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    Here's how I'd fix the shoulder logo
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    Pacers City Uniform has officially been revealed... More images and a video on Pacers.com/City I actually really like these! It's less busy than the original pinstripe unis and their 5 stripe collars and double outlines on the wordmark and numbers, and the side panel design adds a touch of FloJo flair. I actually wouldn't mind it if they moved to this as their regular set - just need a white and yellow version. Also, I'm definitely going to need to acquire a shirt with this logo on it:
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    With my 72 Project winding down, I thought to myself, "Maybe a break would be nice, get through the semester, and then start a new series." Well then the Reverse Retros were officially released. And then I said screw the break, let's jump into my next project, because honestly, I have no self control. Since the NBA style of doing jerseys is all the rage right now in the concept world, that was the genesis for this idea. 4 jerseys for every team, though there will be no "Association, Icon" style names. Home, Away, Alternate and a Legacy slot were the original four jerseys. Then it became 5 with the advent of the Reverse Retro jerseys. I'll be doing teams in order of how they finished the regular season, starting with the dregs of the league (Detroit *sheds tears*) and ending with Boston. Seattle will be featured, likely after Boston. Home - Away: If you were expecting sweeping changes for the home and away jerseys, then you're in the wrong thread. I tried that in the last NHL thread of mine, simply trying to match the home and away jerseys. So the away jersey is unchanged. The home jersey does change ever so slightly. The hem stripe, formerly running into the hem, moves up to match the away jersey as a stripe. Other than that, the pants, socks and helmets are all the same. Alternate - I always felt an affinity to the Stadium Series uniforms and felt that with some tweaks, they could be a good alternate that doesn't hurt the Red Wings brand. So I decreased the slant on the chest stripe from the original, and allowed it to continue on the back of the jersey. The sleeves now have stripes and don't run off the ends of the sleeves anymore. Winged Wheel moves to the shoulders. Modern D logo on the chest. Slightly larger stripes on the socks. No changes to the pants. Gloves change up the colors a little. Legacy - Revisited the '27/'28 and 75th anniversary jerseys. Kept it largely the same. Bevy of stripes on the chest, DETROIT in the middle of the big one. Stripes on the sleeves to almost match the chest. Socks match the chest stripes. Pants change the Winged Wheel logo to the Old English D. Helmet also uses the Old English D. Reverse Retro - Literally anything would have been better than what the Wings actually went with. White and Grey? I get it, how do you RR a team that has had 4 total uniform styles in their history? Maybe dig just a little deeper? I went with the '28/'29 Cougars uniforms, and Reversed Retro'd them! Red base, white elements. Rolled with the 2014 WC script and the shorter wing. Used the pants from the Legacy jerseys. Also the red helmet now has the Old English D instead of the wordmark C&C is welcome!
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    There are quite a few dumb decisions you could dissect with the Rams' new uniforms... the horn split, the name tags, the gradients, the dishwater gray road uniforms... but the disconnect between the sleeves on the home vs road is the one for me that's the hardest to figure out what they were thinking. I mean, I dislike those other decisions, but I can see it as sort of a matter of taste. I like the horn as a single piece better, someone else might not. I like the jersey front cleaner, someone else might like those add-on accessories. I always see gradients as a cheap, minor league relic, someone else might still consider it a valid design choice. I think the oatmeal color goes poorly with the bright blue and yellow, someone else might think it's uniqueness makes it worth it. I get that those things are opinions, and there really isn't a right or wrong. But the sleeves? What? Why do they make the decision to go in such a radically different approach with the curved stripe-like element? And then, having made that decision, why add TV numbers to the road? And then, having made that decision, why stretch them horizontally? And then, having made that decision, why italicize them? What the hell? Wasn't there anybody in the room whose job it was to suggest possibly dialing it back a bit? It reminds me of what I feel when I see the Titans' current mess. It looks like everyone contributed a different idea, and there was no editor there with a scalpel to trim it back. But then, I guess you could say that about the whole uniform.
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    Here's a concept I came up with that modernizes the old 80's logo. Unis to come later. C&C if you like:
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    New Orlean's current uni set is a bit bland for a city with such a vibrant cultural and architectural history. The primary set features the city’s iconic wrought iron work down the side of the jerseys and shorts. "New Orleans" is shortened to "NOLA" on the navy and white uniforms. This set drops the awful, in my opinion contrasting collar. Association Icon Statement
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    As for the Miami uni...shoutout Trix yogurt
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    New court for the new jerseys too
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    Yeah, they could add a blue strip to keep the silver separating the burgundy and blue: This is easily the best option. The blue looks great and the additional arm stripe ties it all together well. Really hope they go with this.
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    Forgets when Nike took over and forced half the league to wear toilet seat collars
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    No it wouldn’t and you should feel bad about even suggesting it.
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    Might be an unpopular opinion but the broncos redesign is a modern classic and the reason why it has lasted so long is that it's not particularly busy like the reebok imitations.
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    We all know the Cardinals need new uniforms. I took a stab at it by replacing the black with a deep wine color, and focusing on tapered stripes for a more subtle use of the AZ flag. Here's a taste of how they might look in action: C+C Welcome
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    These Vikings jerseys were terrible. The only way to wear them correctly is by not wearing them. It's everything wrong with the Reebok era summed up in 1 uniform.
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    The 1972 Project is officially wrapped up, meaning I can devote my time here fully now. That should mean no more long layoffs between teams. Home - Away: Count me in the camp that isn't a fan of the Sens going back to basically their inaugural look. Don't get me wrong, it's better than the uniforms they're replacing, but I don't like the move. So what I tried to do for Ottawa, was try and capture the sense of history of professional hockey in Ottawa in a unique uniform. What I mean there is "capture the essence of the Barberpole, without going full barberpole" The double stripe that has come into play in recent years was a good start. So on the jerseys, the stripes on the sleeves double up, creating a sense of the barberpole without destroying your retinas. I went with the criminally underused profile Senator logo on the chest. Double stripe on the hem. Went back to the more "romanesque" number font, with the blocky NOB font. Socks match the stripes on the sleeves, pants match the hem line. I also kept the split shield logo with Ottawa Senators as the pants logo. Alternate - I was hesitant to go with a black home and a black alternate jersey, but ultimately, the design didn't work as well on red. Anyways, still with the barberpole in mind, I kept an early draft for what the primary uniforms were going to look like. This time with a triple stripe, heritage/vintage white (I always thought Ottawa made good use of it) and the O logo. Tie down, striped collar. Still with the Roman font and blocky NOB font. No stripes on the pants. Brought back the striped O logo as a pant logo and a helmet logo. Socks have the same stripes as the jerseys. Legacy - NORMALIZE WHITE ALTERNATES!! NORMALIZE WHITE AT HOME (sometimes, not full time). Returned the Senators back to their original white jersey, in its original glory. Original logo on the chest, S logos on the sleeves. Bigger double hem stripe on the, well, hem line, which follows the curve of said hem. Back to the block number font, which is on top of the stripes on the sleeves. Reverse Retro - I really have no complaints with what Ottawa did for their RR. It makes sense, but really just feels like an alternate jersey when looked at with the new set, which was probably done by some degree of design. So I decided to go with the alternate from 2000-2007 and with red and black flipping places on the jersey and on the socks. Almost went with a red helmet, but I didn't like it. Front facing Senator logo back on the chest, Peace Tower logos on the shoulders. Same pants as the Legacy jersey, love how that works out. Laurel leaf pattern on the sleeves and hem line. Same style stripes on the socks, sans leaf pattern C&C welcome! That was my bad on the Detroit post. I meant to link those but forgot it before I posted it Moving forward, the inspiration for the Legacy and Reverse Retros will be posted in the descriptions.
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    @crashcarson15 has retired from the moderator team. We have decided to increase the moderator team to 11 members. Joining the team are @oldschoolvikings, @CS85, and @GeauxColonels.
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    FC Milwaukee Torrent rebranded and got the MKE+water (+cream) thing right. Here's a Buckified version:
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    It look like a ransom note: Anyway they've got this unused 1997 ASG jersey with guitar: Why they didn't use it as an inspiration?
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    Yet... Also this logic means that the pelicans and pacers are the most professional teams?
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    Shaqnosis inspired Magic jerseys could be dope as hell actually.
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    Current / Blue / Stripes This takes the Avs from sloppy mistmatch (current) , to pretty solid uniform (blue equipment), to their best road uniform. Love this change.
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    Love the Memphis jerseys. They should just ditch the blues and go with the classic colors full-time.
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    Why does this alarm you? Red is one of the 3 colors in Denver's primary logo.
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    Just out of curiosity, who are you to decide that the Montréal Impact identity "was mierda" that "sucked for about 30 years" to the point that "it's good" that said brand is "finally gone"? Are you a supporter of the club? Do you attend its matches on a regular basis? Do you live and die with the team? If not, shouldn't it be left to the actual supporters of the club to determine whether or not the identity that's graced the team for 27 seasons across a variety of competitions is worthy of being preserved? Your "get with the rest of the world's traditions" and "not using the North American naming conventions" comments earlier in this thread seem to bespeak an attitude that you're of the mind that much of the history of the sport of soccer in the United States and Canada is disposable. That it can't possibly measure up to the traditions and conventions of the sport elsewhere around the globe. Therefore, many aspects of U.S. and Canadian soccer culture - certainly its branding - should be jettisoned in favor of simply aping the more "authentic" traditions of European or South American soccer culture. After a certain point, it all seems to come off as... pandering. It's as though we're so desperate to be accepted as part of "The Beautiful Game" clique, we should be willing to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater and fashion our top domestic league into a carbon copy - right down to the branding aesthetics - of the various European club competitions. So, in the case of dumping the Impact brand, what should it be? Obviously, a Ligue 1 club should be copied, oui? Mais lequel? Montréal Saint-Laurent? MOSC (Montréal Olympique Sporting Club)? Olympique de Montréal? Olympique Montréalais? Stade Montréal? Look, soccer is an international phenomena... "the world's game"... global in scope. Guess what? The United States and Canada exist on the globe in question. Therefore, the history of the sport in said countries - up to and including team branding - is part and parcel of the Beautiful Game's authentic traditions and conventions. Don't get me wrong. You're certainly welcome to your personal opinions, including your thoughts regarding the Montreal Impact club's brand. Opinions are the lifeblood of a community such as this one. That said, there are folks in this community who seem to be of the mind that the only way for professional soccer in the United States and Canada to establish its bona fides on the global stage is to mimic foreign domestic competitions right down to the club names and badges... even when it means casting aside identities that have existed for decades. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can't build authentic soccer tradition in the U.S. and Canada by abandoning the history that's already been established.
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    The green looks pretty good to me....
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    I love seeing the Texans' Battle Red. It gives their identity a bit of a refresh because honestly, the navy-heavy set is kinda boring me.
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    No ads are bad, they are bad in every example you stated and stick out like sore thumbs, and you should feel bad for suggesting such a travesty.
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    Damn you're right, look at that night and day difference! How could anyone confuse the previous identity of 80 years now that the helmet stripes are gone! But in seriousness, they look WAY better with stripes
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    Ever since the Jazz starting using that template (or inspiration) a few years ago, all I can think of is Dig Dug when I see them.
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    I want them to choose a damn name just so we don't have to hear any more stupid suggestions.
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    Original Design It felt fitting to close out this project officially with the team that kickstarted the uniforms arms race in the college football world. Ironically, they've actually simplified things down from years past. Part of me misses the mix and match-ability of the Oregon teams of seasons past. So with a few tweaks, I wanted to sort of take things back to those days. Football - Consider this the official reveal of what my Vapor Fusion template is gonna be. Which is really just the jersey template, but it felt appropriate since Oregon is the only team wearing it at the moment. I stripped away a lot of the feathers from the wing pattern previously used, to just 3 sets of feathers. This means just winged helmets for football, bit similar to now. Jerseys see the same reduction of feathers, down to just 3. Oregon O on the chest opposite the Pac-12 logo. Pants also have the wings coming up from the bottom, along with 3 sets of cleats and socks Alternates - In old Oregon fashion, they wouldn't be complete without some form of an alternate or alternates. Went back to a BFBS jersey, this time with no white/silver and using team colors. An interesting concept. I always liked Oregon in grey. There was something about their apple green, grey and white that I really appreciated. So an all grey uniform makes its appearance, with no yellow to be found. And because I never came up with this logic, that many Oregon fans don't or didn't like wearing black because it happens to be a primary color of their hated Rival. So I kept the Nightmare Green (as close as I could get to it) around as yet another alternate. This time, no apple green, NM green, yellow and black. Hockey - In all reality, it's not terribly different from what I had done before for hockey. biggest changes, save for template changes, is the wings on the shoulders are no longer subtle, and are in the new style. Pants now also have the wings coming up from the bottom, like football. Ducks script is also now on the helmet as a sticker. Also added in a yellow helmet. If ASU can mix and match hockey parts, I feel like Oregon could too. Alternates - I just kept things basically the same from the football alternates, as will the other two sports. Black, grey and Nightmare green alternates, keeping the same spirit, just in their own colors. I feel like these bits and pieces could mix and match fairly well. I might add these to the Mix and Match website just to see. Baseball - Really, the biggest change was the wings move down from the shoulders and become the focal point on the sleeves. Otherwise, everything stays mostly the same from before. Alternates - Oregon's baseball uniforms have remarkably stayed pretty conservative. these do not. dressing in almost head to toe in a color, save for grey which has green socks. Basketball - Surprising amount of change went into these. The wings no longer worked on the shoulders so the NW stripes became used around the arms and the collars. This moved the wings down to the shorts, which share the space with the same stripes from the jerseys coming down the sides. O logo stays on the fronts. Ducks on the home, Oregon on the road greens. Fighting Ducks on the yellow alts. Alternates - Same style of as the main 3, just all three will have the baseball Ducks script. Guys, it's over. That's the end of the list. It has been a wild ride working on this project. I can't believe that it's over but I'm glad that I was able to see it through to the end. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qNVv-h4LL2rt5ReTJg14sqEA2uybumNctWdZZSifStA/edit?usp=sharing If anyone is interested, I cataloged a uniform breakdown by conference and all total. C&C welcome as always!
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    Those are both awful, but this one is awful-er. "We left your city for the sexier, cooler one across the Bay, but we'll still sell you crap with your city's name on it!"
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    I'm finally ready to rank the reverse retro jerseys. I stayed up late for several weeks, did the calculus, computed an algorithm, and based on that came up with a metric that is inarguable truth. Good = honks bad = farts. I will not elaborate further, especially if you ask me to. Bruins - honks Sabres - honks Red Wings - farts Panthers - honks Canadiens - honks Senators - honks Lightning - honks Maple Leafs - farts Hurricanes - honks Blue Jackets - farts Devils - honks Islanders - farts Rangers - farts Flyers - honks Penguins - farts Capitals - honks Blackhawks - farts Avalance - honks Stars - farts Wild - honks Predators - honks Blues - honks Jets - farts Ducks - honks Coyotes - honks Flames - honks Oilers - farts Kings - honks Sharks - honks Canucks - honks Golden Knights - honks
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    What does that even mean? There's hundreds of colleges that range from Alabama to Oregon to small D3 schools with no coherent branding so "college uniform" is a little broad
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    What a terrible move. Yes, Impact sounded kind of minor league, but that’s part of what makes them one of the more unique clubs in MLS, the only team without NASL roots that played in the minor leagues and wasn’t started with the direct purpose of making the jump to MLS. They’re a relic of a specific period of North American soccer that doesn’t deserve to all be thrown in the trash just because it was a struggle, those 30 years of history is North American football heritage. A big problem with MLS is the perceived lack of history so why are you throwing it all out? The Sox names in MLB or the Packers also probably sounded stupid by the time teams weren’t being named for hosiery or meat packing firms but they stuck by it and they are the most historical, old timey names in the league It doesn’t hurt that Impact works in both French and English, and that the IMFC initials are fairly recognizable. City Name FC is so bland, and it’s made worse by their biggest rivals being the first to bring that naming style over to North America.
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    Fixing the pants went a long way for those uniforms.
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    You can't do helmets - jerseys - pants three different colors unless one is white. Basic football uniform rule.
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    The split makes it not look like a horn. The crescent moon comparisons are pretty accurate. If you didn't know it was the Rams helmet, it'd be tough to say what it was.
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    Well, they had previously used the "Elks" name in the early 20th century, so there's some historic precedent for it, it's a great and unique name, "Edmonton Elks" sounds great, the potential for antler helmets is too good not to pass up, it allows them to still use the "EE" logo, and it's only a small departure from "Edmonton Esks", a nickname the team had already been using. Elks is the way to go.
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    not sure that should have been mentioned in this thread, but i guess when (most of) the real designs are bad enough...
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    So I'm not entirely sure where or when it started, but I've heard bandied about the notion that the best sports logos, or maybe even best logos in general, should be able to be drawn by a bored 3rd grader on his notebook during class. I agree with this opinion generally, even if there are quite a few exceptions. The Flyers, 80's Phillies, Hawks, Whalers, Atlanta Flames, Buffalo Braves, etc. all have that classic 70's style logo look to them and are some of my personal favorite Big 4 logos thanks to that. So I got to thinking, what would the NHL look like if every logo passed the doodle test? And after a good while and a whole lot of doodling myself, here's my answer. I redesigned every team's emblem and tried to keep each as simple and easily replicated as possible. For creativity's sake I redid iconic and already very simple logos like Philly, St. Lou, and Montreal, and even remade the NHL logo itself. Let me know what you think of these little nuggets and whichever teams you'd like to see tweaked or elaborated, I'll tweak or do a few jersey sets and maybe small merch sets. Thanks People!
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    Also, that logo was used on a jersey using the Oilers template, not the Habs'. I'll vouch that they should've done a red version of this jersey; Fits the Reverse Retro idea perfectly and is markedly distinct from their regular look. We got Wild Wing and the Peyote Coyote, we can afford to get Scooby Doo-Eye Senator back.
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    Do you mean our best white combo? If they wore black pants they'd also be wearing black socks because apparently contrasting socks is a non-existent idea to the team when wearing black pants and it would look much, much worse than white over white does.
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