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    I saw that, too, but unless there's more to it than that I'm not sure sure. This looks like an ad for 2013 ticket sales done in sepia/gold tones, not an announcement about new uniforms being worn this weekend. Not saying they won't wear them; just that I don't think this confirms they will. Yeah same, first thing I noticed. His skin has the game gold effect which gives it away to me. Also the number would have an outline of some sort wouldn't it? But I don't know why they would do this if they werent going to wear them... at some point. Maybe its an addition to the set in 2013. I donno. I hope not, the gold jerseys never look gold, simply khaki and washed out. At least they're not wearing any black.
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    I can't see him getting another managerial job. He did a poor managerial job his last four years, including last year where he pretty much gave up and tanked the season because he already had an agreement in place to coach the Marlins the next year. He did a good job managing in his first two seasons, but then he got too full of himself and changed his methods. His biggest attribute, that he "keeps guys loose" only lasted for a short time, and then he became a grating personality in the clubhouse. I don't think the Marlins were very loose playing for him this year. He routinely calls players out and cusses about misques/not hustling, but continues to put them in the lineup every day instead of disciplining them. He has already scorched the earth to the point where an owner who viewed him like a son decided to give up on him. He wore out his welcome in Miami within two months. He is also likely to say something stupid and embarass the franchise at some point. And that doesn't even account for his horrible, degenerate, trust-fund partyboy sons who regularly take to Twitter and air dirty laundry about the players. He is just not worth it. The only way I can see him getting another managerial job is someone hiring him ten years down the road, in an drastic attempt to shake-up the team. Sounds familiar. I imagine that tenure would be just as fruitful as Valentine's was in Boston.
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    And if the eye test was infallible, MLB general managers would have the easiest jobs in the world. Care to show me where I said the eye test was infallible? Jesus, this SABR stuff is almost as bad as the political stuff around here. You people are like Pit Bulls with this . For the last -ing time, I AM NOT AGAINST SABR STATS! All I said was there is more to assessing a player than looking at a stat sheet. Note I said stat sheet. Not SABR stat sheet. Not traditional stat sheet. Just a stat sheet.
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    Well, at least it's more intelligible than dfwabel.
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    1. Reds 2. Nationals 3. Athletics 4. Orioles 10. Braves 25. Tigers 50. Cardinals 100. Rangers 200. Yankees 1,000,000. Giants
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    That instantly becomes the best look in the NFL. My god that is a sexy uniform set.
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    Flannel huh? I'll wait to see it on the field. Gramps should get back to the crops.
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    My wager is the school's probably named after St. Francis of Assisi. Sharp, but the image of a cross and the word 'Vikings' is a little unexpected.
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    The cross as an "i" is a bit of a stretch. Also, Vikings aren't exactly sononymous with Christianity either, so I'm not sure why there's a cross there at all.
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    The first few people to respond to me got the sarcasm, thanks for reminding me humor doesn't work on the internet.
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    I put together a quick road-set as well. Philly would look outstanding with kelly green pants!
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    I think that's exactly what all of us pictured in our heads when he said 'overly cartoony.'
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    I seriously want to know... at what point does it become obvious to everybody that the whole "black out" stuff is completely played out? The whole point at one time, I guess, was that it was a special deal, something you didn't see all the time. Now... what, Ohio does it? And Duke? Shouldn't any self-respecting CFplayer's first reaction to seeing his team's all black tuff-guy outfits be, "hey, didn't Duke just do that?" It's now beyond lame, IMO.
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    totally agree...this is probably the most useless nfl throwback in quite some time...the browns'(same stripes less tv numbers and AL) is the other one that comes to mind.
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    You know how I've said that it's near impossible to design a logo for your own team, because you often view your team as perfect? It's true. It is near impossible. But I tried anyway. Winnipeg Jets Concept Logo As you can see, I've retained elements of their logos of the past (hockey stick J, background circle) while taking things in a different direction in other ways. Edit: Since these are both updated looks for defunct Winnipeg teams, they can share the same thread. It's how I'd want it if someone else did something similar. For the Winnipeg Thunder logo, scroll down.
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