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    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air did not invent graffiti. Please stop.
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    Well if that isn’t the biggest load of marketing speak I’ve ever heard.
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    Why would they do that? The cream looks fantastic.
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    Owner just confirmed new logo and uniforms that honor an iconic logo.
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    You win for the best localized comment. Hands down. Game over. G'night everyone.
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    They couldn’t have just made it a red version of their icon jersey
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    Now THAT I don’t like. Sure, the Brewers have a bit of a history with pinstripes, but that was always more of an AL thing with them. That cream jersey looks MILES better than the pinstriped jersey. Plus, the team that’s probably their biggest on field rivals wear blue pinstripes. Why would they want to match them rather than have their own look with that awesome, unique looking cream jersey?
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    Crystal Palace in 1994, haha
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    Shut up. Not you, personally, GottaDeal, but them. They should shut up. I'm not crazy about it yet. It's a whole set of half-measures: navy blue AND royal blue, cream AND pinstripes, arched letters AND a cursive alternate script. But trying to please everybody has been the Brewers' m.o. since 2007 or whenever they started re-embracing the throwbacks. It's still much better than the Times New Roman set, but I don't love it like I would have loved royal blue and a commitment to pinstripes at home. I don't understand why the Wisconsin logo needs a brick-and-mortar pattern, seems too clever by half. Milwaukee isn't the only city with brick buildings.
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    Again, Nike did NOT design these. It even states in Creamer's article on the mothership that RARE Design did the designing.
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    This is all well and good until the Brewers wear that navy jersey 90% of the time and throughout the playoffs
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    Ugh.... I hate that I'm toning down my excitement for this instead of getting hyped for new uniforms. If any Brewers rep is reading this, this is the exact opposite of what should be happening right now.
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    2024 KRAFT HOCKEYVILLE Uniforms are based off of uniforms from local hockey teams teams that play in the arena.
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    when you declare Color Rush is it like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy?
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    Nike is deliberately making the colors not match because the Cowboys insisted that the colors not match. It’s pretty simple. This one is not on Nike; the Cowboys have been doing this since well before they took over the league’s contract. Nike is just giving its customer what he wants, even if what he wants is really stupid.
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    That's my big pet peeve.... how hard would it have been to make the bricks cream when they already use it in one of the uniforms? But, frankly, if one of the biggest beefs with the set is the color of an alt logo, I'd say they did pretty damn good. I'm just happy the Brewers look like the Brewers again.
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    Now we head to Central Alabama for the Cyclones... Central Alabama University Location: Calera, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1905 Conference: Big Southern
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    Do people from Houston actually refer to it as "H-Town"?
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    My personal frustrations aside, Dan Olson's tweet is rather interesting. Might he be hinting at powder blue for the Brew Crew? EDIT: Apparently I'm not the only one lol
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    “Let me tell you, for the 100th time, why my favorite Canuck logo is better than your favorite.”
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    I’ll be okay with any color as long as they bring back the gradient!
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    If I was a Cubs fan I'd rather drive a bit longer and go to their games in Milwaukee. As much as I liked Wrigley itself, parking around is a hell of a pain...
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    The Barrelman has come back, with "a bit of an edge," as the face is meaner. There's also a Wisconsin state logo and a wheat logo ball.
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    There's a topic for this, so here goes nothing... Division II, Division III, NAIA and JUCO have their postseasons coming up. FCS starts on Thanksgiving weekend. D-II is set with the games like this... Super Region 1 -Shepherd at Indiana (PA) [Winner gets Slippery Rock] -Tiffin at Kutztown -West Chester (PA) at Notre Dame (OH) Super Region 2 -West Florida at Wingate (Winner gets Valdosta State) -Miles at Lenoir-Rhyne -Carson Newman at Bowie State Super Region 3 -Indianapolis at Central Missouri (Winner gets Ferris State) -Lindenwood at Ouachita Baptist -Harding at Northwest Missouri State Super Region 4 -Augustana (SD) at Colorado State-Pueblo (Winner gets Minnesota State-Mankato) -Texas A&M Commerce at Tarleton State -Sioux Falls at Colorado School of Mines --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Division III... Bracket 1 -Redlands at Mary Hardin-Baylor -Huntingdon at Berry -Monmouth (IL) at Wisconsin-Whitewater -Wartburg at Hope Bracket 2 -Martin Luther at Wheaton -Wisconsin Oshkosh at Central (IA) -Linfield at Chapman -Aurora at St. John's (MN) Bracket 3 -SUNY Maritime at Salisbury -Case Western Reserve at Union -MIT at Muhlenberg -Brockport at Western New England Bracket 4 -Hanover at Mount Union -Wabash at North Central -Framingham State at Wesley -Delaware Valley at Bridgewater ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, the NAIA field is set as well... -Dickinson State (ND) at Morningside (IA) -Reinhardt (GA) at Marian (IN) -Baker (KS) at Kansas Wesleyan -Concordia (MI) at Grand View (IA) -Ottawa (AZ) at College of Idaho -St. Francis (IN) at Lindsay Wilson (KY) -Cumberlands (KY) at Keiser (FL) -St. Xavier (IL) at Northwestern (IA)
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    They’re also not resurrecting the identity of the money pit that moved away, leaving the city without a team for over 30 years. I still would prefer the Washington Grays, Pittsburgh can have the Crawfords.
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    I love that logo, too, and think it looks great on a cap. But isn't this kinda the same argument we had regarding the Brewers? The mark might be imperfect (Nationals) or not directly representative of the team's name (Brewers), but it's become the brand most associated with baseball in that city. I'm a big fan of breaking unwritten rules, so this isn't a hill I'd die upon. But that weird Curly W is what I think of when it comes to Washington baseball, good or bad.
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    More to the point.... you drew all these people to your team store, but are gonna make them wait to buy the new jerseys? Then again.... Brewers.
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    How'd the Jags do today?
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    Normally I would agree. But given all the tone deaf bumbling we've seen out of the Brewers over the past few years in regards to their brand, it would be well within character for them to do exactly that.
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    Ottawa Senators In the course of finishing the alternates, which use the block font, I realized that the block font looks better than what I had before, so I updated the home/road to use it as well. Also, since Karlsson is no longer with the team, he's gone and replaced with one of the two longer-tenured alternate captains since it doesn't look like the Sens are going to name a permanent captain. The alternates take cues from the 2011-17 alternates without being a direct ripoff of a jersey from a franchise that has nothing to do with the modern Senators. I don't care what anyone says, the Senators playing in the barber pole jerseys full-time would look weird because they aren't the original Senators.
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    I thought this is Illinois, not Arizona. Because, that new logo reminds me of Navajo blanket patterns.
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    Do NOT get me started on the Christmas alts from last year... If you wanted to bring back the Irish Rainbow, just bring back the actual f-ing Irish Rainbow!
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    Harvard wouldn't be my first choice for the Revs. That'd be Nickerson Field at Boston U, which is already used primarily for soccer and is on the site of the old Braves Field.
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    These look great and I appreciate the art style, but I wonder if they wouldn't look more minimalist and better if you simplified a little bit and removed the corporate logos. The stadium should stand for itself and not need a label.
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    But the Bruins have a strong, defined identity that's not brown, and besides they can just keep making new brown merch every 3 years when they're inevitably in a Winter Classic. The Padres make this work because they cycled through tons of inferior looks over the last several decades. I would submit that this is a "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" thing. It works for the Padres, I think because the cap monogram looks quite different than the wordmark, so you don't get a sense of failed matchiness.
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    Are you kidding me? Proof?? Out of all the dumb names we have seen this takes the cake
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    I didn't realize how much the change in the shape of the lines in the M/between the glove fingers bothers me until seeing the logos side by side like this.
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    They should really just go back to Metro Stars...
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    They went from a generic San Diego baseball team to a true identity.
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    Huge downgrade for Pavel Bure, going from to this Bure wanted to wear 96 when he first became a Canuck, but Pat Quinn did not like high numbers. September 6, 1991 was when he first came to North America, which is why he wanted the number. After 2 injury plagued seasons, he switched back to 10.
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    Yo, I’ve done something like that, @FinsUp1214! Also, the ‘90s Astros looked like dreary trash.
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    All threads devolve after a certain point. Soon this thread will be nothing but cat pictures.
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