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    Very common color...however, no one else in the NFL is using it right now. As far as teams in other leagues - Pirates, Lakers, Nuggets, Warriors, Grizzlies, Hornets - to name a few are using it.
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    It's simple. We re-brand the batman.
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    I think Cincy's his last hope. Schwartz and Fisher are two of the more lenient when it comes to character issues in the NFL, with Lewis being another. Can't think of many more teams that would take that risk, regardless of how bad they are. Not worth bringing a cancer into a locker room based solely on potential. I guess it's not all potential, though, since he's better than Calvin already. Just without the whole speed/height/route running/catching/attitude thing.
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    Brand new Jets, same old Thrashers. Gooooooooooooo LOTTERY
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    Firmly believe the Blues will have a Stanley Cup in any of the next three years.
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    Ugh. The black is one of the few things stopping them from being complete Make BeLeafs. And that roundel is probably the most generic logo in all of sports. A clipart lightning bolt slapped in a circle with "Team Name" arched over and "Hockey Club" underneath. It wouldn't surprise me if that was a last-minute afterthought to the set quickly thrown together.
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    I'm glad he's lifting that weight off his shoulders; I definitely understand that. But I wish he felt he could continue playing and be a positive influence on LGBT youth.
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    Hopefully over the weekend. My dog passed away a week ago tomorrow, so this has been a crazy week for me. Sorry to hear that looking forward to the Milwaukee Barons! Concept
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    I'm not sure about this myself, but here's an attempt at making the helmet stand out from the hair:
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    Vancouver Vancouver Spirits Vancouver Spirit Bears Toronto Toronto Beavers Toronto Centaurs Toronto Griffins Toronto Guardians Toronto Huskies Toronto Loyalists Toronto Mammoths Toronto Rogues Toronto Royals Toronto Sentinels Toronto Titans
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    All he did was justify the coach's decision to not start him for the entire season. I wouldn't call him the poster child for the me me me generation, but it was a selfish move. I'd love to know what happened after the game because I'm picturing my own teammates and if one of our goalies had pulled something like this it wouldn't have gone well for them. It is entirely possible that the coach is an asshat himself and judging by the teammates' reactions, they weren't exactly enraged or surprised. Still though, tell the coach off like a man, don't salute from 100 feet away.
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    Going to Ducks/Wings tonight, should be a good one.
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    always fun to see the process. i love how he dosent erase any lines, he leaves everything there and draws/markers over it. keeps the hand-drawn feel. also notice his strokes, long and smooth; confident. he dosnt make 30 short lines to do one shape. it's just one motion. that's skill
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    That brought a smile to my face. I only wish I was as good as that.
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    Impressive, Tank. This is the Tankiest post you've ever written and I have no idea what you just said. Were you in phone?
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    Baltimore -Blue Claws -Atlantics -Bombers -Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay Retriever is the state mammal) -Baymen (Chesapeake Bay)
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    Ohio State. 60's/70's Brutus Buckeye from an old pennant of mine
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    Gray hat, gray pants, and a wide-as-hell white side panel on the jersey. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
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    Because the logos basically the same or because no one would want to buy Vikqueens stuff?
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    I wonder what some of these guys would do if this was the actual update! I actually really like this one. Very clean and looks much easier to reproduce. since they have never been directly exposed to good design, they would probably die. I like the update, but man that one's nice. It's a shame vikingBen's not here to see it.
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    I'm sure the views of what the kid did probably vary by generation. Most old guys like me probably see him for the selfish a** he is. See, he may be right and maybe he was mistreated somehow, but here's the catch: it doesn't matter. You don't do what he did. That's not how a man handles things. There's no justification worthy of it. A man doesn't have to have the last word. He doesn't need to run to Facebook or Twitter and tell the world what a heroic martyr he is. A man knows the truth and that's all that matters. He doesn't need validation from others. Just my 2 cents.
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    Except for the first 26 years of the team.
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    Upgrade, especially like the horns matching the helmet
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    And I disagree. They're good designs that have stood the test of time. The Canadiens have had theirs, more or less, since 1917. The Blackhawks have had theirs, more or less, since 1955. Neither jersey has experienced significant changes since then. There's a reason why those jerseys have stayed largely the same while jerseys like the Canucks' V jerseys, the Islanders' fishsticks jerseys and the Burger King jerseys have been consigned to the history books. Good designs last. They can't become traditional if they aren't good enough to stick around to be part of the tradition in the first place.
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    It actually isn't bad when paired with those beautiful BP unis. Wow. Look at all the... blue.
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    yep i'll be getting back to these soon, have had some other projects stealing my time away
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    "Hey, kids it's me! I bet you thought that I was dead... But when Bettman blocked me we were 10 posts in and now we're already on the fourth thread!" "Look, guys, I refuse to sing. And I still don't want this team. Buying the Coyotes would be a nice fling, but turning profit would be a pipe dream."
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    Teams have been known to do that for "non-traditional" lettering rather than just make them all uppercase...
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    The Mets gave Travis d'Arnaud an upside down P as the lower case D:
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    For Phoenix I'd go US Airways since they're the arena sponsor and based out of Tempe...if not then University of Phoenix. If he's gonna do that, he may as well stick the logos of Allegheny, Piedmont, and Pacific Southwest Airlines on there as well.
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