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    I have a good uniform idea for the Cleveland Browns. It's a little rough but it works. Please like my concept. Thank you.
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    Anything other than Copperplate Gothic is an improvement.
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    I think even if they just made the collar green it would look better. Quick and dirty fix of that and adding white trim as most people have mentioned.
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    Some things should not exist, logo color or not.
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    Just finished a long-time project of mine and finally ready to post. You can read the whole story behind the concept here: https://huntthejones.weebly.com/atlanta-peaches-concept.html I'm not saying you have to, or trying to toot my own horn, but I encourage you to read as it goes in depth about how and why the logos/uniforms/colors are what they are. C&C appreciated! The Atlanta Peaches Atlanta Peaches Home Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Alternate Uniform Atlanta Peaches Friday Night Home Alternate Uniform (with Batting Practice Hat/Helmet) Atlanta Peaches "Old Georgia Peaches" Fauxback Uniform (for Sunday Home Games)
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    I want this on my headstone.
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    Perfect example of why logo color and team color are not synonymous.
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    My God they finally did it. Against Boston even! In Boston no less! Cue the Gloria, cue the Ewoks. The Blues have won the Stanley Cup
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    How about you tap the brakes on the hostility and post stuff that actually contributes to the conversation?
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    The silver pants are the only ones the Panthers need ... Every other choice is amateur hour
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    I just finished my senior year and before I head out to college and life gets crazy again, I decided to start another series that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the summer. Here's my newest series where I'll be changing the look of every NHL team, and I'll give Seattle an update if their logos/uniforms roll out anytime soon. Speaking of logos... 16 teams were recolored (Anaheim, Arizona, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New Jersey, San Jose, Tampa Bay, Vegas, Winnipeg) 5 logos were switched out for better ones (Dallas, Florida, NY Islanders, Ottawa,Vancouver) 16 logos were just tweaked (Anaheim, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, Columbus, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Toronto, Vegas, Winnipeg) 6 logos had some minor update (Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New Jersey, NY Rangers, San Jose) 4 logos are completely new (Arizona, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Washington) NONE of the 31 existing teams are left untouched and ALL will get new uniforms I haven't started on any of the uniforms yet, so if anyone has requests I'll do my best to create them in that order. Also open to any C&C on the logos. I'm waiting until Seattle's logos and uniforms are revealed to update them, it sounds like they're coming soon.
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    The circular logo on the jersey is about as iconic to a team as it gets, really. It’s something that harkens back to the original San Francisco days, and it’s representative of one of the greatest runs in NBA history. People already had a desire to see it return, as the original yellow “The City” throwbacks have ALWAYS been extremely popular, and when it was brought back it was what was worn during the best era of Warriors basketball of all time. Plus, I think it looks REALLY cool. Getting rid of the roundel on the jerseys would be a terrible idea.
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    Maybe if you make that joke a third time it'll become funny.
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    Kawhi Leonard...if you wanna head to LA? You do you man....thank you so much for everything you've done for the Raptors. As stupid as it sounds? I'm in tears guys. WE THE NORTH!
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    This is a poor take. My goodness, and revisionist to boot lol. You’re acting like the Celtics had a solid, borderline playoff young core prior to KG and Allen. The Celtics were terrible with that “core”. KG and Allen turned them into a title contender, not just simply “got them over the hump.” Kawhi and the Raptors is an actual example of what you’re describing. Perennial playoff contender who added a superstar to get them over the hump. By the way, your only championship in the last 30 years was done in the exact same way you’re complaining about lol. Sooo.
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    Member has been suspended for continuing to troll and derail threads despite multiple warnings. Length of suspension to be determined upon completion of moderators' vote.
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    From forfeiting an entire draft, to almost moving to Saskatchewan, to last place this New Year's, to this. You finally did it, Blues. also QUICK, EVERYONE POINT AND LAUGH AT BOSTON
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    This thread is hilarious to read. Nike swoosh looks fine. Cry a river.
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    If that’s their reasoning? I find that hilariously out-of-touch.
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    Wow. Side by side, how is the navy work mark set even around? Pinstripes and Red is a remarkable contrast. from the best set to worst. And they also dropped the M. They can continue to lose with their terrible choices. This year they’re actually doing something but wow. That photo says it all. Such vibrancy from their historical wordmark.
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    Haven't been around these parts in a while. Admittedly, my mental health tanked last year and I spent some time in a hospital, I haven't really fully recovered from some of the crap that happened. But this, as a native St. Louisan and lifetime Blues fan, this is the first time I've actually been happy in quite a while. I got the opportunity to take my dad to the watch party at Busch Stadium and it was a really special moment for us both. I never thought I'd see my hometown team hoist the Stanley Cup, but here we are. Thank you, St. Louis Blues! This meant a lot to me.
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    I consider myself a big uniform dweeb, but I’m not sure I would’ve noticed these are new uniforms for Vandy if I saw them for the first time in the fall. They look very bland. Uniquely boring, as many of Nike’s college uniforms are these days, and just like Vandy’s previous set was. I’ll take these:
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    Yeah, I do think Johnny needs to be increased in size though. Closer to this
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    I would argue that adding logos where none existed violates the essence of the original. Tweaks really ought to be limited to constraints of modern equipment, such as the higher sleeve stripes.
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    I would never want red to seep onto the Yankees' on-field look (aside from the MLB logo) but the red on those jackets looks sharp.
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    The Yankees have in the past experimented with red as an accent color on some uniform elements: I actually miss that last one; Gray is a weak substitute, and even less a team color than red is. The odd color out for the Yankees is royal blue. And before that, light blue. They've never incorporated either shade into uniforms.
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    This... Obviously better than black over black (will I ever pass up an opportunity to rip on monochrome football uniforms? Nope) but still not a good look. The Jets would probably look at least a little better since they actually wear green instead of this vomit-inducing hue the Eagles continue to mistakenly believe is a viable choice.
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    You don’t have to love the Yankees to hate this development. And yes, a Nike swoosh on the front is less obtrusive than an Under Armour bug on the front. But you know what’s even less obtrusive than both? A logo on the sleeve.
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    You need to step away from the keyboard for a little bit and cool off. Take a breath and relax before this gets out of hand.
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    This is some hill you’ve chosen to die on, my goodness. I’m done with this though. It’s like talking to a wall. On topic, the Pelicans are about to the most entertaining team in the league once they pick Zion. So many dunks.
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    There is no right way or wrong way to run a franchise, only a way that wins and one that does not. Keeping the young guys would have never gotten the Lakers a championship they neededAD to become a contender so they made the move that was available and any team would take it to make their team better.
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    I don’t think I’d use the word “elegant” (or any similar term) to describe the rink logo. To me, the light weight of the old C is one of the main reasons it never read properly as a C (in either incarnation), so the chunkier weight is definitely purposeful and an improvement in my opinion. After all, I think the rink logo *is* a very elementary mark, and (at least to me) it feels counter-intuitive to make it fancier with fussy letterforms and fine outlines. My solution was to let it be exactly what it is; a giant C rink enveloping a giant ice rink with a giant stick. The home/road shoulder patches have indeed been replaced by the new mark. I created it. It’s waves. From the Vancouver flag and coat of arms.
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    Do you not understand what a concept is?
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    This was all very illuminating and helpful, but allow me sum it up... Non-green football fields are ugly.
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    Someone tell RaginRonic the good news!!
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    Fixing the inconsistently sized outline around the circle is the best part of this upgrade.
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    I mean with color distribution and a lack of white. The CR is fugly, which is better than the travesty that is the standard uniform.
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    Just let me see the uniforms. If it doesn't look anything like this... Them throw it in the trash
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    Kind of feels like the Nike logo has been part of the Yankees uniform for years:
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    Hard to believe this "iconic" logo is going on two decades.
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