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    So I’ve been noticing a new version of my Birds' cap logo being circulated, mainly on TV displays, and also on the banners and big screens at Busch. Here’s their "current" emblem... and here's the one I’ve been seeing... I kinda like it. I like the new serifs on the letters, and that the T is no longer bumping up against the top of the S. I hope they switch to this for real, but what are your thoughts on this?
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    If they were going to go the diagonal nickname route they really missed the boat.
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    So, just to clarify. The Warriors have the city jersey, but that isn't the city jersey, the city jersey is the town jersey which represents the city they left for the city represented by the city jersey which isn't the city jersey.
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    Half of MLB was formerly an "alternative baseball league". The American League is the most successful alternative league ever. It just happened to start 108 years ago.
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    Hey, look, it's every single Cardinals concept ever made on these boards!
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    Continued to be wildly baffled by how bad this looks
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    He can't hear you because he has two headsets on.
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    I'd argue that the current set looked dated the second it was unveiled. The old set was fine - they just needed to settle on fewer combos.
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    More Warriors alternates leaking
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    I think even if they just made the collar green it would look better. Quick and dirty fix of that and adding white trim as most people have mentioned.
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    This is one of the best looking football uniforms, at any level, at any time;
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    Gold is the only colour pants the Saints need.
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    The 90s Cavs logo is the best Nets logo ever created.
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    Yo, I’ve done something like that, @FinsUp1214! Also, the ‘90s Astros looked like dreary trash.
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    Wrong. The new Jets uni is clearly a blatant rip-off of the Farmingdale High School football team of Long Island, NY. Shame on the Jets for stealing these kids' uniforms. Sad.
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    We're going to talk about all this crap for 300 pages and they'll come out with a black primary.
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    Man...Utah's throwback is cold as the top of the mountains!!! Even the ad patch works!! (UTAH'S patch design and coloring is easily tops in the league)
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    Orioles breaking out the 1969 throwbacks:
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    Forget alternate, I’d make a whole set out of that. Yes please.
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    Title is self explanatory. For me, my favorite was how the Army-Navy game became an arena for uniform design. From two teams with nearly identical uniforms to a game where the uniforms are as noteworthy as the game itself. Least favorite: Nonsensical combinations of white / grey / colored uniform garments in college football and high school
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    It's a better logo than anything else they've worn.
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    But black is already Carolina’s primary color...
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    I do have to agree. He certainly rehabilitated himself and his reputation over the years, trying to better himself and learn from his mistakes. If anything, it's a positive example for how somebody can repair themselves from such an error. I also agree with what @Lights Out said. Any attempt to posthumously "cancel" him over those charges or say it invalidates his legacy is just garbage journalism and reflects a lack of understanding. It's complicated, it shouldn't be swept under the rug, and now is not the right time to discuss it.
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    I have to feel that anyone defending the new Fire logo is either paid to do so, a contrarian, or "it's the children who are wrong" memeing. The Fire logo is nearly universally hated by anyone not connected to the organization or anyone not being provocative for whatever reason. I dislike being told the majority opinion is "mob mentality." Sometimes the majority does rule.
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    New Twins alternate for 2020-
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    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air did not invent graffiti. Please stop.
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    Mandatory Color Rush was a trip. The same league that wrote like a five-page single-spaced handbook on how to pull your socks up and only wear regulation-length fanny packs turned around and came up with a Brand Dilution Initiative. Go figure.
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    I still think the 90’s pinstripes were better, but this is still a very nice alternative. Well done, Bulls.
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    Anything that hurts college athletics is a good thing in my book. The entire industry should be banned.
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    I love the shift. And this is the perfect rebuttal to any complaints about it - don’t like the shift? Then hit it where they ain’t.
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    While we're here, the white numbers still look wrong to me. Give me back the yellow.
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    LAS VEGAS LIZARDS - What’s eating Gilbert Gila? (Father Ted .gif's are here) This proposal had a surprising amount of longevity to it. Not only did Las Vegas express interest in receiving the Expos, but the city was also in Jeff Loria’s extortion/relocation talks in 2006. But how did Vegas get in that position? Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, a former mob attorney, networked with Democratic financier Lou Weisbach in 2003. Weisbach used connections with several influential MLB figures (e.g., Cubs broadcaster Steve Stone, relocation consultant Corey Busch, and Michael Shapiro - former general counsel of the Giants and Braves) to get baseball’s attention. Thanks to a letter from Shapiro, the Vegas group immediately got interest.1 However, Goodman’s original plan for a publicly-financed downtown stadium (as advertised to MLB) gave way to a privately-funded proposal in the parking lot of several casinos (e.g., the Aladdin, Paris, and Bally’s) on the Strip. This would have been a $420-$500 million park with a retractable roof and several event configurations (e.g., boxing and concerts). Because of this change of plans and a lack of clarity in securing funding, the plan did not get all that much serious consideration. It was clear that there were too many obstacles in the way of a viable stadium plan.2 Still, Goldman and Weisbach expressed interest in swooping up the team after DC’s funding negotiations hit a snag. During Loria’s attempts to get a new stadium in Miami, the Marlins reached out to Las Vegas. Goodman met with Marlins executives in 2004, with talks continuing into 2006. Since the Marlins got their stadium and Vegas never got a competent stadium plan together, Sin City remained without an MLB team.3 TL;DR: Harold Howard as Goodman/Weisbach, with Steve Jennum as MLB.4 While Vegas might one day support an expansion team, the tourism-based economy would discourage an 81-date schedule. Add in the economic downturn following the 2008 recession, the need for realignment, and the long-term desire for a team in Washington/Northern Virginia, and you’ve got a messy proposition. Also, Cashman Field would have made for an inadequate temporary venue. However, what if either MLB or Loria went all-in on Vegas? What would have happened? I turned to local fauna for the inspiration, namely the Banded Gila Monster. This lizard was the inspiration for the sore losersGolden Knights’ mascot and is certainly a fierce creature. The color scheme is black/yellow-gold/red, akin to the coloration of the team’s namesake. The primary is a top-down view of the lizard’s head within an ace of spades. The insignia is a cursive interlocking “LV” (Beaverton Script modified) while the tertiary is the primary in a roundel. The lettering is the Atlanta Hawks’ 2007-15 font since it reminded me of the Golden Knights’ wordmark lettering. EDIT: I've adjusted the script and tertiary to incorporate @vtgco, @coco1997, and @AstroBull21's C+C. Linked here are comparisons for the scripts and tertiary, and the original is here. The uniforms follow a fairly traditional template, with a black/yellow-gold co-dominance. The scripts draw inspiration from the Las Vegas Wranglers’ uniforms of the 1950s. Three-layer stripes are on the sleeves and pants, which pair well with Northwestern stripes on the socks. The Hawks’ font makes up the numerals, while the primary is on the sleeves. The original is here. The alternates include a yellow-gold jersey with a yellow-gold-crowned cap. The black jersey features the team insignia on the chest and the tertiary on the sleeve. I've replaced the insignia with the "Las Vegas" script and tweaked the home alt script. My initial rendering is here. Additional alternates include a pairing of the yellow-gold headwear with the home uniform, while also featuring a racing stripes uniform. Inspired by the Expos’ similar design, this one has a white front-panel and the primary on the chest. The original is here. The jacket features the road script. Here's the first variant. Whether they were the Expos or the Marlins, a relocated team in Vegas could look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, oh deer-y me! 1 AP, “The Dreamers in Las Vegas Awaken and See the Expos,” The New York Times, May 23, 2004, sec. Baseball, https://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/23/sports/baseball/the-dreamers-in-las-vegas-awaken-and-see-the-expos.html; Steve Fainaru, “Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on Expos’ Move,” The Washington Post, August 13, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/sports/2004/08/13/las-vegas-rolls-the-dice-on-expos-move/984a032a-6a15-4047-a913-66fa455b4565/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fa52463fec9d; Rob Miech, “Long Shot Ready to Run Again,” Las Vegas Sun, September 23, 2004, sec. Sports, https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2004/sep/23/long-shot-ready-to-run-again/. 2 Ibid. 3 Charles Elmore, “Stadium Roulette Opening-Day Ritual,” The Palm Beach Post, April 12, 2006, sec. Sports; Barry Jackson, “Marlins Considering Move to Las Vegas,” Houston Chronicle, December 9, 2004, sec. Sports, https://www.chron.com/sports/astros/article/Marlins-considering-move-to-Las-Vegas-1654331.php; Michael McCarthy, “Vegas Makes Play for Team - Mayor Leading Push to Lure Big-League Franchise to Desert Says Don’t Bet against Sin City,” USA Today, November 30, 2005, sec. News. 4 There’s something about early UFC that’s just so endearing, especially pre-insanity Harold Howard. Crime in Sports did a fantastic episode on him.
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    I wish my favorite team was only 20 years between playoff wins.
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    No offense, but that's all kinds of dumb. The only way Lamar Jackson is out of the league before age 27 is if he suffers a career ending injury. Even if he flames out as a starter, he'll stick around as a backup. (See III, RG.) If he totally flames out as a QB, some team will move him to a different position. (See Pryor, Terrelle.) As long as Jackson is healthy, he'll be in the league for a while.
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    Like that logo. Love that color scheme.
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    SEATTLE STEELHEADS And that's all 32 teams!. But the project's not done yet, stay tuned!
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    Like the Panthers, they’re a team who got it right the first time. Both don’t need to go through any significant changes. They are timeless.
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    Nah, man. The Panthers are one of the few 90s expansion teams to commit to an identity. Look at the cluster that is the uniform history of their expansion cousins, the Jags. I would rather the Panthers continue to commit to their identity than chase trends.
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    The plain old gimmickless CCM collars Never mind the Zhamnov
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    Next up is Philadelphia and Sacramento. C&C appreciated!
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    Those name plates falling below the color line annoy me to no end.
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