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    Every time I look at this, I expect James Bond to walk into frame:
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    Let's be fair now, with this VERY minor white balance adjustment, it definitely looks purple.
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    IDK man this is a thing and looks way worse in my eyes.
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    I think that uniform change in 1996 was an attempt to modernize the popular throwbacks from the 94 season (that they wore in Super Bowl 29) and they went with white pants for the first two years. in 1998 they brought back the gold pants and it looked great. Fun fact about that Garrison Hearst run - I was around 11 years old and at my friend's house watching the week 1 highlights and when they showed this game I EXCLAIMED in my little boy voice, "oh cool the 49ers brought back the gold pants!" This was met first with life-altering silence, and second his older brother said "why do you care what pants they're wearing, f**?" and that's when I learned to keep those thoughts to myself until I found this message board many years later.
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    The red facemask is one of my favorite touches. It really makes the whole uniform less drab. I agree that by most books, it should be blue, but there's exceptions to every rule.
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    How many fonts match the angle of the initial stroke of a capital L and A? Why should they do it here?
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    You nailed the logo and the font. Spanos, please don't mess up the uniforms, its not hard!
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    The plot thickens That's the logo for Angelo State University. So either that leak is not legit or someone at the NFL office jacked a D2 college's logo for the goddamn Los Angeles Rams, which wouldn't surprise me based on the subpar creative they've been pumping out over the last few years.
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    I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
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    The unis just leaked and they’re BEAUTIFUL The new alt uniform is a bit of a bold move, but that’s going to give them such a huge advantage in the Florida heat.
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    Did you get permission to post that?
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    Kyler Murray speaks for the people:
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    Another example of a facemask not matching the helmet or jersey and looking great:
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    So much to decipher here. Why is it none of our business why Allbright and Atwater are friends. I mean, not that I think it should be our business, but the way you make such a point of telling everyone it's none of their damn business makes me wonder if there's some nefarious secret behind it. Now I'm curious. And this whole "Allbright is friends (for reasons that you just don't even need to think about, mister!) with Atwater, who knows Elway, who knows the Kroenkes, who probably made a movie with Kevin Bacon"... it's a bit convoluted, don't you think? Also, why do the Kroenkes qualify as the absolute (you did say "literally") most plugged in people in the world. Is there some list of "plugged in people" and they're at the top of it? Who else is on this list?
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    This is one of the dumber things I've ever read on these forums, "period". And I lived through the entire Tnak era. From day one of my life, I've been in favor of one helmet, one cap, home-road, etc. Now that I'm older, I enjoy the occasional (like... once a year) throwback game. That doesn't at all mean that I'm on the "team crazy-multiple helmets" train - in fact, I'm 100% against that, and always have been. I don't know that I'd use the word "excited" to describe how I feel, but being able to see Carson Wentz wear the Randall Cunningham-style uniform once would be fun for me. Here's a tip - don't paint everyone with a broad brush, in any walk of life.
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    I know they aren't sure what the Bucs new uniforms will be, but why show a Jaguars jersey?
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    It is a serious upgrade. Bravo, Chargers.
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    Looks MUCH better without gradient
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    Thank goodness. Let’s hope they bring this back soon:
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    At first glance, I could’t even tell if that was supposed to be a Rams hat or a Chargers hat. Not ideal!
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    This kinda reads like a Donald Trump tweet lol
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    word filter on the url so that it turns into a picture of an alligator wearing sunglasses
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    This is by far the best one IMO, even if it's a lighter shade of purple than the Chargers are switching to. Regardless, any color helmet besides white would be the wrong choice.
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    I'm sorry but the red facemask is still my favorite, with navy blue being a close second.
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    I give credit to the Rams for that presentation. Every new logo reveal should take five minutes like this one.
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    *shows up in bucfan's mail*
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    It's really not that hard to make the Chargers look good: Simple as that.
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    Pretty cool mural at the news Rangers stadium
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    That graphic makes It look like a South Park character got a haircut. But in all seriousness, I love the update.
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    Every single time I think the creamsicle uniforms and helmets were the best...someone posts a picture of the Super Bowl era set and makes me realize how effin’ hot that whole look is.
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    I’ve never understood the Browns logic on using the elf logo so sparingly. They could easily have the best of both worlds where they make the elf the primary logo while leaving it completely off of the uniforms.
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    Here is my attempt at fixing their current logo. Preferring the one on the right.
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    I think their helmet stripes are supposed to give that effect but your idea looks better.
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    1. That doesn’t look like the blue the chargers used. 2. That doesn’t look purple. 3. stop making up b.s.
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    That looks pretty much blue honestly. "pretty much purple" is more something like this:
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    click here to go down to most recent post I tried to create something iNsPiReD bY tHe PaSt - The shield logo and the bolt are incorporated into a new primary with a kickass horse. I went without an eye because I couldn't really figure out a proper shape for it that fit the bolt going through the center of the design. - The wordmark is a lil uninspired, but isn't supposed to be the primary focus anywhere it would be used except for merch, where it would mostly be used with the horse. - The uniforms use a custom number font and try to simplify things. No more double outline (no need for one) and no dumb stupid over the shoulder bolt striping, which I always felt was a little forced. I added bolts to the socks! Lemme know what y'all think!
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    This has been posted about 5 dozen times in this thread. Stop posting it. Stop it.
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    Creamcicle Codpiece should be the name of a new Buccaneers fan website that includes fanfic of Brady and his new teammates.
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    Is that a creamcicle codpiece? Good god, man.
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    Sorry friends, but mixing orange with pewter is a disaster. It's like mixing toothpaste and orange juice. It just doesn't work.
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    I’ve come to hate this phrase.
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    You can take the Rams out of Cleveland but you can't take the Cleveland out of the Rams.
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