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    This made me realize that the two teams have essentially the same logo.
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    Hey everyone, A while back I started a discussion in the General Sports Logos forum on which MLB teams could most use redesigns and new color schemes. It sparked the idea that a few teams with older/outdated designs could look to local college baseball teams for design inspiration. For this mini series, I'll be focusing on a small group of teams, maybe four or five. Let's start today with the Angels! ANGELS HOME: ANGELS ROAD: ANGELS HOME ALT: ANGELS HOME/ROAD ALT: For the Angels, I've used the Trojans of the University of Southern California as inspiration. The Halos adopt a deep crimson red and athletic gold scheme, a color combo I've long felt would work well for them. The cursive "Angels" script is a tweak of the original Lakers script from the early '60s. No unnecessary outlines or drop shadows. Just keep it simple. I've also brought back the early "CA" monogram. C&C appreciated! The Rangers are next.
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    We're going to talk about all this crap for 300 pages and they'll come out with a black primary.
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    I thought about that with the Reds as well! But figured I may as well keep with the theme here. Seahawks to Mariners is coming up! Definitely Pat Patriot or Color Rush coming there for sure. Next up... ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS = CARDINALS NY METS = JETS CHICAGO CUBS = BEARS SEATTLE MARINERS = SEAHAWKS
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    I do have to agree. He certainly rehabilitated himself and his reputation over the years, trying to better himself and learn from his mistakes. If anything, it's a positive example for how somebody can repair themselves from such an error. I also agree with what @Lights Out said. Any attempt to posthumously "cancel" him over those charges or say it invalidates his legacy is just garbage journalism and reflects a lack of understanding. It's complicated, it shouldn't be swept under the rug, and now is not the right time to discuss it.
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    Confirmed from NFL.com: 49ers in White on Gold, Chiefs in Red on unknown.
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    Teal’s back in 2021? Not long now guys!
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    Maybe it's my location (upper Midwest) or my profession (legal), but "forced diversity" has a fairly strong race-related connotation for me as well. It definitely wouldn't have been my choice of words.
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    These photos make me miss reebok even more.
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    brandiose is the graphic design equivalent of a comedian with one good joke that keeps ramming it down people's throats until everyone wants them to get hit by a LIRR train.
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    Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated. Here is an updated version taking on board all your comments. Feathers increased in size and reshaped to loose sharp edges. Modified nose, mouth and chin. Addressed the neck - reshaped now as a bust. I am not sold on the highlight to hair, this is a tricky one to get right.
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    From a distance this is gonna look like Louisville.
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    So, on the menu at our house in 2 weeks: - Kansas City Barbecue (burnt ends), and - San Francisco Cioppino. Desserts will be Ghiradelli chocolates and Bess Truman's Lemon Ice Box Pie.
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    I mean, none of the teams need sponsors, the WNBA I could see needing sponsors, the NBA though? With the contracts they hand out, I’m sure they’re drowning in money. They’re just greedy pigs who also like ruining uniform aesthetics.
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    The idea of having one all-star team wear 8 and the other wear 24 to honor Kobe and the captains wear 2 to honor his daughter is trending on Twitter. Hopefully the league considers.
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    The Hammond Pros played 39 games in their 7-season existence. One of those games was played in Hammond, Indiana. They didn't really "have the NFL" in the first place. There isn't any actual "local NFL history in the area" for the vast majority of these "bygone cities" that aren't, well, Canton*. I know it's fun to look at 1920s NFL standings and go "whoa! 1926 Los Angeles Buccaneers!" because it's interesting and quirky. It just doesn't tell you that those teams existed mostly on paper. Sure, the games were played, but the idea of the Los Angeles Buccaneers or Dayton Triangles being a "franchise" wasn't how, I think, some folks in this thread are envisioning. Read some books about the early NFL, they're interesting. *or Pottsville, because it's one of the exceptions where locals have made an effort to preserve their significant early NFL history.
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    It’s great, other than the awful white facemasks. Less of an issue are the stripes on the gold pants. I’d drop the white stripe and go with one solid navy stripe. White is completely unnecessary outside of the away jersey.
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    And this right here is where you crossed a line. It’s certainly expected to aggressively criticize the positions your fellow posters take. But here you are criticizing those posters themselves, which is out of bounds. We don’t have to respect every argument posted on these boards; gods know some just aren’t worthy of respect. But every person here is. The distinction may seem subtle but is actually crucial. I can say that “personal insults betray the shallowness of one’s argument” without actually calling anybody shallow. Come on, everyone. Let’s try to keep it civil. Attack the argument, not the poster.
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    Celebrating 10 years of boring Super Bowl logos.
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    He was on his way to this daughters AAU camp
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    Thursday camo and Sunday throwbacks are gone.
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    I hate that they changed their primary logo to just the bird head. It always will look quite off without the baseball behind it
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    That molded center ridge was just a part of every helmet. Specifically pre-80's. In fact, it was such a given the the Seahawks designed their wrap around logo with the one inch gap to account for it. It wasn't until the last Nike redesign that they realized they no long needed it.
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    As a Falcons fan and resident Atlantan, I've been waiting for the day to come for the Dirty Birds to drop their Arena football look and get with the times. Needless to say, I'm excited. I wanted to try my hand at a new look. This concept is a blending of eras. It uses the red helmet and black jersey combination of the original 1960s teams. Light gray is used in place of white, reminiscent of the old sets with the gray pants and occasionally gray numbers. There are several combinations available as we saw the team use in the mid 2000s. A lot of concepts employ the shape of the wings on the sleeves and pants. This looks too abstract, in my opinion. I wanted something that resonated as traditional, yet with touches of modernism. For that, I used a single stripe design that thins out in the middle, similar to the wing- yet the shape is still contained within a traditional stripe shape. This evokes a bit of movement and speed without resorting to odd shapes and lines like we've seen from Nike lately. The stripe is consistent across all applications, similar to the Florida Gators. Take a look at this site I made which allows you to choose your favorite combination: https://andrewwagner.wixsite.com/atlantafalcons2020 And a preview:
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    I think they mean like the road uniforms they used in the '80s. And I found this mockup from April 2018:
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    A team owned by a billionaire needs a "sponsor"?
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    Looks like the elephant have lost one of its yellow socks, poor guy, he is just like the rest of us. Look in the dryer again old buddy, it could still be in there.
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    I agree entirely, that white is jarring. But, dare I open this can of worms, a gray facemask would work great, too.
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    Because it’s in Chicago, that’s the star on its flag
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    DAMNIT! I wanted those to be fake.
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    To be fair about one point - the Philadelphia Eagles started wearing these pants with black trim in 1985. NFL season starts in September. http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=teams-season&team_id=PHI&year=1985 The Roughriders adopted the silver and black trim in 1985 and started wearing this same pant design in 1985. 1985 CFL season started in July. So really, the Saskatchewan Roughriders wore this exact pant design before the Eagles did.
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    California is a pretty distinct looking shape...but maybe that's just me. I'm a geography nerd.
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    Yeah and that’s great, but you also have to remember my sports consciousnesses came about pretty much the very year that Steve Young led the Niners to that last Super Bowl win. In fact, I’m pretty sure my first ever “football memory” was from that game. That era, and the proceeding dark red with a touch of black era, is basically how I see the 49ers in my head. The Montana era was great, but it was also before my time (So, essentially, I missed all of the fun). Give my millennial head the Niners (last) Super Bowl era dropshadow set any day of the week
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    I’m open to any color primary jersey as long as the helmet is red.
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    That’s not royal. Royal would also be a huge improvement over that slate blue. Those two corrupt colors just don’t work for me in combination; the grayscale tone is too similar. Brighten or darken either and it would be much improved.
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    Is Cleveland gonna have a block C inside of a block C, with a block C on the side to make it legit? Will orioles will have half a bird eye inside the Os logo? Will Det have half a tiger face inside the Detroit D? i mean who comes up with this? Some logos will be absolutely illegible, worse than the reds. will the nationals have their roundel inside of their W logo (even though it already features the W)? Same with the twins and their alternate ? this is a car wreck I can’t look away from.
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    Not a fan one of throwback endzone and one current one. Throws off the balance of the field. One great thing about Super Bowl fields through the years, for the most part, was the overall consistency of the field
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    I wanted the Titans to beat the Chiefs and make it to SB 54 simply because the uniforms put such a bad taste in people’s mouths
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    I was worried they would rebrand as the Vegas Raiders to coincide with their new hockey neighbors. This just makes the Knights' name look even more stupid now.
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    I'm concerned that the Cavs, Kings, and Suns made the playoffs...
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    Leagues shouldn't have to make rules to ban things that are already banned by local or national laws. Should the NFL make a rule that any player that shoots up the opposing team with an AR15 is subject to a 4-game suspension? If steroids were illegal back in those days (and I don't know for sure if they were), then they were breaking rules even if NFL didn't explicitly state it.
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    Prepare for the worst \/ \/ \/ Hope for the best
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    Last time the Niners were in the NFC Championship, Sherman had the key final play to win the game for the Seahawks. Now on the final play today Sherman ices it with an INT.
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    BTW, I need to say that I've been a long time lurker here (I believe I stumbled upon this site when searching for Super Bowl fields 6+ years ago). As a kid, I LOVED seeing the Super Bowl fields. I grew up with ESPN's Super Bowl highlights marathons in the 80's the night before the big game. I think it was X-mas '89 or '90 that my parents got me a sketch pad and 100+ colored pencil set. I wasn't much of an artist but I could draw football fields! The silver pencil in that set had a shine to it I knew would be perfect for the SB trophy and mid field in III, IV, and V. So I drew all the fields up to XXV at the time. I wish I could find that sketch pad to share with everyone here. But I want to give a BIG thanks to @pitt6pack for doing this project and keeping up with it. I now use paint.net to do my own creations...because it's fun, LOL.
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