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    Remember when civil rights leaders dreamed of a day when people were judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?
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    Didn't want to continue to derail the thread in the main section, but this was my initial concept I mocked up in a few minutes: Anyway, I made a few quick updates to the design when I had a chance and so I thought I'd post it up here for you all to see. It's not where I want it yet, so please be gentle.
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    And by "BS" you mean actually winning games? No, typically thin-skinned Aggie, it's your "culture" and the A&M label, they are huge turn-offs to most people in Texas. When A&M sucked up all those smaller schools (Texas A&I, West Texas State, etc.) into this ready-made Texas A&M system, people gagged. They did not want to be asssociated with A&M in any way, so much so there are movements in Canyon and Kingsville to reclaim their old names. Won't happen but the fact that they are vibrant these many years later says something.
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    Made a few changes to yours. I'd not name Staples Center after a child molester. And HP Pavilion had a non-corporate name once that I'd rather see it back to since taxpayers did build the thing. Also Petco Park should still retain "Park" rather than "Stadium". Great Western was a corporate name.
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    How are the Winnipeg Jets doing this season, anyway?
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    Are BP caps usually part of the unveiling in a redesign? They're ditching the 3930s for BP 5950s. I am hoping they'll feature alternate logos like the BPs from 1999 to the early part of this decade.
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    Because Calgary takes too much joy in destroying everything its farm team touches?
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    fair enough. still fun to rub Hedley's face in it though.
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    Look at all that green and yellow.
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    And by "BS" you mean actually winning games? I believe the rest of the Texas schools are just jealous because the Aggies are now in a "Real" conference. Kentucky fans don't get to brag about the conference unless they actually contribute something in football besides being an annual automatic win for the good teams. Conference Pride brother...I pull for every SEC team in football, basketball, baseball, or even golf. If Kentucky cannot win, then I want the SEC to win. Besides, before Joker Phillips we went to 5 straight bowl games and finished with a winning record those seasons. Uh nope. I hope Florida loses every game in every sport. Tennessee too.
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    How would Tim Duncan rap? I've got my ideas, what are yours? What's up homies My name is Tim I like to rap And go in To the floor And play ball Shoot some hoops Basketball Won some rings With my friends Champions Are good and These sick beats Are so sick That I'm feeling Really sick What what what Hoes what what In the butt In YOUR butt
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    Sadly it seems like pics of this set are hard to come by. The pic you posted is the best I've seen of the road look in action. Here's what else I managed to find... I really do love this set. Maybe the pants stripes could be toned down a bit, and the road sleeve striping could be tweaked to bring it in line with the home, but all in all I think it's a very sharp look. It uses what I consider to be the best New York Giants logo to date. I'm a firm believer that when you represent New York City you play up the civic aspect. So the GIANTS script never really did it for me. The ny logo is a step in the right direction, but it seems odd that a team called the Giants would use lowercase letters. The double outline NY really nailed it. Shame it only lasted a year.
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    Works better with the white I bevel IMO.
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    And by "BS" you mean actually winning games? I believe the rest of the Texas schools are just jealous because the Aggies are now in a "Real" conference.
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    Neil Everett just talked about the UCLA uniforms on SportsCenter. He also mentioned the fact the last time UCLA changed their unis (white out unis) they lost 50-0 to USC.
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    Because nothing says collegiate athletics like Downtown Las Angeles. Yes what an outrageous concept, the University of California LOS ANGELES, uses a LA motif on their gloves. I mean, really?
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    Warriors-Suns all-color matchup looks great.
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    I am as well - can't wait to see how the helmets look, maybe my Packers will adopt them for their throwback blues.
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    I hated the first logo when you put it in the first thread, but that white bevel really makes the "I" pop and makes it defined. I'd run with that second concept.
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    Seeing all these pictures tells me one thing. I almost never like the addition of black. This above photo is an exception. You can just have green and white, but for some reason, this just looks great. Best look the Jets have had.
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    Hello again everyone. I hope you're all doing well and everyone on the East coast is staying safe from Hurricane Sandy. Let's get right to the concept. San Jose Sharks I've always been a big fan of all of San Jose's uniforms. Their colors and logos are great and they've always had pretty nice designs. My absolute favorites though, have always been their jerseys from 1998-2007. Basically my main purpose was to replicate those in a new, unique way. If you haven't noticed I'm a big fan of traditional jersey designs so this design took me a little out of my comfort zone. However I left the traditional look to the third jersey which is basically an updated version of the Sharks current third jersey. This took a lot of different designs, and redesigns but ultimately, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think?
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