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    Ahead of his time,
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    normally he doesn’t but he’s nervous about visiting a barbershop during these times.
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    (Just to get this in on the record before the lock so people can see) For a pretty basic answer to @walkerws’s comment, Canada has three different indigenous populations. There’s the First Nations (akin to Native Americans), the Metis (who are the decendents of early French settlers and First Nations) and the Inuit (the northern population who “Eskimos” refers to). The naming of the team refers to the Inuit population. This part is coming from my own fuzzy memory and internet comments, so take it with a grain of salt, but "Eskimo" is accepted as a collective name for the three different northern indigenous populations/groups in Alaska, one of which is the Inuit, but Canada only has the Inuit and "Eskimo" is not considered the proper term for anyone in Canada. As the article says, the Eskimos did relatively recent consultations with Inuit communities about the name. The Eskimos said the findings showed there was considerable support for the name and no real consensus on it being offensive or not, which is partially why the calls to change the name haven't previously had the same staying power like the calls for Washington or Chief Wahoo. The context of this article is in response to the Eskimos announcing yesterday they are going to be increasing engagement with the Inuit community about the name in the wake of Washington and Cleveland’s announcements. After the Eskimos announcement, an Nunavut MP tweeted out saying that the fact there was no consensus means the team should change the name. Another Inuit lady who was part of the consultations tweeted out that she told the Eskimos the name was offensive and that the consultations were “BS” because they were invite only and not open to the general public. This is an ongoing story right now, so just because they said here they are going to be keeping the name now, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay for much longer. (The apparent clubhouse leader for a potential new name is absolutely terrible, but that discussion is for another time).
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    I've been trying some new stuff lately when it comes to design, and after seeing Iceland's incredible new identity, I decided to try something in the modern design style that Iceland and the Montreal Alouettes have utilized so well in recent years. As I'm wont to do, I decided to go back to a team that I'd made a design for previously. Awhile back I made a logo for Leicester in my European soccer redesigns thread that I'm, honestly, not very fond of looking back. I'd redo it, but I can't seem to find the original file anywhere, so I thought it was the perfect team to try something new and different with. The design uses more of an outline style rather than the illustrated style and features only two main colors. Overall, the linework is designed to mimic the fur color of the original logo, with most of the head featuring yellow, and the snout featuring white. Rather than place the flower behind the logo, I decided to integrate it into the actual shape of the fox's head and ears. Finally, I wanted to keep the traditional roundel but kept it a simple circle with the ears protruding beyond it. Below is a comparison with the current logo
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    Maybe because it is! It's a throwback hat for the Baby Cakes https://news.sportslogos.net/2017/07/19/baby-cakes-to-wear-throwback-new-orleans-pelicans-unis/
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    I never thought of the Pirates logo having hair.
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    THIS IS AN OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING This is a thread for a rebranding concept. This is not a place to bring in your insecurities/issues/qualms/fragility/whataboutism/anti-PC rage against the rebranding of the team. Any posts about the issue have been hidden. We have already suspended a member for trolling a Washington NFL concept thread with irrelevant whataboutism and straw grasping. Don’t think that we won’t do it again. ANY MORE POSTS IN THIS THREAD ARGUING ABOUT THE OPTICS OF THE REBRAND AND NOT THE CONCEPT ITSELF WILL BE DELETED AND THE POSTER WILL FACE DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
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    At this point, there has been so many concepts for a Redskins rebrand over the last week, that I might be beating a dead horse here, but I'll throw my hat in the ring nonetheless. I started with the expectation the Redskins name and logo/imagery will be completely dropped. From there, I liked the idea of Warriors, as it keeps a piece of the team's history, but it can be redone in so many different ways. I chose to go with something that was more taken from a monumental/iconic feel, using a less brash burgundy and gold color scheme and introducing a new shield logo complete with new W emblem, meant to resemble the Washington Monument or a warrior's sword. The uniforms take on a more classic look, as to not take away too much from the Redskins traditional look. I know this isn't the most imaginative idea, but it was one I have been sitting on for about a year. What do you guys think? Oh and apparently this somehow made it onto Yahoo Sports, which was surprising to say the least. : https://sports.yahoo.com/best-uniform-logo-designs-potential-204409667.html
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    Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing. I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks! 1. Simplified compass, retro color palette 2. Simplified compass, teal color palette 3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow 3. S + Anchor, retro colors 4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow 5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal 6. Seattle flag, retro palette 7. Seattle flag, outlined 8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow
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    Really, really wish the Suns would go back to these, they and Orlando had perfect uniforms in the 90's:
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    Pigskins. Still the skins. The fan base latched into the hogs identity and it still has a little mythos left today. Is football related. Original. Exclusively theirs. Could have a gnarly looking hog as the mascot. Or go as more simply and use the aspects of an actual football as the logo. Keep the colors and emphasize the Washington more than the Skins.
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    Nike also removed the team from their website. You can't even search the team name.
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    Thanks, guys! Sorry I couldn't get back to the thread sooner. I got distracted with another video project, this one on Social "I'm a careerist" Repose! Link in spoiler: Anyway, I'll be updating the Twisters soon. The black in the tornado made it look weird, as it was a leftover of my original plan for the design - meet Twisty the Tornado! I held onto it for too long. Now it's my sleep paralysis demon. Thanks! Oh, I firmly agree with you there with the Sonics nastiness. I picked those colors because they look so close to the Marlins' eventual color scheme and I wanted to prove that they could look pretty good in a baseball context. I'd like to think they do. Preferably, the Sonics don't move in this timeline, leaving OKC with the Hornets (who change their name to the Thunder and let the Bobcats take the name - whereupon they screw up the design because Michael Jaundice) and the Marlins. New Orleans would be like hockey Atlanta, except without the weirdos trying to argue how it could work. I know there are plenty of people who defend the NBA's presence in NOLA, but I'm not one of them. It's basically when all the settlers came rolling into Oklahoma, so it's got a massive local significance. It's also why I included the Survivor Tree, the most notable landmark that could work on the dreamcatcher logo. SAN ANTONIO MISSIONS - The Tan Directive (Pictured: Judge Nelson Wolff, the deadline man) Out of all of the possible destinations for the Marlins, this one had the most clout and activity behind it. This story starts on Opening Day (April 4) 2006 when a San Antonio contingent (lead by Mayor Phil Hardberger, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, and District Attorney Susan Reed) joined Loria and Samson in the owner’s box at Minute Maid Park.1 Statements from both Loria and Samson supported their interest in the market, such as these: Bexar County even had a plan in mind for a $310 million venue, with the city paying $200 million of it by extending the hotel and car rental taxes used to fund the AT&T Center. The county also demanded that local ownership, such as investors like former Vikings owner Red McCombs, be part of the deal. It seemed that this initial interest could carry over into a serious relationship. A follow-up visit by DA Reed also gave credence to a San Antonio move.5 San Antonio made their deadlines for interest clear. Bexar County had an August 15th deadline to get the tax extension measures on the November ballot. Judge Wolff demanded that the team commit to a relocation plan by May 15th.6 This deadline would put pressure on the Marlins and MLB to either make a serious commitment to San Antonio or attempt to get something done in South Florida. Ultimately, the San Antonio talk and the additional visits to cities forced the hand of Miami-Dade County, leading to the first stages in Marlins Park’s conception. The Marlins missed their May 15th deadline, firmly illustrating that San Antonio was, like OKC, Portland, Las Vegas, and Charlotte, a mere ploy to get things done in South Florida.7 San Antonio missed out on hosting an MLB club, which put an end to much of their Big Four ambitions outside of the Spurs. Since the construction of the Alamodome in 1992, the city had played host to preseason and regular-season games. However, San Antonio missed on the ‘95 expansion and on possible relocations (the most notable being the Saints pre-Katrina). The Marlins playing the city was just a repeat of that same scenario. Local skepticism had set in during the Marlins’ ploy, with county officials interpreting the club’s silence as a sign of disinterest in the market. There was ultimately no way that the Marlins would sacrifice the No. 17 media market for the No. 37 market.8 In the end, San Antonio forced the Marlins to back up their interests with a legitimate plan, and the Marlins failed to do it. It demonstrated that the Marlins never had any real interest in moving away from South Florida while representing San Antonio’s frustration at being “dicked around” by the Big Four. Instead of pursuing teams, the city could focus on itself.9 However, what if the Marlins? What if San Antonio became the third Texas MLB team? I picked the Missions sobriquet, as it was the longest-lasting minor league identity in the city. It only made sense to promote the name to MLB with the Marlins’ arrival. The design revolves around two colors, black and tan. The tan is the flat version of the “metallic gold” used by several teams (see my Knights concept). I based the primary logo around this photograph of the Alamo. The font is Stengkol, condensed to work on a jersey front. Their cap logo is the secondary, while the tertiary is a combination of a home plate, the Alamo facade, and the San Antonio flag (a somewhat underappreciated design, IMO). The uniforms follow a pretty basic template, with black/tan/black sleeve and trouser trim. Tan letters with black outlines emphasize how the team can “own” that color (like the current Missions should) The socks have two tan stripes, tying into the cap logo. The numerals are from the Wyoming font, as Stengkol’s numbers look terrible. The alternates include a black jersey with the “SA” insignia on the chest, a tan-brimmed cap, and the tertiary on the sleeve. The heritage design emulates the Missions circa 1991, when Pedro Martinez played for the team. I opted not to use that version of the interlocking “SA,” as it reminded me too much of the ASU baseball logo. The jackets are simple designs derived from their respective identity packages. I didn’t want to use white outlines on the retro outerwear, but since the originals had them, I opted to insert them. Much like the Spurs, San Antonio baseball can have a minimalist design that doesn’t try to do anything that crazy. C+C is much appreciated, as always! Up next, what if San Antonio had a more… radical design? 1 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 2 Brian McTaggart, “Marlins Get Cozier with San Antonio - City’s Political Leaders Meet with Franchise Owner at Minute Maid Park,” Houston Chronicle, April 4, 2006, sec. SPORTS. 3 McTaggart. 4 Barry Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says,” Miami Herald, The, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports. 5 Jaime Castillo, “D.A.’s Trip to the Ball Game Revives Talk of Reed Relieving Wolff,” San Antonio Express-News, April 8, 2006, sec. Metro and State News; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Get a Serious Suitor,” Miami Herald, The, March 9, 2006, sec. Front; Tom Orsborn, “S.A. Makes First Pitch to Marlins Owner,” San Antonio Express-News, April 4, 2006, sec. A Section. 6 Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Ponders Setting Deadline for the Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 5, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Wolff Plans to Give Marlins a Deadline,” San Antonio Express-News, April 16, 2006, sec. Sports; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Told to ‘Fish or Cut Bait,’” San Antonio Express-News, April 18, 2006, sec. A Section; Tom Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins,” San Antonio Express-News, April 19, 2006, sec. Sports. 7 Jackson, “San Antonio `Very Viable,’ Loria Says”; Tom Orsborn, “Marlins Tout S.A. at Home,” San Antonio Express-News, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Sarah Talalay, “Still Looking for Commitment - Visits to Other Cities on Hold, for Now.,” Sun Sentinel, April 11, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Sarah Talalay, “`Reenergized’ Loria Strikes Positive Note - Owner: San Antonio `serious,’ but MLB Prefers South Florida,” Sun Sentinel, April 12, 2006, sec. SPORTS; Steven Wine, “Another Setback in Marlins’ Ballpark Bid,” Associated Press Archive, May 6, 2006. 8 Ray Buck, “Skeptics Ask Why, Not When,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 21, 2006, sec. Sports; Richard Oliver, “City Carries Weight in Franchise Dealin,” San Antonio Express-News, May 7, 2006, sec. Sports; Orsborn, “Hopes Fade in Pursuit of Marlins.” 9 Richard Oliver, “It’s Time for S.A. to Focus on Itself,” San Antonio Express-News, March 18, 2007, sec. Sports.
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    New England Patriots Pat Patriot makes a return, with some deeper colors, and 6 stars on his tricorn hat. The 6 stars, also featured on the right chest of the jersey, represent the 6 states of New England (MA, ME, RI, NH, VT, CN), and the 6 Super Bowls won during the team's dynasty years. Split on whether the home jersey should be red or blue.
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    OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING - any derailing of this thread with diatribes about the team name will lead to disciplinary action.
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    If nothing else, this is a great opportunity to replace one of the most dull identities in baseball. I see it as a win-win.
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    Here are the New York Mets: Logos Most everything stays the same, the most notable change being the new away script, provided to me by @SFGiants58, much thanks for allowing me to use it. The Cooperstown Collection logo was made by splitting the "N" and the "Y" from the cap logo. Uniforms The home jersey is perfect and remains the same, beyond a change to a number font that better matches the script and cap logo. The away sleeve striping and pants are meant to be reminiscent of the 80's racing stripes. The royal alternate now has striping that mimics the away, and I added a snow white alternate back in to be worn on Sunday afternoons. The Cooperstown Collection is based on a uniform the Mets threw back to in 2009, and the Spring Training uniform emphasizes orange as well as the Mr. Met logo. That's the Mets, the cross-town Yankees will be up next.
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    Sorry for double posting, but my topic got moved to the 2nd page and I think alot of people missed my latest updates... So I wanted to make sure some people were able to see everything now that its finished. Now that July 4th has come and gone, I'm ready to post my Montreal and Vegas Concepts. Montreal Canadiens: Maroons Throwback I've seen alot of blue concepts, throwback concepts with the same colors. But the Maroons, whom played in Montreal from 1924-1938 don't get alot of love. Yes they were different franchises but its a city that canb be proud of another 2 Stanley Cups in addition to the 24 they already have... which are noted by the thin stripes on the arms and waist line. The center lines are in the design of the original Maroons striping, but centered in the middle of the chest with the Canadiens logo to represent the team representing them now. The slogan "nos bras meurtris vous tendent le flambeau" is present in the inner collar with the Canadiens colors and stripes. Its one of my favorites and I hope the Montreal fans enjoy it as much as I do. Vegas Golden Knights: Knight Life I don't know how the logo would work (my thought would be how this season's Camo practice jerseys were made, as type of thick print) but I loved the neon idea I had to roll with it. The Blackhawks jersey I made took a BIT of an inspiration from this but I feel the look of the stripes keeps it from looking too similar. I originally wanted to spell out "VEGAS" in the neon stripes at the bottom of the torso, but A. It was difficult to do effectively, and B. Looked a bit too gaudy for my liking... so I scrapped it, but the idea lives on on the shoulder stripes with the V. I wanted to used their shoulder patch as the main crest from the start, and once the neon theme popped into my head, I think I made the right decision, as the two colors help it really pop. I then re-added the same patch design behind the main Vegas logo on the shoulder, this time exclusively in red so the gold Vegas neon popped out. So there are all 31 teams, but I had a few requests from friends to work on a couple other designs... so I'll share those as well... Chicago Blackhawks: City Edition The Bulls had one, and I love it. I was asked my a friend of mine to take the Chicago Flag and interpret it into a Blackhawks uniform. I originally had a white one, but, as you an tell by my profile pic, I love the cyan and red combo, so I went with the light blue. I added the stars on the collar like they were in the 2016 Stadium Series Jersey, but also added a couple to the arms, much like I did with the other Blackhawks jersey I made with the feathers. Added the flags of both Chicago and Illinois where the tomahawk would go to further the City Pride aspect, and even State pride. Seattle Metropolitans: I designed this a few years ago, and even shared it on these forums back then, but i t got minimal attention, so I wanted to update it with the newest template I got. The logo was taken from an image they had on their website as I am in no way a logo designer, which is unfortunate... But I was able to grab the color scheme from there, and it looked very futuristic, so I kinda went with a techy kind of look. The grey stripes are meant to look like carbon fiber, kinda with the same treatment San Jose's current stealth jersey stripes have, but with just a straight carbon fiber look, despite mine just being diagonal stripes. The "infrared" color really helps set this look apart. I made away and alternates back in the day and maybe I will re-do those too at some point.
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    Thanks! I'll tweak the primary to more resemble the tertiary design. Thank you! SAN ANTONIO REBELDES - Fiesta Fury It was tough to come up with a Spanish-language alternative to Missions. Texas (well, San Antonio anyway) is a relatively pluralistic region when it comes to the Hispanic population (39.7% of Hispanic descent in the state and 60.7% in Bexar County).1 Since the Astros name isn't technically Spanish and the Rangers celebrate an organization known for discriminating against Mexican-Americans, it would make sense to have a Spanish-language sobriquet in Texas. Rebeldes made sense as a name since it honored the Tejanos (Texans of Mexican descent) who fought in the Texas Revolution, most notably at the Battle of the Alamo. The logo emulates a Tejano rebel. With regards to the colors, I opted to include the "Fiesta" colors with black. Since Fiesta San Antonio honors the Texas Revolution, it made more sense than doing it for the Spurs. I've gone on rants about why the Spurs shouldn't use Fiesta (TL;DR: it goes against the organization's culture under coach Popovich), but it should be fair game for other clubs in the city. The font is the same one from the Missions, with black outlines and fiesta interiors. The secondary logo follows this pattern. I also threw in a roundel, for black backgrounds. The uniforms use a modified version of FenwayParkJF for the cursive scripts. Said scripts have teal strokes with an insert of the fiesta colors. Striping features color blocks of fiesta colors with black outlines, which also appear on the socks. The Wyoming font returns for the numbers. There are also sand road uniforms, a la the Padres. The alternates include both teal and black jerseys. The teal set has a teal-billed cap, while the black top has fiesta lettering for the insignia and numbers. That second set of alternates has a teal-billed cap with the home uniform, alongside a vintage design. Said vintage alternate carried over from the Missions design. The primary jacket modifies the road script to have a free-standing fiesta tail, while stripes appear throughout the design. The vintage outerwear carries over from the Missions piece. Los Rebeldes can be a fantastic look, using local culture to set them apart from the rest of MLB. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up in the next batch, we have updates, a long-awaited rant about a particular fandom, and a few fictional clubs! 1 “U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Texas,” accessed July 5, 2020, https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/bexarcountytexas,TX/RHI725219.
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    Plus a team with historical names to draw on, it looks like Spiders is #1 according to the odds makers. They can maintain the block C while adding an alternate logo with spider. I've always liked the Richmond identity and this could be similar.
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    Warriors strips the slur but you still face the problem of using imagery of indigenous people and a primitive weapon in that “violent savagery” stereotype. That this saga has been so prolonged also leaves Snyder with a lack of plausible deniability or trust in good intentions — certainly less leeway than the Black Hawks or the Spokane MiLB team or FSU will get. I don’t see how retaining the spear will quiet the critics here; If that’s a must-keep then maybe FedEx will have an opening for that classic “Express” nickname after all.
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    Reminder that the Suns DID try to modernize the sunburst look relatively recently; But, it wasn’t the fit where that attempt went awry.
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    The name is synonymous with failure and hapless incompetence, you were doomed before you started. And that team the Globetrotters always beat doesn't help either!
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    This board should be the place to discuss the team colors, nickname, uniform design, etc - and nothing more. The political threads were the worst thing about the forums. I don’t want to post about how much I love their new shade of burgundy, just to have to go through 3 pages of “PC police!” and “ignorant redneck!” just to follow up on it. There’s members here that I legit don’t like or respect because their views on certain topics have been exposed, and there was no need for it had we just been talking about uniforms. I think it’s possible as Long as the rules for the thread are spelled out in big boldface type. We’re talking about potential new names, what their new logo may be, if they’re playing in the current unis but with plain helmets, etc, and anything that references politics or debate around the name is instantly removed and the person reprimanded. my only fear with that is that I can see a lot of “innocent” people being suspended for posts that they didn’t mean to be political in nature but were maybe interpreted as such, and the current system doesn’t allow for an explanation - it’s just straight to “suspended for belligerence towards the moderation team”.
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    With the news of Amazon-sponsored arena in Seattle, I think that a SuperSonics return is slightly more likely. I decided to make my version of Seattle Supersonics NBA expansion concept. My favorite logo from the Sonics is the one they used from 1975-1995, so my concepts was mainly inspired by that logo and era with my "updated" modernized take.
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    OFFICIAL MODERATOR WARNING - any derailing of this thread with diatribes about the team name will lead to disciplinary action.
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    Yeah I can see the problem with that. These are the two other versions I came up with. I tried to keep it simple because I think that’s one of the (less obvious) downfalls of the current logo.
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    I used to prefer red as the Blues' third color but, after some persuasive arguments On This Here Board, came around to preferring navy. There is something childlike about all three primary colors together like that, and the diagonal-stripe uniforms used way too much red and ruined the whole idea. I don't think the two shades of blue blend together. In fact, it's a good palette to have in the mix when other teams are head-to-toe in one shade or the other (Islanders, Canucks, Maple Leafs, Lightning, Jets, Sabres).
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    No no no, it just makes them all look more low-rent and cluttered and fan-hostile, like the Liga MX and Nascar uniforms we all rightly mock.
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    Cases where I don't like monochrome usually involve either... 1) A traditional team trying to hard to fake it and subsequently failing in being "cool" (Packers, Chiefs) or 2) A team can't commit to the look fully, resulting in some kind of element like a different-colored helmet or socks sticking out way too much from everything else and ruining the balance of it all (Browns, Cardinals) In contrast, Seattle's monochrome is well done because it suits their modern identity and everything is well balanced color-wise. The set was designed to be worn in monochrome combinations specifically and it shows.
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    I would hope Spiders is what's chosen, despite its pitiful history, it would make for one of the more interesting brands in sports hopefully
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    Finished up Detroit along with a bevy of updates and a new league logo. The new league logo is simplified, taller, and sleeker. Retains the two halves divided by the white stripes. Conference logos are the upper and lower halves of the badge. Detroit Mechanics: Standard Detroit automotive team with a more unique name. Font and uniforms are classy but bold and blocky, and the stripes on the helmet and pants are a nod to the Lions. Tried a lot of directions for Detroit but ended up here. Las Vegas Gamblers: I wasn't happy with anything for the venom, so I started over with everything but the colors. Logo reflects poker chips, roulette wheels, and cards, all staples of the gambling industry, with the iconic Las Vegas star taking the spotlight. The wordmark also takes cues form the sign. Seattle Emeralds: Ditched double green, opting instead for gem-inspired beveling on both green and white. The beveling is also placed throughout the uniforms. Minnesota Lumberjacks: Removed white form the color scheme, added plaid to the axes, and updated the font. Uniforms are redesigned with plaid in the striping. Jacksonville Cyclones: I wasn't happy with blue and black, so I opted for double blue instead. Overused, I know, but it works really well. Font is redesign again. Uniforms are updated with better hurricane flag stripes. That's all I've got for now. Only a few teams left. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
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    They should play the first inning as the Oneders, then change between innings.
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    Don't know how this one slipped through. I appreciate how civil this has been so far, but newsbot or not, no discussion of indigenous team naming controversies.
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    Yeah, I’m not a fan of this. It comes across as performative at best, and ultimately rings somewhat hollow. These gestures are nice on the surface, but they’re not really doing anything tangible to forward the cause IMO. The downside of this already seems like it’ll outweigh whatever benefit this is going to bring (probably not much more than extra cash in Nike’s pockets). Ultimately, these major corporations taking these hardline stances over social issues REALLY weirds me out. The whole entire point of companies that large is to make more money for themselves. The NBA, Coke, Chevrolet, EA Sports, and whoever the hell else is putting out these statements of “support” absolutely do not give a single about any of this. They care about separating people from their cash, regardless of their moral stances on things. All of this is nothing more than another marketing angle to get your dough. Right now, supporting social causes is good business, and that’s the only thing that matters.
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    Not everything is about Pittsburgh.
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    Ugh, this again. As an Irish-American Notre Dame fan and a disaffected Washington fan, they are not the same. Not even remotely.
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    "We have one good uniform so lets not use it in the playoffs" - The Carolina Hurricanes.
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    Here's another one that slipped on by... UC Riverside, out of the Big West, changed their look recently. Here it is. All the info is here.
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    Well if more kids are open to going to a place like Howard that will change. The national media will go wherever the talent goes.
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    They should park a camper outside the stadium too. ”Are you crazy? A guy in a really nice camper wants to put our song on the radio!”
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    The logo is part of the problem, though. You can't just change the name, the logo also has to go. Going for the spear logo and something that deliberately avoids leaning on Natives as an identity should be the easy way to go. "Washington Warriors", "Washington Pioneers", "Washington Spearmen", etc.
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    Except the Washington NFL team's name is a slur. The Blackhawks are specifically named after Chief Blackhawk.
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    So if you don't change it up and just go with your last name, does that mean you're racist and support institutional racism? I like the idea but it essentially forces everyone to participate even if they would like to choose other ways to express their support for BLM or might feel like they're in a 'look at me' type situation and would rather not do it.
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