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    San Francisco pitching is absolutely absurd.
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    Good because they obviously don't have black in their logo. BFBS is just Bitching For Bitchings Sake. Overused and ready to be thrown out every trace of the color. Damn I just wish the Oakland Raiders would get rid of the black! it's so out of place!
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    The Bucs, IMO, are as close to perfect as possible. I personally like the white pants (don't know why but I feel there's a lot of uniforms out there that look good with them), but I wouldn't shed a tear if they ditched them because the pewter ones are just that good. As their look is now, it's simply the colors and logos that make it what it is. That's why they were able to go with the traditional pant stripe and simple black trim on the jerseys and it came out looking awesome. I was never big on the creamsicle look, but it kind of makes the perfect alternate as Buc mentioned. Maybe they're just adding an updated Bruce to the logo guide for merchandising purposes. Or, even though I like the ship logo on the sleeves, maybe put him there. But overall, the entire uniform has become a modern classic. Traditional yet contemporary. A perfect product that works in every since with the name and sport. No need to mess with a good thing. So few get it right in only their second (true) change. They did.
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    So I'm doing some quick figuring in the standings after Michigan State's upset of Wisconsin and I've come to a frightening conclusion: Indiana controls their destiny to play in the Big Ten Championship Game. (I really hope that Gator Bowl trip last season was worth it, Ohio State)
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    I wish Florida and Georgia would play color-vs-color. That game would look so good.
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    Another big MAC attack for the Big East. Kent is leading Rutgers 28 - 17. Start of the 4th. Raysfan, the Big East sucks. The Big East, ACC and Big 10 are just not having a year. It is what it is.
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    They aren't even hot, they're not even hot, they're just a mess. And I really don't know. It probably started with them hiring Dan Hawkins. EDIT: 35-0 Oregon 12:36 to go in the 2nd Quarter. Oregon has 340 yards of offense. Colorado has 64. At this rate, the starters will be out before halftime.
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    Look at that eye. I think he has been hanging out with the honey badger.
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    It would be extremely inexcusable for Mack Brown if they lose to Kansas today. Maybe they want Charlie Strong. Rays. Stop, brining, Louisville, into, everything. I think someone ought to finally say it. It's getting annoying. There is not a single post you make that doesn't somehow reference Louisville (that's hyperbole, but you get the idea). Nobody cares anymore. Nobody gives a crap about Louisville. Stop, talking about them all the time. Please.
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    There are a number of issues here with regard to colour, placement, and form. First off, it looks like he's eating his tail. Second, the white and black look like it's been randomly applied to the face--I get no sense of what direction the light is coming from or what other purpose those colours serve. Moreover, the black and white emphasis the red middle of the face and the eyes, which (I will avoid being crude) you might want to rethink those shapes in the centre of the face.
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    Pretty big, you get to see some of it in this video.
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    In other news, we just landed on the moon! That picture was posted about 3 weeks ago in this very thread. The uniform is fake. It was just a photoshop for the advertisement to renew season tickets. I was the one that posted the picture and everyone inform me that it was fake...but with that being said, I still like the uni combo.
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    The HockeyBay USA thing was just sad. It's even more inexusible when you consider that it was done BEFORE they brought in HockeyGenius™ Steve Yzerman.
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    Ahh you beat me to it. Growing up watching the M's I always remembered Olerud's helmet. Up until now I had no idea why he did it too.
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    The home jersey would be an upgrade if they were changing the nickname from Legends to Leg ends. That would be quite a feet.
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    Couldnt have said it better myself Shoop. I agree with this as well. They did "charger" it up without "chargering" it up. They kept orange in the current set by using it as the football on the helmet, trim on the stripes on the pants, and trim on the numbers. They didn't force a multitude of colors like the Chargers did with their update. Their unis could use slight tweeks like maybe adding a red outline around the pirate ships/wordmark on the white jersey (getting rid of nike's toilet seat collar). Their set is beautiful. Best in the NFL IMO. Going toward the throwbacks (or mixing the colors in a new current design) wouldn't work as they've moved away from that identity and it's a treat to have a game like last weekend. The only other complaint I have (but will never change) is that they wear white way too much. ^ What he they said. (And yeah...they do wear both the white jerseys and pants way too much.) Now let me explain something to y'all about how alternates are supposed to work: the allure of a successful alternate is that a/ it really is truly an alternate look from a team's usual primary look and b/ it is (here's the key) RARELY SEEN. Once that starts getting overexposed, it loses its luster, and people might just start pining for a previous look—see the Tennessee Titans for a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Soon as they unveiled that baby-blue alt, people started pining for it to become the primary. Well, they did it—and now look what's done happened...people are wanting the navy jerseys to become the primary again. (Let that also serve as a lesson to you folks in the Carolinas and especially out in San Diego.) In Tampa's case, they now have two truly distinct looks, both of which were and are the most disctinctive in all of football. With the creamsicles, they had a truly unappreciated uniform from the past to draw from, one that many of you younger posters probably weren't even alive to see (and I'm still having to wrap my head around the fact that some of y'all high schoolers were born in 1996—I was just starting high school then). As for everyone else, they now see what Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Mike Alstott saw way back since at least 2002: how successful a creamsicle alternate would work. They just never could convince Old Man Glazer to pull the trigger on that back then—and bear in mind he HATED those uniforms, especially considering the past futility attached to them, so much so that one of the first things on his agenda once he bought the team was to change everything about its identity, henceforth, what we have now. Somehow or other he was finally convinced to greenlight the throwback alts for the Buccaneers' 35th anny three years ago...and now, here we are. So all that said....I don't see the creamsicle look coming back as the primary, nor should it (and this is coming from someone who bleeds creamsicle orange). That age of Buccaneer history is long over...it's great that I—um, we—get to relive the old days once per year, but that's all it should be. What the Buccaneers have now, uniform wise, might well be a distinctive modern classic.
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    And let's face it: the script from the Lebron-era look was far superior.
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    Anyone heard of John Fulgaro's Sports Logo Guide? It was printed in 1998 in black and white and probably laid out in MS Word. Still, it was a really great resource for sports logo histories. I still look at it time to time. WAIT- I know it was after the internet became widely available. I just consider it a tool that was antiquated, yet effective. Yeah, my bad.
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    I have never understood why high schools feel the need to take someone else's logo. High school art and computer classes are full of aspiring graphic artists, all of whom would be thrilled to have their work accepted as the school's official logo. Schools have the people in their student bodies to create something new and unique. They have no need to appropriate someone else's work.
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