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    Revolutionary new design???? Hmmmmmm
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    This. One of the reasons I'm rooting for #Lumbus out west is because of guys like Mac here. Diehard fans who deserve to see their teams succeed. You've been with this team through some very, very low times (which I'm sure many other members on here can vouch for) and it's great to see you enjoying the sport of hockey via victories, and not down and out because of the quasi-curse they've had in the last 10+ years. Good on ya, Mac. Enjoy the ride, brother.
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    Swag USED to be a common term for merch or free stuff you get at conventions and the like. Unfortunately some evildoer found it and turned it into an instagram-filtered shutter-shade-wearing fashion mentality that best resembles Lady Gaga's disco alien abortion.
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    You know, I guess I should have been more considerate with my choice of words. When I said I "mess with the gimp a bit...", I should have qualified my statement by saying that the gimp is a consenting party. Truthfully, from what I understand, the gimp has let thousands of people 'mess around'. Not that I am aware of, no. Could be a distant relative I guess, it's a small world... after all. Its amazing how "the" totally changes that sentence lol. Indeed. Kind of like "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse."
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    Equipment can easily still be color-coordinated. One could argue that gloves and shoes are equipment per se, and those are color-coordinated. Hell, even your example - chin straps - can easily be color-coordinated: Just because teams don't do it doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't be done. With that in mind, there's no excuse for not color-coordinating the most prominent piece of equipment on the uniform: the facemask.
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    Well, one guy here is always quoting him. That's why. Kinda makes you wonder about the person quoting him, doesn't it?
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SO STUPID. Glad they bought the Rivermen and declared them to be dead in advance of failing to move them. Screw you Canucks you suck at everything. Yeah but they're doing the same thing as the Coyotes and that's ethically wrong.
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    I think it's pretty much teal and purple or bust around here. Heck, a graphic designer from Nola even created a new identity with a slightly updated logo that's immensely popular as a second choice to the original logo returning. Link? Second Innaugural season logo Alt. Jersey, court Style sheet More logos Purple alts Throwback Night Standard home & away (love it) Another court design. Gorgeous work in my opinion. All done by the masterful Bigdub81.
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    Vancouver can eat a bag of dicks. I hope somebody took whatever reps they sent to today's game to the riverfront.
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    Check out that photoshop job on the last three yellow jerseys. Looks like he's got his hands in his pants...
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    My insider tells me that *insert generic statement here*, and that we'll also see *previously known fact*. I am a really big fan of the new look, *certain group of uniform fans* will hate it, though.
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    It makes you look fat.
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    This is true. We use variations like "sick" or "clean" or "fresh" and many other words Don't forget my personal favorite, "hella".
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    They didn't win the title at the Emirates, but they will have to provide a Guard of Honor instead. Not exactly the thing a bunch of disgruntled Londoners care to see, especially to a hated rival with a former superstar now winning titles with the enemy. But, hey, if it means Piers Morgan twitter hilarity, then I'd argue it's worth it.
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    We get it. Enough. Guess what? The NHL is not straight win/loss. It's a points system. Until that changes, it is what it is. I will always have a hard time differentiating the OTL from regular losses. I know that the games end differently, especially shootout losses, but, at the end of the day, what exactly happened to the team that lost the shootout? They certainly didn't win the game. And since the NHL was so hell-bent on eliminating ties from the formula back in 2005, if a team didn't win, then they had to lose, didn't they? What you are really noticing is that my beating-dead-horse posts are finally starting to become excruciatingly annoying. I'm surprised it took so long. That's all well and good in a semantic win/loss argument, but the NHL runs on a point system not a straight win/loss. It's kinda what you have to accept to watch the sport at this point, especially considering the NHL has run on a point system since... well... , damn near the entire time it's been in existence? And it's not that I'm just noticing, I've chosen to hold my tongue because when you first did it I guess I found it as interesting schtick or something. But it's damn near every single time you post in this thread or refer to a record. Like its a straight fact, when it isn't. "Which to any hockey fan paying attention..." As if your way is the real way, and the rest of the way EVERYONE ELSE looks at the standings is wrong and illegitimate and they're just not "paying attention". Say it as much as you want, Columbus, for example, isn't 21-24 and under .500. They are 21-17-7 with 51 points. 51 points out of a possible 92. 51/92 = .554 aka OVER .500.... Call it a straw that broke the camel's back or something I suppose.
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    You mean something like this?
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    http://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/1cvvla/new_uniform_teasers_for_the_jags/c9ki423?context=3 There you go. Like I have said before, guys an asshat and a half, so dig through his submissions at your own risk, but the way he talks about nike and glorifies radical changes almost make me actually think he could be a nike shill.
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    I know what you're trying to say, but this just makes me unconfortable. Its amazing how "the" totally changes that sentence lol.
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    That Astros black/gold identity in pretty underrated in uniform history, IMO. Simple logo that was a departure from the H-Star and a unique colour scheme.
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    If the broncos really change their stripe, it would be a massive downgrade.
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    Hey Matt I love where this is going. I had one quick thought about the whole thing and that was socks! The stripe pattern lends it self for some sock stripes that I think make sense. I hope you don't mind, but I took your design and added them. Curious to what you think of the addition. I also added a serif to the bottom of the 2's as well, just to complete them. Just something that I think we might see on the numbers when it's all said and done, although I could be totally wrong.
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    These don't look like a coal miner's pick to me. They just look dumb. #execution_fail
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    If they insist on the SO then why not just have that third point ONLY for that? You lose in regular OT (make it 10 minutes) you get nothing.
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    the jag head logo is going to get lost on the helmet. Light goldish logo on what appears to be at least 50% gold helmet = not a good design. The best thing about the last 2 helmets is that the logo really contrasted nicely on a dark background without a white outline.
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    Yep...Black. Always has been as well...we had a debate about this a while back, but every official document, logosheet and digital file I've ever seen (and that's a whole bunch) shows Black. In reference to my CWX confirming a black color for the Dolphins...I didn't realize he was talking about the Cowboys. My bad.
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    I think the bumper on a car analogy is a good one. You see some bumpers that are chrome, some are just black pastic, others are color coordinated to match the car. Just depends on the look you're going for.
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    Quick and dirty of what we're expecting for the Dolphins helmet.
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    Ok Rangers, Noted Hockey Expert Lights Out has spoken. Time to s***can 85 years of tradition! Why does someone else's opinion offend you so greatly? You know this is an 'unpopular' opinions thread right? Why did my post offend you so greatly? I mean ideally there wouldn't be discussion here, but I was responding to something Lights Out said in reference to a discussion that was happening. Fair game at that point. Had he just stated that opinion outright I would have left it alone. As to the larger point, the guy's made a habit of embracing contrarian opinions just so he can be "that guy." It grows tiresome.
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    yeah 1655 is orange, try 187 instead. The mark is much improved over what they currently have but the Bull comes across as too light in it's movement. It has a feel to it like a fox that has just jumped and is about to pounce on it's prey. Maybe by grounding the back legs it can come off as more of a charging bull than a jumping bull. just my 2 cents.
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    I just can't get over the sense of entitlement radiating from the Canucks here. Oh hey Vancouver, yeah Toronto has their AHL team in their backyard, but that's because an AHL team in Toronto isn't idiotic. That the Canucks feel they have to do this is oh so telling. And Calgary can go join them in eating said bag, as they're the ones who started this mess in the first place.
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    Terrible numerals have apparently become a tradition at WVU. Whoah! When did nike get all anatomical with their mannequins? Check out the trouser snake on ol white pants.
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    This is an unpopular opinion, but I think the number font that came with Seattle's new uniforms is fantastic
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    I disagree; I think the crest works really well with those three colors.
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    Yup, that's all I'm asking for. A quick recolor, and other minor mods: And that is perfect. The orange should be an accent color that helps the entire package pop. The problem with the orange as it's currently used, is that it competes with both the tea/aqua and black.
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    Yup, that's all I'm asking for. A quick recolor, and other minor mods:
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    I know they say all black guys look alike but...I'd just like y'all to know, that ain't me.
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    I do apologize for my tone getting a bit testy earlier, but I've heard that "piece of equipment" argument dozens of times before. I just don't think it holds water; to me, it seems like an excuse or a rationalization. My view is that the facemask is part of the helmet - not a separate entity. Additionally, I feel that it should be a team color, and either the same color as the shell, or a darker color. I don't even like helmets like the Chiefs where the mask is White on a Red shell. Draws too much attention the facemask, which is front-and-center over the player's face. I think that the mask should blend more with the helmet; giving it a more overall unified look. Chinstraps - IMO, they should also match the helmet shell color. And yes, I think hockey and baseball equipment should follow suit. Although, I've never liked the look of team color baseball gloves...!
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    Personally, I was hoping that the Minnesota Wild's new Des Moines-based AHL farm team would be dubbed the Iowa Domesticated. Taking further inspiration from their parent club, the Domesticated's primary logo would be a depiction of a farm - barn, silo, house - contained within the stylized silhouette of a hog's head.
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    In terms of practical application, anime fandom as a rule manifests in collecting different series. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, if you want doubt the passion of sci-fi nerds, shout "Greedo shot first" at a Star Wars convention. I can assure you the reaction would be as if you had just shouted "War Eagle" at an Alabama fan gathering (or "Roll Tide" at an Auburn one).
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    The Seahawks number font is fantastic. The sublimated pattern actually works on the numbers too.
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    He's not saying he's not ok with color facemasks in general. He's just saying the hate for grey facemasks is silly (if I'm not mistaken) Trying to get this back on track, grey facemasks have a long history with the Vikings. To me, using one in their design is plenty appropriate. Thats NOT my quote. You edited out the actual poster. Go back and look at it again. I think you should be directing this to the true originator of this quote. My apologies - the formatting was acting up when I posted. I'll edit it so it's correct.
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    There ya go I like Subban, his skill set, and his personality, but hey, I don't have to play him. Then again, some people say the same things about Corey Perry and I love Corey Perry. (Perry also has the personality of a wooden plank, but ya know. Whatever. )
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    Suddenly Seattle's uniforms seem tame.
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    Tampa Bay United // America One In the 1950s there were teams in Tampa and St. Petersburg that played in regional competitions. They were major competitors but there was a desire for top flight professional soccer in the Tampa Bay region. Intially a Tampa ownership group was going to start a team but the owners of the Tampa and St. Petersburg team's decided to join forces and start the club instead and Tampa Bay United was born. They play their games at Stoney Pointe. The team's logo is split 50/50 with the identities of each former team and city with icons from the flag. Overall its the shape of a cigar label (hence their nickname "Cigars") with a Pelican and pink representing St. Petersburg and a ship and green representing Tampa. The team's uniform carries the half and half theme. The primary features a half and half jersey over white with a green sock and a pink sock. The change kit is a white raglan with a green sleeve and pink sleeve over white shorts and white socks. The only additions from the initial sketches are the details like the the black checkered piping.
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