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    Purple's like, too compliant, man.
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    amen, brother. now can the Bulls please sell an MJ version of it?! *swoon* They do have em on sale... (spoiler alert: they are not cheap) http://store.nba.com...1421535.2806548 EDIT: Just noticed the only Jordan one on sale is a Mitchell and Ness authentic, hence why its so expensive. But there are more reasonably priced Pippen and Rodman Adidas swingman's of the jersey. Is Adidas not allowed to make Jordan jerseys because of his Nike/Jordan brand connection? Well if thats the case, just give me the Bill Wennington jersey.
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    I work and live in the French Quarter. So, the Super Bowl is two days away, and I have a few observations I'd like to pass on... 1) The generic Super Bowl Logo, in all it's silver and grey dullness, is lost in the streets of New Orleans. In the past, there were brightly colored, unique logos that could be seen from great distances. And there would be merchadise with that logo everywhere: sweats, jackets, t-shirts, caps... I'm a logo/uniform nerd, so I'm looking for it, and I'm not seeing it. I did walk into a shop to consider buying a sweatshirt, but the silver/grey on a black shirt is just not appealing to me: Please bring back unique logos... 2) Even though tickets are costing $1,500.00 and hotel rooms are $750.00 a night, the majority of the jerseys I see on the street are fakes. Did they spend all their money getting here and on tickets? Or, is $300.00 to much for a shirt to wear on Bourbon Street that might get puked on? 3) Driving pass the Superdome on media day, I saw 3 different people wearing basically the same jersey: one half 49ers, the other half Ravens. The name on the back of the jersey: Harbaugh. The number: 47. And all look like the right fonts and numbers. I wish I could have taken a picture, but that would have been irresponsible while driving. 4) The City of New Orleans has whored itself out to the NFL. Many public areas (Jackson Square, Woldenberg Park, any open sapce around the Superdome) has been taken over by the NFL or some other corporate entity. Streets are being closed everywhere. Off ramps on the interstate are no longer accesible. And then the NFL tried to incorporate a "clean zone" so many blocks around the Dome and downtown, which basically said that no business could have advertising/promotions that was not NFL sanctioned. I think that one's still in court. Talking to the small business owners here in the Quarter, they are worried that the amount of activity the NFL has set up away from the Quarter is hurting them. I think there is a lot going on down here in the Quarter, but a lot has been pulled to the riverfront, away from the heart of the Quarter. That said, I'm not sure where things like the NFL Experience ($25 a person) could be held, other than in the convention center. But, I can see that there are busses pulling up to the hotels and taking these people elsewhere, out of the Quarter. Hopefully, the money brought in by the Super Bowl will help the city's coffers, but, right now, if you don;t live and die by the NFL, it sucks to be a citizen in New Orleans. 5) Seen a lot of these signs up around town: I hope those businesses practice what they preach.... Overall, this Super Bowl, from a resident's point of view, is just flat. But, that's just my observation...
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    Just set a car on fire outside the arena. It combines tradition with maximum fan interaction.
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    No... it won't. Ottawa is geographically and culturally distinct from Toronto. That's why the 49ers and Raiders, Giants and A's, Cubs and White Sox, Yankees and Mets, all work because of this. The Giants and Jets play in the same building now, they shared the Yankees and Mets respective stadiums and geographic alliances for an entire generation before that. The Nets already tried being the second New York team, now they're representing a distinct geographic area of it. I grew up in Markham. It's deep into the heart of Leafs territory to the extent where it's pretty much Toronto in that respect. It would be a helluva lot harder for that team to establish their own dedicated following compared to Ottawa, who, even after twenty years still have a solid Leafs following in their territory.
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    You have a hard time understanding why a racial slur is seen as ugly or offensive? Really? Because I have a tribal ID card from the Menominee Nation and I don't recall ever being asked.
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    Of course, the opinion of anyone who would opt to own a cat is immediately suspect.
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    I really don't see how these are seen as so downright awful. They're not great, but they're miles better than last years draft caps.
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    I like those hats. Even the city name on the underbrim is pretty cool... reminds me of Mars Blackmon. I'm not understanding the outrage here. Why would the team wordmarks be used when it's a generic league-wide template? The point is that they're all supposed to look the same other than the logos and colors, hence the block font. Using the various team wordmarks would ruin the effect.
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    Beginning Topic —> Ending Topic Cleveland Browns —> Grey Facemasks Oregon Football —> Branding Nike Football Uniforms —> Flywire Washington Redskins —> Racism Some things never change.
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    Whatever happens, I only ask for one thing to come of it: an original color scheme.
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    This jersey > Anything the Ducks currently wear
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    I have decided to make helmet concepts for the NCAA and hope to evnetualy do all the teams, i will be doing the big 12 first, they can be seen at http://www.flickr.co...s/92698014@N02/ I do not yet know how to just put the picture in here so anyone using flickr who knows how to do this would be greatly appreciated, also how do i rename links? Enjoy these concepts. Big 12 -Iowa State -Texas -West Virginia -Baylor -Kansas -Kansas State -Oklahoma -Oklahoma State -TCU -Texas Tech Pac 12 -Washington State Big 10 -Illinois -Purdue -Michigan -Indiana -Penn State -Ohio State -Wisconsin -Iowa -Northwestern -Minnesota -Michigan State -Nebraska SEC -Miss State -Georgia -South Carolina -Florida -LSU -Alabama -Auburn -Texas A&M -Missouri -Vanderbilt -Ole Miss -Tennessee -Arkansas -Kentucky MAC -Umass -Western Michigan -Toledo -Ohio -Northern Illinois -Miami -Kent State -Eastern Michigan -Central Michigan -Buffalo -Bowling Green -Ball State -Akron
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    Deadline is Sunday, dudes. Chill.
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    In before this gets promoted to primary status: Even by roundel standards, this sucks. Too top-heavy leaving too much white space on the bottom.
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    http://prohockeytalk...ve-celebration/ The Canadiens have outlawed hand-slapping because it isn't inclusive enough and disrespects the opponents. Next time Nail Yakupov scores, I hope he does a backflip. This gomer-ass league, I tell ya.
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    He's the player who broke the color barrier in 1947. And he's the player who broke the color barrier in 1947. Gotham - you also forgot to mention that he broke the color barrier. That was a landmark achievement. Sorry, was making an obscure reference.
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    Aren't we all (at least those of us who do concepts) "tools who think they're fixing the problems in logos, uniforms, etc?"
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    Call me Col. Mustard because I got the clue!
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    According to Pirates Message Boards and Pittsburgh Pirates President Fank Coonley...this will be the last year for the Jolly Rodger Pirates Logo from 1997-present.
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    Wrong uniform for Carrie Underwood
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    I'm 22 and I would never put one of these on my head. Definitely right with saying it's being marketed to the 20 and under crowd. I'm 20 and I wouldn't touch one of these either. I'm a 47brand guy. but I know plenty of people who will think these are "sick" and then wear them with the stickers on the bill like idiots.
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    Not sure the history behind the Vancouver Millionaire name, but coming off a lockout, even the mention of players being millionaires seems in poor taste to the fans.
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    Huskies. Purple and white. Boom. Or Shamrocks. Green and white. Boom.
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    Nope. Just the Anaheim Ducks to become the Los Angeles Ducks. Well, if you care so much about teams having "well known" city names, might as well change the Packers to the MIlwaukee Packers, as I'm sure people in Taiwan are more familiar with Milwaukee than they are with Green Bay. Anyways, you should be ashamed of yourself. That idea is really, really bad for multiple reasons, and somewhat offensive. Offensive? Not at all. The Los Angeles Rams played in Anaheim for fourteen years while using the Los Angeles name and no one noticed. The Angels' attendance hasn't suffered since they've adopted the Los Angeles name. Obviously it doesn't offend Angels fans. Now your signature? That's offensive. If it's Seattle I would like them to use the Metropolitans name. The original Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup.
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    ********* LEAK!!! ******** Here is the new Jags logo:
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    Nope. Just the Anaheim Ducks to become the Los Angeles Ducks. Well, if you care so much about teams having "well known" city names, might as well change the Packers to the MIlwaukee Packers, as I'm sure people in Taiwan are more familiar with Milwaukee than they are with Green Bay. Anyways, you should be ashamed of yourself. That idea is really, really bad for multiple reasons, and somewhat offensive.
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    There are a few logos in that list that I personally don't care for, but I'm not holding that against the author. My main issue with this article is that the logos they want to see return, they want the FRANCHISE that used to be the team that used the logo to be the team to bring them back, even though it would make absolutley no sense at all for the current team of the franchise to use them (which is why they changed in the first place), and NOTto the team that currently occupies the city the logo used to belong to. Like the Devils using the old Rockies logo (instead of the Avalanche who probably could get away with using a modified version of it as a shoulder patch). Or Dallas using the old N-star logo (when there isn't even an N in their name). Or the Avalanche using the old Nordiques logo. Carolina could almost get away with using the old WH-tail logo if recolored, but the explicit appearance of the letters H and W would make that very difficult. Agreed. NJ honors the Rockies in a mural at the Rock, and considers it a part of their history. But who is going to appreciate a Colorado Rockies jersey more, NJ or Colorado? I know it's the old claiming logos / history that are not yours, but as a one off night to honor the past, I dont see the issue. Its just like when the Lake Erie Monsters wore Cleveland Crusaders jerseys for a night. In no way were they trying to claim ownership of the Crusaders history but instead honored a part of Cleveland hockey history. Any pictures of that game? Whole set here: "http://www.flickr.com/photos/griffinshockey/sets/72157628899693139/with/6709346577/" That is one inaccurate throwback.
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    I'd like to see the resurrection of the Toronto Toros. No other team in the league has a bovine theme.
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    Well that's the thing. They probably won't. It'll probably be a Clippers situation where their fanbase consists of assorted contrarians and people who can't afford tickets to the more established team.
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    I'd like to think that one percenters in the Miami area have better things to do then drive through a swamp and watch the Panthers. I'd certainly pick doing blow off the ass of a young Latina over the Panthers.
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    Keep in mind that the classic Mighty Ducks crest has been brought back into their rotation (shoulder patch), ever since they starting wearing their alt jersey. It's not the primary, but it's a current official logo nonetheless.
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    I'm not sure whether to say "Thanks" or not, but years of losing in pretty much every facet of my favorite teams has indeed made me an insufferable bastard. Sorry to exist, pal. You're right regarding basketball, I was a bit....perturbed at the time of writing my previous post (or as Roman implied, I had my head up my ass). Groce's gotten off to a decent start, and I think he could turn out to be alright in the long run, but only a marginal improvement over Weber. Did they offer the right money to Smart, yes, and I personally felt that was their best chance. Groce's young and will get his honeymoon period, but my faith is only half-hearted at this point. Football just outright sucks. Beckman is Just A Guy, and I don't know how U of I ever becomes more than what they with their program. Pretty much. But hey, I'm a terrible fan so what do I know?
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    Everybody ia complaining "oh the 2013 cars are really 2012 in disguise" well it might not be here but it is elsewhere. Its supposed to be like that '12 regs are supposed to be a stopgap to '14 regs In other news Audi has been rumored devolping a Daytona prototype in light of their recent Daytona 24 win and i hope to god they go DP. Im all for it more makes in racing in the US is great not only for us (the fans) but for the car companies themeselves. All Grand-Am needs is to retain ALMS Le Mans 24 hour ties
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    They all look good but the bottom left is the best, you need to find a better font though
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    And it's hypocritical to cry foul and "liberalzzz!!" and whatnot when you're also putting yourself in a position to speak for Native Americans. The bottom line is the name is derogatory, no matter which way you spin it. I would expect we would have more respectability to see that and do something about it. This coming from someone who doesn't care if the name is changed or not, but facts are facts
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    really got my hopes up when I opened this page
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    Fantastic! I don't get it, Dumba(SS)-Dumbass.
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    I do not understand what is weird about the numbers 22 and 40. You serious, Clark? I do not follow either of the teams so yes i'm serious. forte-fourty tootoo-twenty two their names is the unusual part. I didn't get it either until now, and I feel like a moron lol.
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    I do not understand what is weird about the numbers 22 and 40. You serious, Clark?
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    Rex Ryan isn't getting fired, but looks like they will have changes at GM, OC, and DC.
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