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    Reasons why this logo is awesome: The previous logo looked like a jagged rodent about to have a stroke. It has a fantastic curvature that lends itself perfectly to a football helmet. It actually looks like a beaver, but doesn't have some buffoonish snarl or over-detailed elements. Very balanced. Why this logo might not be so cool: People hate everything. Doesn't look stupid enough. More stripes or something. I hate Nike
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    3 points for a win (Regulation/OT) 2 points for a shootout win 1 point for a shootout loss 0 points for a loss (Regulation/OT) Boom.
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    Hell, no other major professional hockey league does this. Either go 3(W)-2(OW)-1(OL)-0(L) like the rest of the civilized hockey world, or just go straight-up W-L. Instead, we get this convoluted, backfiring half-measure, which pretty much sums up this league.
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    Agreed. Vegas gold is such a watery, bland color. Metallic is great for embroidery but seldom any other application.
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    Hockey is weird and I love it.
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    Disagree. The throwback is great.
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    Can you do a Charlotte Bobcats one that says help wanted with the number beings 00.
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    A yellow soccer jersey with 90s Indiana Pacers shorts. WHAT. A. MESS!!!!
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    That is the worst looking Basketball uniform I have seen in years for many reasons, one of them not being the sleeves. Good lord.
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    I think GS is the only team that could get away with the "26% lighter" claim. Mainly because this version of the uniform doesn't feature one giant patch that takes up the whole front of the jersey.
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    I think if your argument against a change to sleeves is simply "Well that's not a basketball jersey!" then you're way too closed minded. As long as it's something that the players want to wear, then there really shouldn't be any argument. I know personally this is something that I would much rather wear (both on the court and as a fan), compared to the tanks that they currently do. Now, technology aside this is pretty terrible as a uniform. I like the shorts, and I like the jersey. But together they really don't work at all. Of course, all of this is coming from someone who has never been a huge basketball fan, so really what do I know.
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    If the NBA is going to introduce sleeves to uniforms they should do it soccer style. Offer jerseys with sleeves and without, and allow players to play in whichever they're more comfortable with. This way traditional fans can buy a sleeveless while the lanky teenagers of suburbia can buy the sleeved one. Also, I don't buy the people that argue the sleeves will affect performance. Adidas has been working on this for a while, I don't think they would put it in place if there was any concerns about player movement and performance. I'm sure when guys started wearing baggy shorts people thought it would slow them down or affect their jumping or something.
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    Question: How did you determine the cities? Philadelphia - Liberty City as a theme could work, especially if you're willing to do more like "Rose City" Boston - bring back the Beaneaters! Washington DC - Commanders (ties in with the Pentagon) Florida - Scourge (as in scourge of the seas) Minnesota - Trappers Milwaukee - Robins (state bird, plus lends to a brown and red color scheme which could work well) Houston - Stars (Dual tie in with the space program and the fact that Texas is the Lone Star State) Dallas - Tycoons (brings things away from the typical wild west theme) Denver - I'd actually go with something like "Mile High RC" St Louis - Explorers Kansas City - I've always wanted to do something related to BBQ, like "Pit Bosses", but it's too awkward for me to work off Arizona - Cacti... because an angry cactus would rule San Fransisco - Gatekeepers/Guardians (with the Golden Gate Bridge as the key) Seattle - I love the name "Emerald City", but with the use of "Rose City" for Portland, I think it's too much for the area... so I got nothing Las Vegas - Sharks (more for Card/Pool sharks) So a few ideas off the top of my head
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    OK then it makes sense. Thanks. It's a very nice detail, I was just wondering the reason. fast forward to 3:05Timber Jim's (the guy who signals what songs to sing during the game) daughter passed away in a car accident. This song was her favorite, so the Timber Army sings this song every game in her memory. That's where the whole sun thing came from
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    How is the shootout a bad thing? It forces the players to hone a different aspect of the game that they might not participate in (breakaway and/or penalty shot) on a frequent basis. In my opinion, it's an exciting way to end a game and determine a winner. The singular skills of the goaltender versus the deke/shooting skill of the skater. No do-overs, no gimmes, just goalie vs skater. They can be anti-climactic though if you have one team with 3 or 4 snipers vs another team with not as many sharp shooters. Unless this happens: [/media]Bottom line, as a customer I don't feel ties are a great way to end a game because like the shootout, they can be anti-climactic. (spelling?)
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    I absolutely hate the 1970s brown and yellow Padres jerseys.
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    I'm in the minority again when I say I like the way this looks...
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    "The rationale is having a full shirt as the team's jersey allows people to represent their team in more settings. Unlike soccer, baseball and football, basketball uniforms are limited, from a fashion perspective, because they are sleeveless." Translation, cash grab.
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    shoulda been THE CITY wordmark. shoulda had no pinstripes. should not have sleeves. only successful parts are the gold color and the long-spear side panel / stripe.
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    Don't feed it! While I'm less than thrilled with the new jaguars logo, I can't wait until the uniforms come out. Anything they do will be better than the last set.
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    horrible t-shirt.. that they are selling for $300?? Then mis-matched pinstriped shorts? Warriors want to be a joke.
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    I disagree. Adidas MLS kits already have the feeling of farming out one template to all the teams. This makes the lack of individualism even more stark. MLS is at the point where the league can loosen the reins and let the clubs go free a little more; instead, it seems they're tightening up.
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    The problem with templates is there are literally hundreds of pedals and thousands of different pedal combinations. I'm currently working on two of my friend's guitar rigs, but when that's done, I'd be more than willing to take requests. The signal path? Yes, my most recent update includes the cables as well as the route the signal takes from the guitar to the amp.
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    It's just very frustrating. Can't win on the ice, can't tank and win the lottery. There's nowhere to go. I'm sure a Maple Leafs fan understands. edit: at least RJ Umberger finally scored a goal. 4.6 million a year until 2016-2017 for that guy. Scott Howson is the worst.
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    And that's exactly the thing that's bugging me about the Isles uniforms. I mean, they look nice an' all, but when you're dressed like it's the 70's and you're playing in a building which is old and crappy and falling apart... well, it's not a great image for this franchise to have. As opposed to the Ducks current crap of uniforms? Anything in the 70's is better than the black and gold, cutesy font, oh wait now let's add some orange the Ducks currently wear. When your team has a bad look, you really shouldn't comment on other teams looks. It's kind of like Joan Rivers commenting on how other people are dressed. Maybe you should the up
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    Marion didn't list any specific teams, IIRC. He just doesn't want to waste his last years in the NBA on a lottery team going nowhere. I'll defer to Michael Bolton to sort of explain my feeling on this: The point of that, besides maybe a grin, is that in sports, as in life, there's a permanent need for guys that clean garbage up. Not everybody can be the superstar. Marion has a recognizable name and a reasonably impressive resume but at this point in his career he's Just A Guy. This isn't the swan song of a beautiful career that will surely culminate in a hall of fame speech, he's just a dude. Do I understand him not wanting to end his career in some crappy nothing basketball hellhole? Sure, but if the pieces line up and the trade makes sense, sorry broseph stalin. If you don't want to report, don't report. This isn't EA Sports.
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    Last time I checked, teams just under the .500 mark can still qualify, The Lakers will probably get it together over the last month and grab a 7 or 8 seed.
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    Stockton, CA had a minor league team (now the Ports) for a year or so... http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Stockton_Mudville_Nine
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    I don't know why it kills you to provide actual links to these "rumors".
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    Hint: it was not Nebraska It was Ricky Steamboat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8ub5_BgOCY
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    One of the other members here converted it to vector format. I use the PSD version. Since I stare at it all day, it's nice to see others getting some use out of it.
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    I would have, but I'm a Michigan fan and that design was fantastic too.
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    Thanks man. I actually really like this template. With the exception of a few minor tweaks (making compound paths and expanding strokes) it's very user friendly. Thanks for making and posting it!
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    Definitely. I think my issue is this (and the same went for the Jacksonville 'update'): when you're changing your logo, is the point merely to make it "better than the previous", or to create something lasting, memorable, soundly-designed, and anything else you think your brand should be? I mean, sure, it's better than the old logo, but that's about it for me. I don't think it's awesome or iconic or anything. I guess having been a part of a major rebrand before, I would say that "good enough" or "it's better than it was before" isn't exactly what you're aiming for (unless you love major changes every 2-5 years — spoiler: most organizations don't). At the end of the day, though, I suppose it's all subjective.
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    I hope we can all agree that the new logo is a million times better than this mess:
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    Pretty much, yeah. There's a contrarian crowd that'll support the Toronto Fighting Mongooses just because they're local and not the Leafs, but while they may be vocal they're in no way representative of the majority of the region's hockey fans. That's a cool team name!
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    Awesome logo! But somehow I too, feel there's something wrong with that open end on the rear of the dolphin. It looks like a buffaslug, and you could make a tail, but then again when a dolphin is swimming fast you usually don't see its' tail.
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    Well I think the problem with them more was that they essentially went all in on SUV's and ignored their other brands/designs. I don't think they was anything wrong with having brands as they did, I just don't think they invested in them enough. I also completely agree with what Michael Moore said back in '89 in that they were a company far more concerned with short term profits and their stock price then building a company that could be successful in the long run. Say what you want about him politically, but he was 100% correct with that criticism of GM. We're turning record profits but we need to cut back on the number of employees and plants we have in order to survive. That I look at as the number one reason why they went from being the largest auto company in the world to being bankrupt within two decades. It wasn't done to make the company better, it was done so the investors could make a quick buck and then dump the stock. It was corporate raiding from the inside out.
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    That's great to hear. Sounds like they're heading in the right direction. So basically another faux-retro, unoriginal pile of blandness. No, not at all actually. Read Cole's post again. The Stars are very aware that they're one of the "original" '67 expansion teams. This isn't like the Tampa Bay f'ing Lighting playing Original Six dress-up. This is a team that has every right to go traditional if they so choose. Put the knee jerk anti-traditional outrage away, just once.
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    Looking at rebrands that failed, I would nominate Oldsmobile: Oldsmobile had very strong brand identity and brand loyalty in the 80s, with the streamlined straight-line rocket logo, having a market place of being more luxurious than Pontiac or Chevy and more performance-oriented than Buick or Cadillac. In the mid-90s, GM sought to refresh the brand against foreign imports by dumping the Cutlass and the 98, moving to the logo on the right, and muddying the identity by downplaying the rocket/V-8 performance history (did you know that logo on the right is supposed to conjure images of rocket-fast speed?) as they emphasized Pontiac as a performance model and downplayed the luxury elements in comparison to how they kept marketing Buick. They were gone for good in 2004. They even made good cars and still had lingering brand loyalty, but rebranding to make yourself more generic seems like a recipe for failure. It's kind-of what happened to Pontiac later on when they decided to make Pontiac the producer of the Aztec and the Vibe.
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    It's not less money.... ---------------------------------------------------------- With regards to a 20 team Big Ten: And while we're at it, let's purge everyone with a business degree from the last 30 years from the Big Ten offices. Get those wits who can only think in terms of trying to extract the last marginal dollar regardless of the consequences outta here.
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