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    No one welcomed you right away because you've got that almanac with you and we know what you're about to do to Hill Valley.
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    122 out of 122 You guys are dumb.
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    Steve Ott has taken The Agitator Roleā„¢ to depths not plumbed since Goldust was in the WWF.
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    No way on earth would Selig let them in MLB. They'd fit right in with Bettman's cronies, though.
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    This concept is vengeance...this concept is the night...THIS CONCEPT...IS...AWESOME!
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    There is no way the Dolphins have two white uniforms. Whether that's a rumor or not, atleast use common sense.
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    Can't "change back" to something that never was. Minor point of order there.
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    Well, let's break down: Is there some billionaire who has been in talks to buy the team? Seattle: maybe Quebec: yes Advantage: Quebec Is there a world-class arena being built to house this team? Seattle: hopefully in a while maybe Quebec: yes Advantage: Quebec And will the team be the anchor tenant at this arena, which is imperative for sufficient revenue streams? Seattle: no Quebec: yes Advantage: Quebec In the meantime, is there a suitable place to play? Seattle: we sort of have 75% of a suitable place to play Quebec: it's old but it's still bigger than Winnipeg's barn Advantage: Quebec Would you happen to own your own RSN, a virtual necessity these days? Seattle: maybe later Quebec: yes Advantage: Quebec Can you say with certainty that the team will be a success there? Seattle: Of course! As long as you don't make us suffer the growing pains of an expansion team, I mean I think we're a little too good for that, those hoser bastards will watch any old crap but we're Seattle Quebec: bien sur! Wait, did someone just speak :censored:ing French. Seattle: Wasn't me. Quebec: Hi didn't ear anyting. QUEBEC LOSES BY FORFEIT WINNER: SEATTLE BY A SCORE OF A MILLION TO NEGATIVE INFINITY
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    So this is just a little something I thought of early today and below is a very rough draft of the first team: The Gotham City Dark Knights. This uniform is very simple and clean, like Batman. Just as Batman has no flashy super powers and is more nitty gritty than other heroes, so too is this uniform very simple and it won't blow you away with fancy bells and whistles. So without further ado: Let me know what you think, all types of feedback welcome. Next up is the Metropolis Men of Steel.
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    I didn't know we were talking about the Eagles in this thread...
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    I know this is just speculation, but I'm seeing a sunburst on the sleeves, kind of like a lot of the concepts here... Looks like a swoosh.
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    I didn't know we were talking about the Eagles in this thread...
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    I finally found a replica one on ebay. Whale has been acquired.
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    These take your old nfl concepts, throws them aways and hits them with an atomic bomb (not that you haven't made any bad concepts.) theyre just that much better, especially the Gotham City. As jcuse mentioned with a different Superman logo on the helmet, I would use the S although the Superman does give it a playful look like Stampman said. For Aquaman, you should make an orange jersey with green pants.
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    you are true, but with the unique color scheme of teal and orange, why ruin it by wearing white all the time? Absolutely. Futhermore, they branded themselves as a teal and orange team, then added navy and ugly dropshadows. They branded themselves with the image of a leaping dolphin wearing a helmet, then changed to Dolphin Airlines. They could just as easily drop the "identity" of wearing white at home. exactly. abandoning traditions is nothing new with the dolphins, so they could abandon using white at home after they've only done it a few years
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    I think we've gotten to the bottom of this story.
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    I lived through it. I followed the team from 1979 to 1993. I live in Toronto and I was probably more passionate about the team then most "fans" in Minneosta. I still remember my brother. He was at the All-Star game in Montreal in 1993 and got to meet Mike Modano. He told him that his brother (me) was a huge North Stars fan (from Toronto) and Modano told him (and I'll never forget this. We are going on 20 years now). "Wow. There's not too many North Stars fans outside of Minnesota. But then again there is not too many North Stars fans in Minnesota either (laughs)." True story.
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    i cant speak for Fraser (or Nike) but it seems they've taken each one of his logos and worked on them a bit. to be honest, in the areas i've noticed, Nike has made each one worse.
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    I guess when your drive-thru order is wrong you just accept it without complaint? Because geez, that chain is making millions of lunches for people all over the country or maybe even the world. Considering the massive task in front of them, I don't think it's fair to say they goofed by not holding those tomatoes for you. So boo f***in' hoo for these guys. If you're going to sell historical illustrations, why bother if they're not accurate? What's next, Washington crossing the Delaware on a Jet Ski? The customer deserves the best possible product and any successful business is going to do whatever takes to deliver. And BTW, yeah I know you're just pulling my chain.
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    I really dislike the two-tone floor trend that is going on everywhere. I think it looks tacky and I cant wait until everyone starts going back to staining their floors one color.
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    Specifically 2:28 "We gon' act like this Bobcats s@# nevvvver happened...."
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    Also, all the college teams in Florida wear colored jerseys at home. They never make the "Oh it's hot, so let's wear white" excuse.
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    Good. Everything about the Bobcats identity is garbage. Let them be the Hornets.
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    Yea Ill send you an email sometime this weekend!
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    Cool work--these can be fun whetehr they try to duplicate the superheroes actual supersuits, or if they just take the colours and theme of the superhero and do a uni. This one is ore of the latter, but has some connection to Batman's look. So keep it up--looking forward to more. (I've done some concepts in the past, where I've tried to mirro r their costumes, but not slavishly, as well as some MAden concepts--some of whuch might still beon a real old thread, although there are definite limitations doing them that way.) Agian--cool work, looking forward to seeing more.
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    I've heard a lot of crazy things on here, but 2 white uniforms? Think about that for 5 seconds. Makes zero sense.
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    As a fellow designer, I appreciate the thoroughness of this project. A complete re-branding that is refreshing, yet doesn't take away from a classic look. A job VERY well done my friend.
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    Well when there is no obvious flaws with the logo its hard to make it better. I mean its the King of Logo making here the main reason I have 800 plus posts is his work.
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    Just be happy we softened them up for you (Or let them vent their angst. Whatever you want to call it.) We're still doing this?
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    You probably couldn't tell by my avi or sigs but I'm a huge proponent of the name change. People tend not to believe and perhaps some of you or all of you won't care, but branding matters. The Charlotte Hornets endured a lot of losing seasons in a row and never ever did well in the playoffs before cutting town due to an arrogant jerk-off of an owner. But they set attendance records (that now completely wrongfully reside in New Orleans, along with the legacy of Muggsy Bogues, Grandmama, and others). They moved merchandise. It's nice to sugarcoat history and pretend that the Hornets were popular because teal and purple was the 90's penultimate color combo and they were popular because of that, but at it's heart, the city of Charlotte really loved our Bugs. Then slimeball George Shinn raped a woman, didn't get exactly what he wanted out of the city council, so he cut ties and ran away to Nola. The Bobcats were greeted with middling excitement that quickly turned into apathy and never once came anywhere close to matching the apex of the Hornets hysteria in Buzz City, due in no small part to the name being a direct reference to the original and second worst owner in Charlotte sports history, Bob Johnson. The name is an egotistical reference to him, that's why the 'Cats have been downplaying the "Bob" part of their name in recent years. I mean, it's pretty challenging to think of a less professional nickname for a top-level sports team than the "Cats," but the alienation of fans has driven it to that point. In print and online, some people refuse to refer to them as anything but the B**cats. Rebranding as the Hornets, even if it's not the "original ones," doesn't matter, because it's the original Hornets in our hearts. Grandmama, Muggsy, even Mourning and Glenn Rice, those are our memories and our achievements, regardless of what "official record" says. That being said, Crown Town as a whole is seeing an economic boost just from an upstart combining of two separate grassroots movements dedicated to what was once the longshot of getting the team name back. Now that it's a reality, these profits are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not sure where to go for such numbers, but I'd be willing to bet a princely sum that retro Charlotte Hornets merchandise, merch for a team that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE, easily outsold Bobcats merchandise in each of the past two years. Imagine what a return to the living could do for such a storied, if under-achieving franchise. The thing is, not everyone understands that it's more than a logo. Charlotte was referred to as "a veritable hornet's nest of rebellion" by Charles Cornwallis during the Revolutionary War. That's something Charlotteans and North Carolinians take a great deal of pride in. Hornet's nests adorn the CLT/Mecklenburg Police seal, and the Hornets weren't even the first Charlotte sports team to be named such. In short, it's not just a team, a set of colors, or a logo. It's not even merely a far superior identity. First and foremost, it's history, pride, and 100% Charlotte. That's what the city needs: a team it can get behind. So far, the Bobcats have not been that team. The Hornets can be.
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    I think UNC would have been best to apply the pattern within the entire endzone, sans text. Just big argyle graphics.
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    What's wrong with Louisville's logo? That's one of the all time classics, and it's still distinctive among the similar styles we're accustomed to seeing lately. You're joking right? All time classic? It's a bird with teeth for crying out loud. Last time I checked Cardinals don't have teeth. And human teeth on top of it. Not a joke at all. The fact that it's been around for 30 years is a good indicator that something's unique and it's stood the test of time, conceptually. Last time I checked, lions aren't blue and penguins can't skate, either. These logos are fun. That's what makes them classics and it's also what makes them distinctive. It's nice to have a break from the hyper-realistic and overly intimidating logos that have flooded the scene.
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    What's wrong with Louisville's logo? That's one of the all time classics, and it's still distinctive among the similar styles we're accustomed to seeing lately. You're joking right? All time classic? It's a bird with teeth for crying out loud. Last time I checked Cardinals don't have teeth. And human teeth on top of it.
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    They can call them the Harlem Globetrotters, and it won't matter. Michael Jordan is about as effective a basketball team operator as, well, I am, and I've never cared much for the game. As long as he's associated with the team, they'll be losers... and losers don't draw flies unless you're the Chicago Cubs.
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    the star could make more sense on the right side as a representation of Houston, but then you see it on the primary first and here it would be on the wrong side. that would just be too odd for me. just the skew of the star itself dosent seem to fit with the angles of the HT. a red drop shadow could work too. or think of the numbers on the jersey, maybe it's just a red outline? heres a quick mock of a red drop shadow, i think it works OK or if a star gets worked in there i think you can do it best with a regular star shape. that way it dosent read as the primary logo's shape and look out of place. the angles and everything work a bit better.
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    Looking at the pictures of the old and new pants, it appears they zoomed in a lot more on the new pants to throw everyone off on the striping pattern. The holes in the mesh on the picture of the new pants are bigger and there is more detail overall. Another thing about those pictures, on the image with the belt, the pants are the same shade of white. Looks like this isn't a lighting or filter trick, but the purple actually is going to be a darker shade.
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    I definitely prefer the first logo much more.
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    The jagged numerals looked great... still do. Not every team needs to use bloc numbers, especially an expansion team from 2000. I agree with you about the shoulder patch...
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    I think the addition of orange to the Sharks colour scheme was genius. The uniforms are still predominantly Teal and Black, but the little bit of orange adds "pop" and contrast, and gives it more of a California feel.
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    That's a damn shame. The Wild's current white jersey is the only one in the set which doesn't flat out suck.
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    Was at the Lions season ticket holders (yes, we exist) 'Town Hall' meeting last night. One of the questions asked pertained to alternate uniforms. Tom Lewand and Jim Schwartz both stressed how traditional they and the front office are, and will not be going the route of anything "Seattle Seahawks or Oregon Duck-like". They did say the throwback will be making a comeback. This is excellent news, in my eyes atleast.
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    Gupti, I definitely thought twice before posting but I figured I am not here for accolades or trying to act all high and mighty. I am just relaying information I was told, whether it is right or wrong we will soon find out, but in the mean time, I thought it might add to the discussion so I went with it. I figured some people might get mad but in the end, why should they? I have no agenda. I do live in Jax and am also a season ticket holder. My source may or may not have been fed bull but I believe the person told me the truth about what they knew. I personally hope that the most recent "leaked" picture is not the real thing either. Good or bad, I think the real one will include some sort of Camo pattern. That is just my personal opinion and nothing more. Don't know how I will feel if it is a matte black finish on the helmet...I guess I will have to see it if the rumor I heard was true. I personally wish they would just go back to the original black helmet, just with the new logo. I am hoping that we will have an "alternate" helmet also...Every one else has a throwback uniform/helmet so why can't we just have an alt helmet..something that looks good with the Teal alt uniform.
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    Hey ya'll I'm on Spring Break in Arizona! When I return next week I'll knock out more of these! I apologize for the gap in time
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