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    This is true. I'm currently playing the Blue Jackets drinking game. The rules are whenever the Blue Jackets are playing you drink constantly.
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    Looks like at least one Cardinals fan is already in spring training mode!
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    VikingBen seems to be just saying a bunch of things without actual background info.
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    I'll say this much. The Fishsticks sweater probably would have been received better as an alternate.
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    I didn't really like NAU's. I understand how it got out of the first round, but after that it should've been eliminated. I think it was way too gaudy.
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    If they were "Under Armour" concepts, don't you think they'd be on... you know, like an "Under Armour" website? Please please please stop posting here. Even if you're right, just go away.
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    Shawn Marion was like Akuma in Street Fighter for a couple years. He was this rare talent that looked really cool and could beat you with his special move in 5 seconds. Then you got to play as Akuma in a bunch of follow-up SF games and the thrill was gone. Yeah, he was good, but he didn't really do anything Ken or Ryu couldn't do with just a bit more hustle. Now no one likes Akuma. Or Shawn Marion.
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    I put the 1999 County Stadium patch on mine and made it a Jim Abbott, but I'm weird.
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    New one looks very similar in style to the new TCU logo we've seen. No.
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    After reading the comments and suggestions I've posted a new/larger version of the Knights uniform. Thanks for the input fellas.
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    Dynasty In The Making ain't even making the playoffs this year.
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    I'd like to see a New York Americans style sweater done up for their move to Brooklyn.
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    yes an improvement, but that's not hard to do. no matter how you look at it, what style you go for, a beaver logo can't be easy. it dosent look like Fraser's work to me, there are some odd shapes in the eye and ear area, but perhaps he had a hand in part it? the silhouette isn't the best, theres nothing that reads as a beaver from that but not too concerned about it because i get the feeling it's going to mostly live on black backgrounds. while i don't really find this one that great, i don;t think its too poor either. not a timeless design by any means, but it works in 2 color (or 1?) well and could last for a while without feeling old or dated. it's okay to me.
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    Anybody else see the love child of a beaver and a humpback whale?
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    Here's one of my favorite examples (although the Blackhawks make the point perfectly):
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    "Don't miss a wild new episode of 'Strombone!', this Tuesday at 8:30 on CBC."
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    I hope we can all agree that the new logo is a million times better than this mess:
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    I would think endzone unless they go NFL shield on 50. Three Jag heads lined up would seem a bit much. My thought is the shield at the 50 and the updated word mark in each endzone. With the NFL shield at either both 20's or in the endzones also.
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    All of those (except the Eagles) are "warm weather city" teams, so they're most likely to wear white at home during the first few weeks of the year when it's still hot outside. The Texans do it to. .... but the Cowboys only do it because they're the ones who started wearing white at home in the league to set them apart from the other teams in the NFL. And several others followed, like the Texans who tend to wear white at home, but play in a retractable roof stadium so there's no real reason for them to do so. And the Eagles and Redskins tend to play the Cowboys so they sort of force them to wear their blue jerseys when they play. And this is the NFL. There are no "home" and "away" uniforms. Just white jerseys and color jerseys. No one is bound to just one set. The Texans only wear white at home once a season now (since 2011). They go all-white for Liberty White Day. And didn't the Chargers go all-white at home for the first time ever in 2012? They were hyping it that way.
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    I didn't know what to think at first, with it's odd shape -- but after a just a few minutes of staring, it toally grew on me. Kudos, Nike!
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    I'm pretty sure this is another example of Davidson's continued work for Nike. So as it's been every other time there was probably an amazing logo left on the cutting room floor.
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    I loved the route Fraser did for the SBN rebrand... bad ass rendering: The thing that got leaked doesn't feel fluid to me at all. it's a weird shape for a head, IMO. And the shadows are just confusing to me (especially behind the eye).
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    Love it. The Beaver can nibble on my log anytime.
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    Pretty much, yeah. There's a contrarian crowd that'll support the Toronto Fighting Mongooses just because they're local and not the Leafs, but while they may be vocal they're in no way representative of the majority of the region's hockey fans. That's a cool team name!
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    Don't you think the Jags are coming off a little bit cocky with that score?
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    Grapes sure taste sour tonight.
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    Just an idea that I randomly got today, let me know what you think. If anybody is interested in using it for a concept go right ahead because I'm not planning to do any uniforms.
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    I think the "rainbow" style is the better of the two. Great work!
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    ...we gotta put an end to all these "these are my opinions, show me your opinions so we can fight and disagree!" threads... They've been done countless times before, and it's especially painful when the OP has only 8 posts...
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    If you can't beat 'em... So you guys have done a nice job updating the Jags brand new look, but I think I found just the tweaks that will put it over the top. First, no one has drawn a logo yet. They are still just illustrations. Second, it's too curvy, so I straightened out some lines. Third, the colors need a tweak to be more marketable, so I changed the teal to a blue shade. Fourth, I simplified the design to make it more iconic. Am I doing it right?
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    You could fill volumes with how wrong you are... You must have forgotten what an opinion is... It's a terribly lame jersey in my opinion. Agreed. This, along with the Cowboys' 90's huge-ass star jerseys, has a weird but loyal following. I've never gotten the love for those looks, but tastes do vary, I guess. Too me, if you love this jersey (and that Dallas double star thing) you should also love the Iowa jersey with the bananas on the shoulders and Wisconsin's "motion W" / NY Jets mash up. They're all cut from the same design cloth.
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    They just worsened it. Now it's just an outline-filled mess. The first one was better.
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    As documented, I hate the Kings. I really do. But damn do they win at social media:
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    I thought those were great the orange sleeves provided a nice splash of color and they still looked like the Islanders. The yokes were probably a step too far and the jerseys would've looked way better without them, but I could've lived with it. My issue with the current uniforms/throwbacks is that they're not quite the cup era uniforms. If you're not going to wear the cup unis, what's the point?
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    They don't use "The Final Countdown" anymore? nooooo
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    So on the whole franchise opinion side of this discussion, here's my input of the deal. - Acknowledge the past : Optional if you honor the other cities players depending on scenario but to say the least never ignore the past in general - Don't keep the franchises name in most cases : They may get a team again (depending where) and some cities fall in love with names and colors (go search Seinfeld cheer for clothes) - Reusing a name used by another relocated franchise is ok : Following with the above, if your city gets a team back, readopt the name and colors you once loved (if it works out otherwise that's cool), just don't think you're the original team that wore the name and uniforms - You weren't the original : SuperSonics 2.0 should not have any titles the original Sonics won unless it's an expansion (and that's still iffy with me). Do your own work for the new (old) name. However honoring city history is ok, keep it minimal though if it's not for the specific franchise
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    I Dont believe I'm saying this but Baylor but that's not there green but they could be weird.
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    Post of the Day nomination. Seconded Turded.
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    I almost can't tell which is which. Also, in the new CBA, is there a clause that forbids the Islanders from designed alternate uniforms?
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