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    It's pretty well stated that Native Americans have begun to dispel the myth that they're honored by their heritage being used as mascots and nicknames for sports teams and that they are in fact offended by it. Because of this, we (non Native Americans) don't get a vote or a say on the issue. It's up to the people that are being depicted and more and more they don't like it. On top of that, you're going to go to battle over THAT logo? Why? It's a horrible logo that if it were introduced today we'd laugh it out of sports. Good on the Braves for realizing their mistake and correcting it. Bad on them for letting it get this far and bad on them for pretending like it wasn't their final design.
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    I'm sure the views of what the kid did probably vary by generation. Most old guys like me probably see him for the selfish a** he is. See, he may be right and maybe he was mistreated somehow, but here's the catch: it doesn't matter. You don't do what he did. That's not how a man handles things. There's no justification worthy of it. A man doesn't have to have the last word. He doesn't need to run to Facebook or Twitter and tell the world what a heroic martyr he is. A man knows the truth and that's all that matters. He doesn't need validation from others. Just my 2 cents.
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    From a $$ standpoint, I don't think fans will go out and buy a new hat just because this logo is on it. thats not the point. it's to make the logo work better in a variety of mediums, and more aesthetically pleasing (or just drawn better as in the hair).. they've made it better in a few areas and will most noticeably be a better reproduction in embroidery
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    That makes it a perfect update.
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    I like how they matched the horn to the one worn on the helmet.
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    Green Monochrome always looks like ass, too. Good riddance.
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    Agreed. Maybe it was unique and interesting when only Boise did it, but now it's just a lame attempt at attention. As for the rule I'm all for it, if only because it'll cut down on the number of monochrome looks we have to deal with each season. It could also make Boise State games a bit more watchable on top of that.
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    As a former high school hockey player who played in a very functional program under a good coach who's had a lot of success, I can't side with the kid even a little bit. We all knew where we stood going in. The best kids were going to play which meant that my best friend got cut our senior year to take a sophomore on the varsity roster defense. It sucked for him and the rest of the seniors, but we were a better hockey team. I'm going with 100% whiny bitch move and I'm going to add that someone with the predilection to pull something like this probably earned his lack of playing time for some reason or another. Sorry the sophomore is better than you. That's how competitive sports works. Have some respect for yourself as an athlete and do the best you can when you're given a chance. When I was in high school and kids complained about the "politics of high school sports" they were almost always not good at the sport they played. If you're the best player, you're going to play. If you're not, sorry, life isn't fair and the only good way to handle it is to accept it without behaving like a jackass. also, more evidence to support my "goalies are weird people" theory.
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    I know this is coming out of left field, but the Redskins seriously need to wear the 2002 Fauxbacks again. It's honestly one of the best football uniforms I've ever seen. It should be a full time set!
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    I can understand his frustration. After a great junior year of high school hockey, my senior year sucked badly due to a new defensive coach and my playing time being cut down drastically. Like this kid, the culmination of the frustration came at Senior Night. Before the game, a few of my teammates (including our starting goaltender) said they weren't going to try hard because it "wasn't their Senior Night." I layed into them in the lockerroom, like any good captain (which the defensive coach would threaten to strip me of every damn game) would do. That wasn't enough and our goalie didn't try. At all. I kept advocating to put in our backup (who was a kid that always got the short end of the stick despite busting his ass at practice) to be put in. I was benched for that. After the game, the defensive coach layed into me (as well as an offensive coach how had spoken a grand total of one word to me before this encounter) and I just went off of them. Don't regret a thing. TL;DR - I went through a similar experience and can understand his frustration. The action however, meh, I'd have to hear more about what the coaches said and did to him prior. I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that more than likely, a few parents were behind this.
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    NHL 01) Apron piping is the worst thing to ever happen to hockey jerseys. If it has it it's a bad jersey, period. 02) Phantom shoulder yokes are equally idiotic... Especially when teams but them on a jersey that tries to convey a vintage feel. Looking at you Minnesota... did it twice! 03) Teams established in the 90's should have looks that reflect it. They should not be playing original 6 dress up... Hear me Tampa Bay Lightning? 04) Metallic colours look great on the ice but they should be confined to the jersey crests. Think Tampa and Ottawa's inaugural jerseys. Reason being it's impossible for the colours to look truly metallic when used in the striping. 05) Not all Black For Black's Sake is a bad thing. The Flames logo benefited greatly from it. 06) Not every jersey has to have horizontal stripes but vertical panels look terrible. 07) Front numbers are useless and clutter up the jersey. No place for them. 08) Wordmark logos are the epitome of lazy. A hockey jersey should have a logo on the front. Period. 09) Home and Away jerseys should always match... At least in the striping. 10) Not every hockey team needs to use bloc numbers. Expansion teams should get more creative with their numbers. Wild inaugural set and Colorado Av's come to mind. 11) Flags should NEVER be used as secondary logos... that is just beyond lazy... especially when one of said flags is primarily a colour nowhere found in the team's identity. Can't believe I have to make one of these rules solely based on one team.... 12) Sleeve stripes should be straight.... That goofy tapered look RBK came out with looks awful. Several teams are still using it... Islanders, Hurricanes and Canadiens to name a few. 13) When you win a Cup in a certain look, you shouldn't completely ditch it. Nice to see you again TBL...
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    I wonder what some of these guys would do if this was the actual update! I actually really like this one. Very clean and looks much easier to reproduce. since they have never been directly exposed to good design, they would probably die. I like the update, but man that one's nice. It's a shame vikingBen's not here to see it.
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    i think thats true; i mean theres a guy really flipping out over this? and he thinks it's the best logo in pro sports? talk about emotional attachment and rose colored glasses. you see this reaction (a bit of a paradigm shift) with major updates, but damn. i'd almost bet he has bought the same groceries from the same store for 20 years
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    It's better, but I was never a fan of the original design.
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    I still think the linework isn't thick enough, especially the outside border. It's a slight improvement, but still not that great of a logo.
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    I've never given that any thought before, but now I can't unsee it! Same here...now he looks like a blond conehead wearing a purple headband.
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    That makes it a perfect update. Agreed. It's exactly what they needed to do. This and Cardinals' update have to be the the two best facelifts in NFL logo history.
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    Love it. This is exactly what I was hoping for. The new shade of yellow is great too, can't wait to see it on a jersey (but hopefully NOT on the collar). Thank you Zygi.
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    I worked on a lot of these marks while at CLC. It was a daunting task to say the least. A lot of these marks were taken from the College Vault books by Whitman Publishing, as well as a number of other resources. Some of them we just flat out made up. I think by the time I left we had recreated nearly 2000 marks for the College Vault program. If you like this kind of stuff, those books are gems.
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    Upgrade, especially like the horns matching the helmet
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    The 1995-2011 format was perfect. One wildcard, one single shot for teams which couldn't win their division to make it in. Four playoff teams was too few, but eight is perfect. Things are basically the same now, except for the faux wildcard that gets to pop champagne only to lose in a play in game. Selig has done plenty of dumb things, and we hear talk of expanding the playoffs a few times a year, so it will happen eventually. However, that is the exact wrong thing for baseball. Fans don't want more baseball. They are happy with the baseball they have. They might even want less. Look at the TV ratings for the playoffs and World Series dropping each year. A large part of that is the variety of entertainment alternatives, but part of it is that fans are somewhat worn out of the game which they have watched for seven full months. The answer to "our ratings are down" is NOT "well, we just need to play more games." The Admiral is 100% right about 162 games being more than enough to decide the eight best teams. Baseball fandom isn't like football, where you know to turn your TV on at noon on Sunday and your team will play (with the exception of a Thurdsay night and maybe SNF/MNF). It's not even like hockey or basketball, where you have to check "do we play today?" and your team routinely gets two to three days off in a row. Baseball is every day for six freaking months. It's a huge emotional and time investment to follow a team for that long. Fans are going to be less likely to go to games if it's freaking August 15 and you've clinched a playoff spot, and homefield advantage doesn't mean that much. A 162 game season has to mean something and has to take randomness out of the game as much as possible. It's really bad for the sport if a 105 win team is gone a few days into the playoffs because their offense stalls against an awful team like the Mariners because they ran into Felix Hernandez and then Jason Vargas had a good game. NOBODY wanted to see the 75 win Mariners in the playoffs last year, and if they would have happened to upset the 95 win Yankees in a best of three series, it would have really sucked.
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    As I posted in the other thread talking about it. They did that on purpose. They just wanted to clean it up a bit for the new stadium.
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    I dislike PK Subban only because he is a frickin' dirty player, and I'm sure that's the sentiment of the vast majority of his critics. Apart from Wayne Simmonds (another guy who does his reputation no favors with the way he plays) getting a banana thrown at him, I have never seen race be an issue in the NHL. There have been enough memorable black players, such as Iginla, Fuhr, Emery, Weekes, Grier, Byfuglien, Laraque, and Brashear, that I don't think anyone actually thinks just because someone is black they are bad at hockey or automatically draw more criticism. That's like saying just because someone is white they are bad at basketball, and yet there's Larry Bird and Steve Nash.
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    The Buccaneers was confirmed as the "what actually changed," right? Cause when I scrolled through this, thats what I thought at first about the Vikes.
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    This is stupid. I like monochrome and I like colored fields. I want to see more of them, actually.
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    I think most monochrome looks ugly anyway. But as a football official in a state that follows NCAA rules, I think that will be one we don't adopt. Most high schools have one set of pants, but two jerseys. My hometown is green and white, and I don't see the state athletic organization banning the school from wearing its home green jersey with its green pants. Wasn't the original point of BSU going all blue was so it could blend into the turf? Make it more difficult for people to see them, in both film and in person? If so, they only have themselves to blame. They were trying to cheat the rules (at least about filming, since game film is legal, but "editing" yourself out of it by using monochrome to hide), and it's now backfired. Maybe the NCAA should modify the rule and make all monochrome illegal, unless there are enough contrasting details in the jerseys and pants.
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    I am in the stark minority of those who like this...not just because my Brewers would've gotten in, either. Playoff upsets are what make it exciting...we had a #4 seed winning the Super Bowl, a #8 seed winning the Stanley Cup, a #3 seed winning the World Series, a college football National Champion whose one loss was late in the season...and if you're telling me Norfolk State and Lehigh's upset wins didn't spice up your March Madness experience last year, that'd be a bold-faced lie. So it's an idea whose time has come...
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    This wallpaper shows how bad the uniform is. Even the patch for the California logo looks bad with another color of yellow its on. http://i.cdn.turner.com/nba/nba/.element/media/2.0/teamsites/warriors/images/alt_uniforms2013_1920x1200.jpg
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    It never had legs. Ugh, too soon. Says the guy who piped in with the tired old "Today...." bit. I, for one, thought it was worth a laugh, Island_Styles.
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    I liked those older Boise State uniforms with the school name in bigger lettering. One of my pet peeves has been the trend in recent years to miniaturize the name of the school or nickname on the front of the jersey. Texas and Oklahoma are among the colleges who are still doing it correctly, but I almost feel if you're going to micro size the name, just leave it off the jersey completely.
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    It all depends on context. Nationality-wise, hockey is the most diverse sport of all major North American sports. Look at how many nations do the NHL represent (and I'm pretty sure there's a study done on this; if someone can find this). But skin-color wise, hockey is the palest sport, hence your proposal of hockey being "the whitest." All the nationalities representing hockey can't hide the fact that it's still an Anglo-Saxon majority sport, whereas the NBA qualifies as more "skin diverse" with Whites, Blacks and now Asians learning and playing basketball.
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    I used to root against Joe Theismann because I hated the look of his face mask so much... On the other hand, I hated the look of Dan Marino's, as well, but for the opposite reason. It was too much face mask for a quarterback... These two were awfully ugly, as well... The one in the first photo in the original post is actually my favorite of all-time. It's also the one Riddell chose for their mini helmets, so I may not be alone.
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    Your image is not working. edit: In fact, I've noticed this a lot lately. Is it a phone to desktop and vice versa type deal, or what?
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    Racism in the Joel Ward situation does not validate or prove Kane's notion that any critique of his play or actions are racially motivated.
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    It actually isn't bad when paired with those beautiful BP unis. Wow. Look at all the... blue.
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    "You know where I'm gonna shove this corn cob, right?"
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    "One day more to relocation, we will nip it in the bud!" I swear after nearly 23 years...I still do not know exactly what the phrase means. http://youtu.be/ZNDi9URMBoU Skip 1:53 for the reference.
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    "One day more to relocation, we will nip it in the bud!"
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    Early rumors say the Jags will use the shield for their 50 yard line logo.
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    I agree with this totally it does not convey motion to me with being elongated. To me overall thats what makes this a bad logo but a good illustration.
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    I love the Lightning's latest logo.
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