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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    Man...Utah's throwback is cold as the top of the mountains!!! Even the ad patch works!! (UTAH'S patch design and coloring is easily tops in the league)
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    It's a better logo than anything else they've worn.
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    Nothing says DC quite like ‘Look at the new statement, it’s barely different from the old statement’. Appropriate, in a way
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    I have a few hours to kill, so I've decided to rank the NFL's current helmets from 32 to 1 in order of how interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and generally "that's football right there" the helmets are. Here are my qualifications: I have eyes and opinions and a stable internet connection permission to start threads on this forum I can type and find images Let's begin. 32. NEW YORK JETS: WE DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING EITHER For a franchise that's as old as the Jets are, you'd think they would have a few legs to stand on helmet-wise. Quite the contrary. This franchise likely spent millions of dollars on research and hiring out design firms only to come to the conclusion that putting a football in front of the word JETS with a black facemask and nothing else was an aesthetics triumph. In other years, this helmet may have been higher on the list, but this year? Bad, boring, and lifeless - fits the team perfectly. ---------------- 31. ARIZONA CARDINALS: WE'RE A TWICE-RELOCATED MODERN TRADITIONAL FRANCHISE OR SOMETHING After languishing for years with a timeless Cardinals logo that made the same face I do when filling out my taxes, the Chicago-St. Louis-Arizona Cardinals finally gave their "is that a parking ticket on my windshield?" logo a thicker stroke and proper scowl. They kept the gray facemasks because, well, they're an old-ass franchise. Modernizing in every other facet, from uniforms to stadium, they kept the gray facemask and integrated a lot of black because God forbid any other colors but red and white get involved. This helmet has all the pop and sizzle of a toilet paper streaked with rectal blood. ---------------- 30. DETROIT LIONS: DOES THIS DESIGN MAKE US TIMELESS? NO? HOW ABOUT THIS ONE? NO? OKAY, WELL It's hard as hell to take a color scheme like silver and royal blue, match it perfectly with the city it represents, and take as generic a sports mascot as a lion and screw it up, but this is the Detroit Lions we're talking about. They get close, but they keep fiddling. Black here, stroke changes there, add a stripe, drop a stripe. The logo continues to be stuck in the middle of "Roaring Angry Lion" and "Mufasa Tiredly Climbs Stairs." Someday the Lions will get themselves together and at least the helmet will fall into place, but until then they'll have to rely on the bedrock of their color scheme. ---------------- 29. TENNESSEE TITANS: OUR SUPER BOWL ERA IS BEST FORGOTTEN, EMBRACE THE DARKNESS In the wake of inheriting a solid, if not generic, Oilers brand, the Titans revamped things enough to where the helmet, while unfortunately adopting the combover streaks of the era, was otherwise a tidy white helmet with a solid fiery marble logo. For whatever reason, they decided against doing anything original with the helmet, using the paint bucket tool to make it "Steve McNair Put His Dick In Crazy" navy, and throwing their artsy energies into doing some weird junk with the shoulders and numerals. The early 2000's Bills come to mind, in all the worst possible respects. ---------------- 28. BALTIMORE RAVENS: TRAPPED BY SUCCESS IN A PRISON OF FART The Ravens gave up real damn fast on a winged shield which, I confess, sucks, replaced quickly by a bird that appears to be in great haste to find a restroom. The bird design is wonky enough, but then to slap a B in there graduates it from "what?" to "Jesus." Throw in yet another 90's combover streak set and you get the helmet design that could've been done in a Madden Custom Team Editor on a 13 year old's PlayStation. The color scheme is great, but due to two titles, they may be stuck with this for a long time, and for that they must tumble to this lowly place. ---------------- 27. CAROLINA PANTHERS: WE ARE INDEED AN NFL FRANCHISE The Panthers are really the only team in the league that owns the combover streaks, elongating them a bit and giving them a unique taper that stands apart from the pack. The logo is fine, the color scheme is good, the colors all work. The name is entirely uninspired, contrived by ownership using buzzwords pulled from car ads torn out of magazines. It's fine. ---------------- 26. NEW YORK GIANTS: BIG NAME, TINY LOGO You can't call yourselves the New York Giants, then make your helmet logo an undersized, lowercase pair of initials. Helmet, colors, facemask, all fine. Logo? Not so much. ---------------- 25. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: NO SIR, THIS IS NOT A UNIVERSITY The KC logo inside the arrowhead drains the color from my cheeks whenever I start to think, "Man, the Chiefs have such a great look." The iconic arrowhead is ruined by these weirdly-shadowed initials in a font that doesn't show up anywhere else in their brand at all. It looks like it could be a helmet for a nice high school or low-level college football team. If it was just a slightly more detailed arrowhead or the KC was done in a black, simple font style, this would be above many on this list. It's a damn shame. ---------------- 24. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: GRAY FACEMASKS FOR EVERYONE Counting on Andrew Luck's pain tolerance didn't work out. Neither did the woeful decision to employ a gray facemask. Nowhere else in their brand is gray employed. They have the perfect logo and a simple, single stripe across the top. It's so close to being an iconic helmet, all screwed up because they didn't go with a white or blue facemask. Don't go with a scheme of SOLID COLOR/WHITE if you're just going to throw in a gray facemask because some old half-dead oafs from Baltimore want their tradition respected or something. ---------------- 23: TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: CTRL+++++, OK LOOKS GREAT This is so frustrating. The pewter helmet got shinied up a bit and the drab black facemask finally given new life with a steely makeover. Then they put the logo on there. And honestly, if the flag was just on one side, this helmet would be a lot higher up my list, but the two obscenely huge swordflags creating a weird horn shape makes this thing a hot damn mess. Such a unique set of colors, solid logos, and ack, so close. Fix yourselves, Bucs. Greatness beckons. ------------- 22. ATLANTA FALCONS: MOVING ON IS SCARY, MOMMY The Falcons are the class of all-black helmets, and when they bust out their throwbacks, it really shows. Their current stubbornness to linger in 2004 is baffling, especially considering the man behind the re-energized rebrand of that era went to prison for dogfighting, and they wore those same rags in the most embarrassing Super Bowl loss of all time. They'll soon become known as the uniform that Matt Ryan squandered his career wearing. Remember simpler times, and don't you dare bust out the red helmet. ------------ 21. DENVER BRONCOS: NAY, NAAAAYY There's no doubt that this helmet, in practice, looks pretty good. There's also no doubt that this Broncos look is in need of a cleanup. The pointy, Panthers-esque horse head is for whatever reason trailed by these orange rounded mane globs. The horse's expression looks exactly like me when I find out how much an ambulance ride costs in the United States. For as long as this design has lasted, 3 championships to their credit, they could heartily stand to gently reshape the helmet logo to better carve out a rock-solid legacy that will remind people a lot less of the late 90's. ------------------- 20. MIAMI DOLPHINS: MISTAKES WERE MADE You know you've screwed up horribly when you bust out your throwbacks and fans, media, and uniform pundits alike all gasp aloud, like a tar pit survivor's first breath after endless hours of struggling to escape an oily, dark demise. The "toothpaste" logo and needlessly modified color scheme accompanied a rebrand that will now be remembered exclusively for Ryan Tannehill's weird thumb. They walked back the color changes and reshaped the font a bit to improve their look, but the helmet is a sad shell of what used to be. The dolphin's general shape and the sunburst remind us all of better times, and how I desperately want to have the Dolphins take their rightful place higher on this list, but until they put a helmet back onto a cartoon mascot and return to a manner of dignified fun, they'll be mired here in helmet purgatory. ------------------- 19. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: WE'LL GET THERE EVENTUALLY Say what you will about the uniforms, loud and Nike-ravaged though they are, but the Seahawks helmet is one of a kind. The thatched carbon-fiber stripe across the top, however, immediately plummets this helmet from what assuredly would've been top 12 down to 20. ------------------- 18. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: FINALLY OFF THE SAUCE The Jags new logo has grown on me a lot now that they mercy-killed the two-toned helmets that are and always will be an affront to all that is good and right. We of the uniform republic welcome you back to halls of dignity, Jacksonville. ------------------- 17. HOUSTON TEXANS: GOOD ENOUGH Compared to the clunky uniform starts of expansions in Jacksonville, Carolina, and Baltimore, Houston's brand only made one mistake: Having a white helmet for a few weeks. Their logo isn't all that marvelous, as it's angled weirdly ("momentum!"). Would've been better off channeling something static (re: Chicago Bulls), but at least it's the perfect size for a decal on a helmet that features no other clutter. Aim for timelessness with the logo, Houston, and we'll get you up the rankings. -------------- 16. CLEVELAND BROWNS: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL While virtually nobody outside of this message board cares about the Browns helmet, facemask, or shades of color, by even mentioning "Cleveland Browns Helmet," I'm guaranteeing this thread 10 pages of frenzied anger-masturbation. So why is this #17? I don't like the matte finish, the brown is too dark, the helmet stripe pattern is stupid as hell, and arguably (deep breath), I think a dark gray facemask would vastly improve the helmet's overall look. -------------- 15. OAKLAND RAIDERS: THE AUTUMN WIND IS STILL COMING OUT OF RANDOLPH SCOTT'S ASS Randolph Scott? *removes cap and sings* ♫RAN-DOLPH SCOTT!!♪ The NFL's informal theme, "Autumn Wind," video game mascot, John Madden, and many a legendary player have come courtesy of the Oakland Raiders, all while they wore the NFL's most notorious and roughshod colors - silver and black. The helmet and uniform is a lesson in simplicity, but yet....not perfected. "Just win, baby" has become synonymous with years of losing while drafting fast guys and Jamarcus Russell in the 1st round, and between trading Khalil Mack, dumping Amari Cooper, hiring Jon Gruden for $100 over 10 years, wasting Derek Carr's career, being completely pant-shod over the Antonio Brown saga, and having a GM that looks like Donald Trump's penis. They're planning on moving to Las Vegas, which is equal parts sensible and stupid, but the helmet has been through all of this, steely and iconic, simple and strong. Yet at the end of the day it's a shield surrounding a dead actor's winking/farting face, resplendent in a weird hat/helmet thing, with two tiny swords crossed in the background and Stanley Kubrick font saying the name above it all. It's one of those logos that somehow has endured for so long, inexplicably long, with only a sliver remaining of any success that may have been tied to its utilization in the glory days. There's something about it, though. So damned football-y. Just can't let it go lower than this. It's important to the sport. I guess. -------------- 14. BUFFALO BILLS: MY HUMPS, MY HUMPS, MY LOVELY BISON LUMPS In a similar capacity to the Raiders, there's just something about the Bills uniform and logos that is a vital ingredient to making my NFL season feel fleshed out. Except for the early 2000s Bills uniform era. We don't speak of that. Mercifully a few years ago they came to their senses and re-embraced the white helmet and gray facemask, but unlike the Lions stairmaster mascot, the Bill is arching gloriously around the helmet's side, trailing a red slash that OJ himself would be proud to make. While indeed the Bison is reaching up on to sniff something on the table or look out the window to see if the mail has arrived, the little thorns of fur give it some direction, some movement. If the Bills still used their old plain red buffalo silhouette and simplified the center stripe, this sucker would be much higher up the list. -------------- 13. WASHINGTON REDSKINS: I'M NOT UNCOMFORTABLE, YOU'RE UNCOMFORTABLE I get that this is a touchy subject, so I'll attempt to be looking at this simply from an aesthetics perspective. The Redskins colors are amazing as hell, and if their logo and name were less explicitly LOOK WE HAVE AN INDIAN IN OUR NAME AND BRANDING HAHA WE WON'T CHANGE GET TRIGGERED LIBS, I'd outwardly declare myself a pocket supporter of Washington. While the racial insensitivity of the team's name and logo is hotly debated, most could probably agree that this helmet is a real pleasure to behold (from the eyes of a white cornfed oaf such as myself, anyway). Go back to the wrapping arrow, you dopes! -------------- 12. PITTSBURGH STEELERS: FOOTBALLY AS ALL GETOUT This helmet's logo would be infinitely better if they simply cut out the tiny "Steelers" lettering within the logo, but I get why they keep it. I love that the logo only adorns one side of the helmet, but this franchise is in desperate need of a return to a gray facemask, if only to match the silver around the logo. -------------- 11. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - UNFORTUNATELY MY CLEVER LINE HERE WAS RUINED BY R.KELLY BEING A SERIAL SEX SLAVER So annoying close to being among the untouchable helmets of the NFL. Black facemask and slightly overcartooned wings tarnish what is one of the all-time great helmets in NFL history. The shade of green is fantastic (don't throw things at me), but they could stand to refine their helmet wings to be more ornate. White or silver facemask would help that cause immensely as well. ----------- 10. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: SAVED BY THE SHELL This helmet is only, and I mean only this far up the list because the metallic gold and red/white center stripe is etched into the annals of NFL legend. The logo, should you want to call it that, is a nothingburger that has zero identity and serves no purpose beyond reminding everyone where the team used to play. The golden shell, gray mask, red and bits of black...to me that's football. Even with that pointless shart splatter on the side, I'd be proud to wear this helmet as a pro NFLer. ---------------- 9. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: #SORRYNOTSORRY Flying Elvis is a much-discussed helmet logo, and I don't necessarily love it, but I...I think it looks cool. The red flange coming weirdly out of the tail of the tricorn works with the facemask beautifully. There's no other junk on the helmet, stripes, etc. Silver, metallic finish, red mask, big flowing ghostly decal, boom. You've got an excellent, excellent helmet. ---------- 8. DALLAS COWBOYS: HOW 'BOUT THEM HELMETS? There's something wonderfully YEAH FOOTBAW about the Cowboys helmets. It's stupid simple, their logo is a straightup big-ass star, and there's a couple stripes. No fuss. The shell's blue-ish tinge is one of a kind, and when you look at the Cowboys helmet, you think of a ton of players, some who you love, most who you hate. They may be America's .500 franchise, but the helmet is batting 1.000. -------------- 7. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: COWBOYS - GOLD EDITION I love this helmet, like the Cowboys, in that there's no obvious indication as to what the team is that wears the dome, but if you know anything about New Orleans, the fleur-de-lis and "Saints" nickname is an homage to the French heritage of the region and jazz heartbeat that made New Orleans New Orleans. It has aged like a fine wine. --------------- 6. LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: YOU GOT ZAPPED That gold facemask literally moved the Bolts up several spots out of boldness alone. The helmet logo is basically perfect....except that I like other ones more. --------------- 05. CINCINNATI BENGALS: PLEASE DON'T LOOK AT THE REST OF OUR UNIFORM The Bengals were one of the first teams in football that I was actively drawn to, because nobody else in the league really looks like them. Iconic to the league, I want the Bengals helmet to be higher on this list, because it's clever, neat, and unique, but all I see when I look at the Bengals helmet is Carson Palmer crumpling into a pile, Marvin Lewis burrowing into the franchise like a tick, and clown-ass uniforms that have not once been worthy of the cool helmet they get to wear. This helmet already looks amazing, but association with the last 30 years or so has dragged it down a bit. --------- 4. CHICAGO BEARS: ASYMMETRICAL AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU CAN GET OUT My dear, dear Bears helmet. Whether it's in orange bordered by white, a solid wishbone C, or bare-bald-ass with a gray facemask, it's a pretty thing to behold. It's crooked wishbone is ugly to some, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's as old as the game itself, and needs no improvement or modification. ------------- 3. GREEN BAY PACKERS: BEATING THE BEARS, EVEN ON A BEARS FANS HELMET LIST As much as I hate Aaron Rodgers and the blowhard self-congratulating Packer fandom, their helmet is NFL royalty, and while it pains me to say so, it is a beautiful damned look. -------- 2. MINNESOTA VIKINGS: FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT AND IT WAS WORTH IT The Vikings helmets have been mismatching colors, weirdly facemasked, oddly logoed, and mistreated in tiny ways here and there for a long, long time. The matte finish on the rich, vibrant purple helmet along with the slightly refined horns is an incredibly pleasure to see fulfilled. The black facemask is a slight thumbs down, but I feel like it serves the shading on the horns enough to cancel out any itchiness it creates. -------- 1. LOS ANGELES RAMS - OH ME SO HORNY Their helmet was great with the yellow, but with the white facemask and white horns over a dark navy shell? You've reached the pinnacle. It won't get any better than this. Celebrate accordingly, Rams fans, as who knows what 2020 will bring.
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    More importantly, this is how the 49ers should look.
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    A graphic I'm doing this year (I did one over the off-season for 2018), but here's the SEC uniforms by week. It gets larger if you click on it.
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    This is easily in my top five all-time favorite college football helmets. The fact that this is so awesome, and gets supplanted by the dopey pitchfork makes me hate that design all the more.
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    Yep, it’s pretty unique on the inside. Even more so when the glass is exposed:
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    With the Vikings now also wearing color rush uniforms in week 8, that brings us to 5 teams for that week: Minnesota (vs Washington), Cincinnati (at Los Angeles, in London), San Francisco (vs Carolina), New England (vs Cleveland), and Pittsburgh (vs Miami) http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=color-rush&page-title=Color Rush I believe this is the most color rush uniforms worn in a single week. And also a HUGE missed opportunity in the Miami at Pittsburgh game. The Dolphins are wearing their '72 throwbacks, so it would have been great if the Steelers wore their throwbacks, and changed their face-masks to gray for a throwback to the '72 AFC Championship game.
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    I guess Nantz and Romo dragged the Chargers "home crowd" against the Broncos all day on Sunday. And after SNF, Al Michaels referred to Carson as the "cute" stadium. Chargers are hosting the Steelers for SNF next week, and we all know Steelers fans. This whole charade is going to be showcased on a national stage. Yeesh.
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    I loved the 2013 set. I was pretty bummed when they decided to move onto the Nike set. The only redeeming quality in my opinion is the shorts.
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    Here we are at the last two concepts for the current NBA teams. First up is the Utah Jazz. This concept basically just takes the Jazz's 90s uniforms to the next step by adding a blue sky gradient behind the mountain on the front of the jersey and also putting the mountain on both sides of the shorts. Second is a team that never existed in the 90s, the New Orleans Pelicans. I made up a new "what if" identity for this team using Mardi Gras colors and some very festive and bright stripes shooting across the uniform. So that just about does it, just one more team to go. Stay tuned for the finale.
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    This is very ironic considering the topic. Final thing I'll say about it is this. While I definitely think China is being ridiculous in their response, why does this surprise anyone? If you put that much financial stake in a country like China, to the point where it can seriously hurt your bottom line if you go against what they want, you're pretty much going to have to lay in the bed you've made if it goes south. The illusion that the NBA is this "woke" league compared to all the other pro leagues is just that. An illusion. And the illusion that Lebron is anything more than just your typical, out of touch millionaire is the same thing. It was a nice trick they got to play for awhile, but we all know (and deep down, have ALWAYS known) that CREAM is the standard with these huge multinational corporations and the rich people involved with them. Why would the NBA be any different from any other major company? None of them give a single about anything other than sweet, sweet cash. If anything, I think this is good because it exposes the league, and Lebron, for what they really are.
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    I liked this set, too. Given all the bad reaction when this new one released I started working on some concepts to honor the 90s style with a modern spin. Here's some of them.
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    Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
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    if we're burning white pants, throw the Giants' in the fire as well
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    this is a terrible take. Sorry but most students don’t generate any money for their schools, and don’t end up with the means to donate hundreds of thousands after they turn pro. sorry you had to pay tuition. So did I. But I didn’t watch people buying my jersey, playing as me in video games, make a multi-million $ salary because I won games for him, etc. Maybe you shoulda got a business degree.
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    Resurrecting my MLB thread from the grave. I’ve had this much done since about May, but never got around to the player models, and as of now, those still aren’t done, but with all the talk going on about the Brewers, I figured now is probably a pretty good time to post this. In short, I’m not a fan of the Ball in Glove logo (not worth going into why, my opinion has been said already) and favor the current design over it because it actually ties into brewing, so here’s a set that tries to fix some flaws of the current brand. First off, the logos: Basically just a cleanup of what they have now, getting rid of the clutter of drop shadows and outlines (extremely similar to a post by @packerfan21396). In addition, beer barrel man is back, albeit with a slightly new look to match the new uniforms. The colors pull the navy from the current style and pair it with the athletic gold of the classic era. Uniforms: Simple enough. I used the wheat as piping where applicable. Not visible, but the beer barrel man is a patch on the sleeves. Gold panel cap returns along with powder blue roads, as well as a gold alternate jersey. As you can(‘t) see, I am missing a number font for them. I’m not sure if I want to go with a traditional block font, or if something more along the lines of the scrips would work. I’ve considered the current font, sans drop-shadow, as well as the Ravens’ font, but I’m open to suggestions if someone has a better idea. Like I said, this has been sitting in my room forgotten about since May, so no player sketches yet. Just wanted to get what I had done out for feedback, so let me hear your thoughts! (no i will not try it with the BiG)
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    If you are going to put "CLT" on a uniform, at least do it like the Knights did, and put it on a hat with a big, red button on top that hopefully just about any man could find.
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    Nobody: The Bears: Hey just wanted to let you know our throwbacks are racist and we're sorry but you can still buy them
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    UNT going with the gorgeous Mean Joe Greene throwbacks this week:
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    Nah. The Warriors look like themselves again after an ill-advised late 90s rebranding.
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    Oh come on, you know what the reason is. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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    There's no law against that either, just a made-up NCAA rule, made by people who profit off of free football labor, and that benefits coaches and big schools. Maybe the NCAA is good for non-revenue sports like swimming - I'm not sure - but I fail to see why it's necessary for big-time sports. Football coaches aren't the highest-paid state employees because they're great strategists. They're paid well because they recruit the top athletes, who work for free and quite frankly, have demands on them that neither you nor I had (granted their academic demands are likely far less.) They never made a TV show to film my Comp Sci classes and broadcast them to 10s of millions of people who would place bets on the money line for exams. I really cannot understand any argument against these guys receiving money for their own likeness when other people directly profit from them, other than 1) jealousy or 2) race. There it is. Not saying that you or anyone specific are part of the racial element of this - I obviously don't know what's going through anyone's head - but in a broad sense, I think that's why the overwhelming majority of people who are "outraged" by this just happen to not reflect the composition of the people who will benefit. If (the broad) you wants to argue that they shouldn't be paid by the actual schools as if they're employees, then cool - there's plenty of room for debate around that, and plenty of doors that opens and issues of fairness that come into play. I happen to feel that they should be able to unionize and be considered 'employees', but I understand that there's plenty of arguments against that. In this case, we're literally talking about their own likeness. How would anyone feel about someone else selling pics or videos of them online and getting rich off of it, while you get nothing for being 100% responsible for his wealth?
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    Love it. Make it the primary now. So much better than the robo-tiger.
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    I dunno. We see a fair amount of that in MLB. They mix and match old logos a lot. But damn, I do love that wordmark.
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    Jets/Browns on Monday Night Football was a good lookin' game....in 1970
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    Yeah, except that they didn’t allow Kroenke to skirt them. Goodell secretly worked behind-the-scenes to prevent an owner from exercising his contractual rights, and publicly stopped him from doing so on at least one occasion. If any rules were skirted, it was in St. Louis’s favor. That notwithstanding, the NFL absolutely should make any allowances that put the Chargers back in San Diego with fresh and untainted ownership.
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    I think this is my issue with it. Why not keep THAT jersey in the rotation why cycle through 3-4 differing colorings of the same template? If Nike and the NBA are insistent on a rotating cycle of jerseys they need to slow it down a bit. Icon and Association should have a minimum and optional cycle of 5 years, Statement jerseys a minimum of 3 years with an opt in to keep the design (there's no need to change just to change) and City Jerseys should be a minimum of 2 years. The current cycle of Statement jerseys changing every two and city every season is too much. It was KINDA fun at first ... but, why change something that works so quickly?
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    "Purdue has produced the 25 astronauts, the most of any school not affiliated with the United States military." I didn't know this. That's pretty cool. I'm a sucker for space themed (Specifically Apollo themed) stuff, though. Weird how much Ohio and Indiana, of all states, have contributed to our space program.
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    Over the years, I think I've become better at appreciating uniforms that don't match, like the the Colts uniforms or the Bears roads. I can look past the awkwardness and appreciate the spirit of the uniform. However, I have found that I need to believe that you have either a reason for the mismatching (like historic tradition) or its the unfortunate result of a better look elsewhere (like when the Chiefs wear red on red and the striping patterns don't line-up because they were made to be worn with the white jerseys). However, these current Giants uniforms give me absolutely nothing to latch onto. They aren't historic, they aren't the result of mismatched pairings, and they don't even follow their own rules (the grey pants have red | grey | blue | grey | red striping; the white pants have blue | grey | red | grey | blue stripes). I can even get down with being a red-on-the-road team, even if the team is called Big Blue. I need something - anything - to hold onto. Here's my idea, Giants: be the red-striped team. Do you have white pants? Put a red stripe on there. Blue jersey? Red stripe. Red socks? Sure, as long as you add a red stripe (kidding). Whatever color you use just put a red stripe and you're golden. Go ahead and mismatch striping patterns and use 3 different white pants, just follow that one rule.
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    3 years in and the idea bin is already empty. Be prepared for a lot more of this from all teams...different colors of already existing sets and/or logo slapped on chest.
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    Disagree. They look great in white over white.
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    The new primary mark is an improvement. The new word mark is atrocious. The Top Hat complementary mark is, at best, "meh". The walking deacon complementary mark is outstanding and my favorite part of the update.
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    I don't think that's the NBA's fault, it's the Houston Rockets fault. I think people are forgetting that with the NBA, NFL and soon MLB, most teams decide what they look like and it's not just a one sided Nike or League idea. The teams decide what they put on the court or field so if anyone is to blame it's the team and only the team. Any team can take a suggestion and say "Nah, this isn't good" but some teams don't and so here we are.
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    With what they did with the AFL 50th anniversary and the throwbacks in 94 for the 75th anniversary I'm really surprised the NFL didn't do a similar Throwback Bonanza this season. I know there's the one helmet rule and different helmet colors would prevent accurate throwbacks from happening for a lot of teams, but that was a thing the NFL made up for no real reason and could easily relax for one game if it meant they could sell a billion jerseys per team.
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    Ditch the practice uniforms. This is a real game.
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    Baylor is sticking with all-green at home, but bringing back the Sailor Bear helmet decals for homecoming.
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    These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...
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    The Giants should just use the white color rush/throwback pants instead of the current ugly ones and they’d be fine. If they want to make a grey pair, even better. My biggest issue with the Giants is that nothing about their uniform matches any other part. Hell, even blue pants with a single red stripe to mimic the helmet would save the all-red road jersey.
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    That’s really strange, it looks better facing right especially since that’s how their regular logo faces, and how 90% of head logos face most of the time.
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    I'd be thrilled with something close to this.
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    I don't get all the hate for the Rams' blue and gold away jerseys. To me, it's one of the best road uniforms in NFL history. The Fearsome Foursome look is dreadfully boring and a little too similar to the Colts from the neck down. The Rams just need to not overthink things and bring back the blue and gold classics. The only thing they should consider changing is the pants stripe.
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