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    the ever-popular self-plug of what a team should look like... i darkened tweaked the shades of red and yellow on the flames uniforms and dropped the black... i think the deeper red gives just the amount of contrast needed, while still feeling very firey. a great update to the classics that makes the flames look respectable.
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    Yeah, sorry vman, you're clearly missing a key point in a successful "two teams, one market" formula. Distance between the two teams isn't necessarily a factor. What is a factor is cultural subdivisions. Chicago gets away with two baseball teams because the north and south sides are culturally distinct. With New York the Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks appeal to Manhattan and the Bronx while the Mets, Jets, Islanders, and Nets appeal to Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. The Kings and Dodgers appeal to Los Angeles-proper while the Ducks and Angels appeal to Anaheim and the rest of Orange County. With Toronto there's no culture in the northern suburbs that's really distinct from Toronto-proper or the rest of the GTA. There isn't a local geographic or cultural rivalry you can tap into there that you could in Chicago, New York, or LA. Further, you could extent that to the rest of southern Ontario. Yes you have your contrarians who won't root for the Leafs, but the majority of fans do, in fact, support them.
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    I wanted to do something different as change of pace. I thought it would be fun and creative to do logos based on TV Shows etc. I know that it has been done before. I love the Star Wars Sports Logo adaptions. Also the Game of Thrones. Great stuff. This is open to any and all to participate. Just stake your claim here in this thread by announcing the concept then design it and post it. Here are mine to begin with. I will be doing complete logo to uniform concepts on each. Fahrenheit 451 Football Club-(soccer or Aussie Rules Football) M.A.S.H. Units Basketball Hill Street Blues Baseball Psycho Killers Hockey OZ Emeralds Baseball *Can someone point me in the right direction for an Aussie Rules Football Template? Looking forward to the interaction.
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    For fun, we decided to rank the NHL uniforms from 1-30. Each host did their won list and then mania put together the final results. Here's the link... http://thelogocast.com/ Your turn. Who did we get right? Who did we get wrong? Who has their head up their...you get the idea. Fire away.
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    OK. I don't want to read fifteen pages of Minnesota Wild uniform debates to see what my team may look like in the future. Sorry if that's dickish. The Dallas Morning News predictably isn't aware a change is coming.
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    I think the sports brands that have most successfully honoured Native Americans are the original Phoenix Coyotes brand and the current Seattle Seahawks brand. I have to appreciate thinking outside the box to achieve a solution that works for everyone.
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    You mean rip off the Michigan Panthers? yes, I like the USFL logos
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    J with a tail. I'm calling it.
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    I agree that it's a superior logo, but the raven head looks better on a helmet. Also: This > This
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    I think the gradient is only for certain uses like animated graphics and website. Usually logos like that have a flat version as well for bugs and print. But, i think maching up the circles of the two lowercase O's and the lowercase D makes it flow better than with the old serifed font. That alone makes it an upgrade. Looks at the two side by side makes that lowercase D in the old one look really bad
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    The only reason kids today know Roman numerals is because of the Super Bowl.
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    I was watching the 2012 Draft Video and found this snippet funny and relevant to this thread: http://youtu.be/V-hErRQleag?t=10m
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    I don't have a stake in Hamilton getting a team one way or the other, but if the NHL insists on wedging another team into the GTA, Hamilton is the only logical place for it.
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    Fahrenheit 451 Aussie Rules Football Club Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury and the Movie by Francois Truffant.
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    I have a feeling I'm gonna be pissed by 4:05 Pm
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    BINGO!!! The absolute BEST look that the Jaguars have ever sported. It's true, ya know. OT: He should be in the HoF. Homerfy me all you want but that guy deserves it.
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    Haven't seen it yet. But I did just realize next year's Super Bowl takes place on groundhog's day.
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    Black/purple/black hurts my eyes and mind. Way too amateur looking.
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    Hey, its "lets critique the Ravens' uniform" time for everybody. Allow me to jump in. (Please read IMO for all the following complaints) The helmet logo is a problem. I personally don't care for the "B" on the left or right side, but its a huge problem on the left. Its seems obvious the logo was designed to face right, and then somebody realized they had to have a left face also, and just kind of... made one. I don't care for that jaggedy one that gets thrown around on concepts either... I'd try to keep the current, but remove the "B" altogether. I don't care for the tapered helmet stripes... that was a design element that was interesting for about 10 minutes in the 90's. The Titans should drop it also. A single standard (Steelers, Colts, Giants) size purple stripe is all they need... or no stripe at all. I actually don't mind the jerseys too much. The number font is a little silly (4 out of 5 custom fonts in sports are), but its unique and its theirs... I'd probably keep it, although I agree the drop shadow works much better on the purple than it does on white. The Nike toilet collar is, or course, terrible and must go. From the waist down is where the nightmare really starts. I actually like the idea of wearing black/purple/black. Again, its unique (in the NFL, anyway), and its a look they really own. The white pants are, for them, just kind of meh. But, those particular black pants flat out suck. For whatever reason, they are the most "leotardy" of all leotards, to me. Just nasty. They make me uncomfortable, like I'm seeing grown men in way I really shouldn't. And, as bad as they are paired with the purple jersey, they are actually noticeably worse with the white. The white jersey/black pants combo makes all the players look like freaks with huge torsos and tiny tiny legs. (Years ago there was a SNL skit about 'roid freaks where they all had little doll legs hanging down under their upper bodies... that's the Ravens' look.) The black pants MUST have a stripe to be passable. I'd go white-purple-white with thin gold trim bordering the purple. Then go with purple pants (reverse the stripes) for the road jersey. As for the socks, It really shouldn't even be a discussion. The plain black pants with plain black socks is the worst look in all sports, period. If anyone wants to defend that look, well, as a professor of mine once said during a critique, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion... except that one." Go with purple socks when wearing black pants and black socks when wearing purple pants, and immedeatly cut any player who suggests otherwise. Also, put me in the camp of people who hate the phrase "it really pops"... I have no idea what that means.... is it a good thing? I'm in design critiques every week, and I'm waiting for the day one of my students says that, so I can make an example of of him/her (I'm pretty much kidding... pretty much).
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    Pretty much this. I don't see why this deserved its own thread. Because it was the first time any of us have probably seen a punt milk-out in the end zone, with some of us disputing the safety ruling. Even if the refs had called a holding, it would have been a safety either way. Brilliant play call on the Ravens part. One of the best calls I've ever seen. Was just coming in here to post that. The refs were just garbage across the board - there's a reason why Boger's grades had to be changed by the league for him to be allowed to ref this game. I'm just wondering why everybody wanted the regular refs to come back so badly. Newsflash: they suck. Because the replacements were even worse. I've never seen a holding call called on the returner before. Plus they cost a team a football game because of a terrible call.
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    If any play deserves it's own thread, it's the defensive holding non-call on 4th down -- or Beyonce's nip-slip. Oh the irony. (All in good fun, of course)
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    More on Flacco's F-bomb.
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    Holding on the punt = OH NO WE GIVE THEM AN AUTOMATIC SAFETY (on a play designed to get a safety) So who cares?
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    No. Until he becomes "Regular season MVP caliber", guys like Flacco and Eli are NOT elite.
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    What's wrong with the Ravens uniforms ?? Awful number font, drop shadows, no pants striping, ugly logos. Mostly little stuff but when you put it all together it could definitely be improved.
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    No blackout could ever interfere with a Sharks game; the rink would be illuminated by the formidable power of their fans' self-satisfaction.
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    And that fad has run out of gas.... That commercial was creepy. Yeah, if Gangnam Style hadn't jumped the shark already, it just did.
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    So... has the Undertaker showed up yet?
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    I still hate hate hate that the Niners ditched theid old script logo. Like the Steelers, Packers and Cowboys, that wordmark was such a classic. They easily could've brought it back during their recent uniform overhaul.
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    Have a look who scored for Hartlepool in their League One match against Notts County yesterday... You literally could not make it up. http://www.bbc.co.uk...otball/21209277
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    Get yourself an account on aussierul.es, start downloading matches, and the next thing you know, you'll be ignoring baseball the entire summer. What a fascinating, engaging sport.
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    Had an unexpected crossing of paths with George Fallar on Twitter last night. No response from him after that.
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    Let's make sure everyone's clear. When your team scores a goal, it is permissible to: 1) Blast a ship's horn, a freaking ship's horn, several times 2) Shine a spotlight over the opposing goalie and his net to draw attention to his failure 3) Play a loud song, one that either sounds mocking ("Chelsea Dagger") or invites the crowd to chant "YOU SUCK" But if you show any heat-of-the-moment exuberance over the fact that you successfully swatted a projectile past a guy with preternatural reflexes, OH GOD HELP YOU YOU ARE DEAD WHERE YOU STAND. Better take a refresher course back on the Staals' sod farm before you come to the No Happiness League.
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    Not quite, but close...and it was the primary logo, not an alternate: Do a Google search on "pantone color chart" ...there's plenty out there, but I'll admit that most of them aren't using current specs.
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    So no one else can even comment or offer a differing opinion? That's offencive! Why should anyone else's opinion matter on this topic other than the group who could take offense? I'm not trying to be heavy-handed, either. If a team's name is found to be offensive by a group of people because it insults their race, why should any other race's opinion matter? You're not the one who's race is being used. Think of it this way: if the team's name was the Washington Blackskins and groups of African-Americans found the name offensive, would we even have this discussion at all? And just as a note, I'm not really in favor of changing the team name, nor am I against it. My opinion on the subject doesn't really matter. But if a real, scientific poll gets taken of the Native American community (the decade old one from SI isn't really valid because SI refused to make certain information public, and it's a decade old at this point) and it's clear that a majority of that community wants the name changed, I don't see how "history" can prevail.
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    "he said he wants the stars to do it right this time, and never have to do it again." This should be every team's attitude when redesigning uniforms. The ultimate goal should be the create a look that's so perfect that it doesn't need to be touched. Of course there's always going to be teams that decide to jump on the most recent trend and they'll end up looking dated very quickly, but it's refreshing to hear that viewpoint from someone running a major professional sports franchise.
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    That's great to hear. Sounds like they're heading in the right direction. So basically another faux-retro, unoriginal pile of blandness. No, not at all actually. Read Cole's post again. The Stars are very aware that they're one of the "original" '67 expansion teams. This isn't like the Tampa Bay f'ing Lighting playing Original Six dress-up. This is a team that has every right to go traditional if they so choose. Put the knee jerk anti-traditional outrage away, just once.
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    That's a damned fine logo. It'd be really cool if we could put each team's logo sublimated into the red part, with the player changing to the primary/secondary color of each team.
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    Aw man, you guys. It just feels good to go to a library, you know?
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    One more, I'm going to try to get a lot of these done. Angola: I used the sable antelope as well as symbols from their flag-the cog and machete. I wanted to do a unique crest shape as well.
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    Once again, Redskins is NOT in the same category as Fightin' Irish or even names like Utes and Seminoles. If you are seriously so knee-jerkingly ignorant that you can't tell the difference between a nationality and a racial slur, you have no business in this conversation.
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    I don't get why this jersey gets so much love. I think it's terrible and a matching white, vintage otherwise, would complete the team's visual downward spiral. The inaugural look was perfect. Every tweak since then has been a step in the wrong direction. I see what you're saying but this style with the cursive wordmark is more representative of Minnesota hockey, which is why I think it gets so much love. It's also because it doesn't look like a Christmas tree. and the Kansas City Chiefs look like a McDonald's? That's the laziest argument on the boards. Green and red are associated with Christmas, but this was a damn nice look The final straw for me and the Wild's degradation of their inaugural uniforms was when they eliminated the pants stripe.
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    I often feel owned by Tatas myself.
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