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    My bold prediction: The AFC will predominantly use red. The NFC will predominantly use blue. Thank you, I'm here all week.
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    That and something or other about Burke growing up as a Bruins fan. Actually, I stumbled across this page featuring some of the prototype logos. A couple of these were leaked, and you can see with at least one where they started experimenting with a webfoot based design, also it looks like they considered keeping the duck mask logo and making minor adjustments to it.
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    The Penguins were apparantly going to use four jerseys! All the above jerseys look so superior to not only the current set but back to back cup era set it's almost depressing. If they had to go with only two, they should have used the ones on the right with the crests.
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    I hope more teams follow the Angels' lead on this.
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    Shows how much people care about the pro bowl lol
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    As they proved just three short years ago, as long as they get to the playoffs (which I firmly believe they will), they can make a run from there. There's too much talent on that roster to struggle for long. Just not sure there's enough proportional talent to be a true championship contender.
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    I just got my jersey in the mail today. It looks great.
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    Well, someone's ready for the playoffs!
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    A navy-crowned cap for the Angels would be a welcome addition.
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    I own one of those from them, it's legitimate.
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    Never underestimate the idiocy of HFboards. Very entertaining forum, but filled with retards. I gave up on even lurking the trades forum.
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    Keeping in mind that the mid-60s Packers were incredibly successful, and were most definitely the state's team, I think you need to go with an anti-establishment name. You can't select something that is indicative of the state, because this group of investors is trying to be MILWAUKEE'S team (in theory, or backstory). Weren't the members of the "Foolish Club" in that same category of owners? Anyway, I submit a couple of names along those lines, and one tied to Milwaukee: Americans - 'we're the team in the American Football League' Jesters/Jokers/Idiots/Clowns - reference to the Foolish Club Hogs - while I know Harley has this TM'd now, did they in 1965? This is for a nickname that is strictly Milwaukee's Great idea. I look forward to where you take this.
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    Actually, the AFC is going to go with Volt, and the NFC will be in Anthracite. Both will have hydrochrome helmets with oversized logos. The numbers will all be a reflective metallic with conference-specific prints contained within. And the design lines are completely new, previewing the core concept for next season...
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    Normal forums are all alike; every crazy forum is crazy in its own way. All was confusion in the CCSLC's house. They felt that there was no sense in their posting together and that people who meet accidentally at any board have more connection with each other than they, the members of the family and household of the CCSLC.
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    Every forum is crazy in its own separate ways.
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    I am sorry but I agree it sure helps to see the helmet decal to know what the team is even on TV. If something just looks good close up then it is a major fail to me. In design you want to at least have something someone can recognize no matter what scale they are looking at.
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    Is there an award for "Longest Spam Post Ever"? Also I like the hoodie idea...not an NHL fan but if I was I'd love something like this.
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    Cripes, that's a lot of Spam. Anyway, for my request, I'll take a Habs one please.
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    you would think they would be selling them by now
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    There are people on this board willing to discuss alternate caps for class A farm clubs. You'd think someone would be willing to talk about Nike's first (official) Pro Bowl uniforms.
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    But it is possible to do that without putting franchise records and history on ice for *indeterminate period of time that sounds a lot like "morever"* You can remember the old Sonics without pretending that this team is the old Sonics.
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    Is there enough interest to do a thread called "Bad HFBoards Thoughts Aggregator"? This from user "RussianStar": thankfully, from user "Big McLargehuge": EDIT: god, it's HFBorats. Lead to great result with less budget for make benefit glorious hockey team. C.Y. Young was my favorite Nymet.
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    This guy=awesome (skill and speed)
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    I don't get why the logo is so high... Especially considering the jersey doesn't have hem stripes. If only the Kings had updated the Home jersey when they rolled out the white version. They'd have a much more consistant look.
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    There are dozens which I've seen re-used in out-of-context locations which, outside their original application, make no real sense to me; and similarly a number of locations for which choices for team names at least initially seem pretty limited. In baseball alone for instance, I've seen Yankees or Yanks in the south. Mets doesn't make sense anywhere, even in New York (What exactly is a "Met?" I know the club derived the name from the Metropolitans, but some sources claim it's just "New York Mets" rather than "New York Metropolitans"). Phillies in its non-alliterative form (Fillies) could make sense for womens teams who didn't find being referred to as horses offensive, I suppose. Nationals and Dodgers are others I've seen applied in environments where they just don't make sense. I've always seen certain cities as providing challenges for team names as well - cities which, aside from one clear choice (e.g., Los Angeles Angels) there's not really too many other options that are clearly viable. Minneapolis is one - aside from Twins and Vikings, there may be a third choice ("Millers," which their minor league teams adopted but which would require some explanation at first). Milwaukee is another - Brewers is a clear choice, but what's indigenous or unique to Milwaukee aside from that which would translate well into a sports team name? When Atlanta got the NHL back, they wound up using Georgia's state bird (thrasher), in part because the city has no iconic image - no Brewer as Milwaukee, no Oriole as Baltimore, no Steeler as Pittsburgh, to provide a clear choice of options.
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    ^^ That's accurate. I know it because that was the only leason the Q-script appeared on the brown court.
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    No offense, but some of us don't have the time to write a treatise on why we do or we don't like a particular logo or brand. You may. I don't often. And many of us (ie, the average consumer) don't care to. I gave my opinion on what I saw, and I stand by it. But please, feel free to continue rating the quality of my posts (as if that's what this forum is about ). And point of fact, I thought I did explain my feelings on the new brand. It's bland. It doesn't represent what American Airlines stands for (or what they want AA to stand for). I will elaborate: they could have maintained an understated look and still had an iconic logo that is clearly recognizable for what it is. I know what their logo is supposed to be, but it looks like a random set of lines and curves to me. It doesn't look like an eagle. It doesn't look like a flag. It doesn't look like much of anything, really...except maybe the Greyhound logo. But even then, Greyhound had the decency to put an actual greyhound in their logo. It's like a bunch of (well-paid) graphic designers just threw a bunch of lines and color on a canvas and decided to call it a day. No structure to the whole thing whatsoever. Happy now?
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    Was this really necessary, gentlemen? We get it; you're design geniuses, and none shall disagree. But maybe we can cut the condescension. ----- I generally like this, but I'll definitely miss the AA-eagle combination.
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