT way here).
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    All of these concepts are absolutely gorgeous, I have nothing negative to say about them. My only concern is that Nike is RARELY this conservative with uniform design, so I think it's a stretch to have them be the new manufacturer
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    Sabres made a good call to re-use the classic colors full-time once again. What I'm wondering is whether they'll tweak the logo up a bit, in a way like this one on the left: It's almost a given that they'll be using either straight up the classic uniforms or a slightly modernized version of the classics. They need to use just the right amount of white.
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    Thanks, guys! Sorry I couldn't get back to the thread sooner. I got distracted with another video project, this one on Social "I'm a careerist" Repose! Link in spoiler: Anyway, I'll be updating the Twisters soon. The black in the tornado made it look weird, as it was a leftover of my original plan for the design - meet Twisty the Tornado! I held onto it for too long. Now it's my sleep paralysis demon. Thanks! Oh, I firmly agree with you there with the Sonics nastiness. I picked those colors because they look so close to the Marlins' eventual color scheme and I wanted to prove that they could look pretty good in a baseball context. I'd like to think they do. Preferably, the Sonics don't move in this timeline, leaving OKC with the Hornets (who change their name to the Thunder and let the Bobcats take the name - whereupon they screw up the design because Michael Jaundice) and the Marlins. New Orleans would be like hockey Atlanta, except without the weirdos trying to argue how it could work. I know there are plenty of people who defend the NBA's presence in NOLA, but I'm not one of them. It's basically when all the settlers came rolling into Oklahoma, so it's got a massive local significance. It's also why I included the Survivor Tree, the most notable landmark that could work on the dreamcatcher logo. SAN ANTONIO MISSIONS - The Tan Directive (Pictured: Judge Nelson Wolff, the deadline man) Out of all of the possible destinations for the Marlins, this one had the most clout and activity behind it. This story starts on Opening Day (April 4) 2006 when a San Antonio contingent (lead by Mayor Phil Hardberger, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, and District Attorney Susan Reed) joined Loria and Samson in the owner’s box at Minute Maid Park.1 Statements from both Loria and Samson supported their interest in the market, such as these: Bexar County even had a plan in mind for a $310 million venue, with the city paying $200 million of it by extending the hotel and car rental taxes used to fund the AT&T Center. The county also demanded that local ownership, such as investors like former Vikings owner Red McCombs, be part of the deal. It seemed that this initial interest could carry over into a serious relationship. A follow-up visit by DA Reed also gave credence to a San Antonio move.5 San Antonio made their deadlines for interest clear. Bexar County had an August 15th deadline to get the tax extension measures on the November ballot. Judge Wolff demanded that the team commit to a relocation plan by May 15th.6 This deadline would put pressure on the Marlins and MLB to either make a serious commitment to San Antonio or attempt to get something done in South Florida. Ultimately, the San Antonio talk and the additional visits to cities forced the hand of Miami-Dade County, leading to the first stages in Marlins Park’s conception. The Marlins missed their May 15th deadline, firmly illustrating that San Antonio was, like OKC, Portland, Las Vegas, and Charlotte, a mere ploy to get things done in South Florida.7 San Antonio missed out on hosting an MLB club, which put an end to much of their Big Four ambitions outside of the Spurs. Since the construction of the Alamodome in 1992, the city had played host to preseason and regular-season games. However, San Antonio missed on the ‘95 expansion and on possible relocations (the most notable being the Saints pre-Katrina). The Marlins playing the city was just a repeat of that same scenario. Local skepticism had set in during the Marlins’ ploy, with county officials interpreting the club’s silence as a sign of disinterest in the market. There was ultimately no way that the Marlins would sacrifice the No. 17 media market for the No. 37 market.8 In the end, San Antonio forced the Marlins to back up their interests with a legitimate plan, and the Marlins failed to do it. It demonstrated that the Marlins never had any real interest in moving away from South Florida while representing San Antonio’s frustration at being “dicked around” by the Big Four. Instead of pursuing teams, the city could focus on itself.9 However, what if the Marlins? What if San Antonio became the third Texas MLB team? I picked the Missions sobriquet, as it was the longest-lasting minor league identity in the city. It only made sense to promote the name to MLB with the Marlins’ arrival. The design revolves around two colors, black and tan. The tan is the flat version of the “metallic gold” used by several teams (see my Knights concept). I based the primary logo around this photograph of the Alamo. The font is Stengkol, condensed to work on a jersey front. Their cap logo is the secondary, while the tertiary is a combination of a home plate, the Alamo facade, and the San Antonio flag (a somewhat underappreciated design, IMO). The uniforms follow a pretty basic template, with black/tan/black sleeve and trouser trim. Tan letters with black outlines emphasize how the team can “own” that color (like the current Missions should) The socks have two tan stripes, tying into the cap logo. The numerals are from the Wyoming font, as Stengkol’s numbers look terrible. The alternates include a black jersey with the “SA” insignia on the chest, a tan-brimmed cap, and the tertiary on the sleeve. The heritage design emulates the Missions circa 1991, when Pedro Martinez played for the team. I opted not to use that version of the interlocking “SA,” as it reminded me too much of the ASU baseball logo. The jackets are simple designs derived from their respective identity packages. I didn’t want to use white outlines on the retro outerwear, but since the originals had them, I opted to insert them. Much like the Spurs, San Antonio baseball can have a minimalist design that doesn’t try to do anything that crazy. C+C is much appreciated, as always! Up next, what if San Antonio had a more… radical design? 1 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 2 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS. 3 McTaggart. 4 Barry Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says,” Miami Herald, The, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports. 5 Jaime Castillo, “D.A.’s Trip to the Ball Game Revives Talk of Reed Relieving Wolff,” San Antonio Express-News, April 8, 2006, sec. Metro and State News; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Get a Serious Suitor,” Miami Herald, The, March 9, 2006, sec. Front; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 6 Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Ponders Setting Deadline for the Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 5, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Plans to Give Marlins a Deadline,” San Antonio Express-News, April 16, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Told to ‘Fish or Cut Bait,’” San Antonio Express-News, April 18, 2006, sec. A Section; Tom Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 19, 2006, sec. Sports. 7 Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says”; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Tout S.A. at Home,” San Antonio Express-News, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Sarah Talalay, “Still Looking for Commitment - Visits to Other Cities on Hold, for Now.,” Sun Sentinel, April 11, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Sarah Talalay, “`Reenergized’ Loria Strikes Positive Note - Owner: San Antonio `serious,’ but MLB Prefers South Florida,” Sun Sentinel, April 12, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Steven Wine, “Another Setback in Marlins’ Ballpark Bid,” Associated Press Archive, May 6, 2006. 8 Ray Buck, “Skeptics Ask Why, Not When,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 21, 2006, sec. Sports; Richard Oliver, “City Carries Weight in Franchise Dealin,” San Antonio Express-News, May 7, 2006, sec. Sports; Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins.” 9 Richard Oliver, “It’s Time for S.A. to Focus on Itself,” San Antonio Express-News, March 18, 2007, sec. Sports.
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    There's nothing about what I'm hearing about this season that I'm going to be able to accept as being legitimate. At this point, given how much the pandemic has already wiped out more than half the season, and that MLB doesn't want to consider playing regular season games beyond the end of September because of the television agreements they've already entered into - television agreements that see their sport treated a second-rate property by all three of their national TV partners, I may add -, and now this rubbish about the "runner at second base in extra innings" which, you know, we were always told this was simply a measure used in the minor leagues to keep games down there from running long but now is somehow seeing itself used, emergency or not, at the major league level... Honestly, if these are the circumstances that ML baseball is going to be played under for 2020, I'd rather there not be a season at all. And I say that knowing full well that my favorite team might well, under normal circumstances, be the favorite to win the World Series this year. Doing so this way would be illegitimate and feel cheapened. As much as I miss baseball, I'd rather just deal with not having it for a year than having to bury my head in the sand and pretend I'm watching something that isn't a poorly bastardized version of it. Not worth my time, even if I know I'll still watch every game that I can if and when we finally get going.
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    I’d blame that more on players constantly adjusting their gear, mound meetings, and strategy revolving around fouls. Replay rarely adds more that ten minutes.
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    I was convinced as a child that new uniforms created champions.
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    Penguins wore their Vegas gold jerseys when won the Cup in 2016, before going full time with the throwbacks
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    I'll defend this era of Pacers uniform to the death. These looked incredible on TV, and the court at formerly Conseco Fieldhouse was a beaut.
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    lol this is not at all surprising, knowledgeable character but bizarrely quick to get aggro and confrontational for no good reason.
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    In the interest of transparency, I will tell you what happened, but I won't tell you who was involved. Long story short, dfwabel sent a PM to a member basically wishing death on two people, one of whom was the significant other of a member here. The PM was reported and we took what we felt was the appropriate action. You are certainly entitled to think that wishing death on someone who isn't even on these boards wasn't a ban worthy offense, but the mod team felt it was. With regard to his behavior being "out of character", I can assure you that it wasn't. As the thing played out, it led to us finding out that dfwabel has a history of this type behavior. He did most of his "work" via PMs to people. Basically, this one string unraveled a whole bunch of stuff that we weren't aware of. It was also revealed to us that he has a history of stalking CCSLC members on other forums. Good enough?
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    Yeah, I think some of the confusion is because a lot of you guys weren't here for a lot of Teal's antics. When he first joined basically his only contribution was constant, and I mean literally multiple times per day, posts requesting if people had information or leaks. People naturally got annoyed with him, and there's been tension since. The way he talked and dangled information as he did in recent months has always felt to me like revenge for some perception that people were purposely withholding information from him previously.
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