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    Well, if you don't know/care about Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman, and Bill Laimbeer mugging Michael Jordan on the way to two championships and then being the final obstacle to Jordan's greatness, maybe you're a lousy basketball fan and deserve your crappy teal shirt.
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    But didn't players wear really baggy uniforms in the 1990's? The style of the uniforms are going to likely change constantly, so that would mean you'd have to constantly change the logo... which would be super tedious to always do.
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    I still think of them as the Indians, probably because their shirts have the word "INDIANS" on them in big letters.
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    If Miami wants to keep a vice set as an occasional alternate, I’d be fine with that. But they shouldn’t switch to it full-time. There’s nothing really wrong with their identity in my opinion and a switch to vice would reek of “just ‘cause”. Besides, if some people (somehow) confuse Miami with Toronto? That’s not Miami’s problem; they beat Toronto to black and red a long time ago. If anybody has to “fix” that problem, it’s Toronto.
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    This thread will be full of revisionist history. Some teams existed past the 1960 date, and have influenced my concepts slightly. I justify this because not every team has all 4 phases into history. The longer a team was around, the less I'm inclined to create concepts for. Some good examples are the Buffalo Bisons, and Portland Beavers(RIP). The Sacramento Solons are named after the Greek senator Solon, which was a reference to the California senators in the city. I took that as a sign to lean into the Greek symbolism. The Mets started the racing stripes trend in baseball in 1982. The MLB Solons would follow with a Greek pattern running all over the god damn place. The mascot logo of a bearded Solon is a bastard of if the Swinging Friar was the Orioles bird. The S logo is from Wikipedia. It's the first thing you see when you look into this team, and I cannot find the source outside Wiki. The 1970s Solons wore a block S logo, but I really liked the english S as the cap logo for Sacramento. Next: Sacramento Solons Phase 2.
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    You should watch the 30 for 30. One of the things that makes His Airness so great is the fact that he overcame the Bad Boys. They're such an important, major piece to league history. Maybe at least try some YouTube clips?
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    Yeah of course, but you’re pretty much describing the very history of the United States. “Manifest Destiny” was awful for natives, but so was the very founding of this country by European settlers. While there are some negative connotations to representing that history, the nickname isn’t overtly racist like the others people have issues with. I mean, :censored:, vikings were known for being brutally violent and destroying entire villages of innocent people. Raiders/Buccaneers/Pirates commandeered ships and threw the passengers overboard into the ocean. Cowboys have been depicted in popular culture as slaughtering groups of Indians for over a century now. Bengal tigers have killed people at zoos before. Point is, where do you draw the line on what’s acceptable and what isn’t? If you’re going to take issue with a name like 49ers, you’re also going to have to re-evaluate a lot of other names that probably come across as rather innocuous.
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    There's nothing beautiful about a world in which NFL teams look as disjointed and ridiculous as some second tier college program so desperate for attention you never know what they'll be wearing from one week to the next. No thanks.
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    So the sports fan fiction sub form is closing down and this thread is being deleted. It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this. I understand why it’s being done. I wouldn’t want to moderate a forum of this size, and if the subforum has become more of hassle than its worth to the moderators, I completely respect the decision. Moreover, I recognize that it wouldn’t be possible to move any threads from SFF to Concepts, even if an objective standard could be determined and the authors of those threads strictly stick to pure design moving forward. It would be impossible to guarantee that followers of the thread would keep the storytelling aspects off-site, and a change in the nature of the thread would not prevent readers going through the back log from trying to start their own multimedia threads. So I agree completely that nuking everything is the only way to move forward. That said, I am, with all due respect, both disappointed and more than a little pissed to see something that I’ve poured hundreds of hours into be destroyed in a way that gives me no recourse or appeal, even as I grasp the necessity of the move. I’m proud of both the graphic and written work that I’ve posted here. I’m proud of the growth I’ve made as a designer over the past 5 years. I’m proud of the following that I’ve had, with nearly 100 members signed up for notifications, over 5600 replies, and nearly 900,000 views (really wish I had hit a million, lol). I appreciate the support that followers of the thread have given me over the years, and the contributions that you’ve made to the league, from characters who have been inserted into the story to team names and feedback on designs. I’ll have some catching up to do, but I’ll continue the story on the history blog, which can be found here: http://afahistory.blogspot.com/p/archive.html I’m not yet certain how I’ll handle the design elements. CCSL would be the obvious place, but I’m hesitant to start a new, logos and uniform exclusive thread here, as it would exist under the everpresent possibility of being locked or deleted if I were to insert a few sentences deemed unrelated to the designs by the moderating team. Either way, I’ll find a way to keep it going and will post an update on the blog. If I have time after archiving the thread, I’d like to post the new Atlanta Rebels logos and uniforms here. The change has been a long time coming, and I think it would be a good farewell to the site.
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    Damn those football players and their *shuffles cards* legally given names at birth
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    Oh Bucs, why did you change from those beauties... CLOCK NUMBERS!
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    LAS VEGAS LIZARDS - What’s eating Gilbert Gila? (Father Ted .gif's are here) This proposal had a surprising amount of longevity to it. Not only did Las Vegas express interest in receiving the Expos, but the city was also in Jeff Loria’s extortion/relocation talks in 2006. But how did Vegas get in that position? Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, a former mob attorney, networked with Democratic financier Lou Weisbach in 2003. Weisbach used connections with several influential MLB figures (e.g., Cubs broadcaster Steve Stone, relocation consultant Corey Busch, and Michael Shapiro - former general counsel of the Giants and Braves) to get baseball’s attention. Thanks to a letter from Shapiro, the Vegas group immediately got interest.1 However, Goodman’s original plan for a publicly-financed downtown stadium (as advertised to MLB) gave way to a privately-funded proposal in the parking lot of several casinos (e.g., the Aladdin, Paris, and Bally’s) on the Strip. This would have been a $420-$500 million park with a retractable roof and several event configurations (e.g., boxing and concerts). Because of this change of plans and a lack of clarity in securing funding, the plan did not get all that much serious consideration. It was clear that there were too many obstacles in the way of a viable stadium plan.2 Still, Goldman and Weisbach expressed interest in swooping up the team after DC’s funding negotiations hit a snag. During Loria’s attempts to get a new stadium in Miami, the Marlins reached out to Las Vegas. Goodman met with Marlins executives in 2004, with talks continuing into 2006. Since the Marlins got their stadium and Vegas never got a competent stadium plan together, Sin City remained without an MLB team.3 TL;DR: Harold Howard as Goodman/Weisbach, with Steve Jennum as MLB.4 While Vegas might one day support an expansion team, the tourism-based economy would discourage an 81-date schedule. Add in the economic downturn following the 2008 recession, the need for realignment, and the long-term desire for a team in Washington/Northern Virginia, and you’ve got a messy proposition. Also, Cashman Field would have made for an inadequate temporary venue. However, what if either MLB or Loria went all-in on Vegas? What would have happened? I turned to local fauna for the inspiration, namely the Banded Gila Monster. This lizard was the inspiration for the sore losersGolden Knights’ mascot and is certainly a fierce creature. The color scheme is black/yellow-gold/red, akin to the coloration of the team’s namesake. The primary is a top-down view of the lizard’s head within an ace of spades. The insignia is a cursive interlocking “LV” (Beaverton Script modified) while the tertiary is the primary in a roundel. The lettering is the Atlanta Hawks’ 2007-15 font since it reminded me of the Golden Knights’ wordmark lettering. EDIT: I've adjusted the script and tertiary to incorporate @vtgco, @coco1997, and @AstroBull21's C+C. Linked here are comparisons for the scripts and tertiary, and the original is here. The uniforms follow a fairly traditional template, with a black/yellow-gold co-dominance. The scripts draw inspiration from the Las Vegas Wranglers’ uniforms of the 1950s. Three-layer stripes are on the sleeves and pants, which pair well with Northwestern stripes on the socks. The Hawks’ font makes up the numerals, while the primary is on the sleeves. The original is here. The alternates include a yellow-gold jersey with a yellow-gold-crowned cap. The black jersey features the team insignia on the chest and the tertiary on the sleeve. I've replaced the insignia with the "Las Vegas" script and tweaked the home alt script. My initial rendering is here. Additional alternates include a pairing of the yellow-gold headwear with the home uniform, while also featuring a racing stripes uniform. Inspired by the Expos’ similar design, this one has a white front-panel and the primary on the chest. The original is here. The jacket features the road script. Here's the first variant. Whether they were the Expos or the Marlins, a relocated team in Vegas could look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, oh deer-y me! 1 AP, “The Dreamers in Las Vegas Awaken and See the Expos,” The New York Times, May 23, 2004, sec. Baseball, https://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/23/sports/baseball/the-dreamers-in-las-vegas-awaken-and-see-the-expos.html; Steve Fainaru, “Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on Expos’ Move,” The Washington Post, August 13, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/2004/08/13/las-vegas-rolls-the-dice-on-expos-move/984a032a-6a15-4047-a913-66fa455b4565/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fa52463fec9d; Rob Miech, “Long Shot Ready to Run Again,” Las Vegas Sun, September 23, 2004, sec. Sports, https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2004/sep/23/long-shot-ready-to-run-again/. 2 Ibid. 3 Charles Elmore, “Stadium Roulette Opening-Day Ritual,” The Palm Beach Post, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Considering Move to Las Vegas,” Houston Chronicle, December 9, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/Marlins-considering-move-to-Las-Vegas-1654331.php; Michael McCarthy, “Vegas Makes Play for Team - Mayor Leading Push to Lure Big-League Franchise to Desert Says Don’t Bet against Sin City,” USA Today, November 30, 2005, sec. News. 4 There’s something about early UFC that’s just so endearing, especially pre-insanity Harold Howard. Crime in Sports did a fantastic episode on him.
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    Those name plates falling below the color line annoy me to no end.
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    What does "hipster mod" even mean? What are we doing here?
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    Dolphins will have a white 1966 "color rush" throwback next year. Should be able to retain the regular throwbacks as well
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    just created this for my desktop,
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    While the Bulls, Heat and Blazers are all red/black teams, I don't feel like they step on each other's toes at all. They all have really well established, distinctive looks.
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    Hey everyone, I'm excited to share this refresh for my hometown Seattle Mariners! I think the Mariners have an outstanding identity (compass rose, beautiful colors) but currently have lots of execution issues (endless outlines, disjointed elements, and strange line weights). I tried to combine the current and retro wordmarks, and keep it all a bit simpler. The main uniforms have wave striping on the sleeves, and drop shadows on the text. The arched lowercase "Seattle" on powder blue is inspired by early Mariners road jerseys. The Sunday alt is based on the inaugural uniform. The jersey template is by rsaline. Here's a quick edit of the Mariners website: Please, let me know what you think! Thanks for looking!
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    A complete 180. 360 puts you back where you started.
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    The Heat already have an established look. Their uniforms are pretty close to modern classics. If anything, wear the vice jerseys less. I don’t think the Heat look anything like Toronto.
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    And if it were the football teams for each city squaring off, the city/color representations would reverse!
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    I can't quite place the genesis of this idea. For years I've kicked around an a spreadsheet with what the MLB would look like if the AAA Pacific Coast League, known for it's skill level in the 50s, evolved into a 3rd major league in 1958. The idea is fun because so much would be different if that ever happened. You'd have names like the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels still around, but then the Seattle Rainiers, Portland Beavers, and Sacramento Solons would continue to exist. The Dodgers wanted to move west to LA, and brought the Giants with them, ultimately ending the possibility. A few weeks ago, i got lost in the thread about a third major league in the sports in general board. I didn't know this, but the Continental League was starting to form in 1960. Houston, Dallas, New York, Denver, Minnesota, Toronto, and Atlanta would all have team names that existed for decades, and Buffalo would have a Major League team. This was bound to happen, but didn't before MLB approved expansion to Los Angeles(Angels), and DC(post Twins move). The Mets(owned by William Shea, the leader of the Continental League), and Houston Colt 45's joined the next year. The team names have been dead for about as long as they existed in the first place. But what if the Continental League of Pacific Coast League ever formed to major league level? So that's where I come in. I noticed a trend with the expansion era MLB teams. It came and went with trends in graphic design, fashion, merchandising, and nostalgia. PHASE 1: A strong brand in the 70s and 80s. Establishes for decades without change, as teams create fans. Noticeable cartoony logos, bright colors, and simple design. PHASE 2: The world became dark, and extreme. Teams ditched their brands for expanded merchandise options and better t-shirt printing. PHASE 3: Turns out the 90s were rough on design, and it might be worth completely adjusting what defines your team. PHASE 4: People miss the simple design, and we can sell much more merchandise than we had been. Now, i'm certainly simplifying things. Not every team can fit into this formula. The Twins and Royals have refined their Phase 1. The Mariners need a refresh from their Phase 2 set. The Angels are in Phase 3 and I wish they'd bring back the California Angels branding. The Rockies are holding strong in Phase 2. The Marlins are sprinting towards this pattern. The Diamondbacks just love playing with colors. There's also this. How is this a concept? Well sit tight and continue reading.
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    Americans who romanticize Robert E. Lee and Erwin Rommel should never be let out of your sight.
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    sure they’re heavy dominant black and red, but I never associate them with the Bulls or Blazers because even that sliver of yellow makes a difference. There’s no need to bring orange into the logo, especially when it’s so similar to red (look at their throwbacks). I would only brighten the red and MAYBE use a tad more yellow outside of the uniform.
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    Not to defend that logo, but...
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    Two games into the Reds throwbacks, and I am really liking it. Should be fun to watch as the season goes.
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    Even in a caricature sketch, those jersey are awful.
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    I don’t know if SFF is an integral part of board history, but the end of SFF is certainly on its way.
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    Would it be possible to lock this thread? The moderators decision to delete the subforum, explain their reasoning, and give sufficient notice is perfectly reasonable. It is also completely reasonable for fans of the subforum to be upset about this decision, and to have the desire to make some sort of appeal. Fans are going to continue to ask questions and propose alternative options. Given that the decision has already been made, nothing productive will come of this, and it will only serve to irritate the mods. The irritated, dismissive responses from the mods will only irritate the fans. Given that the discussion is actually over, can we please make everybody happier (or at least less irritated) and cut off the discussion?
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    To hell with historic accuracy. The negative space of the shoulder numbers grinds my gears
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    Updates for some of you: It's currently being discussed how the threads are going to crossover into the main Concepts section. Will let you know as soon as a decision is made. Threads that choose not to move over will be deleted. There will be no archive unless the OP hosts it on another platform. For the most part, this should be pretty clear: You'll need to start treating these like real concepts or take them elsewhere. I don't know how much more direct this needs to be...
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    KSU has a timeless look. I really hope they don't mess it up. An alternate, sure, but please don't screw up one of the most perfect uniforms in NCAA football. They even match the helmet and pants colors, for crying out loud. Call up the Dallas Cowboys, somebody.
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    I bet the color choices are limited and predictable because the school already has colors.
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    Here's their next one...
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    Or more self-important. More stuffy. Less whimsical, less fun.
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    Yeah let’s get back on topic here. I recently came across this obscure Rams picture and don’t know if this picture has been posted here before, but yellow can be a decent look for the Rams.
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    Whether you love the 90's uniforms or hate them, I think we can all agree that they're memorable. I may not love all of the 90's designs, but I do love the rush of nostalgia I feel every time I see them.
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    Nah, not feeling it. All of their sets are meh, though. I just don't like the brand much. This was the best New Orleans look by far:
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    RETHINKING NCAA FOOTBALL Expansion! It's like the 21st Century version of Manifest Destiny and gold rushes. In the quest for more money, college football adopted a severe growth mindset that saw profits rising and rivalries flung by the wayside. There's been good mixed with bad - we now have a 4 team playoff that fans have clamored for, but many feel like traditions have been thrown out the window. Setting aside the money and sponsorship questions, there are two things fundamentally broken in my mind with the current state of college football. First, there is a four team playoff that is supposed to cover five conferences (plus Notre Dame). In every year, a conference champion is left out of the equation. And in some years, you may have TWO conference champions left out. The second problem, which is one I alluded to before, is the destruction of classic rivalries within college football. With those two issues at stake, I set out to rethink the landscape of college football. More specifically, what's now considered the Power 5, Major FBS teams, Division-1, etc. First of all, there are simply too any teams in FBS (P5 + G5 + Indies). But if we restrict this new division or league to just the Power 5 teams we wind up with only 64, which is arguably too small since teams like Notre Dame, BYU, etc., get left out of the picture. The answer is 72 teams. Arranged in 4 conferences of 18 teams. Yes, that's right - 18 teams. Meaning 3 divisions of 6. In this model, the Big XII is no more. The fact is, nobody was lining up to watch those amazing Baylor-West Virginia games. Not when the current state of college football means that Texas vs A&M is an out of conference game and we now get to watch Louisville play Wake Forest annually! We'll cover scheduling in a moment, but the logic here is that most teams have 2-5 other opponents that they would like to see on the schedule every year. No system is perfect, so we won't be seeing a division with Notre Dame and USC, despite their history. Yes, there are some teams that have been promoted from their status as mid-majors. If you object to me picking UCF over Houston, or Memphis instead of East Carolina, you're more than welcome to make your own concept. Let's address it conference by conference. The Pac-12 is basically the same, with six teams added. The Central Division is a little wonky, but I'd argue that you have two solid trios of UT-BYU-CU and Baylor-TCU-TTU. Montana and Boise State join the North Division and the Griz are the only FCS team reclassified. The Big Ten is largely the same, except the conference loses the Maryland-Rutgers addition, plus Penn State moves east. This allows the conference to scoop up the remnants of the Big 8, including Mizzou from the SEC. Notre Dame is forced to join a conference or GTFO and they really belong in the Big Ten. It's basically like watching a 100 year version of Ross and Rachel from Friends. Kids, ask your parents on that one. The ACC and SEC have become essentially a North/South divide with FSU, Miami and GT jumping ship. The SEC West picks up Texas, restoring the rivalries with A&M and Arkansas, giving that division a modern SWC feel. Meanwhile, the ACC becomes a little more Carolina centric with the four NC schools joining Clemson and SC in a big ole tobacco and palmetto conference. The ACC Central is probably the division I'm most proud of as it reunites all the great Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania rivalries. Who doesn't want an annual Pitt-WVU game? Or Pitt-Penn State? Or UVA/VT and Maryland? The ACC North grabs Temple along with Cincinnati and Louisville. Alright, now that everyone is jumping up and down about how I've destroyed their favorite conferences, let's look at how this has affected rivalries. RIVALRIES The rivalries in GREEN are NEW games that are now ANNUAL. Florida-FSU-Miami. Nebraska-Mizzou-Oklahoma. There are some great 3-way and 4-way rivalries in college football that should have never been broken up. And further, the rivalries in BLUE are now rivalries contained within a conference. Auburn and Georgia Tech aren't in the same division, but they're in the same conference, meaning they will play every few seasons (more to come on scheduling, I promise!). The rivalries in RED are games that were once annual games. The rivalries in ORANGE are ones that were once within the same conference. Like most things in life, it's a trade off, but I'd argue that there are few rivalries here that are more important than the new rivalries gained. I'll make an exception here for Oklahoma-Texas, but again, more on scheduling later. One more note on rivalries. If you DON'T see a rivalry listed, it's remained unchanged. Oregon-Washington isn't listed because those two teams were in the same division -- and still are, preserving the rivalry. SCHEDULING Each team plays a 12-game regular season schedule, unchanged from the current NCAA model. All teams play 9 conference games and 3 non-conference games. Non-conference games may only be scheduled with one of the other 72 teams in this league. I'm especially looking at you, SEC, with your "buy some extra BYE weeks by throwing Samford and Citadel on the schedule." No more. This non-conference scheduling also allows schools to add a regular or semi-regular rival from outside their conference. Oklahoma and Texas had zero problem doing this when they were in the Big 8 and SWC. In fact, that arrangement lasted longer than the 20-ish years of the Big XII. For the conference slate, each team gets 5 annual divisional games, plus 4 crossover games split 2x2 against the other two divisions in the conference. Those crossover games will rotate annually, rather than the home-and-home model that some teams use today. This means that by the time an athlete reaches their third year on a team, they'll have played every single conference opponent at least once. And if they're a 5-year player (redshirt), they'll have played 14 teams in the conference at least twice. The reciprocating home-and-away agreement is nice but it also locks certain players into playing only certain teams from the other division. In the example above, Nebraska gets to play Ohio State every third year, which is essentially the same frequency as the current Big Ten arrangement. This model just allows for extra rotation with more teams. POSTSEASON AND PLAYOFFS Three divisions? How does that work for a conference title game? Stealing a wildcard page from the NFL, each conference will have three divisional winners, plus a wildcard team with the best record overall. Ties are settled in the usual fashion (head-to-head record, "BCS" style rankings, etc). The four teams are seeded 1v4 and 2v3 for effectively a mini-tournament within the conference. In some cases, this will result in a divisional rematch. Effectively, the Conference Semi-Finals and Conference Championships become games #13 and #14. Conference winners move to a National Semi-Final, and then eventually a Final (games #15-16). In the current model, we have 2 teams potentially playing a 15th game. This concept means four teams play that 15th game and only 2 advance to a 16th. Insert arguments about academics and travel expenses, but this doesn't really add any appreciable length to the overall season. The 4 Conference Championships and 2 Semi-Finals will be split amongst the NYD6 Bowls, making sure to preserve the "special" quality of the Orange, Rose, Sugar, Cotton, Peach and Fiesta. Further, each season the semi-final games are predetermined and will rotate. Year 1 might feature B1G vs PAC and SEC vs ACC. Year 2 would rotate to B1G vs SEC, and so forth, every three seasons. The remaining teams not making any kind of postseason playoff would still participate in the Assorted Bag-o-Bowls, like the Gator or Music City. Okay, time to open this thing up for questions, fellas.
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    As the world rolls into the 90s and pro baseball player's biceps keep expanding, the Solons move to a black and red look. I went for a not so subtle Greek building with the pillars being baseball bats. The font becomes more in your face, and the cap logo becomes harder to stitch than it needs to be.
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    Re: The Heat Why are people trying to fix what isn’t broken? They’re modern classics that suit the franchise perfectly.
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    What? Randy Moss is top 3 at his position of all time. Who the hell is Joe Theismann? Guy was average at best.
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    Of all of the uniforms that are almost universally hated on here, I just don’t understand this one. Why is it so terrible to so many? That isn’t sarcasm. I seriously don’t know what’s so bad about the set.
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    Trash take. Go sit outside in Phoenix for four hours in July and talk to me about it.
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