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    - Really? - It's a bit of a reach to say that makes it offensive in anyway. I think it'll be fine. - Who cares what people outside the area think? The target demographic is the people of Seattle and its surrounding area. If Seattleites like it; I think that's more than enough of a reason to use it. - Yes, and we also have Ducks and Penguins. It doesn't have to be an intimidating beast.
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    Charlotte Town FC would be fantastic, they better not mess this up.
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    For comparison, side by side with the old: Massive, massive upgrade. Shows that the small details make all the difference.
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    Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing. I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 1. Simplified compass, retro color palette 2. Simplified compass, teal color palette 3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow 3. S + Anchor, retro colors 4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow 5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal 6. Seattle flag, retro palette 7. Seattle flag, outlined 8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow
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    I can't imagine Seattle's team would have a ton of reach beyond the northwest of the country anyways; Seattle isn't really a New York, Los Angeles or Boston-type city where the fandom is national in scale, so naming your team to try and make it appealing to people in markets that have very little impact on the place your team is actually located seems kind of dumb, especially in a regional sport like hockey where you know the brand won't be as ubiquitous as a team like the Red Wings or Leafs. That sort of appeal comes with time and success, not because you named your team a certain thing. You could name them the Seattle Rubber Puckies and they'd still be a big deal if they came out of the gate a dynasty.
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    Can only dream the Eagles go with something like that. Good job updating the Vermeil era unis.
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    That’s 2013. You can tell by the lack of Black on the collar.
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    Burlington Coat Factory's new Racine locale (by that, they simply moved from the mall to where Toys R'Us used to be...gotta say the whole name lest whoever I'm talking to thinks I'm going to the other side of the county)...won't lie, I might grab one for the hell of it if they're still in stock. They also got correctly-spelled Packers speakers atm.
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    Yeaaa in a vaccum I don't think that looks good, but I've got my rose colored glasses on the moment so I can't complain too much But again, not sure why they chose to do it with an alternate uniform they've never yet worn on the field for a regular season game. The hat Davey is wearing is what I always pictured they'd wear for championship ring day, but I always pictured it with the standard home white uni which I think would be a major improvement.
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    The easier trick - just lighten the teal! It’s not like Majestic/Nike, Fanatics, and New Era can’t produce a lighter teal.
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    They don’t get a pass from me - that was a huge downgrade. Bad move.
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    Typically I would agree with you, but the Cardinals celebrate the Browns in their museum. The 1944 World Series is especially revered because it was an all St. Louis series. The current Cardinals ownership has ties to the Browns as it was Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr’s batboy uniform that Eddie Gaedel wore when he became the shortest person to appear in a major league game.
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    I've toured target field before and they have the 1924 trophy there so it only makes sense that they publicly acknowledge what they've always privately acknowledged
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    I wish they’d adapt the throwback logo for full time use. I think the shape of the wing looks much faster and more elegant.
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    The Orioles website includes Browns players among the various all-time leaders in statistical categories (ex., George Sisler is No. 3 all time in hits). However the "Postseason Results" section of the website does not include the 1944 World Series and the list of managers begins with Jimmie Dykes in 1954. On an unrelated note, the list of MLB Hall of Fame Inductees includes John McGraw based on his term as manager in 1901-02 (which time was spent with the current Yankees franchise).
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    The "perfect amount of red" is none at all.
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    Agreed. It is less of an issue for big schools, particularly with regard to the revenue generating sports. However, it still doesn't make a lot of sense for West Virginia to be sending the women's tennis team (assuming they have one) to Texas Tech. I'm sure the powers-that-be in Morgantown long for the days when their shortest conference trip wasn't to Lawrence, KS or Ames, IA (which is just a guess because I didn't feel like looking this up).
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    Oddly enough, back during Contraction Fever, I believe the state legislature passed a law that if the Twins relocated or were contracted, the Twins' history would be retained for an expansion team to pick back up. It would have been nice for the Nats to retain the Expos' retired numbers, Andre Dawson and Gary Carter were certainly worth the honor.
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    I think that helps all three schools. The southern most location now is in Florida... starting next season, it'll be South Carolina as the southern most location for these schools. I think that in the next round of realignment, travel costs will play a much larger role then they traditionally do. I mean, they do play a role most of the time... but now with all the schools feeling that money crunch, travel costs might loom large.
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    Any acknowledgement of real history instead of the recent retcon that happens all the time *cough*CLEVELANDBROWNS*cough* is perfectly fine in my book.
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    I think St. Peter's wrong about that. I can find lots of stats sites (albeit I don't know how "official") that show Walter Johnson as the all-time wins leader in franchise history. I don't think those Senators have ever been connected to today's Rangers. Of course by today's standards, that's how it would have probably happened. I think the Twins have simply chosen to not reference the history much, if at all. I like the decision. I am sure people will mock it as trying to add another title or something...but at the risk of opening up a debate, that's the history...just like the Dodgers and Giants (with the primary difference being keeping the name and pre-relocation success). Pretty good off-the-field summer for the the Twins between this and taking down the statue of Calvin Griffith.
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    I never thought of the Pirates logo having hair.
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    Here are the New York Mets: Logos Most everything stays the same, the most notable change being the new away script, provided to me by @SFGiants58, much thanks for allowing me to use it. The Cooperstown Collection logo was made by splitting the "N" and the "Y" from the cap logo. Uniforms The home jersey is perfect and remains the same, beyond a change to a number font that better matches the script and cap logo. The away sleeve striping and pants are meant to be reminiscent of the 80's racing stripes. The royal alternate now has striping that mimics the away, and I added a snow white alternate back in to be worn on Sunday afternoons. The Cooperstown Collection is based on a uniform the Mets threw back to in 2009, and the Spring Training uniform emphasizes orange as well as the Mr. Met logo. That's the Mets, the cross-town Yankees will be up next.
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    The Montreal Canadiens' official name is "le Club de hockey Canadien."
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    Imagine having footing on a unique colorway in the NFL and squandering it with desaturated khaki. Its N'awlins, for God's sake - the gaudier, the better!
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    I’d almost guarantee that Notre Dame is profitable for them.
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    It's definitely the least visually jarring of the non-traditional turf fields (though I love them all equally).
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    But third rate bowls are so important when you have 2 six-win teams competing in it.
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    Here are the Tigers: Logos The main difference here is that orange is more infused into the regular look. The "Tigers" wordmark also makes an appearance on a jersey for the first time. Uniforms The home uniform now has an orange outline around the logo and orange piping, while I removed the white outline from the away jersey. The Cooperstown Collection is based off of the one-year 1960 Tigers home uniform, and the Spring Training utilizes more orange based off of an 80's BP jersey. That's the Tigers! The Astros will be up next.
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    As a pelicans fan it’s really disturbing me how much we’re wearing our red statement jerseys. The statement jerseys don’t have that “exclusive” “special occasion” feel for my team at least. Our branding is all mainly gold and navy yet the red jerseys have been worn several games in a row. And it’s gonna continue on so much more with a few breaks here and there. It just seems too much for the eyes now. It’s like if the Timberwolves constantly wore the neon green jerseys. They’re cool to see but too much is bad. I would like to see statement jerseys being more exclusive and limitedly used with city editions being on the same level. Or maybe even less depending. And teams REALLY need to start wearing white at home more and just get rid of white away teams unless it’s a situation where they have to be worn. Like lakers white Sundays or a matchup where white is needed for the best contrast.
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    Seems like management is warming to the idea of the fiesta colors and motif
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    Does the NBA/Nike control what teams wear in the playoffs just like the regular season? If it was left up to the Raptors, I kinda get why they might have worn them considering their whole We The North Slogan. The entire country rallied behind them, so this might have been their way of not just representing Toronto, but all of Canada. And, it being sports, it just could be that they are superstitious. Maybe they had a really good record wearing them. I think teams in the playoffs should stick to only a couple of different jerseys instead of wearing every single one in their closet.
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    Kind of wild this wasn't adapted into a statement in some way. They could have even kept the chevron with the word Raptors or Toronto, similarly to how the cavs adapted the sleeved jerseys to their nike set.
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    I am mildly intrigued by the Nats using these updated versions of old Senators logos as a sort of ongoing series for alternates... but not if they're doing two different ones at the same time on top of their already messy identity just using the primary logos and scripts. I understand the era of merchandising but it's still all a little too much at once.
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    Here's the navy version:
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    MLBShop.com has the new Cardinals 59fifty caps with the updated STL.
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    The stain of the Confederacy does not wash off that easily.
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    Being historically accurate is better than pretending something never happened. Saying something existed does not 'promote' anything. Also, there will be more conversation about it now that they decided to leave it out. Had they just left them in, nobody would be talking about it.
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    This board would crap its pants if the video game throwback of the 1936 Cardinals had the wrong serif on a 2. I'm supposed to believe that straight-up deciding to get a uniform wrong is the right thing to do?
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    None of the prior year games are embroiled in controversy because the logo was in it. San Diego Studios didn’t have to put the late 80s unis in the game if they felt uncomfortable (edited for better word choice) about using Wahoo. But they did, so it’s awkward they went with an anachronistic approach.
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    For what it's worth, I think that this cap is absolutely gorgeous:
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    Trying to develop a new alternate for the Indians is like break-dancing in a mine field. Whatever you do, there’s a 75% chance there’ll be a fatal explosion.
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    LOL - can “only understand it if they live here”. Come on bro. I don’t need too be born and raised in a place to know what colors represent the area. Don’t assume people are dumb.
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