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    End the era of white-vs-colour. As long as teams don't have similar looks or colours, it shouldn't be a problem. I'd love to see home and road jerseys be replaced with 'primary' and 'clash'.
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    eliminate the month of pink
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    This is a horribly officiated game.
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    The team is more the city's than the owner's regardless of what a piece of paper says. Owners come and go while the fans remain for year after year. It's ludicrous to think that OKC has anything to do with 40 years of history in Seattle, really insane. If fact it's beyond me why it's even being argued. It's not just about owners, it's about franchises, organizations, legal entities. The entity that was the Seattle SuperSonics left town. The team that won the 1979 NBA Championship, if you follow the lineage of players, coaches, etc..., is now in Oklahoma City. Did Oklahoma City have anything to do with the franchise while it was in Seattle? No. The team that played in Seattle for all those years, however, is in Oklahoma City now, for better or worse. You know what I find insane? That you could take a team like the Sacramento Kings, a team that's been around since before the existence of the league they play in, and strip of them of the identity they've had for decades upon decades and then pretend like they're the same team that won the 1979 NBA Championship. The level of disconnect one has to have from reality to pull that off mentally is astounding. As for who owns a team? The owners do. Unless it's the Green Bay Packers the notion that a fanbase or community owns a team is naive at best and delusional at worst. You want to belittle "what a piece of paper says"? Again, that's either naive or delusional. Take the Seattle Sounders to court. Claim that as a fan and member of the community you have "ownership" of the team and thus deserve a portion of the revenue they generate. Go ahead and make that claim, and see how far you get. I'll honestly be amazed if you manage to find a lawyer willing to take that case. Not to mention it even going to court. No. They were a basketball team that played in Seattle. Seattle didn't own them. The team now uses a different name, in a different city, but it's still the same franchise, the same organization, the same entity. They are? What about Rochester? Cincinnati? Omaha? Kansas City? See, this is where the whole "teams belong to the community!" argument falls flat. The Kings' franchise lineage is nothing to scoff at. They pre-date the NBA, and they have two league championships to their name. One NBA Championship and one NBL Championship. In fact they're one of only three current NBA teams that has a NBL Championship to their name. The other two are the Detroit Pistons and the Los Angeles Lakers. Not bad company to keep. They were founded in 1945, and adopted the Royals name in 1947. Since then they've kept the royal themed identity, changing from Royals to Kings when they moved to Kansas City. It's a lineage with a lot to it. Yet if you had to peg it to a single city you couldn't. They won their NBL and NBA Championships in Rochester, but they've spent more time in Sacramento then any of their other previous locations. So basically you can't say the Kings "belong" to any one city. They've literally travelled from coast to coast. You could put them anywhere, really, and it wouldn't be a betrayal of the team's legacy. So if the Kings don't "belong" to any one city who does their legacy belong to? Well to themselves. The team owns it, and thus whoever owns the team owns it. Not any single city they've played in, but the team. The communities they've played in, they were just along for the ride. They didn't own a single G-ddamn thing about the team. Which is my point across the board, really.
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    STOP! JUST STOP! You are not doing anything you say you are. There's is no correlation between the crap you actually write and what you say it means. And where the hell did you come up with the Cowboys being in the NFC East because the NFL wants Cowboys vs Indians on Thanksgiving? It makes no sense. YOU make no sense. Geography is a factor, but not the end all in determining division alignments. Especially not in college as you seem to do where there are wa-ay too many other factors. You aren't contributing anything valuable to this thread. You're uniting all of us only because of how dumbfounded we are by your meaningless posts.
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    You're crazy. This would look amazing
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    Yeah today's performance shows how overrated Kaepernick is
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    Kapernick is a :censored:ing amazing QB, he has surely earned the starting job in San Fran.
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    I'll take 1 of each of the model chicks minus the uniforms please
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    I do not know it he has arrived, but 61 wins in your first five seasons with three AFC title games is impressive for a guy in the final year of their contract. I'd have to see their cap situation, but I would not be shocked if they gave him a Franchise Tender as opposed to a long term deal. Mike Pereira confirmed...but added that there's no penalty for it either. You know the Competition Committee's going to change that. So the kicker will be fined or suspended instead of given a penalty? Why have a rule if there is nothing to back it up. The NFL and their rules are so incredibly troubling. Like your homerism. Did you lose any money today?
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    Quoting just because Figured this was coming. (Told ya, vicfurth.) Eh, the more annoying bit was Lewis' fake Bible bull
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    So players can identity their coaches more easily when getting play signals.
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    Might be a stupid question, but I'm assuming they can't push it back anymore if possible. Also, so weird seeing Tebow in blue and orange last year at this point.
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    The referees didn't giftwrap 7 points to Denver like they did the Ravens on Corey Graham's pick-six.
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    All Star crews should never exist. Especially in the playoffs.
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    If the NFL is going to carry refs who decide games for all the wrong reasons, BRING BACK THE GODDAMN REPLACEMENTS!
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    If Michigan falls, Louisville will be #1 for the first time since the 08-09 March Madness. *plays Michigan fight song*
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    NHLPA ratifies new CBA. Now we're just waiting for the MOU. Ridiculous.
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    very much agreed. Wow... look how much better BOTH of these teams look. My preference would be for the Titans and Rams to both get new looks, but I have to say these looked much better in these combos. It's unfathomable to think that the Rams got rid of the gold pants. Moronic.
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    Yep. And the Red Wings are also using regular nameplates this year. Also, does anybody think the Marlins logo looks like Maroon 5's logo? Well, im sorry. Guess what, some of us on here have lives and dont have time to come on here every day.
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    I still think cities can honor the history of their previous teams without pretending that their new team is the same one. The St. Louis Rams honor NFL Cardinals, and it sounds like the new Winnipeg Jets are doing it right. Honor the actual franchise and the memories of the city. There's a way to do it without playing make-believe. This all might be moot if a "Sacramento deal" comes out of this. The NBA has a lot fewer unstable franchises than just a few years ago.
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    This is the second time the Isles have had to enlist the services of Acme. Their last search ended up with John Spano... ....INNNN JAAAAAAAAAIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Here is something I put together, love working this this template.
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    1. Lubomir Visnovsky sent from Ducks to Islanders. 2. Lubomir Visnovsky expresses profound disinterest in ever playing on Long Island. 3. During the lockout, Lubomir Visnovsky plays in the KHL in his native Slovakia. 4. Lockout ends; Lubomir Visnovsky says he'll just be staying in Bratislava, thank you kindly. 5. Agreement apparently reached to bring Lubomir Visnovsky back stateside to play for the Islanders. 6. Islanders book flight for Lubomir Visnovsky; expected to take team physical Sunday. 7. Flight lands; Lubomir Visnovsky isn't on it. 8. Charles Wang offers reward of a trip for two anywhere in the continental U.S. and 50 Acme CrimeBucks for the capture of Lubomir Visnovsky.
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    Kaepernick looks like the frontman for a boy band.
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    The yoga pants look needs to go. They are one pair of uggs away from looking like every college chick in america:
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    how about Washington Sentinels or Washington Federals that was part of defunct untied states football league
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    "Ladies Football League" would have made a whole hell of a lot more sense for the new branding...
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    The Rochester/Cincinnati/Kansas City/Sacremento Royals/Kings pre-date the NBA. They should keep the Kings name. It would be a shame to see that lineage just disappear just so the team can pretend to be the Super Sonics.
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    Someone should get Gaylord Perry on the phone and ask him how he feels about the internet saying his spitball is tantamount to Barry Bonds's abuse of federally banned drugs, Pete Rose's betting on his own games, or Ty Cobb's virulent racism. I'm starting to feel bad for the guy! It's like Loogodude and "you say laws should be obeyed AND YET YOU SPEED ON THE EXPRESSWAY"
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    Some of these are dead on but all in all this thread is reach nation.
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    I think Fraser sums it up quite well, if someone wants to use a site like that and are happy with the results then fair play. My biggest arguement against them is the amount of rip offs that appear and then get picked up by unsuspecting punters. Unfortunately there is no real way to police it so I guess it's always going to continue.
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    No, they weren't. The darker red was bad, the addition of black was bad, the helmet and pants stripes were bad, the logos in the middle of the pants and sleeve stripes were bad and the drop shadow was bad. But other than that, they were good. Besides, as I said before, even if the 49ers had stuck with that set, they would be wearing khaki pants now due to Nike.
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    So Kelly Green essentially. Perhaps these will be modelled after the North Stars classic look. I just hope they aren't Yzermanized with just Kelly Green and White As a fan of the North Stars back in the day, I like seeing kelly green and I hope the uniforms remind me of the old team. It's kind of strange since the North Stars moving is easily the worst moment of my spots fan life. Nevertheless, I want remnants of the old team to exist (even as I never totally let go of my bitterness). I honestly have a hard time imagining them being more inspired by the 1967-1991 color scheme as opposed to the Norm Green "change the uniforms in preparation for the move to Dallas" look, but it would be fine by me.
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    Aint done basketball in a while, finally got around to this one here: Bucks third Brought back the old Irish rainbow, and also the old Bango. You'll notice the Bucks lettering is in the current style, but italicized like the 80s version...that, and it, as well as the numbers, also have a thin Irish rainbow within (though IRL, the numbers would probably wind up being solid green instead if the Grizzlies' still-missing split is any indication). Made a small modification to Bango's antlers and put him on the shorts.
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    I think it would make more sense if you put Dublin in the NFC East and the St. Louis expansion team in the NFC North.
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    When can I order my "Taking a Dump" hat? http://www.tlhautographs.com/kansas-city-corner/127-george-brett-signed-kansas-city-royals-baseball-hat.html
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    Something like this would be cool. or... The Broncos existing logo is fine, I don't see any reason to update it. The full bodied horse in the D looks more like something a College team would use, and perhaps not really befitting of the modern NFL.
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    Can one of you smart guys tell me why we're arguing about the Colts and Cardinals here? One of them just got kicked out the tournament; the other was never even near it.
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    I almost can't tell which is which. Also, in the new CBA, is there a clause that forbids the Islanders from designed alternate uniforms?
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    So the Seahawks helmets have bugged me all year, but I couldn't put my finger on why... until now. I admit I was the rare fan of their past monochrome set, so I thought perhaps I was just hung up on seeing that helmet with their more traditional previous set. BUT... could it be that the wolf gray does not appear on the helmet? I mean, sure there's gray there, but it sure doesn't look like the same wolf gray shade that is on the jerseys, and maybe that's true of the other unis with wolf gray trim. Or is it just the lighting/materials playing tricks on me? It's because Wolf Gray in helmet decals appears lighter than they wanted so they ultimately decided on Pigeon Gray for the helmet decal. That was after ruling out Tabby Cat gray, Rat Gray, Dolphin Gray, Shark Gray, Koala Bear gray, Elephant Gray, and Jim Gray, but they still didn't get it quite right. These things are so hard to match across applications especially when using a color as unique and uncommon as WOLF gray.
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    That's weird... I feel just the opposite. I think the light green shows up better against the white. There's a Color Theory issue we teach in beginning Design classes called Color Value. (Not to be confused with Value as one of the 3 main variables of color… in that use “Value” means the relative lightness or darkness of a color as modified by black or white… in other words sky blue to navy blue.) But Color Value as a two word term generally refers to the inherent lightness or darkness of a Hue in it’s pure form, unaltered by black or white, as it can be compared to a nine-part gray scale. On a standard gray scale, if white is a 1, and black is a 9, true yellow can be directly compared to 2, true violet to 8. Etc. It’s just a fancy way of saying some colors are lighter than others, and its why most sports teams don’t try to wear yellow as a “dark” color. At any rate, that light green the Seahawks are wearing is very close in Color Value to the gray they wear… giving it very little contrast of Value (darks and lights). On the other hand, the green is a big contrast of Saturation (along with Hue, Saturation… or “brightness and intensity… is another of the 3 main variable of color) against that light gray. That’s what is so interesting about the use of color in Art or Design or any visual communication. Everyone reacts to something slightly different. To me, I like a strong contrast of light and dark… Purple and Gold, Navy and Orange… so that light green seems to bleed into the light gray. But if you react to the contrast in intensity (bright green vs. dull gray) to you it shows up better. Sorry, if all that was boring or annoying (or pompous, maybe?)…I just graded 50 college freshman 2D design tests. I really just need to get some sleep
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