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    I'd rather have no neck piping than uneven piping.
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    I, too, often think of Milwaukee tools when Ryan Braun appears on my TV screen.
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    Heart is in the right place, but that's a Christmas tree of bull :censored:. Simple is better; you've got about 7 elements there. Pick three.
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    It's not so much the details. It's the fact people are crapping on a beautiful uniform because one little thing doesn't fit their personal preference. It's ok because we're all entitled to our opinions. But c'mon. If anyone really thinks this is a bad uniform set, you're just a hard person to please
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    Outstate (rural) Minnesotan's actually refer to the Twin Cities as The Cities. Appropriate usage: "We are leaving in the morning to head to the cities to shop at Mall of America".
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    I wouldn't say that, speaking for myself. What I will say is that 2007 had to have been the single most random CFB season ever in the history of athletics. Aside from WV and Missouri actually making it to the top of the polls, let me remind us that this was the year South Florida decided to register itself into the national conference, beating Auburn at Auburn in overtime (I remember watching that game live and laughed my head off so hard at Auburn while being so happy for USF), then took down North Carolina, prior to beating West Virginia to get to I think #8, the once Auburn beat Florida, USF jumped all the way up to #2 in the polls (and all this in just their eleventh year in existence!), and then came that game against Rutgers (yeah, speaking of random randomness), which took the wind out of their sails--they ended up losing their last two games and then dropped out the polls altogether. Also embedded in that most random season, ever, speaking of randomness, was the single most random team ever, the freakin' Kansas Jayhawks, led by everyone's favorite coach of all time (haha!), Mark Mangino. I don't think Todd Reesing ever got the credit he probably deserved for his part to play in that season, but this was the team (& season) that produced CBs Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. Somehow they made it to--and won!--the Orange Bowl that postseason against Virginia Tech, wherein aforementioned Talib won game MVP...and then KU just faded right back into obscurity like they were never there in the first place. Yep...that year was quite the doozy.
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    The Swift Current Broncos are doing a Swift Current 57's night this Friday. The 57's are the summer collegiate baseball team.
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    A couple of years back of SBNation wrote a whole bunch of stuff for the 10 year anniversary of that season on how bat- :censored: weird all of it was, which was pretty enjoyable https://www.sbnation.com/a/2007-college-football-season
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    Too much drop shadow on the wordmark.
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    I mean, they have had both their City and Statement jerseys 2 years longer than most of the other teams have. Nike has to be feeling a bit constipated
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    Dreamers for Christ, Pioneers for Christ, Explorers for Christ
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    Well, its been a long time! Life has gotten extremely busy (college applications, amirite?) and I've been working on a few projects, one of which I'm ready to show! So, let's be honest, the NBA City uniform program has been hit or miss sometimes. And there has been a ton of great ideas missed and not used. So, since now's the time that teams are unveiling their uniforms (after being leaked ), I figured now's the time to unveil mine. Each team will have 2 new uniform ideas, each implementing new or built-upon ideas. Of course, I tried to expand the color bases and inspirations to create new, unique looks. Oh, and the teams will be released in a random order to help spice it up a bit! So without further adieu: lets get this started with the Detroit Pistons: Version 1: "SHELBY BLUE" The Pistons seem to be infatuated with the "Motor City" look, which is fine. But I built upon this idea to pay tribute to one of America's most iconic car models: the Shelby Mustang GT500, a car built in nearby Ionia, Michigan. While the racing stripes are kept, the rest of the uniform builds upon details found on the car. The lettering font draws inspiration from the lettering on the car, while the short striping and detailing are taken from the lower striping on the car. The lettering found on the shorts also come from the same location, with "GT 500" being replaced by "DP 1941", paying homage to Pistons history. The uniform's base color is Shelby Blue, a shade of blue iconic for being found on Shelby cars such as the Mustang and legendary Cobra. Hey, if you're going to have a car-themed city alternate, might as well go all in! Version 2: "MOTOWN" Of course Detroit is more than the cars it produces, it was also the birthplace and home to the legendary Motown Records. One of the most important developments for black musicians, Motown forever changed the music world. While it may be based in LA now, Detroit will always lay claim to Motown as its own. This uniform pulls in influences from around Motown's branding to create a quite an eye-catching look. The label found on the records acts as the base, complete with the white-blue split, map-style lines (disclaimer: the map is not of Detroit. I couldn't find many clean enough looking lines), and over-the-top lettering. The shorts feature the same design, but with the Motown logo on the side of the shorts. This uniform lets the sounds of Motown roll on, now as a uniform. Alright, so there is the Detroit city uniforms. Let me know what you think! Oh, and here's a teaser for the next team... Cheers until next time!
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    Well at least the Republic will distract from the ineptitude.
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    I was about to post the same article. Idiot franchise.
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    They're so inept, someone stole $13 million from under their noses https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28078881/how-nba-executive-jeff-david-stole-13-million-sacramento-kings
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    That's honestly my take. I actually think these are very tasteful and can't find anything to complain about... But as soon as I get on this site, I see the weirdest little nitpicks that have nothing to do with the overall presentation.
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    if they brought back that neck piping I guarantee EVERYONE would be complaining about how the two are uneven. Speaking of which, im starting to get really pissed off at this site because a lot of these complaints are just NPFNPS aka nit-pick for nit-pick's sake. The home creams are honestly best as-is.
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    Bears in throwback helmets making this a near-perfect duplicate of the 1963 NFL Championship Game....
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    The passion and energy... Someone needs to tell Nike that this isn’t working
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    Not necessarily... The M logo has that awful little underline on it, and it has a really wacky structure to it. The way the shoulders of the M sit on each other is pretty bad. It's a little cheesy, and oddly designed. It looks like it was made for the 80's and that's where it belongs. The TC has good structure and a nice flourish on the letters to not be boring, but not be overly complex. It fits wonderfully on a hat, along with other dual-letter monograms. It's up there with the Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers. It's too good to not use as a cap logo. The management might have a few things wrong about the uniforms, but keeping the TC is not one of them.
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    I have the purple cap, which is one of my favorites. The Southwest look is something they really should have owned. That’s why I hope the team eventually just goes full homage to the classic team. Of course, not with that current font. It’s more of a color mismatch than the Padres’ font.
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    That's being kind. The new Chicago Fire FC mark outstrips all current MLS marks in terms of piss-poor design. It's worse than the "pre-school Crayola scrawl" of the New England Revolution. It's worse than the "multiple random elements in search of a cohesive whole... oh, and a clip-art soccer ball" of the San Jose Earthquakes. It's worse than the "cavorting spermatozoa in a pregnant badge" of Sporting Kansas City. What will truly push it into the cellar compared to their MLS club logos will be the insipid marketing-speak that trumpets how the central device is all things to all people: it's a depiction of fire... a nod to the six-pointed stars on the City of Chicago municipal flag... the downtown Chicago skyline reflected in the waters of Lake Michigan... the Chicago Water Tower left standing amidst the flames of the Great Chicago Fire. The only positive thing I can say about it is that the oval shape is unique amongst the league's badges. Beyond that? Brutal.
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    I have a feeling that adidas will give them a Mexico style knockoff kit for the game and the MLS will look like an adidas version of the US national team.
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    Next up are the Cowpokes... Houston State University Location: Houston, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1920 Conference: Big Southern
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    Then we have the Erie Islanders with their classy blue and gold look. #16 Erie Islanders Erie University Location: Erie, Pennsylvania Type: Private University Founded: 1863 Conference: Eastern Hockey Conference National Championships: 1 2016 Frozen Four Appearances: 1 2016 Conference Championships: 1 2016
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    "Actually, it's 'Fútbol Club,' in tribute to our dedicated and hard-working Hispanic supporters, who we banned wholesale from entering the stadium."
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    Blue on white for the Bills vs Denver. First time for a home game this year they’re wearing something they’ve already worn once at home.
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    I’m sorry, ATL is just as pointless as PHX, ORL, MSP, all of them. The only place they belong is on the score bug
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    I'm still trying to figure out how powder blue and white celebrates people, places, art, food, music, and culture of the Twin Cities. Seems more like Twin City Tar Heels.
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    Up next are the powerhouse Central New York Bengals. #15 Central New York Bengals Central New York University Location: Cortland, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1933 Conference: Eastern Hockey Conference National Championships: 3 1989, 2007, 2013 National Championship Runners-Up: 1 2012 Frozen Four Appearances: 7 1989, 1990, 1999, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2017 Conference Championships: 8 1989, 1992, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2017
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    The dummy Rockets could've emulated the Big 3's Aliens font, if they wanted the NASA look...
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    Next up are the Broncos of Eastern Texas. They are always a contender in the Big Southern. Eastern Texas University Location: Lufkin, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1936 Conference: Big Southern National Championship Runners-Up: 1 2000
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    Montréal Canadiens x Paris St. Germain
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    Minnesota North Stars x Norwich City
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    Oh f--k, I completely forgot about them. Just do a modernized '60s design, a modernized Metrodome-era look (with road pinstripes and a home-style "Minnesota" wordmark), or something entirely new with light blue or "wheat" accents. Just be cohesive.
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    I'm gonna be honest: I think this is a downgrade from their actual set. I think the new ball-in-glove looks better than the old one (cleaner, better-looking ball) and the royal adds to the design. I really like the block script they currently use as well as the cream home uniforms. However, I do love your Brewers script, and the uniforms are really solid, just not what I prefer.
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    Ravens are going color rush per their schedule online. https://www.baltimoreravens.com/schedule/
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    I have been trying since September 2016 to put together a 36-team league with alternate-universe identities in NBA 2K, but faced massive bugs in 2K17 and 18 that kept me from doing so. Along the way, I've created logos, and recreated many of them, as I faced multiple dying computers (Dropbox and Inkscape used to be incompatible with each other.) Now, finally, I have a somewhat functional version of the game, albeit I had to find a way around a bug to make it work. So now I'm ready to unveil the first part of a massive multimedia project. The plan is to integrate images and recording from the game to tell the story of this alternate universe in video and blog forms. The mods needn't worry, as I'm not going to delve into the history here on the boards. You've seen bits of this project already, as I've sought advice for some of my logos here, and I will mention and link those at the appropriate time. But now I can put it forth in a slightly more appropriate form. Bear in mind that NBA 2K has some uniform limitations. You'll notice, for instance, that my numbers on the back of this first set of jerseys are a bit misaligned. I can and will fix this; it is simply a challenge that the alignment system for each uniform element is totally different, and it took me a bit to get the hang of it again. A few more caveats: *I am looking for advice, but a lot of it is more for smaller details. For instance, I'm not sure I have the size and placement of names and numbers very good on a lot of jerseys. *I'll say up front that I'm generally not keen on arched wordmarks on the fronts of jerseys. I know that it's the norm, and the idea is that it helps to make the wordmark bigger. But I find that it makes the chest look narrow, and a narrow chest doesn't look especially athletic to me. *All of the uniforms will have the same model. That's part of my bug workaround. *I'm not aiming for a flashy presentation. These are just screen captures, unretouched beyond some cropping. *All team names and locations are carved in stone, and have been for over three years. *Remember that this is an alternate universe. Some identities and even aesthetics might not align with those in our own history. With that mind, I present to you my first entry from the International Basketball Association, from the Northwest Division of the Northern Conference, the Vancouver Grizzlies: (And, yes, I got that update taken care of...)
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    I think the only bigger surprise than Beloit not being on this list is the fact that Beloit is even still around at all. Think about if you were to travel back to the mid-80s, when Appleton, Beloit, Kenosha, Madison, Wausau, and Wisconsin Rapids all had teams in the Midwest League. Then tell people there would only be two Wisconsin teams left in 2020. How many would seriously guess Beloit to be one of them?
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    It looks like Quad Citites in on the list only because Beloit might actually get their act together. All this and more in the latest from Ballpark Digest: https://ballparkdigest.com/2019/11/18/more-details-emerge-on-mlbs-assault-on-hometown-baseball/
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    Quad Cities' presence is surprising when you think about the quality of the facilities there (and the size of the market), but they're an Astros affiliate (read DustDevils' link) and the River Bandits spent like a month on the road last season because Mississippi River flooding in Davenport left the stadium inaccessible. This is unacceptable for a franchise that has never ever had to play games elsewhere due to acts of God. /sarcasm Cedar Rapids is the largest Iowa Midwest League market after the Quad Cities AND a Twins affiliate, which is enough to save them given the likely arbitrariness with which the Houston statheads compiled the list.
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    Manfred himself brought Vancouver up as a possibility, so I'm sure it's getting respect as a candidate from the people who counts. I don't know if it'll get a team before Portland though, unless it falls through for some reason. It has about the same metro area pop as Portland, and is about the same distance from Seattle.
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