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    The new logo is trash... I'm not sure how anyone could look at the side by side and not get it.
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    Georgia has one of the best uniform sets in all of football imo.. standard helmet, pants, home & away jersey, and single alt jersey (that's an official school color).. everything looks great together.. great color balance.. simple look that accomplishes any uniform goal you could ask for.. near perfection imo
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    LSU's purple jerseys are great as always, but I don't like how they insist on only wearing them with white helmets and pants anymore. There was nothing wrong with this combo:
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    That helmet looks about 100 times better with the stripes removed and the gray mask. Add some mustard gold pants to match the numbers, pick a logo (either the helmet's or the Jersey's... Or split the difference with a new one) for both, and your good to go.
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    The Bengals wore all white socks on Sunday. Between this and the Saints last night, I don't like this new development. NFL Football socks should have a stripe or a block of color at the top or both. This single color stuff looks silly and amateurish.
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    Jets/Browns on Monday Night Football was a good lookin' game....in 1970
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    It really does. Both Washington's colour scheme on display here- burgundy and mustard gold, and Cleveland's -brown, white, and orange- are very Autumn-y colour schemes. And I've discovered that grey goes remarkably well with the colours we associate with Autumn. I can't describe why. Maybe it's the muted colour schemes, maybe it's the subconscious association of the fall with old school football, but neither the classic Washington scheme or Cleveland's scheme need grey anywhere else to justify the use of grey facemasks. They look handsome as-is.
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    I was kinda hoping the Sixers we're going to go back to the original like these but add the drop shadow wordmark/ numbers. The blue touching red doesn't look nearly as good to me. I would also like to just have "Sixers" on as jersey.
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    Good...the chrome helmet was trash and didnt fit our tradition. The greenish gold lids theyve used the past two games date back to the first 10 years of the program and just seem right.
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    With blue socks, that would’ve been an okay combo. Still not as good as silver or white pants, though.
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    This “Icey Whites” stuff is so tired. Just call them what they are. Away uniforms.
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    The combo is better with the crimson decals and masks. When I first read the description, my mind automatically went to white decals and white masks.
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    As mentioned before, here is the LAFC set, with kits made by Nike.
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    Though warm California sun is legendary, Florida is the Sunshine State.
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    I once wanted the creamsicle to stay in the past. But after years of the team being terrible in the '97-'13 and the staph infection uniforms, I think it's time to go back to something that nobody really remembers all that well and only sees as a "throwback" look. I like the white helmet, the pale, bright orange mixing with a dark red (darker than what they used way back when), and just how refreshing the whole look is now. It's not like the white helmet can't look good: The helmet at the top right would be an excellent shell for them, with either a tweaked '97-'13 logo or an updated Bucco Bruce. Pair it with dark red jerseys and white pants/white jerseys and white/dark red pants (with dark red or orange socks), then you've got something that'll look fantastic. Even pewter reduced to an accent would work, provided it never touches orange. I just don't think the '97-'13 set was that fantastic. I get that it's what got many people into the team and it felt like a "rebirth" (e.g., that game against the 49ers). But it's been so long since those glory days and so long since those colors were fashionable (and able to be rendered effectively) that it might make sense to go back to white helmets and embrace creamsicle orange more. Unlike the disgustingness of the Mariners' trident design, the Bucs actually won things in the creamsicles for a few years before being terrible (not unlike the '97-'13 set, albeit that set had a higher high thanks to playing an Andy "football is more important than my sons" Reid team and Gruden's old squad).
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    That trumpet patch should totally come back in some capacity, albeit in navy/royal/yellow.
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    Yes, I'm sure delivering amusing aphorisms about how to tell an offensive lineman from a defensive lineman - in Esperanto, no less - marks you as the Noel Coward of the New York Dragons Appreciation Society.
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    I'm supposed to go to this game. It's gonna be a terrible visual matchup. Also i hate that UH insists on using black when navy is one of their official school colors.
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    Every concept I've seen thus far has kept the font, for the most part, but removed the outlandish outlines that go all over the place. It's a decent concept. That's what the Bucs need. A solid uniform. Not something overly experimental like the Jaguars duotone gradient helmet or anything that's going to look bad in 3 years tops.
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    So a while back I did a sort of "what if" series where the CFL stayed as a rugby competition rather than changing to football. There was a lot of sublimation that was not met with kindness. Needless to say, I've gone back and began to redo this series. So quick background again, I stuck with Adidas as the league wide kit supplier and all teams will have a home, away and signature kit. League logo is on one arm and Budweiser as the league sponsor is on the other. I'll be posting them as I get them done as it is taking longer to complete them this time around. Right now, I've got three teams done so they will be the first ones posted. First up is the Montreal Alouettes. I pretty much stuck with their current football uniforms and transferred them over to rugby. They work really well and they have started to grow on me. They are simple and I think that's what I like about them. Their signature kit is the military theme one they had the last few years which I really enjoyed. The standard 3 stripes have taken a back seat (literally) as I have either left them off the kit completely or kept them on the back of the shorts. BC Lions: I took inspiration from their 1974 uniforms and went with the stripped look on the arms. Kept the kits simple on them and it has a very rugby style look to them. The orange really stands on against the black and has a really Meraloma Rugby Club vibe to them (current rugby club in the lower mainland). For the signature kits, I have a soft spot for their signature kits from a couple years ago. I really like the black and gray with orange piping (yes I know the dreaded piping). I felt it worked here for the kit and right now is the only kit with the 3 stripes on the arms. Hamilton Tiger-Cats: For the Ti-Cats, I also looked back at their history and went with a hoop design like they had back in 1935. I decided to avoid the black and yellow hoops and go with the black on dark shale scheme instead. I kept the 4 yellow stripes on the arms to keep with the Ti-Cats tradition and carried that look down to the socks as well. For the signature kit, I took inspiration from the Leicester Tigers tiger pattern away kit back in the mid to late 2000's. I went with the black and dark shale again on it as I didn't want it to be overwhelming on the eyes as I was originally going to go with yellow and black. I will get to the rest as I get to them but for now, enjoy the first 3 teams. My personal favorite is the Ti-Cats home but that's just me. Let me know what you think.
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    Could this be a sneak peek at what the next hawks uniforms will look like in 2020-21. Most G-League teams have the same colors and font as the main team
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    Sixers swapping nickname for "PHILA" on cursive statement jerseys (sorry, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to include actual pictures here anymore) https://twitter.com/JackConnellTPL/status/1172528093292052480
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    Whoever decided the Panthers should wear this combo should never be allowed to make even the most basic decision ever again
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    I love when life gets busy. Not sure if i mentioned this, or really if you guys really care but I know I mentioned a while back that I was exploring a transfer from Boise State then I wasn't anymore. Well after some thought about the matter, I ended up transferring out to NNU out in Nampa, ID (about 15-20 minutes by interstate on a good day/time from Boise) to complete my graphic design degree. It does kind of suck not being able to work for Boise State's football creative team anymore, but I'll take actually being able to get the degree I want over the job. Anyways, it's time for some MACtion. One of the most unique names in college sports and one of the most unique logo sets out there deserves some better than catalog uniforms right? Well I at least think so, and that's what y'all are gonna see. Hopefully they don't look too much like South Carolina *Tyrese Gibson voice* i'm just playin' Football - The primary helmet stays navy, with the full bodied Golden Flash on both sides. Worked in the alternate yellow lids with the same logo treatment. For the uniforms, I worked up a block number font with the same notches as the wordmarks, which admittedly has been done a lot in recent years, but I think works better tying it all together. So I cut the tail off the Golden Flash and warped it to wrap around the sleeve caps, starting in the front and terminating with a curve on the back. Alternate yellow jersey has colored in sleeve caps. Wordmarks on the front of the jerseys, new number font. Pants come in all colors, with the same tail type design doing a bit of a wrap thing on the bottom of the pants. Hockey - I struggled here a little bit with the curve of the tail. I'm still not sure if I got it right but I think I got it as best I could. Sleeve design does like football does, starts on the front and wraps and curves around the sleeve. Because of this, TV numbers go up to the shoulders. Full Golden Flash logo with wordmark underneath it, with the alternate getting the college hockey wordmark treatment with the number instead of the logo. Two colors of helmets, interchangeable if they so chose to do so. Pants have a similar motif like football. Socks and hem stripes have a stripe derived from the color blocking of the golden flash tail. If you look hard enough, it's there. Baseball - Despite some terrific script logos, these uniforms are so modern that the script logos felt very out of place on these. These are a lot like football's uniforms in a lot of ways. Two helmet/hat combos, both with the full logo on the front. Breaking it up looked wrong and bad. Jerseys have the flash tails on the sleeves, yellow alt with off-colored sleeves. Slightly angled the wordmarks which are both stacked because the words are rather long. Number underneath the wordmarks. Pants couldn't work in the flash tail, so the simpler stripe replaces it. Basketball - The hardwood also presented some challenges. I believe I mitigated them as best I could. On these, the Flash tail goes small to big, which I felt looked much better than going the other direction. Stacked wordmarks on all 3 uniforms with the number in the middle of all of them. Yellow jersey has a shoulder yoke for lack of better phrasing. Shorts have the simpler stripe on the waistband, logo on the front of the shorts, and the Flash tail on the side of the shorts. C&C welcome!
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    It does look really nice to me, but it doesn't feel like an improvement on the SOX monogram nor the Chicago script, so it's hard to see a useful place for it.
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    We can have the 2193410928340928345204935th argument about this. The white facemask, visually, doesn't look as pleasing at the gray. Mind you, I'm someone who constantly complains that uniforms aren't uniform enough anymore. But the gray facemask just worked so well with the Browns helmet. The white facemask takes the focus off the orange helmet and the stripe. It's distracting. It sticks out. The gray facemask works with the vintage feel/look of the browns. It blends into the background, putting the focus on the orange helmet. I get gray isn't in the color pallet... but the white makes it looks clowny.
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    Well, we all have our NFL team where we dig in our heels and say they look like crap. Mine has always been the Buccaneers.
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    You've brought up wanting to eliminate OPI before, and I don't really understand why. Mostly because I feel like I've gone multiple seasons without seeing that called. Did something traumatic happen in your fanhood? I also don't think offenses need any more help on 4th-and-short. How often does that even happen? I can think of like two times in history that I've seen that. The other reasoning is fine I guess, but it feels like the bolded is a case of solving a problem that doesn't exist.
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    I'm sorry, I don't even know what that means. Why couldn't the 1997-2013 logo continue on? What about it made it unworkable? If the argument is that the new logo is more user-friendly for digital use then I have to disagree. The 2013 revamp actually made it more visually complex by adding shading and details to the swords and skull that weren't present in the original. If anything the 1997-2013 logo was better suited for the digital age we find ourselves in currently.
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    Yeah like the Los Angeles Rams ... White jersey.. White pants ... and solid white socks I mean WTH?? Just pitiful !!
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    Actually, take the Jaguars set and recolor it in Bucs colors and it's not that bad. It'd still be an overcorrection, but it'd work better for them than it does for the Jags. Just make sure there's only pewter pants - no white - and it could work.
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    Great Concept1 but I LOVED the north Stars '88-'91 uniforms! especially the use of Black Thread to give the numbers a cool 3D effect
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    So I was watching SB Nation's Rewinder video on the 2015 Georgia Tech upset over FSU (if you got the time, watch it and other SB Nation videos. I can't recommend a lot of their series enough) and they used this picture of Jimbo Fisher where his Nike polo is essentially the Jets jersey template. I don't know what year this photo is from, maybe someone with a better knowledge of FSU jersey history or whoever those players are in the background can tell, but it looks like Nike had the Jets jerseys sitting around for a while, just in polo form.
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    WOW!! Thanks for the love and suggestions! For the main set I wanted to keep them somewhat simple since all the other jerseys and crazy. The double piping was done for the 2001-2007 set, because I felt that unique trait shouldnt have left. Now, the Global Logo. Based on your suggestions, here are seven (7) other logos. You can choose which one you like best, and still give further C&C. I would really appreciate it if you would choose your 2 or 3 best, so that I can get an idea of which one is universally the best: Once again, thanks for the replies!
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    I said it when he was in his "prime" and I'll repeat it now. There isn't a single high profile athlete I've ever disliked more than Tim Tebow. I can't wait till that clown goes away for good. What an absolute sham that guy has ALWAYS been.
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    Have to agree with you here for the best of the week, happy Ravens/Phins got a shout-out (IMO, the Contrasting Colour Game Of The Week or CCGOTW) & the one disagreement I have is the Jags/Chiefs.... and here's the game I'd have replaced it with:
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    The 5th post in week one. That might be a record. I'll say it again, my lists are based on good looking uniforms. Period. "Great color match ups" don't make ugly assed uniforms suddenly look good...in my opinion. Both the Bengals and the Seahawks are perfect examples of what trendy looks like well after the trend has ended. In other words, they both look ridiculous. Again, in my opinion. But to each his own. That's why we're here. Top spot? Seriously?
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    I’ll take, “Things I’ll never be able to unsee again for $500,” Alex.”
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    The San Diego Admirals have notified the UDA's licensing department that they are planning a rebrand for 1972, which will be their 15th season. Here is a rough prototype of their proposed new logo: C&C Welcome.
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    WVU has worn gold over gold vs all white before, so I don't think there's any mandate
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    We have the official sound of an Oregon duck! GRACK GRACK GRACK
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    That's it. Never calling them "icy whites" again. They'll now be known as the "diamond snowball bleach" uniforms
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    One backup or practice squad player per team. With the rest at least one step below that. That’s a pretty sizable gulf, much greater than the one between the NFL and the top couple dozen college teams.
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