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    Looking forward to turning 100 so I get the chance to be bothered by things like this.
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    It blows my mind that people would do crossovers but not make the effort to change the ball to a football.
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    To me the white pants would be a slight improvement with the navy jerseys because IMO anything's an improvement over mono-dark, but it still isn't good. Gray pants, dammit... it's just so obvious.
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    That's going way over the line. I've been here for 15 years. Not once have I seen anything that even remotely supports that statement.
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    This guy was not a chode:
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    Yes, people have different tastes and preferences than you. It doesn't make anyone's choices wrong; it just makes them different.
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    Rams, Falcons, Titans, Cardinals, Bengals.
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    Although I do agree that the Cowboys and Patriots uniforms could be improved on, I do think calling them the worst looking teams in the NFL is quite a stretch.
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    I guess it's about time to start this topic with the first bit of actual (official) news from the Mavs: VERY happy to see they're doing these. They're gonna sell AMAZINGLY WELL down here. I'll at least be buying a shirsey of Luka, if not an actual replica jersey and other related tshirts, hoodies, etc.
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    First, let me make it clear I'm not trying to defend the new Rams' uniform, however... I've taught art, color theory, and 2D design on the college level for 20+ years, and somehow have never found an occasion to give a "white and yellow should never touch" lecture. I understand why a lot of people have issues with the legibility of white elements against yellow elements, but the only "rule" of design is does this work? If it's not something you care to see, that's fine, but please stop referring to some non-existent rule-book to justify what you like or dislike. It's totally OK just to dislike it because it doesn't visually appeal to you.
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    I don't see how anyone would want to relive anything from the Bobcats.
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    I'm of the belief that the Jumpman logo kind of transcends any particular sport. I am also, however, a UNC alumnus so my bias may be showing...
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    My guess is the small amounts of white on the light gray jersey are added (and intensionally placed egde-on to the light gray) as a way to show that this jersey is purposely a unique color. One of the things that comes up a lot when discussing the Seahawks or Patriots gray jerseys is that they look like dirty or dingy white uniforms. Having pure white present on the light gray jersey might be there to dispell that impression. Not that it'll work, mind you.
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    No there's not... there's a pretty wide gap. It's great if people cheer for guys that are humble, but why does he have to be? Honestly, if I was a pro athlete who has been getting jerked off since I was a HS player and then awarded $100M and told I was the best, I'd probably feel pretty great about myself too. I think he's a dick because of how he handled the super bowl post-game presser, and I don't think he's much of a leader, but I don't blame him for being full of himself. Reeks of jealousy to me.
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    I've been toying around with the Brewers new look since ending my NFL series. Like @packerfan21396 I went with a matching Brewers script for the home. For both home and away sripts I've added a barley 'tail'. I also abandoned white altogether. The 'tradition' uniform is a take on the 1903 Milwaukee Brewers. The 'home plate' uniform is the MLB version of the NBA's City Edition jerseys. I tried it with blue between the bricks but it was WAY too busy. Let me know what you think. Uniform template by @rsaline.
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    They did win "something," the Eastern Conference. I know there's a tendency to ignore team accomplishments that aren't league titles, and many discussions get reduced down to RINGZ, but I think it's fair to celebrate that era. People loved Iverson and that team accomplished a lot relative to their talent level. Certainly you could go too far with it, but we've seen teams throw back to and celebrate awful eras in their team history just for the fun of it.
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    It's so frustrating that they use #11 for everything on that site. It's only half the reference it should be, because it doesn't give you any sense for the number font, which is a big part of the uniform.
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    Nothing appeals to Toronto hockey fans quite like Ottawa Senators colours
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    Calling out the entire community is not only wrong, it's offensive. "Potential biases?" You decided the potential was there for the entire community to have a mindset from 1974 and just went with it? How is that appropriate? This is a good time to trot out a CCSLC classic. Think before you post.
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    I mentioned the 2004-2010 Utah Jazz set as one of the worst of all time, just a derivative and soulless pile of crap, but let's not forget its half-brother here: What a big nothing. Horrid.
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    Not to mention, if championships are a requirement for throwback-worthy status, then that elimates a lot of great options across the league, including quite a few popular sets already adopted in the classic edition program (Hornets, Suns, Grizzlies, Raptors, Jazz, Magic...and so on). Nostalgia extends much farther than championships, or even finals appearances. If it evokes good nostalgia within a fan base, go for it, no matter if it was a championship look or not.
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    I raise you the Utah Jazz, who literally wore every color in the rainbow over the past 2 seasons (with regular, statement, city, and throwback unis).
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    I don't think anyone is wrong to point out that, as a result of being around for a sufficiently long time, most sports have a generally accepted "aesthetic." You still see a lot of pushback against monochrome in football, but the same colour from the helmet to the socks is commonplace in hockey and no one bats an eye. Meanwhile monochrome other than white or grey left such a bad taste in everyone's mouth in baseball that most teams refuse to experiment with it. Even in cases where the coloured alternates have supplanted the greys as the primary road look. Basketball also has its unwritten rules, even with all the tinkering thanks to Nike. Contrasting jersey and shorts colours seems like a big no-no, with only a few NBA identities trying it over the years. Meanwhile contrasting jerseys and pants is pretty much the standard road hockey look, and is pretty common in football too. And of course hockey and football have sleeve stripes, but when was the last time you saw a baseball jersey with sleeve striping that was anything more than a sleeve cuff treatment? Now of course cuts and materials change, and always will change. Design though? Well as I said. I don't think it's wrong to point out that every sport has its own aesthetics that have solidified. How each sport arrived at its own internally agreed upon aesthetics is another discussion, and it was likely a different path for each sport. Regardless? These standards of what was seen as "the classic look" for each sport did emerge. Is there room to break away from that? Yes. It's called experimentation. Experimentation, however, implies that there will be failures. The Rams' look is a failure, even if we can all see what the inspirations were. Now does the Rams' new identity deserve props for breaking new ground even if it was a failure? I would say no. We're talking about logo and uniform design. Ultimately? The key goal is looking good. Not pushing the envelope. If you can do both? Great. If not? Your experimental failure is still ugly.
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    I don’t hate that they went unconventional for the light jersey. I DO hate that they’re trying to make both white and yellow contrast with bone. There should be zero white. Zero. And yellow should be touching blue at all times.
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    I think there are a few different issues: - Uniform unveilings: each team should have its own thread - In-season discussion: each league should have its own thread - Generic off-season discussion: this is where the problems lie. At what point do you split off rumors from news? I don't know. It seems like you can only really officially do so once a uniform is officially unveiled. So therefore my proposed system is: - Merge News and Discussion forums. You discuss on both and the distinctions between the two are arbitrary at best - Create off-season rumors threads for each league - Create In-season discussion threads for each league - Only create a separate team thread when either a uniform is unveiled or an unveiling is officially confirmed/scheduled (note "officially)
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    Yeah. AI is beloved among both fans and players. I think the nostalgia for that particular set runs pretty deep and goes beyond just aesthetics. This is part of our culture now.
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    Because fire emojis and drip and abbreviations and Marketingspeak
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    I’d rather have the flag further up with no obstructions rather than being covered up by face mask hardware and chinstraps.
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    Taking a stab at the obligatory Rams fix today. I updated the logos by removing all of the segmentation and gradients in the horns, simplifying everything. I also added a mouth to the Ram logo. Basically what I did was simplify and tone down everything, creating a contemporary version of the Rams uniforms most of us actually wanted. Thanks for taking a look and as always, any feedback is appreciated.
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    Good point, forgot about Memphis uni being officially announced too. For completeness of this thread: images from: https://www.nba.com/grizzlies/classicuniforms
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    So am the only one who still thinks a logo featuring a basketball player looks pretty stupid on a football jersey?
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    Seahawks uniform is not even comparable to the Bengals and Cardinals. Bengals have a million different 'features' that don't look like they were designed to be a cohesive uniform. The white side panels stand out way too much and don't accomplish anything, the number font doesn't fit with the rest of the design, the sleeve design is OK I guess, but then the pants have a weird hook in the stripe, and the white-to-orange fade effect is as unnecessary as the white side panel it connects to. The Cardinals is a mess of trendy piping, panels, and other weird things - all paired with a super-traditional helmet. It's like multiple uniforms in one. There's nothing about their uniform that's truly unique (which isn't always a bad thing), but it's just like they took one of those new-fanged college uniforms that ended up in the reject pile and said they'd take it. There's absolutely no obvious "inspiration" in it. The Seahawks looks like it was intentionally designed to be a cohesive uniform system, from the ground up, made by a single designer (or team), and not a committee. Their gimmicks are still kinda sorta just taking traditional to the next level - for example, their pants stripe is still a straight line without any silly hooks or curves - it just has that little design in it, which honestly I find harmless, and to the point of cohesion, kinda ties in to the sleeve design. The panel that goes from the sleeve into the chest is not 'traditional', but it's basically a solution to the problem of not being able to put stripes on today's uniforms. Honestly it's the one thing I didn't mind about the Browns uniform. I could do without the wordmark there - that's about the only down mark I'd give it. The use of colors is pretty good, and I really like that they've embraced that shade of green. The numbers are certainly not traditional, but they're way more legible than 90% of these silly gimmicky fonts like we've seen recently, and they're bold and "strong" IMO. I could do without the design inside them, but it's barely noticeable - just like the helmet. I thought it was stupid at first, but again, it's hard to even notice, so it's unnecessary but benign. You don't like monochrome uniforms, and won't even listen to discussions about them (you may have mentioned that once or twice or 5,000 times) but this one looks like it was designed from the top down to work in any combination, and the navy works far better for this look than their previous lighter blue. Basically, the Seahawks uniform doesn't seem to have been designed by 5 different design teams, and then redone 50 times based on team feedback, and then have things just tacked on because of reasons. It's 'gimmicks' are 99% unnoticeable (except the wordmark), and it fits their brand 100% perfectly. Even their 'wolf gray' jersey works as a gray jersey, and not a dirty white one. If you don't care for it then fine, but if you look at it objectively, it's not really comparable to those other teams.
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    I dropped the light blue from the primary uniform and the logo because I just like the colors on the 2019 Dynamo shirts (https://www.prosoccerusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/USATSI_12376371.jpg) ... so I kept the idea of double orange and black accents, but brought back the white shorts. The secondary is not too dissimilar to this kit (https://houston-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/styles/image_landscape/s3/images/2019-10-06-Dynamo-vs-Galaxy-2630.png?SCXvgZVAYBTH0WgwMnVnF.FC0z_q2HDO&itok=j0XxRwRh&c=ef94be41d6f9a41c2d44499bcc9c4269) ... but here I brought the light blue back as an accent color. I also vary the shades of orange a bit more and wrap the stripe all the way around the shirt. The third is pretty self-explanatory. I'd like to see the Dynamo lean into a space themed kit at some point. Thank you for all the comments so far.
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    White pants should never be worn with a silver helmet. It's easy to make pants magically appear at any time, so I wouldn't bet any money that they don't have a second set that we either just haven't seen,, or will be unveiled during the season. I think we need more of a 'wait and see' mentality with this off season than any other, so... let's wait and see.
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    The new helmet is a good compromise between the two approaches for sure, but I loved the huge helmet logo for them since it removed the issue with the height of the sword pushing the flag up near the crown of the helmet. This one... made much better use of the space than this one did- Not to mention that it just looks really awesome, but I think I can still appreciate the newest compromise.
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    Yeah they needed to jazz it up a bit
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    Strange decision to have the gradients on the numbers and the gradients on the pants stripe go in opposite directions. Lots of strange decisions I guess.
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    That Utah Jazz logo and color scheme is one of my favorites ever in the NBA. They handled the name situation right: much more Utah, much less Jazz. The uniforms had to change by 2004 but purple and sky blue should have stuck around forever. The Deron Williams-era set was so awful, completely soulless and derivative, some of the worst.
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    Cam Newton and Derrick Rose won the MVP Award in their respective sports. They have every right to be cocky.
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    Well he wanted #2, which is what he wore at Auburn, but that had already been taken by someone who was on the team (I can't remember who). He chose #1 and now I hope no Panther ever wears 1 again.
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    I still can get over how gorgeous the Rams' helmets are. Regardless of your feelings on the uniforms , I think this beauty Is a home run...
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    At least the Brewers look respectable and are by most counts an improvement on their previous set. The Rams, really are not.
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    On the flip side this stuff is fleeting. Just like what was stylish when I was a teenager has fallen out of style? So too will current trends. Meanwhile the classic pinstriped suit always looks good. And that's a perfect means to explain why classic uniform styles always look good, while trendy design is fleeting.
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    Oh, I would definitely argue with "most."
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    Also, those Sixers took a game from a Lakers team that had swept the Blazers, Kings and Spurs en route to the Finals. Those Lakers were an all-time team that the Sixers made a series out of (or at least made a game out of). Making the Finals is a big accomplishment, as you say. There's nothing at all wrong with celebrating a conference championship.
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    Neither should be an option.
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    This might be an unpopular opinion but I'm really not a fan of the AI throwbacks. The wordmark and font look tacky and the colors are all over the place. They only stopped that basic design wearing them 11 years ago and I think there are plenty of designs from the 70's and 80's that would be a lot more interesting to see.
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    Guys are seriously coming at Cams leadership skills? Isn’t he the same guy who voluntarily flies out every skill guy down to the practice squad fillers for offseason workouts for two whole weeks on his dime? He also didn’t cry to the media once when the Panthers overreached for Will Grier? Also, he’s never cursed out refs or thrown his teammates and coaches under the bus like some of the other “leaders” in the league.
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