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    I whipped up a concept that I think could salvage the current identity. I'm still new to this so be kind!
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    After years of threads being Cleve-jacked, one that’s actually about Cleveland gets Rand-sacked.
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    I have a good uniform idea for the Cleveland Browns. It's a little rough but it works. Please like my concept. Thank you.
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    Every time I look at this, I expect James Bond to walk into frame:
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    Let's be fair now, with this VERY minor white balance adjustment, it definitely looks purple.
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    IDK man this is a thing and looks way worse in my eyes.
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    A purple uniform would be nice, but I think it needs more black.
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    I think that uniform change in 1996 was an attempt to modernize the popular throwbacks from the 94 season (that they wore in Super Bowl 29) and they went with white pants for the first two years. in 1998 they brought back the gold pants and it looked great. Fun fact about that Garrison Hearst run - I was around 11 years old and at my friend's house watching the week 1 highlights and when they showed this game I EXCLAIMED in my little boy voice, "oh cool the 49ers brought back the gold pants!" This was met first with life-altering silence, and second his older brother said "why do you care what pants they're wearing, f**?" and that's when I learned to keep those thoughts to myself until I found this message board many years later.
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    I'm actually working on a concept for the Bucs right now with the same idea -- I wanted to darken the pewter to remove the black. My line of thinking was to completely remove black/silver from the equation. Let the Raiders own that color scheme, especially with the Bucs having a similar identity. I like to tinker with logos before making a concept to establish the color palette I intend to use, and this is what I had come up with. I think it looks great!
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    I've done many "Vintage Style College Mascots" and as the NFL season gets started I was thinking of what their logos/mascots might look like if they had been created in the style of Arthur Evans. I don't plan on directly using any mascot/logo looks (college or NFL) that are already out there (example: using Pistol Pete for the Dallas Cowboys). However, I may take inspiration from bits or pieces of them. Over the next few weeks/months I'll be adding my newest iterations, please let me know what you think with your comments and/or likes. First up: Minnesota Vikings
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    20 minute rough draft:
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    I don't have much to say about this one. I wanted new shirts for my softball team. I love the Big Lebowski and the swinging friar logo. This is what I did with rather than sleeping last night.
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    All they really need to do is get rid of the oversized helmet logo, the chrome facemask, the shoulder yoke, the asymmetrical sleeve logos, the alarm clock numbers, and the blocky panels on the sides of the pants where the stripes should be. That should just about fix things.
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    In my opinion, an iteration like this would've been amazing. It felt like a missed opportunity not tapping back into the purple during the 2015 rebrand. I always loved the way that the bright 90's color pallet popped off each other.
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    The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
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    The unis just leaked and they’re BEAUTIFUL The new alt uniform is a bit of a bold move, but that’s going to give them such a huge advantage in the Florida heat.
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    The red facemask is one of my favorite touches. It really makes the whole uniform less drab. I agree that by most books, it should be blue, but there's exceptions to every rule.
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    How many fonts match the angle of the initial stroke of a capital L and A? Why should they do it here?
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    I know I've been "banned" from posting in this thread but I need to put an end to this madness. The chiefs are NOT changing!
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    My annual labor of love showcasing every single uniform news from Power 5 teams to Division 3 is now out! Over 120 teams featured here.
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    Anything other than Copperplate Gothic is an improvement.
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    You nailed the logo and the font. Spanos, please don't mess up the uniforms, its not hard!
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    I'm looking forward to what comes next!
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    Every number is a square number, but if you only count squares of integers, any uniform with the number 0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 is a uniform with a square number.
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    I decided to get a concept going (like so many others) for the LA Rams. I used the vintage look from 51-82 as a starting point and used some reference images of bighorn sheep (even though the vintage look seems more like a domestic sheep). Just done in pencil for now, digital to come later.
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    Hi take a look on my last work hope you'll enjoy it....
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    The plot thickens That's the logo for Angelo State University. So either that leak is not legit or someone at the NFL office jacked a D2 college's logo for the goddamn Los Angeles Rams, which wouldn't surprise me based on the subpar creative they've been pumping out over the last few years.
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    Listen Falcons, Blanks, and Nike... This... This is it: EDIT: Also, Cardinals and Bengals, please send in your Uniform Change forms before the 2021 window closes for all our sake. We might finally kill off the Reebok Piping era!
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    That guy everyone on here ridiculed and kicked out was right then.
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    Did you get permission to post that?
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    I don’t really have an opinion but wow kudos to you for catching that. This is why I come to the boards, it’s got the only people on earth who would notice things like that.
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    The Ex-Rays? It’s a double pun. Combining team names, and for the Rays leaving Florida for half their home games.
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    The pants having a gap in between the stripes but the jerseys and helmet not having a gap bugs the ever-living hell out of me.
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    I always felt like @LogoFan’s concept came as close an ideal Falcons logo as I’ve ever seen. It could stand to be a just a little bit more “swoopy”, and maybe the talon could be a smidge longer, but all in all this is as good as I’ve seen and is still my favorite Falcons concept. No comically swollen talon, the wings look larger and more imposing, and the craft problems of the original are well-addressed and cleaned up. It seems to me like the right solution.
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    Kyler Murray speaks for the people:
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    This is a perfect opportunity to switch the swords under the skull for crossbones. Raiders already have crossed swords, and the TB logo already has a sword.
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    Shoulder yolks... on a shoulder yoke.
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    The moderator team has been monitoring these teases for several years. At this point, we've had enough. This is not the place to brag that you may or may not have an "in" with someone. This is not the place to play the schoolyard "nyah nyah nyah I know something you don't know" game. If you actually have substantiated information to share, feel free, but constantly derailing threads with vague guessing games is going to stop right now. Consider this an official warning.
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    Speaking of schedule releases, check out the Padres: LOVE that color scheme.
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    Well, if you don't know/care about Isiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman, and Bill Laimbeer mugging Michael Jordan on the way to two championships and then being the final obstacle to Jordan's greatness, maybe you're a lousy basketball fan and deserve your crappy teal shirt.
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    I came on here because this thread had “hot” replies, and I was expecting so see leaks. I saw no leaks
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