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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    Man...Utah's throwback is cold as the top of the mountains!!! Even the ad patch works!! (UTAH'S patch design and coloring is easily tops in the league)
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    It's a better logo than anything else they've worn.
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
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    More importantly, this is how the 49ers should look.
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    A graphic I'm doing this year (I did one over the off-season for 2018), but here's the SEC uniforms by week. It gets larger if you click on it.
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    This is very ironic considering the topic. Final thing I'll say about it is this. While I definitely think China is being ridiculous in their response, why does this surprise anyone? If you put that much financial stake in a country like China, to the point where it can seriously hurt your bottom line if you go against what they want, you're pretty much going to have to lay in the bed you've made if it goes south. The illusion that the NBA is this "woke" league compared to all the other pro leagues is just that. An illusion. And the illusion that Lebron is anything more than just your typical, out of touch millionaire is the same thing. It was a nice trick they got to play for awhile, but we all know (and deep down, have ALWAYS known) that CREAM is the standard with these huge multinational corporations and the rich people involved with them. Why would the NBA be any different from any other major company? None of them give a single about anything other than sweet, sweet cash. If anything, I think this is good because it exposes the league, and Lebron, for what they really are.
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    Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    I guess Nantz and Romo dragged the Chargers "home crowd" against the Broncos all day on Sunday. And after SNF, Al Michaels referred to Carson as the "cute" stadium. Chargers are hosting the Steelers for SNF next week, and we all know Steelers fans. This whole charade is going to be showcased on a national stage. Yeesh.
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    I loved the 2013 set. I was pretty bummed when they decided to move onto the Nike set. The only redeeming quality in my opinion is the shorts.
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    Here we are at the last two concepts for the current NBA teams. First up is the Utah Jazz. This concept basically just takes the Jazz's 90s uniforms to the next step by adding a blue sky gradient behind the mountain on the front of the jersey and also putting the mountain on both sides of the shorts. Second is a team that never existed in the 90s, the New Orleans Pelicans. I made up a new "what if" identity for this team using Mardi Gras colors and some very festive and bright stripes shooting across the uniform. So that just about does it, just one more team to go. Stay tuned for the finale.
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    Mandatory Color Rush was a trip. The same league that wrote like a five-page single-spaced handbook on how to pull your socks up and only wear regulation-length fanny packs turned around and came up with a Brand Dilution Initiative. Go figure.
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    I'd argue the "inner city" (BTW, cities are where people are rapidly moving to, rapidly gentrifying typically "inner city" neighborhoods along the way -- see: Oakland as the greatest example but there are more) look is designed to be far more appealing to white dudes who remember Boyz N the Hood rather than black dudes who lived Boyz N the Hood. It's 2019 and the early 90s are in again, whether that's reflected as wearing scrunchies and Birkenstocks or appropriating the most reductive of images of LA culture for fun and profit.
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    Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
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    I liked this set, too. Given all the bad reaction when this new one released I started working on some concepts to honor the 90s style with a modern spin. Here's some of them.
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    Exactly. However those jerseys are unimaginative trash. Should have done something different. Like orange. Sure they went 0-7 in them back in 2012, but that shouldn’t be an issue with THIS team.
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    if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
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    this is a terrible take. Sorry but most students don’t generate any money for their schools, and don’t end up with the means to donate hundreds of thousands after they turn pro. sorry you had to pay tuition. So did I. But I didn’t watch people buying my jersey, playing as me in video games, make a multi-million $ salary because I won games for him, etc. Maybe you shoulda got a business degree.
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    Resurrecting my MLB thread from the grave. I’ve had this much done since about May, but never got around to the player models, and as of now, those still aren’t done, but with all the talk going on about the Brewers, I figured now is probably a pretty good time to post this. In short, I’m not a fan of the Ball in Glove logo (not worth going into why, my opinion has been said already) and favor the current design over it because it actually ties into brewing, so here’s a set that tries to fix some flaws of the current brand. First off, the logos: Basically just a cleanup of what they have now, getting rid of the clutter of drop shadows and outlines (extremely similar to a post by @packerfan21396). In addition, beer barrel man is back, albeit with a slightly new look to match the new uniforms. The colors pull the navy from the current style and pair it with the athletic gold of the classic era. Uniforms: Simple enough. I used the wheat as piping where applicable. Not visible, but the beer barrel man is a patch on the sleeves. Gold panel cap returns along with powder blue roads, as well as a gold alternate jersey. As you can(‘t) see, I am missing a number font for them. I’m not sure if I want to go with a traditional block font, or if something more along the lines of the scrips would work. I’ve considered the current font, sans drop-shadow, as well as the Ravens’ font, but I’m open to suggestions if someone has a better idea. Like I said, this has been sitting in my room forgotten about since May, so no player sketches yet. Just wanted to get what I had done out for feedback, so let me hear your thoughts! (no i will not try it with the BiG)
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    If you are going to put "CLT" on a uniform, at least do it like the Knights did, and put it on a hat with a big, red button on top that hopefully just about any man could find.
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    Nobody: The Bears: Hey just wanted to let you know our throwbacks are racist and we're sorry but you can still buy them
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    At least the Niners don’t have black alts anymore.
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    Oh come on, you know what the reason is. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    There's no law against that either, just a made-up NCAA rule, made by people who profit off of free football labor, and that benefits coaches and big schools. Maybe the NCAA is good for non-revenue sports like swimming - I'm not sure - but I fail to see why it's necessary for big-time sports. Football coaches aren't the highest-paid state employees because they're great strategists. They're paid well because they recruit the top athletes, who work for free and quite frankly, have demands on them that neither you nor I had (granted their academic demands are likely far less.) They never made a TV show to film my Comp Sci classes and broadcast them to 10s of millions of people who would place bets on the money line for exams. I really cannot understand any argument against these guys receiving money for their own likeness when other people directly profit from them, other than 1) jealousy or 2) race. There it is. Not saying that you or anyone specific are part of the racial element of this - I obviously don't know what's going through anyone's head - but in a broad sense, I think that's why the overwhelming majority of people who are "outraged" by this just happen to not reflect the composition of the people who will benefit. If (the broad) you wants to argue that they shouldn't be paid by the actual schools as if they're employees, then cool - there's plenty of room for debate around that, and plenty of doors that opens and issues of fairness that come into play. I happen to feel that they should be able to unionize and be considered 'employees', but I understand that there's plenty of arguments against that. In this case, we're literally talking about their own likeness. How would anyone feel about someone else selling pics or videos of them online and getting rich off of it, while you get nothing for being 100% responsible for his wealth?
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    Love it. Make it the primary now. So much better than the robo-tiger.
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    I dunno. We see a fair amount of that in MLB. They mix and match old logos a lot. But damn, I do love that wordmark.
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    Pistons would like a word..
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    Yeah, except that they didn’t allow Kroenke to skirt them. Goodell secretly worked behind-the-scenes to prevent an owner from exercising his contractual rights, and publicly stopped him from doing so on at least one occasion. If any rules were skirted, it was in St. Louis’s favor. That notwithstanding, the NFL absolutely should make any allowances that put the Chargers back in San Diego with fresh and untainted ownership.
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    I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
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    "Purdue has produced the 25 astronauts, the most of any school not affiliated with the United States military." I didn't know this. That's pretty cool. I'm a sucker for space themed (Specifically Apollo themed) stuff, though. Weird how much Ohio and Indiana, of all states, have contributed to our space program.
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    Over the years, I think I've become better at appreciating uniforms that don't match, like the the Colts uniforms or the Bears roads. I can look past the awkwardness and appreciate the spirit of the uniform. However, I have found that I need to believe that you have either a reason for the mismatching (like historic tradition) or its the unfortunate result of a better look elsewhere (like when the Chiefs wear red on red and the striping patterns don't line-up because they were made to be worn with the white jerseys). However, these current Giants uniforms give me absolutely nothing to latch onto. They aren't historic, they aren't the result of mismatched pairings, and they don't even follow their own rules (the grey pants have red | grey | blue | grey | red striping; the white pants have blue | grey | red | grey | blue stripes). I can even get down with being a red-on-the-road team, even if the team is called Big Blue. I need something - anything - to hold onto. Here's my idea, Giants: be the red-striped team. Do you have white pants? Put a red stripe on there. Blue jersey? Red stripe. Red socks? Sure, as long as you add a red stripe (kidding). Whatever color you use just put a red stripe and you're golden. Go ahead and mismatch striping patterns and use 3 different white pants, just follow that one rule.
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    3 years in and the idea bin is already empty. Be prepared for a lot more of this from all teams...different colors of already existing sets and/or logo slapped on chest.
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    Disagree. They look great in white over white.
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    The new primary mark is an improvement. The new word mark is atrocious. The Top Hat complementary mark is, at best, "meh". The walking deacon complementary mark is outstanding and my favorite part of the update.
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    I don't think that's the NBA's fault, it's the Houston Rockets fault. I think people are forgetting that with the NBA, NFL and soon MLB, most teams decide what they look like and it's not just a one sided Nike or League idea. The teams decide what they put on the court or field so if anyone is to blame it's the team and only the team. Any team can take a suggestion and say "Nah, this isn't good" but some teams don't and so here we are.
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    This is easily in my top five all-time favorite college football helmets. The fact that this is so awesome, and gets supplanted by the dopey pitchfork makes me hate that design all the more.
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    Yes, I understand all that. Truly, this has nothing to do with the actual team on the court. I know the roster they've put together and their expectations and all of that. This is about perception and identity. Yes, and that sucks. I hate what Nike has done with these uniform rotations, and I think it's spawned some of the worst basketball looks we've seen. Some of it works for the team and city (see: Miami Vice), and a lot really have been terrible. And I mean worst in two ways. Worst in terms of actual looks and aesthetics. And I mean worst in looks that have nothing to do with the actual franchise and its history. Examples are the Hickory High uniforms for the Pacers (sure, they look fine in a traditional sense, but what the hell does Hoosiers have to do with the Pacers NBA franchise?) or the Clippers' LA Express-looking alternate from last year (again, what?). And to show you some objectivity, however far that'll go, the Lakers "Magic Johnson" jersey from last season. The black, the "pinstripes," etc. Just ugh. Not only was it ugly, but it didn't represent anything resembling the visual brand of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not really, no. As explained above, you can try stuff, sure, but it has to make sense. To me, these Clipper uniforms don't make sense. They feel inauthentic to what the Clippers are or represent. The Heat definitely went off board with the Miami Vice jerseys, but does it work for them? Totally! But these GTA San Andreas things? They don't work for the Los Angeles Clippers. Then maybe we should stop.
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    Ditch the practice uniforms. This is a real game.
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    They removed the logo. The name, albeit a misnomer, is innocuous in and of itself, and as long as it's handled responsibly (no Indian larping in the stands, kicking some money to indigenous groups), it's fine enough to get by. It's not ideal, but I'm not going to play Voldemort and pretend like their name can't touch my lips, either.
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    Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that when I get a chance. PEARL OF HONOLULU I came up with this team years ago, when I thought up expansion ideas for MLS. I was so proud of it, I left it mostly the same this time around, give or take a few tweaks. Same crest, same colors, even the same presenting sponsor.
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    And...I'm going to throw this in for everyone as part of "boards etiquette." There's no need to take shots at someone for making a mistake. Politely pointing out the problem is the preferable and recommended response. Being one of the "cool kids" does not give you carte blanche to say whatever the hell you want. When it comes to issues like not clipping a quote, be nice or be quiet. We've all made mistakes here. No good comes from piling on.
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    The Giants should just use the white color rush/throwback pants instead of the current ugly ones and they’d be fine. If they want to make a grey pair, even better. My biggest issue with the Giants is that nothing about their uniform matches any other part. Hell, even blue pants with a single red stripe to mimic the helmet would save the all-red road jersey.
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    Are you serious? It's 2019 and FOX is still broadcasting in 720p? how has this not been addressed yet?
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