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    I have growing confidence this is going to be handled perfectly.
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    After 21 seasons, Jason Hanson officially retires. It'll be weird to be nervous about field goals again. He seriously has to be the most patient man in the world. 21 seasons. 327 games. 6 playoff games, 6 first round exits. Not even a sniff at a Super Bowl. You're not human if you don't feel for the guy. Anyway, he'll be missed. He was always one of my favorite Lions.
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    As has been discussed on this board many times, trying to make definative assumptions about color based on a single photo is pretty pointless. I believe Colorwerx (correct me if I'm wrong) has already stated the gold is the same yellow gold worn by the Lakers, and the purple from last year is the same.
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    Your non-uniform lol/wtf moment of the day.
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    I know I should dread a first round draw with the Oilers, but if the Blues miss the playoffs after acquiring Jay Bouwmeester, I'm going to laugh so hard that I double over and double over so much that I somersault and then keep somersaulting until I roll all the way down I-55 to St. Louis. And then I'll piss in the river.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is amazing
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    Via reddit, the updated NHL hockey rink guide:
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    The "Ack" Logo and mascot follows in one ugly package.
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    Ugly. yeah, we said Northwestern stripes, not "Northwestern"
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    So Michigan's QBs are wearing orange jerseys in practice... which are clearly Oregon State leftovers. Has anyone seen something like this before, especially considering Michigan is an Adidas school and that is a Nike jersey?
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    That poll splits the vote among a bunch of traditional designs. To be it's 42 Seahawks and 58 "Not Seahawks". And just wait a couple years and see how everyone feels...
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    Going big picture for a minute, what a contrast between Miami's bumbling approach towards their new unis vs. Minnesota's buildup. As for that poll...good grief.
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    Should have just called it the 'MC. 'MURICA CONFERENCE
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    Better to have the update packs rather than having to wait until NCAA 15 to get the new uniforms!
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    Well, Colorwerx has confirmed that the purple is not changing, and that the yellow is becoming yellower, while it clearly looks like Vegas gold there. I guess we will wait three weeks and see who's right. My money's on Colorwerx.
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    I know one thing is for sure, they are not in NCAA 14 as they showed the first gameplay video yesterday and they showed their old uniforms. looks like we will have those stupid update packs again then
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    That new jersey looks just as dark as OldSchoolVikings helmet in his signature. I know everyone thinks it is the lightening, but what if the color is actually darker and they have not announced it yet? See, I don't think it looks any darker in this pic. Different, yes. Duller, maybe. But not really darker, to me. I still think they're probably intensionally messing with the purple in this image, because, you know... drama.
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    You're joking, right. Of course. I like to think that an English major like Mr. admiral was playing a long with the joke by not actually asking a question there. He'd also probably tell you that it's along not "a long."
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    Unless the Bucks get back to the ECF by the time the lease is up, I don't see the taxpayers willing to pony up for a new building... and even if they do make it back, I'm still not sure that would change anything. ...and the Bucks organization has no one but themselves to blame for that.
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    Cowboys = Yankees = Manchester United Money, arrogance, success, headlines, jealous rivals is what they all have in common.
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    C'mon guys. Stevie-Y did build a Gold Medal Winning Hockey team, with barely any talent and horrendous goaltending choices. Anyways. Murray Edwards is a delusional psychopathic crook lawyer who demands the Flames make the playoffs next year. Once a strong suit of the Flames, never giving up in our darkest days are headed for even more darker days and this assclown demands playoffs. It's been easy to blame the general manager for the last 10 years, but the one constant is Edwards and Ken King, seeing as Edwards isn't going anywhere any time soon, he needs to loosen his grip on the franchise and put it in the hands of hockey people or risk becoming another Bill Wirtz.
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    SD: I'm actually not a fan of the yellow numbers on the white jerseys. Not enough color balance on the jerseys themselves. Also, I would use their current wordmark since you kept the number font. Also, on a technical note, I think the numbers are off center (to the right). KC: If you're going to change the stripes in that fashion (same pattern, change the colors), I would base them off the sleeve stripes, not the pants stripes. It just doesn't say Chiefs to me and makes them more like the Bears and Niners. Also, I prefer their current wordmark. OAK: I like the subtle changes you made. My only suggestion would be to color the NOBs like the wordmark on the front of the jersey (solid silver on home, black on the road). DEN: Love it. Exactly the look they should go back to. I like the tapering you used on the stripes...makes it more modern.
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    Well, I'm assuming (OK hoping) that the pants aren't going to be gold, so I personally don't want gold numbers. Not enough gold on the rest of the uniform to support it. Like when the rams wear white pants with their gold numbers... I hate that look.
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    Looking good so far. I like. I'm fine with either solid white numbers or solid gold like Army.
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    I was thinking the same thing, it looks almost more like a gold than a yellow in the pics. It sure doesnt look like the Packers gold anymore. As a former Vikings fan I'm scared to say that, from what I've seen and heard about them so far…I'm going to really like them. They sound a lot more simple and I love the new yellow they're using.
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    im working out some concepts myself and havent made a decision on that. will either be yellow or white. it depends on how far i want to push it. if its a traditional Vikings look then you go white, but if you want to do something really unique and new then yellow will look great. id even add a stroke or two to it. how the Vikings themselves will do it i dont know, but i would lean towards white
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    Agreed. if they took out the shine of the jersey without technically changing the shade...perhaps they did the same to the helmet...which would kind of be a combination of "old" and "new" like someone (I think Jared Allen) mentioned.
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    Its probably just the fabric or something, and I know only the yellow has officially changed...but that purple looks darker to me. Color me tickled pink...or, in this case, eggplant.
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    The yellow collar is gone: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BHAYo5PCMAAzut9.jpg Hallelujah.
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    I was just coming here to ask if the Rockies helmets were "more purple" than last year. Looks like my eyes did not deceive me. Good move, now ditch the black cap altogether.
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    While the helmets themselves look cool, the uniform as a whole looks like crap IMO. Its so unbalanced. The only way to fix it is to go away from the White Sox knockoffs. This is the truth. The Rockies need to just move to a more purple oriented uniform and wear the purple cap more often. Be unique.
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    plus stars fans DO seem to care about uniforms almost as much as people here... we revolted about the mooterus and got it canned, and then revolted about the black DALLAS jerseys, and talked the team into kelly green. we're a whiny fickle bunch, but we generate change.
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    Scumbag player traded to scumbag team. Got it! They traded him for a 3rd round pick! Wow Alright, it's official. the Sharks. I'm done. We've got a seat right here for you, next to rams80. He's new here, too! Great to have you both with us. Hey, where the are all the Ducks fans? 3rd-best team in the league and this game looks like a neutral-site affair in Glendale.
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    Those horns are angled down way too far for my liking. Like a dog that knows it just got in trouble or something.
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    Wow, Rovell made a decent, considered point? I need to go lie down.
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    For those who aren't psychic, the former Big East is rebranding itself as the American Athletic Conference.
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    Houston was this close (holds thumb and index finger together) to getting the Oilers back in 1998. Les Alexander actually was finalizing a purchase deal with Peter Pocklington. The only thing that stopped that was the Edmonton Investors Group coming together to buy the team and keep them in Edmonton. Wow. That would have been crazy. I'm glad Edmonton got to keep the team, but if nothing else, it would have been cool and incredibly appropriate to have a team called the Houston Oilers.
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    I never said they are not profitable. I said that they are not as profitable as other teams and players to the league. How much longer can the NBA sell Kobe Bryant to the casual fan and viewer who doesn't even follow basketball? At what point does the NBA say that the current Laker team is no longer viable for the top national TV dates in the regular season (opening night, Christmas, MLK, weekend before the Super Bowl)? How will the NBA sell the Lakers when Kobe retires, providing we don't even know the fates of Gasol and Howard? The Lakers are a draw, but no longer the ripe pig for the NBA's marketing department. They want fresh fish to supplant the old timers, to be the new sellers in the NBA's product placement for casuals. Yes LeBron took a paycut to join the Heat (albeit he made up for it because of no income taxes in Florida), but got $40 million in ad pitches for Nike, McDonald's and other companies, all for the good of the NBA's bottom line. The NBA will simply latch on to the person, or group, or team, who will keep the cash flowing for the owners and the rest of the boardroom suits. What would the NBA rather have: a slow, washed up Lakers team too defensively pathetic for its record right now, or a Finals rematch of Durant and LeBron, two young bloods drawing their own rivalry, two athletes who have yet reached the peak of their careers, two superstars who plan on seeing each other in their crusades for NBA supremacy, a rivalry which will will stand the test of time in 50 years and be compared to Magic and Larry. I just proved you wrong on the Lakers not being as profitable as other teams when I stared that they were the second most valuable team in Forbes. Also people still want to see the Lakers considering their media market and their championship pedigree. If by some miracle Kobe, Dwight, & Nash were to make it to the NBA Finals everyone would be salivating at the cinderella Lakers beating the odds to make it to the Finals. They will start to talk about how much of a leader Kobe is and how getting this ring would put him in a class with Jordan and all that crap. Also I like how one NBA Finals matchup is a beginning of a rivalry. Let the next few years play out before deciding that one. And the Knicks are #1, but what have they done over the past couple of years? Anyway, it's all about local TV deals now, and this is one of the only departments where I can say the NBA needs to do a better job at controlling. The Lakers current deal with Time Warner Cable runs at nearly $3 billion for 20 years, yet the NBA's lax revenue sharing policies lets the team keep more of the money. And it's also about prime location; of course players only want to play in LA, or New York, or Miami, or Chicago. It's the high paced, celeb famed, glitz and glamor world of splurgence today's NBA players want to be apart in, and some do get to be apart of. Of course, some of those same players also bolt to a specific city if it means saving money off taxes, or having a legitimate chance of getting a ring (Ray Allen). What do the Knicks have to do with the conversation? More red herrings. We are talking about the profitability of the Lakers. Being the second most valuable team means that they are making a profit. Keep on topic now. We are talking about The Lakers and their profitability.
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    I want Virginia Tech to go away. Also, about time WVU updated.
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    Actually, on my opinion the entire package could use a modest refresh. Note that I am NOT saying "rebrand" here (as way too many people around here toss that word around far too often without really understanding the context of what it actually means), but rather, something more akin to what the Vikings just did. Or even better, more along the lines of a Verlander-esque Cardinals update, if that's even possible. I'd like the Totally Gothic scripts to stay, as that has definitely become Tampa's "thing". It, along with the rest of the package, just needs to be cleaned up and less "cluttered", for lack of a better term.
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    I love how the site has the new Nike 2013/14 Arsenal away kit right next to the new Adidas 2013/14 Arsenal home kit.
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    i think these are the best white uniforms in sports. An idea to make these better would be to make the numbers white with a dark grey/black outline, or just grey. But im guessing nike oppted from doing that because theyve done that in past jerseys, but the color changing numbers are really nice.
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    Work that up'do. Hope i'm not the only one priveledged enough to follow along.
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    Unpopular opinion alert: I like the red Cards hats. I don't get why everyone wants the blue back.
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    This is like railing against bulletproof vests because a cop bled out from a gunshot wound to the arm. What I'm trying to say is: you're an idiot.
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    Wouldn't be my first choice, by far, but I'd take it over some ridiculous chainmail pattern, or fake looking battle-scars, or imitation rivets, or whatever dumb "viking-like" idea some designer might be pushing. yea, goddamn designers, amiright? A little harsh? Maybe. I just feel like right now were in a bad place in which a whole lot of brand new toys (finishes, patterns, etc.) have been dropped into the laps of the designers at the major companies, and it's like we're an some visual arms race between Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor to see who can use them to make the biggest splash. If I were one of them, I'd probably get caught up, too. Sometimes I just wish they'd calm the frig down. There's very little restraint being shown on the college level... and the Seahawks are a bad sign that the NFL might be next. Yep. It's the 1990s all over again, when manufacturers figured out sublimation. Suddenly every NHL alternate sweater had streaks of colour and gradient and just awful murals passing for sweater design. You had the CFL and NFL Europe coming out with those terrible "logo front and centre" jerseys, not to mention travesties in the NBA like the Hawks' and Raptors' 90s designs. A new technology was discovered and designers and manufacturers went crazy for a while until everyone calmed down and realized how terrible everything looked. Same thing here. Nike, HGI, UnderArmor, and Adidas are going crazy because their design teams have these new technologies to play with, at the expense of aesthetics. In a few years, once everyone's calmed down, they're going to look at stuff like Oregon, Rutgers, and Seattle and go "wow that was pointlessly ugly."
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    The Mariners have worn navy blue and teal longer than they wore royal blue and yellow. They've also experienced way more success in the current colors and logos than they ever did in the old ones. The trident logo is silly (and I've heard upside down tridents are bad luck in sailing and nautical lore) and the kind of thing that is trying too hard to be clever. You'd expect it to be used by a Mariners' AA team at this point and it would fit right in. It's bush. EVEN IF none of that were true, navy blue-teal and their current logos are 100X more attractive than what they wore in the late 70's and throughout the 80's. Going back to those colors and cream colored uniforms would be a disaster. The Mariners are finally getting it right with introducing more teal throughout the uniform and maintaining a classy identity. Them changing would be a uniform tragedy on par with the graphite Blue Jays.
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