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    This is a poor take. My goodness, and revisionist to boot lol. You’re acting like the Celtics had a solid, borderline playoff young core prior to KG and Allen. The Celtics were terrible with that “core”. KG and Allen turned them into a title contender, not just simply “got them over the hump.” Kawhi and the Raptors is an actual example of what you’re describing. Perennial playoff contender who added a superstar to get them over the hump. By the way, your only championship in the last 30 years was done in the exact same way you’re complaining about lol. Sooo.
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    I'm not too sure about that. For well over a decade now, the Twins have been tinkering with their look to stand out amongst all the other navy and red teams. But all they've managed to do is muddy the waters to where they're dangeously close to another Padres/Brewers situation. Navy pinstripes with red is the closest thing to an "ownable" look as they've ever had. It also has the added bonus of being associated with the franchise's mist successful era. Even the road pinstripes from that set don't bother me as much as they do some people.
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    According to this logic, the 2012 and 2013 Heat were built around Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem, while LeBron James and Chris Bosh were ancillary parts Miami went out and got just to "put the team over the top".
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    Love to be trolled by my own team’s fans, good times
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    Wow. Side by side, how is the navy work mark set even around? Pinstripes and Red is a remarkable contrast. from the best set to worst. And they also dropped the M. They can continue to lose with their terrible choices. This year they’re actually doing something but wow. That photo says it all. Such vibrancy from their historical wordmark.
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    Most lumberjacks at the time of the logo’s creation were
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    Ok. Let me answer this for ya. It’s about being consistent. The Lakers did what anyone else would do. They had players they flipped for better talent. This isn’t some magical thing only the Lakers can do. It’s how you run a damn team. People are getting on your case because you’re blasting the Lakers for doing pretty much what your Celtics did to win their last NBA Championship. It reeks of hypocrisy on your part. And the thing is the Celtics weren’t wrong to do what they did either. They flipped players for better players to improve the team. Good for them! Don’t start excusing it while bashing the Lakers though because damn. That’s Doublethink that would make George Orwell give you a round of applause. I feel for our level-headed Celtics fans here who have to try and explain this to you. And let’s just call a spade a spade while we’re here. You’re a Celtics fan. There’s a rivalry with the Lakers. And your past posts in previous NBA Playoff threads show you kind of hate LeBron James for petty reasons. So the reasons for your hypocrisy are on full display and it’s not helping your case in the least. Look dude. I was in that headspace once. And then I realized it’s an idealized and warped way to look at sports that in no way reflects the realities of any pro league. A front office will do whatever they can to improve the team they’ve been hired to run. That’s all anyone, from their employers to the team’s fans, can ask of them.
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    I'm with you. I think he just hates the Lakers. I kind of wonder for a dude that's a Boston sports fan ,what does he have to complain about?
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    You’re grasping at straws, my dude. Fans from your own team don’t even agree with your argument. Had the Celtics done this (trading their young core and assuming Kyrie wasn’t about to bolt for Brooklyn), you’d be thrilled. Just admit you don’t like the trade because it’s the Lakers, which is a perfectly respectable opinion. Don’t bs us here on CCSLC with a contender for the weakest of the weak arguments award. PS: lol @ “some flashy big names”.
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    The top trends worldwide right now include the Lakers, Anthony Davis, Lonzo, and the Pelicans, so obviously ESPN is talking about something that nobody could possibly care about.
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    I just finished my senior year and before I head out to college and life gets crazy again, I decided to start another series that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the summer. Here's my newest series where I'll be changing the look of every NHL team, and I'll give Seattle an update if their logos/uniforms roll out anytime soon. Speaking of logos... 16 teams were recolored (Anaheim, Arizona, Buffalo, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New Jersey, San Jose, Tampa Bay, Vegas, Winnipeg) 5 logos were switched out for better ones (Dallas, Florida, NY Islanders, Ottawa,Vancouver) 16 logos were just tweaked (Anaheim, Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, Columbus, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Toronto, Vegas, Winnipeg) 6 logos had some minor update (Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New Jersey, NY Rangers, San Jose) 4 logos are completely new (Arizona, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Washington) NONE of the 31 existing teams are left untouched and ALL will get new uniforms I haven't started on any of the uniforms yet, so if anyone has requests I'll do my best to create them in that order. Also open to any C&C on the logos. I'm waiting until Seattle's logos and uniforms are revealed to update them, it sounds like they're coming soon.
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    Every year the station gets worse. SEC, Yankees, Patriots, Cowboys, Lakers, Warriors, Red Sox. If your aren't a fan of these, don't bother watching. The Raptors just accomplished a historic championship and all they care about right now is the Lakers.
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    I was mostly referring to the championships won under the name, as well as the brand recognizability other teams could only dream of with the Golden State name, making it all but impossible to rebrand. Winning all these championships and having simply unprecedented success kinda forever ingrains a team's name, making a switch to San Francisco not just unlikely, but actually stupid, giving up all that brand recognition. I guarantee that if the Warriors had sucked for the past few years instead of winning so much, we'd be talking about the rebranded San Francisco Warriors this year instead of a simple slight upgrade to an okay logo.
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    The Lakers leveraged assets to improve their team. Just like the Raptors did. Given how much they gave up, this is hardly "buying" a team.
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    The Lakers had no talent to build around. Brandon Ingram is another Caron Butler. Lonzo Ball is a homeless man's Jason Kidd. Josh Hart is literally nothing. That's like saying the Celtics should have stuck with Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, and Delonte West instead of making the trades for Garnett and Ray Allen.
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    "LeSenile"? You're a peach.
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    Unfortunately, it’s the team that is contradicting him here. And they’re the ones who will write the history when all is said and done.
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    You also weren't on the CBS Sports website's main page score ticker despite the fact that they were airing games. Sounds like ESPN made the right choice to not waste their time. I don't know why you would think the games that bring the highest ratings would be thrown to a niche network. The SEC Network is there for like a Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game or something, not Alabama-LSU. Sounds like the general public wasn't that interested in non-NFL pro football either. This is the weirdest argument. Being professional doesn't mean you're not minor league. USL is minor league soccer where players get paid. G-League is minor league basketball where players get paid. Every single AAF employee outside of CrimsonBull here was very public about saying that the AAF was in fact minor league. I watched the league's first game and every person that appeared on TV basically made sure to say, "We're minor league football, and that's okay!" I do like the idea that I could claim that the Arkansas Travelers are actually totally a major league team. It would be cool to be 15 minutes away from the closest major league team instead of living in the real world where it's more like five hours.
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    Are you under the impression that minor leagues are not professional leagues? They are. One has nothing to do with the other. The AAF was a minor league with moderate support. That much is not in question. ESPN was under no greater obligation to prop it up than they were the UFL or any other of the fly-by-night leagues that have come and gone before and will continue to come and go.
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    Just finished a long-time project of mine and finally ready to post. You can read the whole story behind the concept here: https://huntthejones.weebly.com/atlanta-peaches-concept.html I'm not saying you have to, or trying to toot my own horn, but I encourage you to read as it goes in depth about how and why the logos/uniforms/colors are what they are. C&C appreciated! The Atlanta Peaches Atlanta Peaches Home Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Uniform Atlanta Peaches Road Alternate Uniform Atlanta Peaches Friday Night Home Alternate Uniform (with Batting Practice Hat/Helmet) Atlanta Peaches "Old Georgia Peaches" Fauxback Uniform (for Sunday Home Games)
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    If there were any doubts that 90s aesthetics are making a comeback in football kit design, the new Hull City shirt is well and truly channelling 1992... We loves us some Umbro on the 'Umber.
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    The budgetary climate for Louisiana higher ed isn't going to improve any time soon.
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    The Mavericks have bizarrely used black on logos but navy on the uniforms for the last 20 years.
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    Exactly. Warriors added Durant, Cavs added Love/LBJ, Raptors added Leonard, etc. They're going to end up paying 2-3 guys max contracts and build around them with scraps.
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    In 02, a whole 5 years before the trades from KG and Allen, literally the only person from the 02 team still around was pierce, after that walker got traded and then the rest of the team fell apart until Danny ainge made the Big 3
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    NBA teams build through the draft and through free agency. Trading your draft picks is still building through the draft, just in a different way. You want the Lakers to stay at 36 wins to win your purity test? That's dumb.
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    Cannot understand the sentiment that the Lakers "gave up too much." Gave up what? A 6th seed? They've got maybe 2 years of decent LeBron left and they're giving themselves the best shot to actually win a title in that window. Amassing assets is really swell and all, but check Boston out to see what that really accomplishes. The league is completely in flux next year. The Lakers may very well pick up another max-level talent and be extremely well positioned. If it weren't for DWade, LeBron would be my favorite player. It's really nice that the last chapter of his career isn't going to be a complete waste of time.
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    There’s a clearly a communication issue between you and the branding team then.
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    The circular logo on the jersey is about as iconic to a team as it gets, really. It’s something that harkens back to the original San Francisco days, and it’s representative of one of the greatest runs in NBA history. People already had a desire to see it return, as the original yellow “The City” throwbacks have ALWAYS been extremely popular, and when it was brought back it was what was worn during the best era of Warriors basketball of all time. Plus, I think it looks REALLY cool. Getting rid of the roundel on the jerseys would be a terrible idea.
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    I don’t think I’d use the word “elegant” (or any similar term) to describe the rink logo. To me, the light weight of the old C is one of the main reasons it never read properly as a C (in either incarnation), so the chunkier weight is definitely purposeful and an improvement in my opinion. After all, I think the rink logo *is* a very elementary mark, and (at least to me) it feels counter-intuitive to make it fancier with fussy letterforms and fine outlines. My solution was to let it be exactly what it is; a giant C rink enveloping a giant ice rink with a giant stick. The home/road shoulder patches have indeed been replaced by the new mark. I created it. It’s waves. From the Vancouver flag and coat of arms.
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    Is there a roll that Catholic schools have to look like Notre Dame? I like the white jerseys better, I can see why they prefer them too.
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    Just released today. Here it is. Any thoughts?
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    I want this on my headstone.
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    Just for reference sake, let's look at Anaheim-based teams in everything but the dinkiest of leagues (and some cool old logos, of course). First up, September 1965 -- With one month left to go in the season, the Los Angeles Angels are renamed the California Angels, as they will be moving to Anaheim the following season. 1967 -- ABA expansion team Anaheim Amigos last one season in that city, then are sold and moved to Los Angeles, becoming the Stars. 1974 -- WFL expansion team placed in Anaheim; named the Southern California Sun; lasts two seasons: 1978 -- NASL's St. Louis Stars move to Anaheim Stadium, follow the Angels' lead and become the California Surf; last three seasons: 1978 -- World Team Tennis franchise placed in Anaheim, named the Anaheim Oranges (in a later '80s incarnation at the same location, called the California Oranges) 1980 -- The Rams follow through on a planned moved to suburban Anaheim, but remain the "Los Angeles Rams" (despite a blurb I read in Sports Illustrated article in the late '70s suggesting that they may be called the "California Rams") 1993 -- NHL expands to Anaheim, team name is "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim", later changed to "Anaheim Ducks" 1994 -- Anaheim Piranhas in the Arena Football league; last till 1997. 1997 -- Angels changed name from California Angels to Anaheim Angels. 2005 -- Team owner changes baseball name to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2014 -- Anaheim becomes home to LA KISS of the Arena football League; lasts to 2016. So for teams playing in Anaheim: we have 4 instances of "Anaheim", 3 of "California", 2 of "Los Angeles" or "LA", 1 of "Los Angles of Anaheim" and 1 of "Southern California". Tenure-wise in toto, we have 40 years of "Anaheim"; 39 years of "California", 18 years of "Los Angeles" or "LA", 14 of "Los Angeles of Anaheim" and 2 of "Southern California". It's obviously the most messed-up location in terms of name-place in major league sports.
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    From the other Canadian NHL teams:
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    Reactions from the other Toronto teams:
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    Those tally marks would look cooler if they were claw marks.
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    It's been so long since a Canadian team won a big four title that all of the newspapers of that era have disintegrated, so it's impossible to know.
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    A World Championship banner will be raised north of the border.....There will be no threepeat.
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    A hornet seems the most likely outcome, although I wouldn’t mind a hart done a little better, like this concept: Besides, I’ll admit that I’m a little tickled by a team called the “Hornets” not using a hornet. Their iconography tied to the city, pointedly not the nickname.
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    Another day, Another team, the Chicago Cubs. A team that has a great home uniform and nothing else. My attempt is to establish a better color balance on road and alternates. Also got rid of the walking cub and replaced it with the fiercer throwback logo. A fauxback completes the set.
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    Its still the Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate has vertical support cables:
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    I’d LOVE to see a jersey with TRAILBLAZERS or KNICKERBOCKERS on it.
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    There's a lot of lack of critical thinking going on here, and a lot of conflating of "what I prefer to think happened to confirm my biases" with "what really actually happened." There are prototypes of the Edge 1.0 Canucks that have been posted here - actual, physical prototype jerseys - that took the 1998-2007 Canucks look and shoehorned it into an Edge template. This is actual click-and-fill stuff. This may sound weird if you weren't around here during the Edge transition, but teams had to actually put their feet down to convince Reebok to implement things like straight lines on sleeve stripes, or any stripes on the hem at all, for that matter. The Canucks' 2007 revamp was not lazy click-and-fill - see teams like the Flyers, Penguins, Lightning, even the Canadiens to an extent for examples of that. It was a legitimate effort to refresh the brand. I don't find it to be a particularly good one, but that is my opinion, and not some allusion to a grand edict from the league to limit design choices.
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    The Bobcats will play in Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. I apologize for misspelling Atlanta in the image.
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