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    Oh, it's conferencesubstantiation.
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    Perhaps conversely, I miss their black pants. Looked great with all 3 of their jerseys.
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    I hope that I am not the only one that thinks the left looks a hell of a lot better than the right.
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    If he's not wearing a helmet, I'm not interested.
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    Seriously, even for the NHL this is a new low.
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    How many times does someone have to say the AP Top 25, is just to get people riled up, and gives them someone to talk about? Virginia Tech has been a Top 25 AP Preseason team for what seems like 5000 years, yet no one complains about them, and they underachieve more than anyone. Though 20 straight bowl games is something to be proud of. No major school can lay claim to that. Notre Dame deserves to be in the NCG, and same goes for Alabama or Georgia. All three have earned their spot to be here. It just so happens to be the SEC has been kicking everyone's ass for the last 7 years, deal with it. We were hearing this when USC was on top in the early 2000's, what about Nebraska, Florida, Florida State of the BCS 90's. Each era has had their dominant schools, it's just how College Football works. Perennial power houses for the last 60 years always rise to the top. Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia all of had their time in the sun, and it's happening again (SEC for the majority of the last 15 years). So because the worldwide leader thinks it's good to talk about the SEC or Notre Dame, they'll do it. I hate ESPN, but they're number one for a reason. Yes, by milking the hell out of the SEC, or Notre Dame or Texas or USC or Ohio State. They're relevant, they're traditionally good, they're always in the news with something good or bad. We have some smart College Football fans here, spanning the entire country. Yeah it sucks that we'll never get to see a MAC school or a Mountain West school get a chance, because they won't, not even in the new playoff system. One day maybe, but nothing over the history of time save for BYU in the 80's or Army/Navy way back can show that a smaller Football school can win a National Title or get a chance. Boise State I don't even consider them a small school, because they've won a couple big games, same goes with TCU and Utah who are now, apart of big conferences. Also, what's stopping Boise State from going to the Big 12? Big East isn't a very fun place, and with AQ going away (or is it?), seems kinda pointless.
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    The Cardinals will be wearing Cardinals away uniforms and not Jets home uniforms.
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    *posts Lights Out's entire photo selection from "Each Teams Best Look MLB Edition" Thread*
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    Exactly 'red. There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to this stuff, but I find the NFL fun when the Packers, Giants, and 49ers are good, the NHL fun when the Canadiens and Maple Leafs are actually relevant to the proceedings, and the NBA fun when the Celtics and Bulls are good. Heck, as much as we're all tired of Yankees/Red Sox I'd be lying if I said I found the 2004 ALCS to be tired and boring. That was a fantastic series in its own right, and made even better by the fact that the two teams in it were two "legacy" teams that had a legitimate history of rivalry. So yeah, it's fun to see Notre Dame good again. Now of course it would be boring to see these teams dominate their sports every year, but it's still fun to see them re-emerge to prominence, if only for a little while, after years lost in the wilderness. Like the Argos winning the 100th Grey Cup something about Notre Dame in the NCG just feels "right." It's more fun when historically-significant teams with massive egos and entitlement complexes are knocked off their pedestal for a good long while. And even more fun was the schadenfreude of reading NDNation's meltdowns over losses to the likes of Navy and Tulsa. Too bad Notre Dame had to stop sucking for at least this year. Notre Dame's been knocked off their pedestal for twenty-four years. One championship season in almost a quarter of a century won't kill you Mr. Contrarian. Besides we'd never hear the end of it from you if the NCG was between, say, Florida and Alabama. Seeing your reaction to ND's return to prominence makes it clear, though, that the SEC isn't the problem. Given how long ND has been away from the spotlight they should be a team you'd want to win, because as far as "recent" NCAA football goes (the last twenty years or so) they're the outsiders, the underdogs. It's clear though that anything short of a TCU/Boise State NCG would probably have you ranting about the "blue bloods."
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    The Aberdeen IronBirds of the New York-Penn League have unveiled a new logo package. It was designed by Studio Simon. Primary Logo
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    You know what? It's just an off night... nothing more, nothing less. With as many injuries as the Packers have, they really had no business winning 5 in a row to begin with. The fact that they could even pull it off such a feat is a testament to how good this team really is. The Packers have played the Giants 6 times in the last 5 years... they're like an unofficial divisional opponent at the point; and this rivalry is so back and forth that I have NO DOUBT the Packers will come right back and smack the Giants right back down when it matters (the playoffs). GO PACK!
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    I do not think the Wolverines want to celebrate them otherwise Michigan would not have deleted Webber from the school's athletic records or vacate wins and titles on their own. I'm too young to remember how it exactly went down, but it's common for teams to penalize themselves first in hopes of avoiding stiffer penalties from the NCAA. If Michigan truly cared about doing the right thing they wouldn't have paid them in the first place. Michigan did not pay the players, a booster paid the players. Still lets say that you are correct. If you were Michigan would you want to celebrate an event that lead to having a ton of egg on your face and being reprimanded by the NCAA. There was a bit more to it, but yes. At this point, 20 years later, I want to celebrate the Fab Five. I think it will come in a few years once the "banishment" period is over, and it may or may not include Chris Webber, but I want to cheer from the stands while I see Jalen Rose on the floor at Crisler. I am sure the university would love to celebrate a team that forced them into a position to vacate wins, bring down banners, and return trophies. Btw, as an aside, I find it funny that a bunch of gymnasts are now being referred to as the Fab Five more in the minds of people than the Michigan one. When I enter "Fab Five" into google I see more links and images referring to the gold medal winners.
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    here's another pic of those "white hot" unis
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    It'll only be a matter of time before PETA's all over this one.
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    I'm pretty sure there are anti-Michigan signs at Ohio State with a block M on it. If its not meant to be sold to make money for ASU I don't see an issue. But at the same time if these were put all over campus Arizona would probably have a real grievance.
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    Why does the asparagus team use a designated hitter?
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    It seems like Brandiose presented a few options, from different sets, to Reading... and they were basically "We'll take them all!"
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    I'm a big believer in homage to the past. Awesome idea and execution by the railroad. If I had an engineer's cap, I'd tip it to them. The only depressing part is when somebody does one and it's a scheme you were around to see when it wasn't retro.
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