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    I can't wait for the Dolphins to get rid of that corny ass logo...
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    A player gossiping about what he thinks is the official logo is NOT confirmed.
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    What makes "random piping"? To me, "random piping" would be piping across the chest and down the spleen. Somewhere you don't see piping. Piping going the sides is ok.
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    They look like a high school team. What, not enough stupid, pointless, barely visible patterns plastered over various parts of the uniform? Or maybe the problem is they don't have 50 or 60 individual combinations available. Maybe they do look like a high school, but its a sad state of affairs when high school teams look better than the average mid-level major college team, wearing over-designed nonsense in an effort to appeal to the players on those high school teams.
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    This is the shade of cardinal they should aim for. (courtesy of Helmet Hut) From the 2005 throwback game, wearing the '62 jerseys. Even if they just made the jerseys as dark as the W and stripes on the helmet, that would be sufficient:
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    You skipped my request Oops.. Sorry, I'll get to that now. Here ya go. Sorry, i missed your request. These ended up being more popular than I ever imagined.
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    Personally, I'd love to see Bob Mackenzie take over for Grapes on Coaches Corner. Without a doubt, he's the smartest man in hockey.
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    Byfuglien was a white guy in NHL 07. A bit more recent, but EA's never been good with attention-to-detail kinda stuff.
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    Mets are wearing the ST cap with home whites today.
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    Long overdue, both the logo and uniforms.
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    Sorry, this isnt Canada we don't reward 20 years of ineptitude by selling out every home game. That's a reflection of the franchise not the fanbase. When the owner decides to spend above the cap floor and fields of team of more than John Tavares and 11 3rd liners the support will return.
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    in 2008, 2009. and 2011, their helmet decals looked really good. I don't think anyone on earth could have put them on a helmet better than they were.
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    Sean Miller is hypocritical beeotch. Dude ripped into the Pac-12 referees in his post-game presser for a questionable up-and-down call that had minimal effect on the outcome. Seriously, jackass? Fuuuuuuuuuck you.
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    That's not the new Dolphins logo. Please, fellas.
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    While I am all for good visual design as a parent when it comes to the "design" of a helmet I think the most important factor is protection and not how a logo looks on it. I think others have made my point for me, but yeah, safety first. I was questioning the value of it and I suspect (though I admit I really don't know) that these design features are more about marketing then safety or even functionality. Is there a functional advantage to earholes that are not round? Absolutely. Now, I think the earhole is one area that the speed is taking advantage of for a distinguishable feature, but the triangular shape is much stronger when under the kind of point load a helmet will face. When the facemask is hit, that load is distributed across the helmet, and the triangular shape of the earhole will withstand that force better than a circle. Now, a circle is the strongest shape, but that isn't the case when applied to the ridge/crease found in the Speed's jaw pad. Likewise, that's probably (or at least partly) why VSR-4s had a dome around the earhole. In that setting, the circular cutout is incredibly strong. I have no engineering knowledge so I'll have to take your word for most of it, but part of me will always wonder whether it has to be this way. Then gain, if they were going to bastardize a team's helmet logo, it would make sense for them to find a significant team rather than the vikings. In any case, if that hole really has to be right there, and the purpose is for the durability of the helmet (as opposed to air), the Vikes should be able to just put the decal right over it, correct? In theory, yeah. My guess with regard to them cutting the logo is that there is only about 1" of logo attached behind the vent. When the player perspires, that logo is going to want to come off of the helmet if it crosses that vent hole. For the part with a larger area affixed to the helmet, this isn't an issue, but that ~0.75 sq. in. decal isn't likely to hold up/stick onto the helmet after very long. I'd imagine that's why they cut it.
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    Why are they wearing basketball shoes?
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    They look like a high school team.
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    Another for the afternoon. I'll try and get some more before I go to bed tonight. Here's Ohio
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    Where's our emperor? Can this thread just be ousted? So much spam.
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    And while we're at it, get rid of the Chiefs and Redskins. For that matter, Raiders and Buccaneers are insensitive and remind me of violence. And I knew a guy who got pecked in the head by a cardinal once. Never mind that the team was named for the color, the logo is an insensitive bird. So, "Guy Pecked By Bird" Mass Colonial Genocide of Indigenous Peoples. Thanks for putting us back on track, though. Ha.
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    Thanks man. I know you were one of the original requests I never fulfilled so I bumped you/Tennessee up the list. Also it gave me an opportunity to come up with a new template that looked more like an actual jersey. I upgraded the template quite a bit given my skills have improved a lot since I started these and you'll have to view full mode to appreciate the details. Here's the Tennessee "bleed out" on the newest template: *I also put up Norfolk. I didn't want to post it in a new post. I'll be updating the ones from the past few days to the new template as well
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    To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything. --Julie Newmar
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    Can the next person who quotes that insanely huge image (which is only a concept and doesn't even belong here) be banned please?
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    You can in the concept world. Let it be.
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    Isn't that the Minnesota number and nameplate font? Also, here's Schneider's mask for the event: Pretty swass.
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    I think this would look good. And a red alt
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