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    Yeah, we're the annoying ones. Us with all our success and how we rub it in everyone's face. You're a..... Because I'm a mod, I can't in good conscience finish that previous sentence. If it helps, you can choose whatever derogatory term you'd like and fill it in yourself. Me? I like idiot or smug jackass. Maybe raging douchebag, but as I said, since I'm a mod, I have to leave the choice to you.
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    DIS THREAD NEEDZ MOR PIX Everybody ain't got network TV out here
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    Props to the Browns for wearing different colored socks with Color Rush. How much better would the Saints look with black socks or the Cowboys look with navy socks?
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    What does “blue collar towns” mean? I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people in the stadiums are “white collar”, and each of those cities - like most bigger cities - have a huge white collar population, just like most also have a large blue collar population. I laugh ugh when I hear people on the radio that are probably accountants talking about how their city is a “blue collar” town. You could make that case about anywhere.
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    Thank you for the enlargement. I like this version the best. Great work as always!
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    You exemplify some of the most insufferable New England fan tendencies. We'd still think you're being silly, just the New England factor amplifies it.
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    And finally we have the only expansion team this year, the Fargo Titans.
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    Saints look great, even though they are whooping my team. No reason not to adopt this look full time with updated black jersey (white numbers maybe?) and alt gold/black pants. As noted NFL doesn't care about contrasting socks.
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    Moving right along, we have the U of Huntsville Cherokees. University of Huntsville Location: Huntsville, Alabama Type: Private University Founded: 1910
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    The play you described was even worse than your description. You can be called for blocking early on a screen pass. However, the play in question was an overhand lateral to Chris Moore. Therefore, it should have been treated like a running play. Instead, OPI was called . . . on a running play. Even Dan Fouts managed to notice.
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    I wish the Y! was aligned, but whatever. It's fine.
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    I hate that... we know its registered lol
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    The first half of the schedule is brutal. Our Browns have a 2nd year QB, a 1st year HC, new OC, new DC, a new star WR, and expectations that were too high from the start. If they can manage to hang around .500 for the first half of the season, I think we'll get to see the Browns we expected in the second half.
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    one other tidbit in here (even though we knew already via conrad), but official confirmation that the city jersey is a white version of the coogi design.
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    Both the Rams and Browns wearing compromised uniforms last night seemed so stupid to me. If you were designing football uniforms from the ground up, you wouldn't end up with those two looks as the go-to for either team. But because of a series of silly design decisions that no one seems to like anymore, and because Stan Kroenke is a billionaire with more money than he could ever spend but somehow still wants more, the NFL puts two silly uniform combinations on its premiere broadcast and we have to pretend it's okay. It's not okay. The Browns should be wearing white or orange pants (or an all-white set), and the Rams shouldn't have gold on their shoulders or around their numbers. It's a design farce in the name of capitalism and upholding bad decisions made by people who should have known better. P.U.
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    Subway-themed teaser seemingly confirms the new Nets court: Based on this campaign the MTA uses to promote "improvements" to the system:
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    So a while back I did a sort of "what if" series where the CFL stayed as a rugby competition rather than changing to football. There was a lot of sublimation that was not met with kindness. Needless to say, I've gone back and began to redo this series. So quick background again, I stuck with Adidas as the league wide kit supplier and all teams will have a home, away and signature kit. League logo is on one arm and Budweiser as the league sponsor is on the other. I'll be posting them as I get them done as it is taking longer to complete them this time around. Right now, I've got three teams done so they will be the first ones posted. First up is the Montreal Alouettes. I pretty much stuck with their current football uniforms and transferred them over to rugby. They work really well and they have started to grow on me. They are simple and I think that's what I like about them. Their signature kit is the military theme one they had the last few years which I really enjoyed. The standard 3 stripes have taken a back seat (literally) as I have either left them off the kit completely or kept them on the back of the shorts. BC Lions: I took inspiration from their 1974 uniforms and went with the stripped look on the arms. Kept the kits simple on them and it has a very rugby style look to them. The orange really stands on against the black and has a really Meraloma Rugby Club vibe to them (current rugby club in the lower mainland). For the signature kits, I have a soft spot for their signature kits from a couple years ago. I really like the black and gray with orange piping (yes I know the dreaded piping). I felt it worked here for the kit and right now is the only kit with the 3 stripes on the arms. Hamilton Tiger-Cats: For the Ti-Cats, I also looked back at their history and went with a hoop design like they had back in 1935. I decided to avoid the black and yellow hoops and go with the black on dark shale scheme instead. I kept the 4 yellow stripes on the arms to keep with the Ti-Cats tradition and carried that look down to the socks as well. For the signature kit, I took inspiration from the Leicester Tigers tiger pattern away kit back in the mid to late 2000's. I went with the black and dark shale again on it as I didn't want it to be overwhelming on the eyes as I was originally going to go with yellow and black. I will get to the rest as I get to them but for now, enjoy the first 3 teams. My personal favorite is the Ti-Cats home but that's just me. Let me know what you think.
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    the mid-00s ESPN package was "flat with no outlines" and is probably still my favorite ESPN set, and football set ever really, the main problem I have with the FOX/CBS sets is their continued insistence on a bottom bar rather than a classic-style bug, but the fashion for that one seems to cycle in and out every few years (especially for FOX).
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    Lately I’ve been thinking about how popular alternative meats, aka edible insects, have been getting. They produce more food and less waste and pollutants than traditional meat-bearing animals, but few people are keen on the idea of eating bugs. I’ve figured it could become more popular with the right presentation. So I imagined a restaurant that specializes exclusively in alternative meats, crickets, locusts, waxworms, etc., and thought up a logo for this hypothetical chain... I don’t plan to actually try to open a place like this. If anything, I may just end up using this in a story or something. The frog mascot has yet to be named...
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    Yeah, the Rams defense deserves zero credit. The reason the Browns lost is because they wouldn't take a gimme from the Rams. F-ing Boston fans.
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    The Red Wing Chiefs introduced the first real logo in the teams history. The Chiefs added the new logo to their uniforms but left everything else the same. Old
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    Are the Browns wearing orange socks? On the NBC pregame show, the kicker was practicing in the background and he and the holder were wearing solid orange socks. EDIT:
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    Chiefs-Ravens game has suddenly turned into what they were advertising. Lamar Jackson is the next Michael Vick. But a better passer. Sleep tight DCs.
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    Curious why dazzle fabric has to weigh more. Is it because the "shine" is like a coating around each thread and therefore adds some weight? Please explain the science behind this - I'm legitimately curious. If it is because the threads really are heavier, then maybe there's a "satin" option which would be a ratio of 3:1 (or something) flat to dazzle threads.
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    Can we make "swooshkatoosed" a thing? It's more than reasonable... It's a straight up fact. The current insistence on matte over dazzle fabrics is 1000 percent fashion and market-speak.
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    I'd be thrilled with something close to this.
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    Would love to see an away version of this used and those made the new sweaters
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    Absolutely. Same reason the Brewers haven’t ditched their modern uniforms, and why they won’t just adopt the throwback uniforms when they do. It’s all about the double-dipping.
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    *ahem* A reminder to everyone that this thread is in the Sports Logos News section of the forum, and should be used to discuss the names and logos for XFL 2.0 — and not the viability of the league and/or speculation of the sort of product it will put on the field compared to the NFL. There is a thread in the Sports in General forum where those sorts of matters may be discussed, but I would encourage you not to have the same circular speculative yes-they-will-no-they-won't discussions between now and February as have been occurring lately, lest I and the rest of the moderating team develop the urge to slam our heads through walls.
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    So much of this is right, and it's a really good concept, but I still hate it. Ditching the pewter color in favor of white just kills it for me. That color is the best thing about the Bucs branding, and always has been (IMO, of course). If you swapped the white for pewter, it'd be a huge win.
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    That's not quite true. Even though the Bucs shifted to the new Nike template for the jerseys, they actually kept the older shiny Reebok pants and just put the Nike logos on them. This is similar to what the Packers, Raiders, and Cowboys did. Some of those pictures make the pants look a bit more matte than what they were, but they're definitely still the older, shiny pants. The original plan had the Bucs actually shift to using the white pants full time because Nike couldn't reproduce the look. The team instead just ordered a bulk stock of the old pants (I assume, anyway) and modified them to comply with the new Nike contract.
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    Looking at that game, if Jacksonville intends to stick with this look, I think I'd like to see the Jaguars stick with black/teal/black/teal as their primary home look, and spell it with black/black/teal/black as a changeup. IF they feel the need to do teal over teal, black socks are the only option. If they're beholden to black numbers on their road jerseys, teal pants over black socks really should be their only option. White over white w/ black socks is solid in a vaccuum, but it leaves the look devoid of Jacksonville's one signature color. Two things I believe which would benefit the Jaguars' uniforms immensely: 1) Get some color trim on the numbers; and 2) Figure out a way to get some gold trim in there. The look can survive without it, but I think it'll be enhanced with it.
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    Here's a shot of the whole field, but it's hard to see the helmet from this far away. Chiefs Twitter has some better helmet and field views: https://twitter.com/Chiefs?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1174823265375834112&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wibw.com%2Fcontent%2Fsports%2FChiefs-open-Arrowhead-with-New-Field-560829961.html And some stills from the video: Still a work in progress obviously, but it's shaping up to be a really beautiful field!
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    Or which side of the border "Grey" tends to be the Commonwealth spelling, while "gray" is the Americanized spelling.
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    Really depends on which side of the pond you're on.
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    I know semantics and getting into the weeds on the details of colors is kind of our thing here, but I would also say that they're close enough that referring to athletic gold as yellow isn't necessarily wrong. It feels a lot like calling something red even if it's officially called crimson, cardinal, or scarlet.
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    I get the idea of the Cody logo, but the blue Buffalo is too good not to use.
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    Hat was too small, but the sweater works and added a football. I had already intended on him being in a "Heisman" pose.
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    The Mariners have same the record.
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    The Thief River Falls Railers changed their uniforms for the first time in the teams history. The stripes along the top of the old jerseys are minimized to a set of stripes on both shoulders, this stripe style is copied on the sleeves and hem. New Old Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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    That's ridiculous. In addition to not knowing how much is left (maybe they have a clear strip on the side though) I want to be able to see the color of the product. It looks classy, but that's not what I'm looking for when buying mustard.
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    I do not like this design at all. It makes it nigh-impossible to know how much mustard is still in the jar (as the old packages were transparent!)
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    Unconventional colors, but a timeless design.
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    The WLAF's Orlando Thunder used a very unusual shade of neon green. Yet, because they paired this colour with traditional numbers and striping, the result was attractive, as opposed to the unsightly mess that is the Seattle Seahawks.
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    If only the star in the logo lined up perfectly with that middle point. Probably the most perfect uniform that matched up with the nick name.
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    This is EASILY one of my favorite SB logo designs...but it's completely understandable why it was replaced. If they wanted to "honor" troops and 9/11 victims fine, but that's what patches and helmet stickers are for. Changing from this to the flag-inspired logo was a pretty blatant attempt to cash in on a tragedy. I really don't see what's so understandable about that.
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